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  1. E*:
    inthechaseto – I just couldn’t help but think of Vikings,…and Beowulf (because of what Lia said about the Grizz’s swimming resembling Forrest’s alligator by that name):

    E* thanks for posting historically enchanting articles on Viking artifacts and burial stones. I enjoyed reading! Personally I enjoy the cross over between Viking, Celtic, and Briton cultures. I may have been a Viking valkyrie somewhere in time, or a Celtic fairie. 🙂

    You may enjoy this about the symbolism of number 3 or trinity


  2. “Expensive memories”
    Blaze- father is hot, angry.

    I don’t understand the use of the word expensive here in the title. These memories of punishment. What was the cost? There’s no mention of money. I can see if maybe FF got caught stealing, and had to give back whatever was stolen and then got punished as well. That could be an expensive memory. Or if he did something really bad and his father took away his BB gun forever.
    I like where he says “so if I got a licking in the morning I could relax and be my normal self for the rest of the day.”
    Lol, being his normal self is what got him the licking in the morning!

    I got whipped too as a kid. My dad’s favorite saying was “grab your ankles!” At that same moment he was pulling his belt off and I could hear it slapping as it came through each belt loop of his trousers. Painful, bad memories. Expensive?

    Should we reintroduce spanking in schools? Not sure it would do any good since prayer is gone too. Spare the rod spoil the child.


    • Oh Bob –

      All I know is there are a lot of good kids around today – but still too many that need a good whack.

      PS I’ll tell you a secret – E* found the lake used in scrapbook 126 and here’s the news you didn’t know – Ed has found the stone.

      E* and ED sounds like a team – don’t ya think?


      • Inthechaseto- E* & ED, oh I guess they could be a team but I really don’t care. Neither do I care about all this photoshop stuff. It just reinforces the fact that some of the photos in TTOTC are photoshopped. It was a matter of great discussion a long time ago here at Mikes. And the reason for the photoshopped images in TTOTC is to support the stories that make up the puzzle.


        • You have come a long way Bob. 🙂
          Remember when you used to tell me nothing in the book was any use except the poem? I am glad you changed your mind.

          I dont know what to think about this blitz of scrapbook postings, I hope Forrest is alright!

          There can be overload, too much to think about all at once. I am getting to the point I am thinking about not reading blogs because it becomes confusing seeing so many theories flying around. You ever feel that way Bob?

          Stay sane dear friend. You still make me laugh with your ideas.

          This topic isnt a good one for me, so I will pass on it.


          • Hey Bob and Deb –

            Remember the good ole days when we started and when we found “something” we were so excited. Then we would all follow each other and build on it and things did not become so convoluted. I know what you are saying – in fact this very night I was thinking of taking a break from the entire chase. Alas, I must be addicted. Ha

            Mindy started a new blog and perhaps some fresh feelings over there.



          • Deb- I’m fine, and you are too. Here’s what you should make of the scrapbooks….FF uses photos to deepen the mystery surrounding the bronze box. Mildew is the stone, not the hat. Apply this information to other photos/scrapbooks. If he doesn’t clarify a statement with the phrase “the (blank), I mean” then don’t assume you know what he’s talking about. Stretch your imagination beyond the photos.


    • Ok, he also said that he took spankings just because his father was frustrated about something else. That is the problem with the spanking issue. When an adult takes their frustrations in life out on the child.

      Trust me, beating a kid with objects does not make for a great message to teach kids. I would like to hear from Forrests daughters if their father used objects to enforce his rules?


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