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  1. Can someone please tell me how TFTW can have two ISBN #’s ??? I really want to know.

    The way I understand it – it could only be issued a second ISBN # – if it were changed at least 15 % or if the title was changed. And yet here it is straight off of Amazon.


    too far to walk [Forrest Fenn, Suzanne Somers] on … ISBN-10: 0967091799; ISBN-13: 978-0967091792; Product Dimensions: 16 x 11 x 2 inches; Shipping Weight: 4 pounds … It was sold as a second book of to help those out there who were looking for Mr. Fenn’s hidden treasure.


  2. In TTOTC. Forrest says that there was no hero left in him at the end of his service in Viet Nam.

    In TFTW, I believe the stories are about learning acceptance of who we are and that it doesnt take grand gestures to be a hero to someone else. All it takes is thinking about others before oneself. That each of us can live in a manner where our value of self can be measured by if our thoughts of others out weighs our thoughts of self.

    Thats just my take on it. It will probably evolve over time but for now Im going with heros.


  3. Good morning fellow chasers,

    FF mentioned something about the map in back of the book. Did he identify what it was that he didn’t expect? Can someone reference a list of his exact words or statements about the map. So who can list them for me. I think I have stumbled on to something but not sure. I have been out of the loop for awhile. Just doing some reading here and there.

    Thanks and have a great day.


    • Here’s some quotes relevant to TFTW:

      “There is a clue in this book (ttfw) that I didn’t know was going to be in the book… I am not going to say, but you’re going to have to find it for yourself. Normally you would not find this clue, but it is an important clue if you can find it.”
      (Collected Works- 9/25/13 interview)

      “There’s one clue in this book (tftw) that’s not in “The Thrill of the Chase,” and I didn’t know the clue was in this book until it was printed.”

      tftw: “If you read my preface, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out I think what they’re talking about, but…there are clues in my new book that could help a person.”

      “There are no clues in this book (tftw), but there’s some hints.”

      “Well, there’s a major clue in the book (tftw) but I don’t think it will help you find the treasure chest. I’ll tell you what the clue is. In the back of my book, there’s a map, and I’ve said the treasure chest is hidden in the Rocky Mountains. Here’s a treasure map of the Rocky Mountains. If you knew where the treasure chest is hidden, you could find it on this map. But the map stops at Canada. When this book was printed, I didn’t realize that Benchmark Maps made this map stop at the Canadian border, so that’s a clue, but I don’t think…it’s not gonna help you much.”

      It was also discovered that there was an actual mistake on the map regarding some rivers, but I don’t have that quote handy. I believe the new special-issue map has corrected that.

      I hope that covers it.



        • Thanks Chasers,

          Now I cant wait to get off work and check out my theory. It may have pulled me into a different direction. Vg that link is perfect. I think it held the most valuable hint to me. I noticed something was missing in the TTOTC book. I feel I am wise like all the chasers here on this site. It will be a week or two until I can prove my theory if I can get away from working 7 days a week and long hours. I need a break…Peace everyone.


          • Geydelkon I thought you were going to go get it this month, January. What happened with that? I then noticed you changed your mind and decided to go get it in December of this year 2014. But now you are going to go get it in 1 to 2 weeks? Geydelkon so when ar you going to officially go get it? Whenever that is good luck Geydelkon and God speed 😉


          • VG they made it legal here in Colorado….lol… Anyway, I cant travel at this time. I have been working every day just about since November. I had Xmas off and New years and one day last week. I let everyone go this afternoon. So I am in my la bore ah tory working still.


          • Sounds like you’re a workaholic Geydelkon…that’s awesome news for the rest of us searchers…lol

            Now I don’t know what you are referring to in regards to your statement “they made it legal here in Colorado”. Made what legal? Marijuana? That’s what I’m assuming. –

            la bore ah tory? Who in the heck are you… Dr. Fennkenstein? If you’re Dr. Fennkenstein then that makes me the Phantom…lol


        • VGboss , I noticed on the link you posted, that the word Mezcalero was spelt wit a “z” in stead of an “s”. I grew up with many close apache friends. Always fished on the reservation. Enjoyed many of the spiritual events they held. I going to see if I can find the same map. Anyway, just north of Fort Fillmore in the Organ mountains, I spent a lot of time there looking for lost treasure. Well, when I was down there last fall, I showed my fiancée the entrance of a legendary lost cave that may hold more gold than one could imagine. I spent years looking for it, especially when I was stationed at a White Sands. So why don’t I go get it? I don’t really care to be rich. As long there is food on the table and a roof over my head, I am happy. The thrill of looking for treasure for me, is just a thrill. I like solving things. It allows me to use my quirky way of thinking.
          Oh by the way, I got an email tonight from RJ. For some reason it just disappeared from my new server. So if those who wish to write please use geydelkon at yahoo dot com. RJ hit me back.


          • Geydelkon that’s awesome that you grew up with apache friends and with the added blessing of fishing with them on the reservation. Simply too cool! Geydelkon I have fished for trout but for me it’s fishing for Large Mouth Bass “Lunkers” that excites me a bit more. What type of fish were on that reservation? And Spiritual events…Awesome! You were quite fortunate, blessed, to experience such ” wonderful and special things”!

            Entrance to a lost cave that may hold more gold than one can possibly imagine? Holy toledo! You spent years in searching for it and you found it! What a Thrill indeed! Perseverance baby! Good for you! But Geydelkon there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking some gold ores, hopefully pure gold, to keep that roof of yours in tip top shape and put alot more in the refrigerator and you know those bills don’t stop coming in the mail. So go get some of that gold, just not all of it, leave some for me…lol


      • Halo, thanks again for the information. I going to follow my lead and see where it takes me. It changes how I look at “Not far, but to far too walk”. If my intuition guides me, the line has nothing to do with a physical object, place or distance. If I fail to get positive results at least I have catalogued my thoughts on the WWW.


  4. Here is something to look into for those of you who dont have tftw,
    On pages 220 & 221 . There is a picture of Forrest, Peggy, his father and sister standing next to a large painting that Peggy and Forrest donated to the Scott & White hospital in Temple Texas, in memory of his mother. The artist is Edward Hopper.

    He says,” After WW one many artists painted what were called Armistice paintings to celebrate the end of hostilities. It was common to see large canvases in NY store windows. This one is named, “Hail to Peace”, and was special to me because it had a Duveen Brothers sticker on the back.My sister, wife and father, stand with me for this dedication photograph. It was January 15, 1983.”


  5. Bur:
    Cool Zelda, I have a grinder it you need it LOL. and I know your not really a witch, ooh I’m melting. Like the necklace.

    Hey the necklace – is there something your not telling us – part of Fenn’s gold?


  6. Howdy folks!
    Dumb ol Bob here.
    I found a clue in the new book that leads you to the Draper Museum of Natural History. The fold out map is like the one you will find at Draper, at the bottom below the 5,000 ft level. It covers the entire floor, a mosaic of tile.
    You can see it online, in a virtual you tube video tour.
    I (being dumb) do not know how to post videos or even photos on a blog. You will have to find it ( the virtual tour) yourself. But be warned! It’s no place for the meek!
    Also, Forrest’s recent “it’s below 10,200 feet” – coincidentally the Draper starts at 10,000.
    I told Dr. Preston that I would not send a bunch of searchers to his museum to wreak havoc so don’t ANY of you Nimrods go to Draper lookin for the treasure- it is not there!

    But the blaze is…if you are brave and in the wood.

    To Forrest&Dal- you guys gotta be lovin this!


      • Bur- I don’t trust the email thing. Let’s meet again, I will be at at costume party in Orlando Thursday night at Chiller’s on Church Street. Can you meet me there?


        • Sounds cool Bob but I can’t make it. So what are you going as – a chaser. What does one of them look like LOL. Hey change your email address, phone, home address, date of birth, your job, and everything else that has your name on it. Then maybe this hacker won’t find you. Okay to much to ask. Nothing you can do to correct this problem? I would like to hit base sometime again though, somehow. Bob I’m off work around Thanksgiving maybe then.


  7. .
    Too Far to Walk



    “Plainspoken words that don’t need underlining”

    Is he talking about the paper lining of the book ?

    Here ( there ^) he puts the red “ff” wax stamp right on top of “fort fillmore” lol, Forrest!

    .. which in turn is on top of ” el paso ” (spanish, step … too far to walk ). Riotously on key.


  8. In the preface, in my opinion Forrest is saying that when you get older you stay closer to home. You relive those memories, doesn’t mean you go back there in body. Its just too far to walk.
    Like I said, just my opinion.


  9. I really relate to the Title of FF new book To Far To Walk Last spring I went on a journey for three days and the third day I had blisters on the bottom of my feet I was wearing some of the best rocky hiking boots money could buy I totally ungerstand the quote To Far To Walk


    • Old lady here, lol. My thoughts on this name is he is older so now he gives himself a break and allows himself to use his vehicle. I believe that is what the line and title refer to.

      Add to that with this idea: In the west you can see vast distances, but you would be foolish to try and walk as far as you can see.


  10. Here are several points about tftw:

    The cover photography, the part provided by Dal Neitzel, also has a direct connection to a picture in one of the chapters (not the wagon). Those of you who were studying the cover should take a look at it.

    The poem as printed next to the treasure map in tftw is DIFFERENT than as printed in TTOTC. Not the format, but the spelling. In the third line of stanza 5, The answers I already know, reads “The answer I already know”. Not that again. Remember that answer was printed without the “s” outside of the book and Forrest said either spelling is fine and that it was a simple mistake. I’m surprised that they didn’t catch that when proofing the book.

    Chapter 6 – “my prehistoric friends” is really out there. It logically appear to be impossible that Forrest encountered truly primitive and prehistoric peoples in Texas in the 1950’s, and I would appreciate any other comments on this chapter. He may be truly messing with our minds there, or…

    Chapter 19 – “the dude” is a story about Forrest, Skippy and Donnie building The Dude Motel in West Yellowstone, where it stands today. There might be useful information there.

    There are so many other things to mention. Gotta go.



  11. Mike,
    I don’t know if you’ve received it yet, but here’s a detailed rundown of the chapters and other pages of “too far to walk”:

    inside front cover drawings
    too far to walk pages
    publisher pages
    dedication/photographs pages
    foreword by suzanne somers
    table of contents
    CHAPTER 1 – toys are forever
    CHAPTER 2 – trophy hat
    CHAPTER 3 – expensive memories
    CHAPTER 4 – buffalo smoke
    CHAPTER 6 – my prehistoric friends
    CHAPTER 7 – concy and me
    CHAPTER 8 – jumping the milk truck
    CHAPTER 9 – mom and me
    CHAPTER 10 – demise of the bullet
    CHAPTER 11 – sun valley gig
    CHAPTER 12 – habitat for sergeants
    CHAPTER 13 – mexico beach house
    CHAPTER 14 – retribution
    CHAPTER 15 – pretend cannibals
    CHAPTER 16 – cactus cowboys
    CHAPTER 17 – such heroes are few
    CHAPTER 18 – why was i not mad at him
    CHAPTER 19 – the dude
    CHAPTER 20 – cruise liner on the verde
    CHAPTER 21 – i wish i hadn’t
    CHAPTER 22 – jungle wisdom
    CHAPTER 23 – sunday kind of love
    CHAPTER 24 – words that linger
    CHAPTER 25 – this is going to get me in trouble
    CHAPTER 26 – lost and found – a saga
    CHAPTER 27 – mrs. rockefeller goes vogue
    CHAPTER 28 – ode to joe
    CHAPTER 29 – jackie kennedy – a rare lady
    CHAPTER 30 – the brian joyce affair
    CHAPTER 31 – sosoko is here
    CHAPTER 32 – lessons from bella abzug
    CHAPTER 33 – wolfie and ben-an
    CHAPTER 34 – beowulf and elvis
    CHAPTER 35 – elmyr de hory on fire
    CHAPTER 36 – joseph sunhawk
    CHAPTER 37 – treasures galore
    CHAPTER 38 – seventeen dollars a square inch
    CHAPTER 39 – heading north
    CHAPTER 40 – charmay and me
    CHAPTER 41 – rusty and me
    CHAPTER 42 – saving buttercup and lollipop
    CHAPTER 43 – the derelict
    CHAPTER 44 – the world lost its darling
    CHAPTER 45 – mountain man
    CHAPTER 46 – r.i.p.
    CHAPTER 47 – born too late
    CHAPTER 48 – wars last forever
    CHAPTER 49 – mirror on my wall
    colophon page
    map text page (part of pull-out map)
    Thrill of the Chase pull-out map
    inside back cover drawings

    I was detailed about everything outside of the chapters, because I know people like to refer to the jacket and other odd pages. Also, I listed the chapters exactly as shown in the book as far as caps and non-caps.



  12. I posted under the chase about what happened to the alligators. Completely spaced out this was here.

    Last post tonight. I was happy to see a picture of that arrowhead that started all of Forrests interest in collecting. I always wondered what it looked like, good to see it.

    Night all, off to read and hopefully sleep!


  13. From Dal in an email:

    September 2013
    On Tuesday the 22 of October at Collected Works Bookstore and Coffee Shop in Santa Fe, come on by for the new book signing. Event starts at 6PM. Doug Preston and Michael McGarrity will be with Forrest on the stage and all will be signing books. Google Doug and Michael if you don’t know who they are…or click on their names above…
    These three guys are a riot together…sure to be fun and maybe Forrest will give a clue…who knows?


  14. If you are looking for a more comprehensive picture of Forrest Fenn and his life, this book is certainly worth having. The collection of photographs and extensive charcoal drawings are invaluable as well.

    While I personally am extremely cautious with anything that I regard as a clue or a hint in this book, my first readings of it have proved enlightening. I know all of that will blow up soon, as just the cover alone has sparked a plethora of acute mathematics.

    It appears that Forrest created this book because we just don’t have enough to think about and he’s feeling sorry for us. And there are only 49 chapters and the fold-out map. But I love that milk bottle that is looking at us.



  15. Hello Mike,
    I got my books on Monday. I have not looked inside of yet. I need to finish The Secrets of San Lazaro Pueblo first….great education. I shoud get to it this weekend. Anyway, I am planning to be at his book signing in October. Anyone else going to be there?


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