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  1. Colorado Grass
    Friday June 3 2016
    I wont bore you with how I got to Denver, CO. It doesn’t matter. In my rental car on I-25 south I turn off the radio and allow my mind to wander. Not too far just along the edge of the interstate. It’s a beautiful sunny rocky mountain day and the tall green grass is cheering me on to Fennboree. I can hear thousands of tiny little voices…” go Bob, GO!!” The grasses dance in the wind created by passing cars. And when a semi-truck goes by, the do the wave. A mule deer lie dead on the shoulder. the grasses taunt their fallen enemy. “Eat Me!!!” shouts one, laughing. “Oh dear it’s a dead deer!” mocks another laughing as well. The taller grasses lay over to tickle the deer on the belly….”Coochie coo! whats the matter with you! ha ha ha!” I’m usually saddened by the sight of a daed der on the hiway but somehow the grass has helped me to understand the cycle of nature. Now i’m as happy as the grass and we break out in song…..
    “Hi deedle-dee-dee
    It’s Fennboree for me
    A funny hat and hiking boots
    A few more tries and i’ll find the loot
    Hi deedle-dee-dee
    A searchers life for me
    I’m on my way to Santa Fe
    I hope theres blue cheese in the veggie tray
    Hi deedle-dee-dum
    A searchers life is fun
    Wait til they see what i brought with me
    I’m going to be a celebrity!
    Hey deedle-dee-dee
    It’s Fennboree for me!”

    I pass a golf course and think about how undignified the grasses are at a place revered by the elite of our society.
    the rough
    the fairway
    the greens

    Why can’t the grasses be given the respect they deserve with special names? And when a golfer strikes the ball in such a way to uproot a small grass family leving them displaced, far from their home, it’s called a divot. Oh sure, they try to replace the family but in a final humiliating act the golfer steps on them with all his weight. What a shame.
    Continuing my journey to Santa Fe, I wave back at the grasses and say- “thanks for the oxygen fellas!” The New Mexico border is just ahead.


  2. The photo and drawing in this chapter indicate cowboys and traveling show, respectively.
    Forrest and his buddies are Buffalo Bill and company. The gypsies and wagons are a traveling show as Forrest watches under a wagon.

    Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show


    • Okay Bob I also have a story about this illustration. As everyone knows most of the illustrations in TTOTC book pertain to Norman Rockwell paintings and most have been identified by name. Happy to say searchers on this blog found most of them including myself. This particular one actually has two names and believe Inthechaseto or Deb found one of them. The gypsies dancing looks to come from “Good Times All Over The World” and the other is the boy under the wagon and seems to related to -Nor Kings Nor “Dukes”. So how would this even relate to B.B.C? Well Cody put on a buffalo hunt for Grand “Duke” Alexis of Russia. If you look at these Rockwell illustrations that tend to “mirror” the ones in the book there are some with Boy Scouts and the Boy Scout so called image came from the image of Buffalo Bill Cody the scout. Bur


  3. Liv:
    (I’m curious if anybody sees what I see)

    \I see what could be a word VieriM It’s odd that the only circular shaped grass is here in the letter e.

    In the smoke I also see a face with closed eyes, facing toward the wagon that the boy is under. All of this is between the two wagons, and the ends look like omegas. This is what jumps out at me, but I believe it all has been discussed previously, so this is nothing new.

    What do you see Liv?



    • I don’t want to say just yet, as I’d like more feed back without my input (I could be wrong, you know).

      Quickly down I take it as right under the blaze (flames).


        • Bob,

          I stepped away from it since last November, but a month ago, another treasure hunter sent an e-mail asking if I’ve been thinking about it lately… which prompted me to think about it lately πŸ™‚


          • Hi Liv, it was the same for me, and in fact “Bob” was who got in touch with me and that got my mind back in the chase. I can’t do the physical part anymore but hope I can help others with things I have come across in past research and continuing research. Once this gets under your skin it’s hard to stay completely away. Good luck and hope to see more posts from you. Bur


          • Liv and Bur –

            It’s really nice to see you both back here. I have had a bout of what I call treasure burn out. My brain just does not want to think anymore – and I needed a rest.

            I have a completely different take on Gypsy Magic. It relates to an actual name that I believe is the key word and so I cannot tell you about it at this point. When I found it – it was one of those AH Ha moments when I was dancing around the room. It is my thinking that he would not place a name of anyone – such as the name of Cody – in the book – and actually have it relate to the solve. I could be so wrong. I am going to look into it more – as the trail you are on Bur, seems a good one.

            As I’ve said before there could be three spots all related – like in a rainbow – the beginning, the middle, and the end – with strings of color attaching them.

            Bur, does “in the middle” seem important to you?


          • Inthechaseto, thanks for following me these past few days. As far as “Me In The Middle” what I have related somewhat to Cody was – like the barnyard scene with Forrest’s grandmother Cody as a boy had a similar experience with a indian in his barnyard. Now there was two years difference from Skippy, July 25,1928 – Forrest, August 22, 1930 – June, June 24, 1932 (wonder where they got her name) πŸ™‚ Bur


          • Oh by the way Inthechaseto, you talked about people’s names, some of the names that Forrest list in the book can be related to Cody too. Bur


  4. In the preface he says “if any readers over the age of twelve don’t see a little of themselves in this mirror, then maybe they deserve another turn.”

    Let’s look at the drawing on page 43.
    There is a 12 years boy (one can assume, the post mark is smeared) under the wagon, and maybe we should see him in a mirror.
    So flipping the drawing… looking down, what do you see under the blaze?
    (I’m curious if anybody sees what I see)


  5. azuredeb:
    Hmmm do you really think he made it that easy that you could find the exact gps readings to the location?That would be awesome!

    i dont think you can find the exact gps in the book or poem

    well, maybe certain fragments of of it, but they are useless unless you already knew the coordinates and what you are looking for

    i do think the coordinates are sort of in the book, you would already need to know what they are, or you could be close to knowing what they are and you would either be deducing their exactness or confirming what you already deduced by numbers in the book

    this method is there so that a searcher who has already solved the poem can confirm the location, or it is possible i think also to deduce the exact coordinates but you would already have to be close

    you cannot solve the coordinates from the book or poem from scratch or otherwise, unless you already know where the poem leads, you have it solved in other words. the poem cannot be short cutted.

    i can tell you more specifically what he’s done and what i think ive found but it would have to be by email.


  6. Misspelled my name went into moderation…darn

    Wow…I am impressed… I think I need to bite my tongue from now on. Anyway, great read of that army document, they can really tell a long story.


  7. Hmmm do you really think he made it that easy that you could find the exact gps readings to the location? That would be awesome!

    Good luck, and go get it! If I knew exactly where to look I wouldnt be sitting around talking about it. lol


    • azuredeb:
      Hmmm do you really think he made it that easy that you could find the exact gps readings to the location?That would be awesome!

      Good luck,and go get it! If I knew exactly where to look I wouldnt be sitting around talking about it. lol

      azuredeb remember the cold part of FF poem Sitting around might be all you can do sometimes You know there are ice caves around grants N.M.


    • when you’re not sure if you know anything, then you ask yourself, do i even suspect anything?

      does anyone here suspect that Miss Forty err i mean Miss 4D, err i mean Miss 4D4, err i mean Miiss Ford, does anyone suspect she knows anything about the treasure?

      i don’t think so, she knows nothing at all πŸ™‚

      what is interesting is this story is on page 23, and the drawing on that page, forrest is holding his arms and hands on his legs like a W …. (23)

      and maybe its just me, but if you look at the larger size drawing next page over, its almost like the artist was trying to make his hands look like cats paws


  8. Hi :),

    What will the answer look like, what will it contain?

    1. Riddle answers

    2. GPS coordinates
    a. N S E W Directions, N W
    b. Degrees, Minutes, Seconds
    c. Numbers, 0-90, 0-180, 0-60, 0-60
    d. Longitude
    e. Latitude
    f. Altitude
    g. Elevation feet above sea level
    h. USGS Markers

    3. Address
    a. Name
    b. # street
    c. city, state zip

    4. Legal Description
    a. Section
    b. Township
    c. Range
    -. Acres, Feet, Inches, #’s, letter.

    5. Place Name

    6. Landmark description

    7. Other unknown

    The “certainty of location” will result in location in the solution, so 1 of the above will be included in some form or shape in a solve.
    The poem ( untitled ) containing nine ( 9 ) clues
    that if
    followed (trail )
    precisely, ( code )
    will ( death )
    lead ( guide )
    to the
    end ( new / old string, epitaph )
    of my rainbow ( color, arc shape, waterfall, 2 epitaphs )
    and the treasure ( location described )
    Direct path beforehand for 1 who solves the clues and achieves certainty of location.

    Study the ( ology )
    clues ( 9, clew – ball of thread )
    in the book ( grave markers, letters ) and
    thread ( string- color any {white} goal 3 day, saving technique square knot new old ends, postman / letter carrier )
    tract (region)
    through the
    wiles ( traps osborn russell journal of a trapper )
    of nature
    and circumstance ( to control or guide )
    to the treasure. (goal)

    Certainty of location suggest that the treasure location will be near the Mad i son River in WY, MT. if combined with 2 far 2 walk poem line, book #9 title. How about a hiking/ horse trail that ends north of Madison
    for this trail it is 2 far 2 walk as the trail ends and never reaches or gets to the river, yet the trail is not far away.

    Anagrams for Vigenere,
    green ive ( add f = 5 )
    green i’ve ( ha )
    5 green
    I have green
    pages 43, 133 green ink Eckels boys & arrow.

    the study = ology
    of clues = crypt

    The Golf Chess & Cheese Society


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