seventeen dollars a square inch-2

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  1. JC1117:
    Hello, E*.Did someone say…SPAM? I LOVE IT!Let me say this, if anyone doesn’t like SPAM I’ll have YOUR Spam…’cause I LOVE it!

    And it would be mahvelous if Pirate could join us over here.I think that would be as much fun as hanging out with a bunch of Vikings …singing Vikings.

    I’m only here to help.

    You know JC – this looks like the living room of the guy that has the redneck bed. !!


  2. Does that point to the self made man if we put his face on it? Yes Eric was a self made man, just like Forrest. Each had a talent they built a life on. Same thing with Glenna Goodacre. They all also had one other thing in common, they were friends whose lives were directly connected through learning. They helped one another spark ideas off each other.

    Not sure where I am going with that but something worth thinking about.


    • deb, I agree. the photo of Eric in this chapter shows the depth of this guy. reminds me of Forrest’s statement about trying to shake your head yes and no all at the same time. I don’t remember ever seeing such imagery in a photo. here, Eric seems happy and yet sad all at the same time. his eyes, smile depict a person happy with his own life yet feeling the pain and anguish of others. Eric may not have been comfortable with FF’s pricing of his work but gratefully accepted the proceeds. of course I never met either Eric nor Forrest but that’s what the photo says to me.


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