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  1. In the drawing of Skippy’s helicopter there is a line drawn from the helicopter to a square at about the 10:00 position. It looks like a piece of his contraption being launched. Or, it could represent the string that ties the stories of FF’s life to his service in Vietnam and subsequent revelations in “my war for me”.

    If the blaze is the asterisk found on page 15, and beginning with the chapter “first grade” we follow his footsteps to the epilogue. Each chapter is tied together by the square knots/ boxes at the end of each. The last knot/box is the one on page 51 in the helicopter drawing and has the end of the ball of string attached from it back to the helicopter. The stories are tied to the helicopter. Notice the book jumps in timeline from “stout hearted men” to “blue jeans and hush puppies again”.
    Between these two is “my war for me “.
    Which is largely about Forrest finding himself, answering the age old questions of who am I? Why am I? What am I? These are answered in humility. In pride the head is lifted in humility we look quickly down.
    Famous quotes…
    Humility, like darkness, reveals the heavenly lights- Thoreau

    After crosses and losses, men grow humbler and wiser- Franklin

    A true genius admits that he knows nothing- Einstein


  2. :),

    Deductive Reasoning
    = Knowledge + Experience database
    = backwards approach, to explain why scene looks now like this
    = evidence based on science, experiments and tests repeatable
    = collect & List evidence (speaks), by 5+ senses, no matter how small
    = Observation of whole scene and minute detail traces
    = principal of exchange
    = avoid “theory” or jumping to conclusions early on
    = start where, and go where
    = CSI 101 Photo’s of Crime Scene
    = CSI 101 5 Senses plus what is unseen/invisible
    = CSI 101 open mind or blank mind

    = MATCH, Strike, Fire, Blaze, Spark (method to put pieces together)

    = Puzzle, Clue Pieces, fit together
    = Complete Picture
    = What is Left or Remains is the truth ( no matter how improbable )

    Forrest “Remains” with treasure chest IF future terminal cancer.

    “Left” is Postmarks,
    19 circles
    20 vertical columns, 1 doubled column
    6 titles of “chapters”, rows
    58 Letters, nonsense, 1st, reddish, Capital, 90 degree turn CC.
    9 months
    #, ## pairs
    Abbreviation’s 1st 3 Month Letters
    Every day of the week (weak–homophone -poem)
    List in Order by–

    The original challenge was to come find Forrest’s body.
    Poem “ef FORT will be WORTH” Postmark FORT WORTH where conception began.



  3. πŸ™‚

    page 51

    Out of a total 20 “Postmarks”, this is the only one on the Right side. 19 Left side for the rest.
    Their are 2 partial postmarks on Front inside cover replicated on Back inside cover. The inside covers postmarks are without reddish places and some match the book with photo and some do not match the photo to book photo postmark.

    Also on the Right side are 21 chapter titles, these 21 chapter titles produce 26 reddish capital lines / which are 26 Rows of Capital letters. 5 Chapter titles are double lines / Rows.

    Left side 6 chapter titles, all are single lines / rows, have 19 postmarks with 20 Columns vertical . 1 postmark has 2 vertical Columns.

    How many Graduation events in 6 of JUN are really held on a Friday versus a Saturday?

    26 Rows of capital letters ( chapter titles ) Right hand side Name
    1 Column of capital letters ( places ) Right hand side Place
    3 numbers / letters within the circle ( 141 ) Column Bottom
    Bottom ( nonsense ) of Column are Where all circled numbers / letters. Circled Selected
    Day of week is printed in an arc ( rainbow ) Wrong

    Anyone who has seen the TV show BURN NOTICE, in a episode the main character michael westin explains that “Bible” in spy work is a referance to “code”, I think it is in season 4.

    TGC&CS πŸ™‚


    • Iwgolf –

      After that my head is spinning around and around –

      What I am working on with the stamps is a total of 42.

      The front and back covers are duplicated but used. Plus there are numbers on the airplanes on the inside cover that I think he used the two of those – doubled would be four. That is how I arrived at 42 stamps. I’ve got to tell you – that is alot of people.


    • you caught my attention when you said this is the only page with the postmark on the right

      ive felt for a long time that the clue in

      “only have to be RIGHT 85 percent of the TIME”

      is it is a reference to 85 percent of time, and so 85 percent of what, time is counted by 2 different denominations, 24 and 60, the only one of those 2 related to coordinates is 60 (min/sec), as hours is not coordinates related.

      and so 85 percent of 60 is 51. so the clue is 51, and he says only have to be RIGHT and you said its the only postmark on the RIGHT.

      also notice that this is in fact on Page 51, and the drawing also represents 51


      • πŸ™‚

        The numbers in postmark as possible related to book pages,
        page 1
        page 14
        page 41
        page 141

        I find the last 141, refers to,
        Dropcap C
        title ODE ( TO PEGGY JEAN )
        with poem on page 142 “ancient secrets” “look up”
        CODE “ancient secrets” “look up” = Planetext (plaintext)

        Below is link to BURN NOTICE info,
        about the use of family bible term used by spys to refer to code.
        season 4 explains some, actual show episode details it better.


        In “NO SWIMMING” the models for the kids imagined that they were running from BEES !


  4. FF talks about 3 strings…and flutterby and has a pic of a fossil butterfly on pg 133. If you look up 3 rope knots, you find the alpine butterfly knot which is two ropes attached to a 3rd “standing” rope, as in a well ( or in this case a water tower)…..He mentions tying one end of the rope to the stool….look at that pic I posted of the water tower. You can see there are 2 ropes hanging down, with one attached to the ladder. I believe there is a key attached to the end of that rope, and I got this from the bessie story. The type of key that would open the chest is an old “omega” key…..but the two omegas at the end of the story are, I believe, referring to 2 keys. One to unlock the area the chest is hidden in, such as the water tower or the pump house, and the other is probably inside the chest itself as FF has said the chest itself is not locked. I believe this is why he knows no one would just stumble upon the chest…..that if they found it, it would be a very intentional thing as it is locked away.


  5. Did anyone else think Skippy’s plane looks just like the old snow mobiles? Although FF describes it as a washing machine which leads me back to heavy loads of laundry which would describe the train….and of course heavy loads of snow for the snowmobile.


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