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  1. From this latest Huffington Post interview FF says he can smell the sage and pine and pinyon when he’s standing where the treasure is.

    And this is from the Buffalo Bill Center of the West website, on the Draper Museum.
    …”Immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, and even SMELLS of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem in our highly interactive exhibits.”

    FF also says in this interview….”it’s wet”
    Yes, the buffalo Bill center of the west is covered in snow right now.


    • From TTOTC page 143, Ode to Peggy Jean….”I had even plotted to have my bones rest forever, in silent repose, beside the treasure chest.”

      Notice the word plotted. A burial plot in a cemetary. He has purchased, I’m guessing, enough burial plots for his family because of the cancer. He had the whole thing planned out. Peggy is the treasure chest spoken of in this sentence. Not a bronze box in the desert. The X and the F blaze confirm this fact in TFTW, behind Peggy in the tree on page 213.

      Also, it’s interesting to me that of the things he doesn’t talk about, such as the state of Colorado, another one is daughter Zoe. The mythical King Midas, who’s touch (do touch) turned to gold, had a daughter named Zoe.


      • Page 212- Yellowstone is west of Cody, not north.

        I have taken several trips to Wyoming too except I did plan and I did worry about what I would find. I must agree with FF on …”I don’t remember any four days that I enjoyed more.”


      • Hey Bob – What page is that cute photo of Peggy on,…the one with her as a little girl,…wearing her dancing costume? And what is the name of that chapter? And did you notice anything interesting on that page? I did. 🙂


        • E- it’s on page 62. And those two photos of Peggy aren’t really part of any chapter because they come after Mexico Beach House and before Retribution. No, nothing interesting to me so far as where the bronze box is.


          • Bob – I thought it was interesting,…when Forrest said this:

            “I’m not going to put an X on the map for you,..”

            And that there was a mistake made in the TFTW book…


          • E- yes interesting because there is an X on the shadow of the map. In the background of this chapter. Not the fold out map in the back. I think searchers have not paid enough attention to TFTW because FF told them there are no clues in it except for an unintentional clue in the preface. Yeah, right.


          • Bob – I see that you have researched the various types of crosses,…and that you found my hidden clue (and maybe Forrest’s!):


            There are four basic types of iconographic representations of the cross: the crux quadrata, or Greek cross, with four equal arms; the crux immissa, or Latin cross, whose base stem is longer than the other three arms; the crux commissa, in the form of the Greek letter tau, sometimes called St. Anthony’s cross; and crux decussata, named from the Roman decussis, or symbol of the numeral 10, also known as St. Andrew’s cross. Tradition favours the crux immissa as that on which Christ died, but some believe that it was a crux commissa.


          • Bob – And when we were discussing Poe,…did I mention that he wrote an Acrostic Poem with an “E” name? And that Osborne Russell’s first name ends in an “e”? And that Osborne Russell forgot to include the “e” at the end of Thomas Browne’s name,…when he quoted him on the first page of his book? Hey,…and Eric Sloane added an “e” to the end of his name,…didn’t he? And speaking of crosses,…and Acrostic Poems,…check this image out (See: William Browne,…with an “e” on the end):



          • E- the X I’m talking about is behind Peggy in the tree on page 213. That’s an unnatural way for branches to grow.
            The X on the shadow of the map is on page 211 in the edges. We talked about edges before, and the bottom edge of the top photo crosses under the top edge of the bottom photo forming an X over Cody, wyoming.


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