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  1. This passport book is over 100 pages, as you visit each park a stamp is provided at the visitor center for your book to prove you’ve been there. Here’s mine from Mesa Verde.


  2. They cost less than $10. After my tour of the cliff dwellings I opened the book to find a fold out map! Just like FF book Too Far to Walk! There’s a special plastic pouch just to store the map in it.


  3. I wanted to share this with everyone, my feelings are this is the trove FF will leave for all to seek. I found this at the visitor center at Mesa Verde. No forest service worker tried to sell it to me in fact I wouldn’t have noticed it in the gift shop because I don’t go to gift shops. What I found first was the postage stamp style rubber stamp equipment lying on a counter in an area outside the gift shop while waiting for our tour guide. I picked it up and while looking at it a ranger asked if he could help me. I said yes, what is this stamp for? Of course I’m thinking of the postage stamps in the chapters of TTOTC. He said at every visitor center across the US these stamps are available for your passport. You buy a passport at the gift shop and then adjust the stamp to today’s date and stamp your book in the Rocky Mountain region. Our national parks are divvied into 9 regions across the country, Alaska and Hawaii. And around the world.

    Hmmm, I thought 9 regions 9 clues. So I bought one.


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