Open Letter to Forrest

From  Open Letter to Forrest, by ricky-nowak

Dear Forrest:

In my preoccupation of my immediate life I think I missed something. There appears to be a disturbance in the force. For those who will read this and say: “what the hell is this guy speaking about?” – consider standing next to my benevolent wife who readily comforts the delusional, instead of hurling fish with the venomous naysayers.

The following is an uneducated hypothesis to a theoretical circumstance and purely a guess as to what has occurred. (I don’t have the time to catch up on all the blogs nor can I read your mind).

I can only assume you are mortal like I am and would naturally have some preferences as to the traits of the person who finds the chest. I too have my favorites: a person who is described as humble, kind, honest, competent, fair, wise and likes to laugh (not qualities I necessarily have, but at least aspire to).

The following is my dream:
It would appear you recently received a solve from a person (hopefully not me) who does not have those traits which you had in mind for your finder. Now what? You have already stated you will not hint someone away from it. It would appear that you may be resolving the dilemma by bringing in some stragglers for the last lap around the tract thereby decreasing the odds for your ugly duckling.

I must state I do not have total objectivity and there is self-interest at stake: Being comfortable with my progress and wanting a nice distraction to continue, I would rather turn off your microphone or at least turn it down(not literally, figuratively).

Also, some recent insight: anyone who wants to solve this on “their” time schedule has a rude awakening.

Now, gaining a little knowledge or the correspondence from this person, seems to have put a burr under your saddle. Are there possible consequences in making this a Black Friday event? I think along with some of the pretty birds flocking into the circle are at least some vultures. I also think the property owner will take notice of a bunch of circling ravens and maybe remove the carcass. I think the option of winging a couple of the distasteful species with your Red Ryder becomes more difficult the more birds there are. And finally, although everyone looks at an accident or a pile-up, the injuries are rarely worth the momentary boost in adrenaline (especially for the participants).

Are there other options?
Retrieve your dam chest.(I realize I just lost any microcosm of popularity if ever I had any) Yes, I would rather lose my chance of finding it and keep your special place special, then witness a Black Friday event. There is a sure solution to hasten any disaster…… just add more people.

Maybe you could ask the person to politely refrain….maybe give them a little bonus.

Maybe you could leave the chest and just replace the treasure with a note: “They never knew that it was the chase they sought and not the quarry.”?

I fear for the end of this…. The Greeks are not short on tragedies in which the mortals attempt to remain in control. Consider some more of that “Renelle action”. The potentially depressing outcomes were fading compared to the wonderful possibilities to that which you have started. You have spoken about wanting the person to have a “connection”. What are some specific traits you would like to see in the finder? Did I misunderstand your emphasis on trying to do more positive than negative? To treat others as you would want to be treated and to always do your best?(among other things)

If I be the scissortail, kindly inform me and I will quietly leave through the screen door I came in by. And if you are often described as arrogant or mean and you recently emailed your correct solve to Forrest, please email me so that we can corroborate and I can help you become a better person ;)

And by the way…thus far, you have done a magnificent job of navigating through the muck…there is no blueprint for what you are attempting. So far, your message has not been twisted and has remained intact.

If I am way off base, forgive my intrusion….maybe you are simply getting so bored with the ridiculous amount of time it is taking us to understand you that you decided to light a fire under us.

Respectfully Yours,
aka ricky

52 thoughts on “Open Letter to Forrest

    • Thanks, Chris. I’ll keep my tinfoil hat on at all times. I got a little careless in the past and took it off a few times. That’s probably when they read my mind. I’ll have to make up for it with my trusty can of Probe-Be-Gone. They’ll never take this guy lying down!!!


    • .
      Now this was too cool – just after that last post, I had to log in to something using the RSA Secure chipset. The passcode was “****1947”, the year of the Roswell incident.


      • Astree, just noticed you said “I had to log on to….” Is that the “log” you were referring to a little while back? If you are brave and in the wood=log. Just thinking out load. Bur


        • Good, thanks for asking Astree. I have my spot but I am always keeping a open mind on all the things said and found in this chat. I’m working on sun & moon angles and shadow lengths and magnetic north and geographic north right now so when I go search I know what I’m looking at before hand. Not sure it’s needed but you never know. Good luck in your search. Bur


  1. Kym:
    Deb… over on Forest’s blog about the sweet fragrances which I absolutely loved BTW….. lol…. you made a comment about the crocus. I made an inquiry about them one time cuz the Lord said something to me about them… so I looked them up. But…. did you know… that it relates to the chest when Forest said that the chest had naked ladies all over it!!?? The Autumn Crocus is called ‘Meadow Saffron’ or Naked Ladies’…”.ONE OF THE MORE INTRIGUING NICKNAMES FOR AUTUMN crocus is “naked ladies.”…

    (Do want to clarify tho, that God wasn’t calling me a naked lady when He said it!! LOL OMG!!!! Mouth open wide!! OMG!! can a size 8 and a half fit in there???? lol)

    But if you really look at the picture on the book, it appears to be a wild iris. Guess what iris means? 🙂


    • …and I sure hope you found it Chris….. I would love to rejoice that it was out in the open doing all kinds of great things! 🙂

      In answer to ur ?…..I am in Indiana of all places lol lol lol…. we shall see……. we shall see. 🙂

      It is waaaay cold here… gonna hafta meet the guys and gals at Chili’s in Florida jus to thaw out 🙂

      And thanks for the link Deb 🙂 clicking is so much easier than scrolling forever uphill LOL LOL :)~


  2. Wow! I have definitely been gone waaayy too long! I no longer have any inlkling of what you guys are talking about and that letter?? Whew! lol
    Goodness, gonna hafta throw out all my papers, buy both books and start completely over now that we moved to another state. Ugh! Dorothy, Dorothy? Click your heels three times and take me home!! LOL


  3. Holy Toledo! First Forrest Fenn releases a new clue about the key “thingy” statement, then this rick nowak comes with his Open Letter to Forrest, and other Chasers questioning the new clue as well, and now, today, currently happening, there is some person going by the handle Ryan, over at Dal’s blog, who says that he has solved The Poem.

    Here’s the link for those interested… .

    This “Ryan” states that he/she will be posting their solve. This Thrill of the Chase is getting even more THRILLING!

    Stephanie, William and others are attempting to stop “Ryan” from posting his/her solve. It’s quite suspenseful…it’s like watching a movie trailer….I can’t wait to see how it unfolds!

    Do I, vgboss, believe Ryan should post his/her solve? Ofcourse not for the reason that Forrest Fenn has not announced that the Chest has been found. And it would be dumb for anyone to post their solve despite not having the Chest in their possession. But then again I’m sure a frustrated searcher, who believes to have been within 500ft, can’t contain himself and feels the urge to post his/her solve….that to me is a weak person…but then again that is just my opinion.


      • Why doesn’t this “Ryan” have the “Chest”? Well Mike, my friend, as I said…WEAK!

        But then again who’s to say he or she doesn’t have “it”? That we do not know, as Forrest Fenn has not announced it.

        Maybe this “Ryan” person is afraid of heights! Maybe he or she is afraid of dark places. Maybe he or she can’t swim. List goes on and on…who freaking knows? Oh that’s right…only the Phantom knows!


    • i say let him post it

      it will be wrong so who cares

      i have seen so many people talk and talk like they really have something and then finally they actually say what their solve is and its like , sad trombone, wah wah wah waaaaah

      and all i can think is, seriously? this was your solve? that you were so convinced about?

      i end with the words of one william, stolen from the other blog, i hope he doesn’t mind

      if you aren’t inspired by this, then i dont know what would inspire you

      “I wouldn’t quit. Do you thing Monica quit when wore that dress with bill Clinton. Do you think Paris Hilton quit cause she had no lights no she got a camera with infra red. Do you think Janet Jackson stop singing when she had the wardrobe malfunction I say no so stay in the search”


      • I loved that Chris….”wah wah wah waaaaah”. You made my day great with that, believe it or not. Thanks for the laugh!

        So true Chris, so true.
        “if you aren’t inspired by this, then i dont know what would inspire you”

        Me personally I’m freaking inspired to the max with this whole Thrill of the Chase. From beginning, when I first heard about it, to this current day…It’s way to awesome! Total inspiration…if only I could share my true feelings about it all…to bad Toby Younis Gypsie Kiss is off the air 🙁


      • That is VERY inspiring. As Winston Churchill would say, “Never, never, never give up!” Or as all my EX-wives would say, “Never, never, never give it up”. I guess that explains the “Ex” part. …Nobody’s ever going to read this, are they? 🙂

        Next to quote a Forrest of a completely DIFFERENT variety, of the “Gump” type NOT the “Fenn” type!, “Momma always said… life is like ‘co-mingling’ with Paris Hilton. You never know what you’re gonna get.” A person would be wise to take a detour around THAT canyon! No treasure there!


          • Personally, I don’t know what canyon that is…but I vaguely recall something about a “chamber of secrets”…but when I ask most guys about it they invariably say, “Oh, THAT? That ain’t no secret!!!” Then they start singing some song that’s something like “There’s a place in France…” I can only guess they’re talking about Paris.


    • .
      Great news for the 42nd day of the year 🙂

      Here’s a few days earlier …

      Ryan on February 8, 2014 at 2:38 pm said:
      “I don’t know if it has been found! I don’t want to be one of those guys. I was at my spot about a week ago and came back 4 days later to see it dug up! This is the spot! I will post everything in the next handful of days.”


      Don’t think so. He wouldn’t see it, re: snow. Also, later in the blog he talks about a breakthrough … it takes more than one breakthrough, it is slow methodical work with quite a few breakthroughs necessary. IMO.

      ( maybe he talking about digging in the snow, but I don’t get that impression )

      Can’t faullt him for his enthusiasm, though.


      • astree you are definitely wise. Way too much snow out there…not unless he or she has powers and can see through it all like superman’s xray vision you know?

        Oh and astree I totally agree with you… it takes more than one breakthrough, it is slow methodical work with quite a few breakthroughs necessary.

        LOTS OF BREAKTHROUGHS…in my opinion ofcourse and simply agreeing with you astree. Must be wise as Forrest Fenn stated!!!


  4. I have thought about this quite a bit lately, whether Forrest would intervene if he thought an undesirable was close. The only indication Forrest will get that I am close to the treasure is a growing suspicion on the blogs that it has been found, followed by his discovery that it is in fact GONE.


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