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    • The Wolf – Hellooooooo! I am trying to read that story with the John Wayne photo on your blog,…but it won’t let me scroll down at the bottom to finish it. The site looks great, though. And I plan to go over to Dal’s now,…to see what you posted there about Forrest’s SB 50. I already complimented you about your book over at Jenny’s blog (believe it or not!). Have you been out searchin’ lately,…or have you decided not to do that anymore?


      • The Wolf – This is the part I couldn’t read,…because it was covered by the comments box all the way across (in case anyone else couldn’t read it either,…I have selected the text and copied it here):

        The Ringo Kid was featured in Marvel Comic’s four part final series: “The Blaze of Glory.” This title should also ring a bell to those who watched the Billy the Kid movie Young Guns. This comic series is centred around the fictional town of Wonderment, Montana and the real town of Anaconda. Forrest twice recited a poem from the book Alice in Wonderland, which made me wonder if he is hinting at Wonderment? As many know Diggin’ Gypsy is a big believer that the treasure is buried in Montana and if Forrest has his money on her, maybe he is also conveying the treasure is in the Treasure State, Montana or possibly near Anaconda? Since Forrest mentioned snakes many times including the recent hint given on the CBS interview on 11 July – “The treasure is not hidden in a mine. A lotta these old mines are dangerous. I mean, they have snakes in ‘em, they have black widow spiders!”

        Perhaps as a hint of a snake or the city of Anaconda. More on this later…

        But I KNOW Forrest is not going to eliminate the Treasure State of Montana,…just because of all those scary “old mines” all over the place there,…right, The Wolf???!!! 🙂



        • E* Thank you for sharing the link on Virginia City. I stayed the night once in one of the cabins in the town you can rent them out. We went to the brewary for the vaudeville show some of the funniest stuff I have ever seen… There was even a skit about a Rooster… Lol


        • E* –
          That is the correct. I have been holding out on your state until the end (as it draws nigh).

          I think you might like what I have to say iin the book and in the days to follow. That post just scratches the surface compared to what is about to be posted…


          • Wolf I was able to read the whole thing earlier… I am surprised you didn’t include it in your book it was good. Maybe you should write another book 🙂


          • spallies,

            Funny you mentioned that, I actually planned to write the second book, but decided to go back to school and it would take just too much time to edit it and get it right. I really liked the ending but since you read the book you will start to see how the hints and foreshadowing start to shed a light on the nine clues and what I believe to be the real solution and where the treasure lies …


      • Hellloo E*!!
        I am glad to see you back. I may post the rest over at Dals when I get some time. I have been busy travelling back from my grandfather’s 90th birthday.


  1. E* since you just brought up question with Jenny Kyle ” Roping a buffalo”. .(I will call this the same – same) Forrest wrote: …. slipped up behind a tree and throw a loop, which landed on Cody’s head and wrapped around both horns. ….It took us a few seconds to recover and realize that the axle and both front wheels had gone with Cody. When last we saw him he was still running and the tires were bouncing wildly like some circus acrobat. Check this out. Buffalo Bill Cody was on a wagon train and a buffalo stampede happened- Buffalo Bill Cody qoute: ..one big buffalo bull became entangled in one of the heavy wagon chains and it is a fact that in his desperate effort to free himself, he not only actually snapped the strong chain in two but broke the ox-yoke to which it was attached, and the last seen of him he was running towards the hills with it hanging from his horns. Food for thought. Bur


    • Bur- excellent! One exception, spelled “Jennie Kyle” (you were close) but way to go with the bill cody connection! TTOTC is full of them! I was just thinking, after we discussed Iron Tail, could the picture with the caption “Cody resting” be a hint to Sitting Bull?
      As you recall, Sitting Bull had a big influence on bill cody when he killed him at the battle of bull run.


      • Well Bob the picture of the bull buffalo in the TTOTC book and the caption saying “Cody resting” is not quite right. I’m sure you have seen buffalo resting in Yellowstone and they lay on the ground doing that. So to me Cody “Resting” is another hint of a connection to B.B.C. And yes there are Sitting Bull connections to both Cody and Forrest. Did you see his “Peace” pipe Forrest donated to the BBCH museum in Cody, WY when you were there? Bur


  2. “Finally we dropped about a foot straight down into a stream of fast moving water, and when we got to the other side the car stopped with a terrible jolt.”

    There’ll be no paddle up your creek.



  3. Musstag:
    Chris, lots of importance put on page #s matching poem words, could be. But maybe I don’t get what your saying, about the brown buffalo is an allusion to the home of Brown, Because the story reads, that the buffalo wandered out of YellowStone, so its home was in YellowStone right?

    “Admittedly the places in JD’s book were different from mine, and the names were different from mine and the time was different from mine, and the schools I never heard about were obviously different, but other than that is was my very own story line. He even had a sister like mine, the guy in the story I mean, not JD. And it was so funny, and I mean really funny because I always thought I’d write that book myself. Only I’d have put a lot more in it, like things I did in school, some of which would not be too complimentary. That’s why I was going to call it an unauthorized autobiography, if that’s that right word. What do you think? But I’d have to tell everything straight because nothing is worse than facts written wrong. Just because Napoleon said that history was nothing more than fables agreed upon, doesn’t mean it’s true.”

    Musstag, on page 13 here Forrest says JD’s book but really he means his book TTOTC. The story in TTOTC is his own story line, and is talking about many elements related to hiding the treasure, but the places are different, and the times are different.

    When he was flying and discovered the special place during the Vietnam war and eventually went there, this is also the story of finding the place where he eventually went and hid the treasure, which was a different place and a different time.

    Same thing with Buffalo Cowboys, understand the story line, and the elements, but the location of Brown is not in Yellowstone. That place is different.

    He says “I’d have to tell everything straight because nothing is worse than facts written wrong. “ and then goes on to say he never got around to writing that autobiography. Well, the one he did get around to writing, TTOTC, has a lot of facts written wrong. “Just because Napoleon said that history was nothing more than fables agreed upon, doesn’t mean it’s true.”

    Maybe he did get around to writing the other one, the one that tells everything straight, including how all these things directly point to the actual place he hid the treasure. Maybe that’s the one in the chest. I don’t know.

    But as far as what we should be concerned about, what is TTOTC. It is the story line, but things are changed. What does he say is different. Places, names, schools. Maybe a big clue there. Maybe some things he talks about directly related to the treasure, aren’t changed. Like types of trees for example.


  4. Mike:
    And a couple more things:

    – They searched for the buffalo within a 7-mile radius west of town?That is a very large search area, and I don’t believe it.

    – Forrest, Skippy and Donnie walked home after the ordeal, a distance of 7 miles, so apparently 7 miles is not “too far to walk”, which perhaps is a hint we are supposed to get from this story.

    just some thoughts i have on this

    i think 7 miles is the distance from WWH to the Chest as the crow flies. the distance if you traveled it would add about 2 to 2.5 miles, and 10 miles is too far to walk

    (read as you’ve walked/traveled too far)

    the buffalo cowboy story page numbers relates to poem word numbers from the line

    the end is ever drawing nigh (I sever)

    the story has a couple elements related to sever and separating, the front axle and wheels separated from the car and the word helicopter is mentioned. helicopters have blades and the guillotine cable cutter. it is mentioned many times in MWFM, most notably as being tied to being that which brought Forrest to the special place.

    i think there is a subtle hint that the word nigh is the 66th word but the BC chapter ends on page 67. the first letter from the 67th word is connected to the previous line. the next letter T from ‘There’ll’ must be used to make Nigh, Night.

    Your effort will be worth the cold
    The end is ever drawing nigh

    these lines are both talking about taking you from the middle place to the end, from point B to C if you will

    145 Your 146 Effort 147 will 148 be 149 worth 150 the 151 cold

    this ties into the TotemCafe caper story and on through and ending with the Skippy story on page 50 and 51. this is where your effort will be worth the cold and F lets us know it ties into the sever and separating being talked about in Buffalo cowboys because Skippy is building something with helicopter blades.

    the buffalo is brown buffalo, an allusion to the home of Brown. the path from the HOB is down and to the left, as is illustrated by the rope.

    when you have reached the end of the rope, you have reached the end of the canyon down. from that spot at the end of the rope, you are in the middle position of the poem quest, which is the place where the rope connects to the car, and is this is the point of the severing, or the separating. when you have reached the canyon down, the end i sever is nigh. from there you travel up and to the left as is illustrated by the position of the car.


  5. A few questions I have a about this story:

    –The 2 photos on page 64 look like completely different cars to me

    –What car that has ever been made has a front axle like the one depicted on page 66? Front wheels are fastened to independent spindles and not on a single axle like a little red wagon.

    –If Forrest had no shoes when he got in the car, then how did he lose them in the ordeal?


  6. Hey guys, could some of you car buffs please look at the top photo on page 64 , the one thats got Skippys head photo shopped. Does that car have a motor in it? I know its a stupid question, but indulge me please.



    • It’s been established that there are two different cars.

      Skippy appears to be cut and pasted into the car. Forrest is telling you the joke- “The grin is real”. Yes, the grin is…

      Look at which car was used as the model for the drawing of the car being pulled by the bison.

      The motor appears to be mostly there, but with some missing components. I believe I see spark plugs with missing cables.



  7. This story seems pretty far fetched to me… , Not sure I believe much of anything in here, so there MUST be clues in here! I do recall coming across a cartoon or something showing a buffalo pulling a car with a rope, somewhere, but now can’t recall where it was. Must have been before I got my book.


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