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  1. “Sometimes I stayed in that place for two hours or more and when I decided it was time to leave I’d back a couple of feet downstream where the water was cold. That gave me instant incentive to climb out and sun dry in the tall grass that populated the river bank.”

    “where the water was cold”


    • right on Jake! all of yellowstone is WWWH. then canyon down is exiting the park at the east entrance….too far to walk is Cody….home of Brown is the Byrd Naturalist cabin at the Draper museum and from there it is no place for the meek!

      i wont say IMO, because it is a MOF*

      *matter of fact


      • That’s quite a large area for the 1st clue Bob.
        I have thought about that some & couldn’t make it fit with some of F’s statements.

        Didn’t go to the Draper Museum when I was in Cody looking for the treasure in Colters Hell.
        Time would have been better spent there.

        I don’t think it’s necessary to say IMO.
        We all know it’s an opinion by that person even if they state it as fact.
        Just too PC for me.

        I like the idea of WWWH starts in the park & the clues take you out.


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