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    • it is always important to show people the same respect and courtesy you would expect – and a word my teenage kids used that so irritated me and angered me , was the word Whatever! it is just distatesful especially when we are going on about the great literalist and artist of our times we say whatever! but again that is just me and pet peeve I have like certain people in checkout lines shopping and such.


  1. The blizzard of 2015 has been all over the news here in Florida. Boston, and surrounding areas got slammed. And so will you, reading the foreword by Miss Snowjob! Lol
    (Sorry, I had to do it folks)
    Hey! It’s funny!

    Everyone else- “no, it’s not.”

    Her name is Somers (summers, hot) get it?

    Everyone else- “oh yes, we get it…still not funny”



    • Bob, I’m a Master of Sticking my Foot in my Mouth. Trust me. On my business cards I have my name listed as JC – MS, FM. People just assume it means something awesome and I’ve discovered that the comma between the MS (Master of Sticking) and the FM (Foot in Mouth) results in a lot fewer questions…and that’s a good thing, right? Well…good except for when I was single…because back then the FM stood for “Female Massage”. You’d be surprised, Bob! 🙂


        • JC- this is my attempt at “brave and in the wood” Indiana Jones types, no holds barred, down and dirty, True Grit, General PATTON!!!


          Give me Bronze box, or give me death!!!

          Get the picture?
          The poem demands as such!!!

          (Hey, I said I was sorry. That makes it all ok, right?)


          • Lol, Deb. I have to apologize for being a man all the time…which detracts from my manliness a tad bit…but I’ve discovered the flange benefits outweigh the risks. 🙂

            Wow, Bob! You’re quite the motivational speaker! You got my blood pumping! Let me see if I can exercise “my poor power to add or detract”. (Hopefully not detract.) “It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this.” 🙂



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