born too late-2

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  1. I figured this was the best place to say something about FF birthday…happy birthday Forrest!
    If you think you were born too late I guess that’s ok but look at it this way you’d already be dead. There would be no TTOTC, no TFTW and poor Dal would just be another lonely film guy. You would have been your fathers grandfather and if you think your father wasn’t recognized for his accomplishments, well you see what I’m getting at.
    I think you were born exactly when you were supposed to be born. You are part of a grand plan. And everything happens exactly when it is supposed to. Of course we can’t see the plan because we are right in the middle of it, as it unfolds moment by moment. All of us play such a very small part, like a tiny little bolt or gear in a Swiss watch. Because we are buried in the case, We will never see the hands of time move. Or even know they exist.
    Here’s thinking of you Forrest today, august 22 and your thousand year puzzle.
    There’s an old saying about special days and gift giving. “It’s not the gift , but the thought that counts.”
    If I knew who said that I’d buy him a beer and shake his hand. He saved me a bundle.


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