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  1. Blaze- “I’d clean and filet the fish and she would cook them.”

    Water high- “High tide on the gulf…”

    Page 60- large capital letters in red “FIRST HOME” Home of Brown comes to mind but, nah. Then I notice the two previous chapters- Sun Valley Gig and Habitat For Seargents are both about places he lived, homes. The photo in Mexico Beach House of our first home is black and white possibly it’s brown? There is some red letter writing scattered in the book and chapter numbers are in red and, the little ff in a red circle and there’s this too….at the beginning of these chapters-
    4,8,15,20,22,26,30,31,41 and the map page, the first letter of the first word is in a red block of some sort in large capital. That’s odd. The letters for each chapter I listed are- I, O, I, I, O, A, S, I, R, S.

    I can’t make nothing of it, maybe someone else can.


  2. (Thanks Charlie Daniels band)

    Forrest went down to Florida
    He was lookin for a book to write
    He was in a bind cause he was way behind
    And he was willin to make a deal.

    Well he came across a young man
    Creatin storyline and givin it away
    Then Forrest jumped up on a hickory stump
    And said “boy, ya gotta make em pay!”

    Guess you didn’t know it
    But I’m a writer too
    And if you care to take a dare
    I’ll make a bet with you

    Now you can lay it on thick, boy
    But give ol Forrest his due
    I’ll bet a box of gold against your wit
    I think I’m better than you!

    The boy said “my names bobby,
    and it might be a sin
    but I’ll take your bet and you’re gonna regret
    cause I’m the best that’s ever been.”

    Bobby arrange those words
    And bang your keyboard hard
    Cause hells broke loose in Florida
    And Forrest deals the cards

    And if you win you’ll get
    That bronze box full of gold
    But if you lose ol Forrest
    Wears out your soles

    Then Forrest opened up his book
    And said “I’ll start this show”
    Mystery flew from his poem
    That no one could know

    As he read the words
    He made an evil hiss
    Then Dal joined in
    And it sounded something like this


    When they finished Bobby said
    “Well you’re pretty good ol son
    But set down in that chair right there
    And let me show you where it is.”

    It ain’t in the mountains! Run boys run!
    Treasure in the house of Buffalo Bill!
    Chicken in a breadpan peckin out dough
    Peggy at home sayin. “No Forrest No!”

    Forrest bowed his head
    Cause he knew he’d been beat
    He laid that bronze box
    On the ground at Bobby’s feet

    Bobby said “Forrest, just come on back
    if you ever want to try it again
    I done found it once you son of a gun
    An I ain’t doin it again!”

    It ain’t in the mountains! Run boys run!
    Treasure in the house of Buffalo Bill!
    Chicken in the breadpan pickin out dough
    Peggy at home sayin “No Forrest No!”

    (Fiddle music)


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