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  1. Reagan born February 6 1911 at Tampico, Illinois. Here is the original story of climbing through windows in the Reagan family. From ivisitpresidentialbirthplaces

    Interviewer- “can you speak a little about the Reagan window?”

    Museum volunteer- …”and when they built this building, they connected the two with a common wall and left the windows in the apartment. There are three windows that join the apartments. And Mrs. Daisy Seymour Nokes lived in the adjoining apartment and they were good friends (with Reagan’s parents). They would often babysit for each other and instead of going up and down the steps, they would hand their children through the window. When he visited us in 1992, he climbed through the window. And both his sons, Michael and Ronald, were here last year and they got to climb through the window as well.

    Also, read about Ronald Reagan’s Rainbow. A photo of a rainbow that ended at his birthplace in Tampico.


  2. From:

    Ronald Reagan Holding a Cowboy Hat
    Original caption: West Yellowstone, Montana: Governor Ronald Reagan, wearing the traditional white hat of the western “good guy” as he shows up for a press conference in cowboy garb at the Western Governors Conference.
    Date Photographed:ca. 1967
    Location:West Yellowstone, Montana, USA

    And here is a link to the photo of the plane that delivered him there, taken June 27, 1967:


    • And here is a little trivia question: In what movie was Ronald Reagan separated from his legs, as in the drawing in the chapter “The Dude”, and what poem was quoted in the last scene of that movie?


        • Very good pickup Mike,
          Forrest quoted the first verse of Invictus at Moby Dickens book signing. I had always thought the black pit FF was relating too was Berkley Pit (America’s most toxic pit PH of Cola).

          I had written extensively in my book on why trains are important so I definitely see some connections.

          Do you have anything else to add?


      • In Butte there is railroad track that travels along “Horse” canyon and passes by huge water tanks and an electrical plant (water high/heavy loads) used to service Berkley Pit mine (the most toxic pit in the USA – PH of Cola).

        Those train tracks draw nigh and terminate at Summit Valley auto recycling. (The definition of colophon is “summit” ??) Beside it it the Rex Flour mill with the large letters “REX is King” on the side of the brick building.

        This building was at ground zero and the only one to survive the 1895 Butte explosion that wiped out all but two of Butte’s Fire department. Only one horse from the fire department survived.

        The story reminded me of FF’s comments about the chest surviving fire and what fire did to the twin towers. It is also very similar to FF’s description of Hemmingway’s For Whom the Bell Tolls (dead horses, mud,etc)

        What is interesting about this story is the Firecracker story FF tells of how he met Peggy. Skippy blew himself up at a fire works stand. FF sent that story to Dal on January 15th. That is the 120th anniversary of the great Butte explosion.

        What are the odds of that?


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