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  1. hey! im going fishing tomorrow! not the death boat this time. on the Rainbow III out of Ponce Inlet. with captain John Ellis. a boat named Rainbow is harmless correct? i should be fine. im taking Dramamine now though, just in case. so if my writing starts making sense or im nice to other bloggers, its just the drugs. I have a new hat. yes, its white but not ball cap style. im not sure what this kind of hat is called but it looks like one that guy desertpile wears.hes a nice guy. its floppy with a narrow brim all the way around. i named this one DeKay. (thats french) wish me luck! Love to all!!! xo xo


    • Bob – Uh,…does that hat look like the one in this picture,…and do the hidden letters under the name of that boat read, “S.S. Minnow”?

      Good LUCK!!! :-O


      • E- yep, the guy on the left holding a fishing pole with the white hat. thats it! good thing that show ended before ginger and mary ann ran out of makeup. talk about seesick!


    • our trip was a huge success! 8 bonita 4 king mackerel and 2 barracuda! and i didnt get sick so DeKay still loves me. i reccomend a trip on the Rainbow III and have your fish cooked at Hidden Treasures restraunt right there at the dock. Ponce Inlet FL. (im not making this up)


    • Bob – I’m posting this comment here,…hoping you see it. Anna brought up Forrest’s Fenn Collection,…on the Splendid Heritage site,…which is posted at the top of the Vignettes thread,…over at Dal’s. While looking for his Apache Playing Cards (which were great),…I found that Crow Buffalo Skull,…that he uses as a header on his Old Santa Fe Trading Co. website. It has a Buffalo Bill history:

      Choose Fenn on the left,…then scroll almost all the way down to the skulls. It is
      Item Number: FCSKU1297 (#294 on his list of items). It is really interesting! 🙂


  2. “Often my parents would have fish fries”
    Yep, I was right, cooking.
    “Dad with a trophy Brown”
    Oh yeah, fishing.
    “Concy Wood”
    I bet he was brave too.


    • Bob –

      That is such a nice boat ! I just love deep sea fishing – used to go out of Dana Point, CA – and one time a 10 day trip out of San Diego – such fun times. Thanks for the memories.


  3. Decay

    My hat to compete with Mildew is gone, I can’t find it therefore no photo but with a name like Decay do you really want to see it? I think not. It must have crawled away and died after all I was cruel to that hat.

    I bought it years ago on a fishing trip. Here in Florida at Port Canaveral we have off shore fishing trips available for tourists and luckily, locals like me. “Party Boats” they are called, for a mere 75$ you get a one day fishing liscense, rod and reel, bait provided, breakfast, lunch and five free beers! An 8- hour trip 20 miles off shore. It a great deal. The boats are 80ft long and carry up to 70 fishermen/women/children and crew. The captain, two mates, galley cook. The boat leaves Port Canaveral at 7:00 am, so I get there around 6:00 to catch live bait at the dock. I had taken my Dramamine the night before and that morning to combat motion sickness. Over the years of offshore fishing I have learned that I can only go out if the waves are forecast to be 3 feet or less. Today was to be 3ft, my limit but salt water fishing is so much fun I’ll take my chances. Being seasick is the worst feeling in the world. The ocean hates people and wants you to die. I’d rather have a tooth pulled or the flu.

    “ALL ABOARD!” Shouts the captain. I gather my things and realize I’ve made a huge mistake- I forgot my hat. I rush into the gift shop and grab the first all-white adjustable ball-cap I see. It’s seven bucks so I threw the clerk a 10 and ran out. Worth every penny to keep the sun off my face and balding forehead. I’m not letting the pain and discomfort of sunburn ruin my trip. (Ha ha ha ha ha ha). Back at the boat I’m the last one on as the mates stow the gangway. We’re off! I sit next to a family of four, mom dad son daughter, kids around 10 years old. I’m adjusting my new hat constantly, trying to keep it on my head, and breaking it in. The galley cook wanders the boat taking breakfast orders. It’s a sandwich- egg and cheese with your choice of bacon or sausage. I order sausage. My sausage grease fingerprints are the first highlights to the blank canvas that is my hat. Hours later, I notice the sunscreen I applied to my forehead has mixed with perspiration to complement the sweatband with a ruddy texture that is leaching to the outside of the hat, especially on the brim. It’s developed a character all it’s own already. This is going to be a great day. Fishing is a dirty sport you know. Well, that is when done properly. An I’m a good un! Two hours into our trip we finally hit 100 foot water depths. “LINES DOWN!” Shouts the captain. Not only in movies, but real life too, captains yell a lot.
    We are bottom fishing, the baits provided are squid and mullet. I like using just the heads. So after a couple hours fishing- baiting hooks, removing fish and helping the family next to me, my hat doesn’t have much blank canvas left I’ve filled it in quite nicely. Still blocking the UV rays beautifully, a fine investment. Then it happened.
    The sea went dead calm and I knew what was coming….SWELLS! I fumbled for my Dramamine and dropped the whole thing overboard. Too late anyway. Here they come. 6 foot devils calmly lift the boat…and set it down…straight up, straight down. A brick forms in my stomach and each time the boat lifts, pain. Each time the boat drops, relief. My knees start to tremble, raining sweat, I make it into the galley to lie down. The mates have already lined up four body bags and are inviting me to the fifth. Flat on my back now, a salty taste enters my mouth. I know what this is, I’m going to erupt. I use my new hat for a bucket. Thankful the person who made it is far away in the Philippines, and can’t see how poorly I’ve treated it on it’s first day of service. I made it to the head and rinse the hat, my face and hands in wonderful cool water. My day is over as the the only cure for seasickness is dry land.
    If I were Decay, I’d run away too.


  4. Academy Awards 2018

    Announcer- ladies and gentlemen, here now are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie!
    (warm applause)

    Brad-good evening.
    Ang- hello!
    Brad- this year, the academy of motion picture arts and sciences would like to honor lifetime achievement for hat design.
    Ang- the hat is a head covering. It can be worn for protection against the elements, for ceremonial reasons, religious reasons, for safety, or (smiling) as a fashion accessory.
    Brad- in the past, hats were worn as an indicator of social status.

    Ang- and the nominees are (pause) Sherlock Holmes, the deerstalker.
    Brad- from Goldfinger, Oddjob’s Bowler!
    Ang- Harry Potter, the Sorting Hat.
    Brad- from Alice in Wonderland, the Mad Hatter’s Top Hat!
    Ang- Daniel Boone, Coonskin.
    Brad- and from The Thrill of the Chase, Forrest Fenn and Mildew….(Brad whispers) my favorite.
    Ang- you can’t say that Brad.
    Brad- I just did…and I got away with it.
    Ang- (opens envelope,frowning) and the winner is….


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