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  1. I was traveling down this stretch of highway with my wife a few eons ago. I thought , I must be in the wrong place like the other place. It looked like the faries we’re trying to tell me something. Lots of faires… they were whispering in the wind. We really enjoyed the ride but it can be hell at times.


  2. there is a connection between this chapter in TTOTC and scrapbook 145 about the plymouth. an old car.. the tires.. and the drive from Atlanta to Temple. a simple hint from The Long Ride Home could just be to leave Yellowstone in your car and head east. too far to walk. FF barefoot. the blaze is feet, notice the chapters where he mentions being barefoot or not wearing shoes. and you will find a Cody connection. and/or Buffalo Bill.

    in this chapter he (FF) mentions ….somewhere between Shoshoni and Casper, but that route is not the way to Temple on US287. the route he mentioned is farther north. and even farther north is the road to Cody.
    I’m gonna ride this horse til it dies. lol


    • Hi Bob –

      Nice to see you back here and on the chase again.

      Interesting stuff about the cars ……….

      I have always felt that ” I’ve done it tired..” meant at that point, he went by car. But in the poem….
      what kind of car …….. That to me is the key to the car answer. Once you find “what” car,,,,,,,,, it all fits.

      And I’ll ride in that one… all the way to the bank. 🙂


      • hey into! is that a shortened version of inthechaseto? same person?
        and i have to disagree with you, any car will make the trip just fine. in fact I used a rental twice and once was a toyota camry convertible. all the same result. lol


        • Bob –

          Yep, it’s me same one.

          A camry might have a little difficulty where I’m goin. There a lot of ruts in the road and a couple of streams to cross. I’m talking about a car in the poem.


      • into- i never thought that done it tired meant a car nor bicycle nor anything with tires. would a kid think that? i dont think so. tired and weak, exhausted? cars have an exhaust system but again, not kid type thinking. in the line preceding tired and weak he says the answer(s) he already knows. to me means hes been to all the places the poem will send searchers to find the treasures that are our national parks. these are the multiple answers to the poem, which is as he intended. tired and weak is confirmed by the book- too far to walk. so, these two lines of the poem reference the treasure (national parks) but not the chest., which is in Cody. i think.


        • this is for Deb, which goes along with what im talking about to into….the national parks ARE in the mountains north of Santa Fe and in all four search area states as you mentioned somewhere else on this blog. IT’S in the mountains north of Santa Fe. this comment covers both treasures the parks and the chest. i think.


          • Yep, I had considered that also Bob. 🙂 Good to see you back here along with all the rest.

            Into, I am glad to see you shortened your name down a bit. 🙂 So glad you are around still.


    • I learned to drive in my mom’s Ford Falcon 4door. Before I had my license she let me drive it to work during the summer packing cauliflower on the night shift… I got pulled over once on the way home but I told the officer I was my sister who is three years older and had a license.. He let me go… Lol


  3. My first car? Tough one! In my own name, way later in life…
    But, I learned to drive at eleven, and by fourteen I was driving everywhere. The thing is, my grandfather’s brother owned a used car lot and grandpa liked the gangster classics, new yorkers, bel aire, buick, I learned in a boat with a heavy foot! (Did I say that right? 😉 )
    Ahhh, the bel air had no back seat and it was fun to roll ur riders! Lol! And, you could fit soooo many people in the trunk of that new yorker, drive in were great! 😉


    • Very cool JD –

      Ahh – the good ole bygone drive in days !!!!

      My motto has always been peddle to the mettle both in driving and treasure hunting. lol


  4. Ahhh – my first car…………..

    1954 MG TF roadster – black with red interior. Funny thing is it did not come with a gas gauge – so I shoved a wooden yard stick in the gas tank – three inches was good for sixty miles.

    What was your first car?


  5. When I was a little girl, my parents took me to the “Iverson Ranch”. It’s an outdoor movie set – where so many B westerns have been made. Stagecoach starring John Wayne was made there and a few other great movies. I didn’t know there was a web site about it until today –

    On page 56 – there is a photo of Skippy holding a rock. I’ve always wondered what that was about.

    Well, look what I found – Judy Garland holding a rock – complete with a comment about Ronald Reagan.


    • Nice find Into.
      I am not sure if the rock means anything. So much to think about, he isnt really holding a rock as much as he is leaning on the rock?

      I still see Skippy as Ursa Minor, or Polaris the alpha star of that constellation. The world revolved around Skippy and explains why he has a fish in his mouth in that photo on page 52. The caption says” MY BROTHER BEING SKIPPY “.
      In the ancient myths of the gods and stars, Arcas is the name of Hercules half brother (their father Zeus, king of Gods). The constellation is named after Arcas, or the lesser bear. It is also known as the little dipper.

      Its always directly north, which by the way was once known as “wet” on the compass rose.


    • inthechaseto – This is why we all post here at Mike’s. So we can learn REALLY interesting stuff from each other while on The Chase. Thank you. 🙂

      p.s. “The Harvey Girls”,…and the history of the Silver Bracelet,…hmmmm??????


  6. Hey everyone! I’m in Telluride! The search has begun. I’ve checked out the Ah Haa school for the arts. Located in the old Telluride train depot. Nothing interesting there as far as the bronze box goes anyway. On to the museum! It opens at eleven. It’s said to be haunted too. I may bump into a shadowy figure. Who knows? I’m here for a week, if I turn up empty I’ve prepared myself for that long lonely ride home. Bridal Veil falls is frozen and is a spectacular view.


    • Enjoy your trip, Bob. Be careful…it’s cold and sometimes very slick out there. When it’s frigid and the canyons and mountain passes are snow-packed it’s like an ADVENTURE AROUND EVERY CORNER! Talk about white knuckle driving…which is not to be confused with moose knuckle driving…which can be quite fun. You know what I mean, eh? 🙂

      Bob, every time you mention Bridal Veil Falls I think of Provo Canyon where I used to fish the Provo River with my older brother when we were much younger. There’s a Bridal Veil Falls there, too. It’s just down the hill from Robert Redford’s Sundance Resort. There was a tram and a restaurant at the top of the falls. I don’t know if there’s one there now. It’s been wiped out by avalanches a couple of times already that I recall.


      • Nice JC! Does anybody know how to fix cruise control on a chevy pickup?
        My rental will hold the mile per hour I set ok but when I let go of the steering wheel it wanders. Either toward the ditch or on coming traffic. Scares the heck outta me I quit using it.


        • Chevy trucks have cruise control? I’ll have to get me one of those. I’d love to be able to climb in the back and take a nap and wake up when I’m there. That would save me a lot of headaches.


        • On the plane ride home I bumped into the pilot as I went to the lavatory he was coming out.

          Pilot-“oh hey Bob how’s it going?”

          Me-“I’m good, thanks, who’s flying the plane if you, co-pilot are out here?”

          Co-pilot-“hi Bob!”


          Pilot-“I set the cruise control, look”

          Pilot opens cockpit door. Both seats empty, controls move ever so slightly to adjust for straight, level flight.

          Me- “nice !”

          all smiling


  7. Not far but too far to walk.

    The illustration in this chapter gave it away.

    VGboss was right when he said “it has legs! And it’s hopping around!”


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