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  1. I followed my nose and sniffed out some hints….


    From Jump Starting the Learning Curve-
    “…slide down the FIRE escape….the SMELL of freedom.”

    Bessie and Me-
    The drawing pg 31 is of Mrs O’Learys cow which started the 1935 Chicago FIRE. And falling into a fresh cow pie, and going to school, AROMA

    Spanish Toy Factory- “it was HOT inside by the stoves, so a giant fan would blow the AROMA…”

    Surviving Myself- “….so the SMELL of bacon and eggs in the SKILLET….”

    Dancing With the Millenium-
    “….watched him bellow the coal to HEAT the metal…..the FUMES from his forge that permeated the whole episode.”

    Scrapbook 49- sweet fragrances

    And finally, it all comes together at the Draper museum from their website with-

    “….sights, sounds and even the SMELLS of nature…”

    It’s under your nose.


      • Thank you, Bob.

        Next,…I will be attempting to assemble the F100D model,…so I can learn what all the parts are for (preposition):

        I sprayed the BLU-27 napalm tanks with Spray ‘n’ Plate aluminum, buffed them lightly, then installed then on the pylons along with the droptanks. After inserting the pitot tube and refueling probe into their respective orifices, I executed a half-roll, installed the canopy, then flew the model to my display case. As an afterthought, a photo-etched Model Technologies boarding ladder was folded into shape, painted yellow, then hung from the port-side canopy rail, replacing the relatively awkward-looking kit-supplied item.


        • That is really cool, E*. That’s a good-lookin’ piece of equipment there. I bet Forrest had a lot of hope and faith in that rocket to get him home safe and sound…except for those two times…but that wasn’t his or the plane’s fault. He made it home safe and sound after all…and we’re all better for it.


      • You can almost SMELL the Ozone:

        The name ozone derives from ozein (?????), the Greek word for smell (verb), referring to ozone’s distinctive smell.

        The Catatumbo Lightning (Spanish Relámpago del Catatumbo)[1] is an atmospheric phenomenon in Venezuela. It occurs only over the mouth of the Catatumbo River where it empties into Lake Maracaibo. The frequent, powerful flashes of lightning over this relatively small area are considered to be the world’s largest single generator of tropospheric ozone.


    • Yes. What’s the biggest difference between TTOTC and tftw? (ignoring the book length and the map)

      And to be crystal clear about it, in Forrest’s words from Moby Dickens regarding tftw: “…there are clues in my new book that could help a person.” And then: “There are no clues in this book, but there’s some hints.”



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