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  1. I thought it was about everyday heroes. People think of heroes as someone who does great big huge things, when in fact a hero is someone who puts others first. Forrest acted in a heroic way to help Concy fulfill a wish.

    I think many of the chapters hint at heroes. Just my opinion.


  2. Hey luckydog I’m not able to post on lounge either. When comments get up around 500 I have problems. I don’t know who Concy wood pick to win but since I’m a Dolphins fan and the Patriots are an AFC east team I’m goin with Patriots to win in final seconds. An offensive shoot out. It should be a good game. Last year, when Peyton Manning forgot to look quickly down, and the football floated past his head on their first possession, the Broncos went in the canyon, down. Lol


  3. I’ll post this here because it’s in between chapter 7 and 8 not really a part of either but seems more closely related to chapter 7, fishing.
    Lucca’s Rainbow
    The charming photos are of his granddaughter, Lucca and her nice fish caught on the Pecos River I’m guessing that’s in New Mexico? Also there is mention of bluegills in “our pond” which again, I’m guessing would be FF’s pond at his home in Santa Fe. At the bottom of the page our attention is directed towards Grayling Creek, which is in Yellowstone. And the type of trout mentioned are Loch Leven.

    FF- Forrest Fenn
    PP- Peggy Proctor
    LL- loch leven

    There’s a trend here.


    • Bob – Soooo,…”put in below the home of Brown”?:

      Unlike native bull, cutthroat, and redband trout, browns first arrived in the West during the late 1800s as part of federal stocking programs. The fish were imported from Germany and Scotland’s Loch Leven. (Some old-timers still refer to them as German browns or Loch Leven browns.) Brown trout were stocked in waters of Yellowstone National Park, from which they migrated north along the Yellowstone River into Montana. State fisheries managers later began aggressive stocking efforts in other rivers and lakes. Montana stopped stocking most rivers in the early 1970s after learning that the trout were naturally self-sustaining.


      • sorry to burst your bubble–FF is not speaking of fish, he is literally telling you it is below the home of Brown–good luck with all the Browns, there is only one that Forest is talking about.


  4. No blaze in Concy and Me. But so far, TFTW is about fishing, father, friends, family. A lot like TTOTC, with less emphasis on the puzzle, but is still there if only in writing style and misuse of words.

    Piling up demerits with aplomb?
    Sentiment never obtruded?

    I guess ol FF is way smarter than me using phrases like that. I’ll never be able to figure out where he hid that bronze box. Lol


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