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  1. Becky from WV:
    jj – You’re brilliant. You must be the blaze. In my research about Devil’s Tower I found out that it’s called the “thumb”. I think the Indians named it that, but anyway FF has quite a few references to a thumb in his book.Not giving up yet.

    Becky i really really want to give you something else about Devils Tower that will blow your mind but i’m afraid it will lead you to the chest (smile). The webcam at the outpost keeps a constant eye on DT. They also have some really good sandwiches.


    • azuredeb – This is the first I knew about 2 trips.
      Dal’s blog – Scrapbook #29 – Fenn writes:

      I received a nice letter today from a delightful woman in Colorado Springs. Her name is Jeannie. She said she was in the grocery store and looked at a bag of dogfood that weighed 20 pounds so she put two of them together to see if she could lift them (the treasure weighs 42 pounds). She said she couldn’t budge the two bags. Maybe that’s why a 79 year old man had to make two trips to hide the treasure. f



        • azuredeb – I’m not sure anyone knows the answer to when FF began TFTW. So many of those stories were available on his blog at the beginning of the Chase. He said he thought of everything. I would assume that he has a huge collection of his experiences just waiting in the wings. FF admitted that there are more tales that he didn’t include in either book, such as soap-making & hobos in his mom’s kitchen. He has collections of such diversity – why would he not have a vast collection of more memoirs to create another book – whether the treasure is found or not. He’s “on a roll” now, & we need all the hints we can get. Not carved in stone – just what I think. Agree?


          • I meant when was the story put out that he wouldnt be answering email because he was writing the book we now know as TFTW?
            Maybe I can google it…


  2. azuredeb – So it IS a devil thing, right? I really do like that Devil’s Tower place in Wyoming, but I need to research other devil places. It’s all just soooo far away from me. Found a perfect place in New Mexico. That’s where I would have hidden the treasure, but did FF? No idea yet ’cause I’m stuck here in West Virginia with a minus 20 degree wind chill factor & every faucet dripping so the pipes won’t freeze. It’s like Chinese water torture. Drip, drip, drip …

    vgboss – “2 trips / 2 chests”? You’re joking with me, aren’t you? Well, poopie-butt! I can’t even find one. 2 chests – Why would FF do that? Just one cost him $25,000. Hey, vg – maybe that’s the reason the poem is so vague & fits multiple places. You find a chest at your site, I find one at mine, deb finds another at her spot – like splitting one lottery among several winners. I like that idea. So there’s not just one correct location. Is that what you’re saying?


    • Devils Tower is a natural wonder. I emailed f about the area a while back and was redirected.
      If you read about the night tours they have during season they say to bring a flashlight and snack/sandwich for the kids.
      One of those prayer ribbons attached to the trees may just belong to f.
      Could this be the HOB we are looking for?


        • I told him my wife made a hell of a pimiento sandwich and invited him for lunch at Devil’s Tower and in return he stated that was too far . Angel Junction was a more suitable location. Probably doesn’t mean a thing in relation to finding the chest but it makes you wonder. There were a handful of emails exchanged over 3 or 4 days. It was fun while it lasted.
          I think one of them interested him then i went way off track and he threw me off the train lol.


          • Thanks JJ

            I think you have always been on track – till now JJ.
            Interesing that Devils tower at the very top is 5 thousand and a few more feet. So he would have had to scale all the way to the top to make it work with the clues he has given us recently. . No way he did that. So anything lower than the top is out of play. Best to keep looking at CES


      • JJ – That’s exactly what I found. Look at the shape of Devil’s Tower compared to the tree stumps with the ax-man. Aren’t they the same? I saw pictures of the prayer bundles that had fishing lures & pieces of multi-colored strings hanging from them. Did you see that?


          • jj – You’re brilliant. You must be the blaze. In my research about Devil’s Tower I found out that it’s called the “thumb”. I think the Indians named it that, but anyway FF has quite a few references to a thumb in his book. Not giving up yet.

            inthechaseto – There’s an easy pathway to the top – just takes longer. I read that.


  3. Anybody – TFTW – page 245 – the caption under FF’s picture says that it’s a little boy who is giving his opinion of his grandpa by holding up 2 fingers behind his head. What does that mean? Is it devil’s horns, or peace, or what?
    Also, on the previous page a small boy is circled in the picture of the grandchildren. Evidently his name is Sam & he’s the culprit. However, on Dal’s blog – Scrapbook #9 – the mischievious child is supposedly a girl. What’s the deal?


    • I believe its another of those things like with the illustrations. He wants us to examine why things dont add up. I know why I think they dont add up, but thats just my take on stuff.

      The fingers is that thing kids do, you never made horns behind someones head? Its a very old kid thing. 🙂


      • So hear him all and listen good! You gals know this!!!

        Two Trips….Two “Chests”

        Words within Poem
        – Treasures
        – Chest
        – Trove
        – Gold

        4 Words = Two Trips/Two “Chests”

        Just my opinion. Simply posting my two cents here.




          • Musstag if you are referring to my “2 Chests theory” I will continue to post it as many times that I desire and especially where I believe strongly where it fits.

            Musstag I’m having so much fun with all of this, this Thrill of the Chase, I’m sorry that my fun is rubbing you the wrong way 🙁

            Would you like for me to stop posting Musstag?


          • 🙂 Vgboss,

            I like your post design above
            2 trips = 2 chests
            Treasure Trove Chest Gold,
            I have a different take, ff medals on physical chest, & treasure chest bronze “Secrete” D.

            Thanks Vgboss 🙂
            🙂 Match, Strike, Spark, Blaze, Fire, Light
            🙂 The Golf C & C S


          • Its just you repeat a theme once you get on one, I thought we’d never hear the end of the chest having legs… LOL Hey but its good your having fun, but the repeats are annoying, add something to it, tell us why there are too… well scratch that. Have fun vgboss.


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