One thought on “retribution-2

  1. This chapters blaze is …”It was the summer of 1953 in Laredo, Texas, the hottest place in America.”

    This chapter has what I think is a very good example of why FF’s bronze box has not been found. Simply, his writing style. Here’s the sentence…”The crescendo built as nine others, precisely at two minute intervals, exercised their right to freedom of speech, as guaranteed by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.”

    Does any single word of that sentence imply that 10 guys peed in the gas tank of a ’53 Buick? No. Not even close.
    Consider now, each sentence of the poem that contains nine clues to the location of a bronze box worth over a million dollars. FF has said..”folks will be surprised where it is.”
    Oh yeah, I guarantee you they will.
    It is difficult and NEXT to impossible.


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