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  1. That’s great advice, Bob. I have a wood-burning fireplace in my front room, too…because I love to relax and think while I watch the fire…and hear it crackle. I don’t know about your home, but my home actually gets colder when I have a fire in the fireplace…even though a fire is really HOT…obviously. I’ve noticed that all the air draw up the chimney creates negative air pressure inside the house which pulls outside air IN…from wherever it CAN. So it’s bad in the middle of the winter when the air outside is so FRIGGIN’ COLD because that makes the house cold. What I’d like to do one day is install a cast iron stove which can get really hot (without burning the house down) and hot enough to boil water on the top if I ever needed to. Of course, I can’t feed a log into it like you’re saying because I’d have to leave the door open and that would create too much draft…again. So, at present…and contrary to logic, I don’t use my fireplace much when it’s cold outside…but I’ll still light it up sometimes…if my wife gives me a wink…or two…or ten…until I finally catch on! I never was the sharpest tool in the shed. LOL! 🙂


  2. Thought I’d shre this too.. About mountin men, this photo is in my house today . I don’t chop wood ok ? And I don’t think anyone did years ago. All you have to do is feed it into the fire as it burns. See the log I’m feeding? This is real folks I’m not making this up. There’s no need to chop or split wood ok? Just feed a log as it burns. I’m hoping to save you all a lot of work here ok? Well, that is if you have a fireplace. Ya know, a blaze.


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