this is going to get me in trouble-2

3 thoughts on “this is going to get me in trouble-2

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  2. I’m using this thread because I can’t post at From Forrest. Wolf and Halogetter, I think although FF does not intend to mislead he does it naturally. If you’ve ever talked to a used car salesman, it’s in their DNA. How else could FF get anybody to lay down way too much money for colored oils smeared on paper? So, occasionally, FF himself realizes that in his speaking he must use the phrase “I mean “. He uses it in TTOTC and TFTW. As a clarification. Knowing, perhaps the reader or listener may not realize he’s changed the subject matter. Since in the huff post interview he did not use the phrase “I mean” then perhaps he is using words to get HIS desired result, which is to keep the treasure hidden for a thousand years. He has sold us on the fact that he gives hints out but has stated all we need is the poem. The more he speaks and searchers listen to him, the more confusing it will become. I don’t have the actual quote about the treasure being wet but here’s what he should have said IF he really wanted searchers to understand what he was talking about…

    Its wet, because of snow right now I mean.

    The treasure is wet, because there is snow in the search area I mean.

    The treasure is wet, our national parks I mean.


    • Hey Bob and Company,

      Everybody has their solves and I respect them all.
      I can only share mine and do so with great confidence.

      I believe the treasure was in a wet spot because as I noted……the ground area in the Red River meadow of my solve was very, soft, wet, like a marsh. Walking around I was sinking in. The area fits all of Mr. Fenn’s descriptions to the T.


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