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  1. I am not a scientist or a religious authority, therefore
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    • correct Cathars- you are neither scientist nor religious authority.

      the theories of evolution and creation ARE co-existing. as we speak. where have you been?

      this blog is for discussion of Forrest Fenn’s hidden treasure. well, except for me because i know where they are.


    • Hello, Cathars Christian.

      Most natural adaptations are either neutral or negative.

      The fact that adaptations occur toward the positive…i.e. benefiting the creature in a good way…is by DESIGN…IMO.


      • Hey Cathars Christian: history of your screen name is facinating. I’ve often wondered if some of the resurrection relics housed in the great cathedrals and beautiful chapels of Europe were brought by the Knghts Templer and hidden by the Cathars.
        My favorite outside church is the mountains, just like Forrest Fenn. This is my favorite β€œinside” Church… It would be marvelous to be there on Easter Sunday when the crown of thorns is on display for all to see.


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  3. The Wolf:
    lol Well you know when FF said to roll over a log, crickets were one of the likely critters on would see!

    Well what about Frosty and what he needed to treat his polarity, maybe a little lithium with a touch of arsenic in his water would of helped. shhhhh back to the silence.


  4. Route 66
    Friday June 3 2016

    Ahhh….New Mexico! I’m here! On I-25 south out of Denver I pass Las Vegas and see a bear crossing sign. Good! I had planned on doing a little bare hunting while I was here.Nearing Santa Fe now I see an exit for “historic route 66” so I took it. A two lane curvy road winding through arroyos and sides of the rolling hills. I the radio swiches from FM to AM and its 1955. I found a place called “Harry’s Roadside” . A small eating and drinking establishment for weary travellers. I always sit at the bar at places like this as I dont want to waste a booth that two or more people might need. And, I can make small talk with the bartender and get the information I need….directions. My feet are hot and swollen from the 6-hour drive. I hook the heels of my dingo boots on the lowest rung of the barstool and order a cold beer.

    barkeep- “where you headed?”
    me- “Hyde Park…Know the way?”
    barkeep- “maybe”

    ok i got this guys game, so I slide a single across the wet bar.

    me- “i spoke with a Mr. Washington earlier”

    The barkeep’s instructions are easy, basically I follow the setting sun to Artist Road and turn right. now I need to know how to find the bares.

    Me- ” how about Cheeks? where is it?’

    barkeep- “ya know there was a fella in here earlier today lookin for the same place….Lincoln, yeah..his name was Lincoln.”

    I slide over a fiva.

    barkeep- “Cerrillos south, on the right”

    finish my beer and head for Hyde…..I’m nervous.


  5. I believe that this chapter has the most hints concerning the location of the treasure. Forgive me, for I do not have the book in front of me and cannot quote verbatim, but what makes a “coughing and wheezing sound” as it is backing up? Certainly not a garbage truck (it beeps).


  6. On my blog I wrote of an aberration contained with this story. This version referred to Grandma but in Forrest’s original version of his story, “Grandma” was referred to a “Mary”

    A very subtle and well hidden aberration only detected by a few astute seekers. In my Our Lady of the Rockies solution, I find it more of a smoking gun than a coincidence that the statue of Our Lady is of the Vigin Mary.

    Forrest’s opening line at the 2014 True West Award cerimony was something to the effect of which singers were popular in his day but now we have “Lady Gaga” Nice subtle hint to Our “Lady” of the Rockies.


    • Hey Wolf i thought this fit in well with the ”lady” and “wheel”.
      Alas, and dame fortune, so often a fickle and seductive wench, never spun her wheel to lure them back.”


      • Bingo! Well done 49!

        I was wondering how long it would take for someone to bring that up.

        Also, that famous quote, “I think that person will be pleased when she sees it.”

        Note that it is a person who finds it but a “she” that is pleased. That type of cleaver hinting has been demonstrated over and over in FF’s hints if one takes the time to observe – just like the one you quoted.


  7. The blaze could be footlights used to illuminate a stage. The stage is at Pinecone Playhouse in West Yellowstone, Montana. Title to the gold.

    Hints in the book are of pineapples. A pinecone could be called the “apple” of the pine tree. Like the Totem Cafe, the Pinecone Playhouse is a business in West Yellowstone.
    …”When Frosty caught me there was a severe SCENE ” ….
    Plays are divided into scenes.
    ….” and it made me wonder a little bit about his polarity.”
    The “polarity” of actors has always been in question. Rainbows. (Sorry folks)

    Frosty- effort worth cold.

    Of course we already know the clues from the poem that take us to West Yellowstone.
    WWWH- Yellowstone
    HOB- Browns Cabin


  8. As I read the book again after almost a year. I see things a little different. How do they relate to the chase. Recently I found and wanted to share. Not sure if anyone has mentioned it. If so, I am a little slow. So we know how parts of drawings are added to the beginning of a stories. Anyway, the pie on page 47 is there in the cutout but is missing on page 49. What’s that all about? Just asking.


    • Geydelkon:
      As I read the book again after almost a year. I see things a little different. How do they relate to the chase. Recently I found and wanted to share. Not sure if anyone has mentioned it. If so, I am a little slow. So we know how parts of drawings are added to the beginning of a stories. Anyway, the pieon page 47 is there in the cutout but is missing on page 49. What’s that all about? Just asking.

      Geydelkon –

      My first solved revolved around the Totem Cafe – some of the pieces I considered, recorded here. I don’t have the book with me, but I recall something about ‘pigeon’ – I will try to remember.

      “This connects to Totem Cafe”


    • There is pie throughout the stories, it has puzzled me. I have sent Forrest my ideas about the solve based on myths and legends , storytelling in many forms throughout time. I am torn over the idea of disclosing, because it fits so well. I take him at his word, yet afraid if I tell someone else will figure out exactly how its hidden.


    • Thanks for the feedback. What I am seeking is more thought on why some things are different or have changed. I feel I have found common thread to all he has written or has posted. So the missing pie needs more discussion, I think. I just cant get past the 5th clue. I thought he said it was going to be easier. Hmm


      • Hi Gey –

        What’s changed? – Not the poem – not the book – the way you are looking at things? For me, I am not the same person I was when I started this quest. What an education – and fun too.

        Thanks, for you response to my lounge post last night. I stayed up and continued to work on things – after George won Entertainer of the Year. Yaaahhhh !!!

        I thought you had it all solved and were just putting the final touches on – when you say – you are stuck on five? I’ve never worried about counting the clues – that would drive me crazy. Move on and solve the poem – with hints from the book – you know that.

        If you are really stuck on five – then I would venture a guess that you started in the wrong place. Only you would know that. I always thought you were in the right place.

        I always think I am done – and then something else pops up.

        I don’t see anything unusual about the pie – other than he ate it and that is why it is gone. Hope it was good. πŸ™‚


        • I am stuck on 5 is because I haven’t looked for 6. πŸ™‚ just too busy. In ALL of ff pics in the book are very subtle messages. Its HOW you look at them. One can turn them up side down and around but they are there. Remember there is a reason for everything. A person who seeks, leaves no stone unturned. I guess I looked at things in a more complex thought that brought me to the simplest understanding. As I LOOKED at the poem, I realized how easy it was for everyone but easier for the one.


          • Yes – simple AND complex at the same time.

            The people who think it’s easy – just haven’t found everything. I’ve always found the poem to be very straight. But the solve to be complex – and your right – no stone unturned. If the homework in the beginning is being changed – then change it. There is an easier way to do it other than eating the pie.;


      • But the problem with that thought is your fifth clue may be different than my fifth clue. πŸ™‚ Before we get all hung up on the number thing again…

        All of this is about thoughts and until those thoughts are tested, thats all they are. Talk doesnt prove anything. Dont let anyone talk you out of your ideas.When is your next trip Gey? Nothing works better than searching your area.

        I am not going to give specifics on what I think that pie means to my solve, it would say too much. One thought though about those pineapple pies. The pineapple is the symbol of welcome….


    • Could it be in Utah? I tried for several days to fit the clues to Canyonlands for even the flimsiest of excuses could easily get me back there. It’s the most incredibly majestic place I have ever been.


      • LOL do you really need to justify a trip to some place you loved visiting? Just go and take plenty of pictures to feed your need to see the beauty again.


      • Yeah I caught that too, good job! The picture of the little cabin is something you should also consider in your general search area.


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