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  1. I had to cut my grass today. Trim a tree too. My neighbor offered to do it for me which was a hint that HE wanted it trimmed because a few of the branches were hanging over HIS fence. What a liar! He wasn’t going to trim my tree because he hires a lawn service to cut his grass. I knew it was a nudge to get me to do it. So I did. Gotta keep peace with neighbors, seems folks ya don’t live next to want to war for some reason. I picked up the cut branches and fired up the mower. According to the same neighbor, I don’t cut my grass enough. I told him I let it get tall and go to seed that way when I do cut, I spread seeds around for new growth! Explains why after living next to them for 12 years, they have had to re-sod three times! I never have and my lawn is beautiful. One time they told me cutworms got to it. So I says how come the cutworms didn’t kill mine? Ha! They just butcher the grass that’s why it dies. So I’m mowing and whistling a lively tune when all of a sudden I think of Dal and that stupid ornament contest. What a dumb idea. Yeah great Dal have a contest that involves using only natural ingredients after a foot of snow just blanketed the lower 48 (except Florida) ha! So, as I’m mowing I see vines, pinecones, Palm fronds, sticks, leaves, seeds, grasses. I’m thinking, no no no don’t make a dumb ornament! I’m all about finding the treasure! Just don’t do it. Be true to yourself, stick to your guns! Besides, I can’t post on Dals blog anyway. There’s no point now is there. I finished mowing and waved at the smiling neighbors and sat down to enjoy my iced tea. I notice that one frond of my cabbage palm is touching shingles on the roof. Well I better cut that one off! As I cut it, hanging upside down I saw angels wings. Now this thing is 4 feet long! Way too big for an ornament! But a wall hanging maybe? A hour later, this is what happened. I call it ‘ol man winter, florida style.


    • Oh! So that’s why people live in Florida. No snow. I suppose that’s a good reason. Nice ornament, by the way. Too bad your neighbor can’t tolerate anybody in “his” space…especially when its obvious that you have some great landscaping knowledge to share…if he’d only listen. I’m guessing your neighbor is one of those ornery old people. There are a lot of them in Florida I hear…and Canadians….who try to escape the REAL cold. I don’t blame them.


    • Cute trick Bob, leaving the door open and framing yourself in the mirror.lol

      It could be an ornament if your tree was outside and huge. 🙂 I like it!


    • Bob – I totally LOVE your Florida ornament! And I think Dal will post it,…on the Holiday Ornament page,…if you send it to his email. He just doesn’t want “Misfits” like us having DISCUSSIONS over there!

      And have you considered setting fire to your lawn? I am reading, “Undaunted Courage”,…and Lewis and Clark noted that many Plains Indians tribes set fire to the praire grasslands,…to encourage growth in Spring,…so the buffalo would return to eat it. Then you could just rescue a buffalo,…and keep it as a pet,…like Forrest did. 🙂


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