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  1. i gather from the recent scrapbook postings at Dal’s blog that the big picture FF is trying to paint is one of Comanche indians and chickens. this chapter me in the middle has both. guiding our attention to him (FF) in the middle or center, as in buffalo bill center of the west. and notice the photo of his parents, photoshopped feet. the blaze is feet or hes saying his parents were bad dancers with two left feet.

    opinion mine. (ive got a cavern full of opinions, waiting to be mined.)


  2. Movie Screening
    Saturday June 4 2016
    Fennboree Day 2

    The two movie screenings are scheduled for 9 am and 10:30 am. I’m up early as my body clock is still on Eastern Standard time. Again, I drive south on Cerrillos to find the Courtyard by Marriott. 7:30 am, I want to see the layout of the place so I know where to go at the first screening. The guy at the front desk greets me…
    “how can I help you?”
    after looking me up and down, I know he really doesn’t want to help me so I rub it in a little….
    me- “I don’t have a room here i’m at the Cottonwood up the road. But, where is the movie screening being held for Forrest Fenn?”
    he looks at some sort of schedule that I can’t see because of the tall desk.
    “I’m sorry but I don’t see anything of that nature here, possibly it’s at our facility downtown?”
    still looking down at the schedule, not at me.
    see he doesn’t want my kind in his hotel. lol
    “Oh, wait…is it Fenn’s Searchers?”
    me- “yes, thats it.”
    “the hallway behind you, follow it to the end.”

    I found where the movie will be shown at 9:00 am. I have time to go get breakfast at Denny’s.

    8:30 am
    Back at the Marriott for the screening, I’m the first one there. slowly folks trickle in the room where there are about 40 seats. The first two rows are reserved. at about 8:50 twenty people are here. and then comes Forrest. he sits front row in the middle. where else would he sit? I’m guessing he stars in the movie but i did not expect to see him here. at 9:00 the movie starts. I wont give any details of the movie except to say that I never saw Indiana Jones out in the middle of nowhere cracking his whip. He was always at a place relevant to something. all four featured searchers in the movie go home empty handed. then, after the movie when the lights came back on a woman asks Forrest a question. I didn’t hear what she said and Forrest is trying to answer her as best he can. I see Sacha start to leave so I pushed past Forrest to catch up with her and her husband. Forrest had not finished answering the ladys question and I really didn’t care about her question nor his answer. I wanted Sacha’s autograph in my diary. I found Desertphile and Sacha and Matt the movie maker from Big Toe productions. I got thier autographs. Then suddenly behind me, Forrest appears. With my diary and pen in hand i shouted…”SIGN MY DIARY!” more of a command than a request, he obliged. I felt kinda bad about yelling at him but hey he’s deaf ya know. It was my only shot at an autograph from the movie’s star. We all shuffled out of the Courtyard by Marriott…….still searching.

    Now im off to Nedra Mettucci Gallery for recon.
    no more Fennboree for me.


    • Bob – Thanks, Bob,…my memory is getting better,…since I have been participating in “The Chase”. I think it helps keep our minds sharp. 🙂


        • Bob – Yes,…Sharp minded,…in the middle of the West,…like Buffalo Bill Cody!:

          Weirdly,…I think I saw someone firing one of those Friday,…when I parked by the river,…North of town. He was in costume,…and it looked like someone with a camera was filming him. Is Clint Eastwood making another movie here,…I wonder?


    • when sleeping the wagon, on the trail it was very crowded and stayed that way for some time , until society got cultured , lazy and wanted everyone else to buy colors on paper


  3. I wonder if the story about the chickens alludes to a funny song from the 70’s (well it was “probably not funny for the poor chickens”). And the next chapter refers to dead chickens. Hmmm…


  4. from the point of view of my solution to the poem, i see something being expressed overall in this chapter that is a clue as to the shape of the overall ‘poem path’ and the start/middle/end locations as they relate to one another.

    if you have followed my posts, you know i think there are 3 locations of the poem S/M/E, and they have 2 stanzas devoted to each.

    Forrest is talking about himself being in the middle as in middle child, and he is representing like if he was the middle location to the poem. he says there are 2 years between both him and his other 2 siblings, so that is like the separation between each, there are 2 stanzas to each location.

    in the path i believe to be the correct one, you are at the starting point, you then go down/south from there to the middle point, you are then going back up from there to get to the ending point. so when you are standing in the middle point, you would be looking up at the starting point from there and you would also be looking up at the ending point. so the middle point is the lowest/southernmost point of the path, and both the other points are ‘up/north’ from this location.

    FF represents this here in the chapter by saying “skippy was older so i looked up to him, and June was younger but i couldn’t look down to her because my father wouldn’t allow it.” see FF is saying ‘Me in the Middle’ that is the name of the chapter, like I am in the middle location of the poem path.

    i notice also that he says, ‘you can laugh at that if you want to …” and he says ‘laughing’ also in the previous paragraph. i have now read the whole book, and one of the things i picked up on is a lot of the hidden clues i see in the book seem to have some form of ‘laugh’ right there in the text. makes me wonder if FF said he laughed right after he hide the treasure, because he was giving out a subtle clue that laugh is a key in the book, a key that tells you a hidden clue is in that part of the text.


    • Whether that was intentional, as a clue or validation of the poem, or not, my solution also starts “up”, goes “down”, and then goes back “up.” So it validates me too (I know we have different solutions, and different locations)


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