Blue Jeans and Hush Puppies Again-1

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  1. once again i’m struggling with what to wear to yet another Fenn gathering. even though i havent attended any gatherings outside of florida. i had thought about dressing as Buffalo Bill but there isnt enough time to grow the moustache and goatee. i think early june will be too hot to wear the outfit from the movie “The Three Amigos” as JC1117 suggested last year for a gathering that got canceled anyway. why is this so difficult for me? i been dressing myself since about 15 years of age with no regrets whatsoever. i never bought into the idea that clothes make a man. is that so? must be difficult to spot the manager of a nudist colony. i never been to one, maybe they wear special hats so you can tell whos who.

    so, looks like it will be black blue jeans and dingo boots again. i like dingo boots with the big metal ring supported by three leather straps. i looked up the word dingo as i never really knew what it meant. its the free range wild dog of Australia. they do not bark. closely related to the wolf, they growl, and wail. they mean business!
    and from the urban dictionary a dingo is the male version of a cougar.
    i couldnt find out how the boot style got named dingo….no matter.
    i think shoes make a man.
    and certainly guide us to the treasure.


    • Hello from Brazil, Bob! I got really bogged down with work for a while and then the hectic scramble to get the wife and 2 kids to Brazil to see the better half of the family (aka hers). 🙂 We haven’t been here in 3 years so it’s good to be here and see everyone.

      I was going to show up to Fennboree this year…honest God I was…even if I had to sleep in my truck a few times just to be there. Then my oldest niece and her fiance decided that June 3rd would be a great day to get married. :/

      She will be the first of my nieces and nephews to get hitched and since my wife and kids will have to miss the wedding if I’m not in town to drive them there I reckon I oughta be there. Dagnabbit!

      Life has a way don’t it? I mean that in a good way and a bad way. Laugh or cry, man. Laugh or cry.

      Btw, I have two pair of those dingo boots. I always called them biker boots. One pair is fairly worn and real purdy like. I wore them while I put 10,000 miles on my motorcycle before I had to sell it for money reasons.

      I really like dingo boots, and I bet you look real sharp in ’em, Bob. A man can’t go wrong with a nice pair of biker boots.


    • i gave you plenty of time, A Team….and i’m disappointed. did anyone catch my connection of dingo boots to hush puppies?
      in my post above i wrote that dingo dogs dont bark….hush puppies. get it?
      we need more practice before Fennboree people!!


    • Hey Bob, no clothes don’t make the man. What a silly idea. I think you will be just fine in whatever you wear. You are a fine example of a man, it’s all about what is in the heart and yours is beautiful.

      From what I am reading it will be a fine event to attend. I have great faith in my fellow Fennatics to have fun in any situation they find themselves.

      I hope some locals point you guys to some fine NM chile to savor. After all our state question is red or green? I always go with green, red doesn’t feed my craving. Oh, not sure if they have them in SF but I like Twisters for breakfast burritos. You can’t go wrong there.( Yes it’s the same chain that Breaking Bad was filmed in. )


  2. But tarry scant with marvel gaze.

    Stay short, and with wonder look.

    A pullout at any of our national parks
    A museum. As we move from display to display.
    An art gallery. As we move from painting to painting, or sculpture.

    Fenn Galleries LTD

    (Another good one, no disclaimer )


  3. Would someone please do me a favor and post a photo of this Gilbert Gaul painting that Forrest mentions- with the man with a smoking pistol on a bridge with a dead dog. I have searched in vain on the internet for it and can not find it, probably because IT DOES NOT EXIST!


  4. azuredeb – Northwest of Santa Fe – near the forest – is Dead Dog Well. But is it even a well? My info says it’s a reservoir or a lake – some fishing place. The road is Dead Dog Leg. Strange? Have you checked that place out? Could it apply to the search? I think it is southwest of Eric Sloane’s home – Casa de las Nubes – House of the Clouds. Dead Dog Well? Good grief, Charlie Brown! I would much rather find a waffle iron than a dead dog. Yuck!


    • No I havent, its not in my search area. I dont believe the treasure is in or around santa fe. But someone else may think its worth a search.


    • I went down Caja Del Rio looking for Dead Dog Leg cuz I’d sen it on the map but of course after 19 miles I just wound up having driven all thru Las Campanas a residential area and wound up at the Rio Grande. Did find a pretty cool canyon with german guys climbing up the cliff and dirt bike riders but no dead dog, just cow patties and rocks, lots of ’em. 🙂 A pretty cool canyon tho I love the look of the cliff faces.


      • Well I found a dog but it wasnt a place it was a thing….keep looking. Try combining some of the topics together to see what you come up with.


      • Kym – Two Dog Flats – Who names these places? Looks beautiful, but not high enough elevation. Do you ever get up to Taos? Got me an idea! Can I email you?


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