sunday kind of love-2

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  1. Winnie- “piglet, a matter has been brought to my attention that requires our services.”

    Piglet- “buh, buh, pooh! You sound serious! What’s the matter?”

    Winnie- “the matter is this my friend….our dear friend azuredeb has a daughter that will be going to the hospital soon.”

    Piglet- “oh my, m, m, my heavens pooh!
    What can we do?”

    Winnie- ” well piglet, we shall do what we do best….we will visit the hospital where she is staying.”

    Piglet- “th, th, that’s a fine idea p, p, pooh. I’m glad we are friends.”

    Winnie- “I think, if we leave tomorrow we should be to new mexico in five days.”

    Piglet- “I’ll start p, p, packing…..what should I bring? To new, mexico…pooh?

    Winnie- “the same things you would bring to old, mexico piglet. Oh, and a gift for Meg.”

    Piglet- “d, d, does she like haycorns?”

    Winnie- ” of course piglet. Everyone loves haycorns. And hunney too!”


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