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  1. Bob heard back from Jenny? I wrote to Jenny (once) but never heard back. I’m in for a hat trick as Dal no longer responds to my e-mails…..and even though Forrest left off with me commenting “we can still be friends” he does not reply. They would love for me to go away but that’s just not happening.

    inthechaseto- good morning. i did hear back from Jenny this time…she said she always uses the asterisk when making lists. then i reminded her that the weekly words are usually one or two sentences from FF, not a list. and then she sent me the link to her website that shows the weekly words listed. ok fair enough.

    then I sent her the photo I sent you of the “chest” at the Draper museum… no reply from Jenny, I think she fainted.


    • tom- no, i have not heard back from Jenny after i sent her my photo of what i believe to be the chest spoken of in FF’s poem. like you, im not going anywhere either. i’ll see this thing through to the end, whatever the outcome may be. its not costing me any money now and i like to pick on Dal and Forrest, its fun. im sure they enjoy reading my nonsense too. whats great about it is they cant touch me. to do so would be to acknowledge i exist, and am an actual threat to the ruse. i have the freedom to write whatever i want so long as Mike doesnt nuke me. hang in there Tom, maybe we can meet someday im just up the road from you near cocoa beach. id love to show you everything i got chase related. there is so much i have not shared publicly.


        • perhaps I should join you boys…. Smiles

          Hey Bob…. I was at Peanuts in New Smyrna Beach yesterday…. Was reminded of the time in 2013 when that Mindy was asking us to meet her there and then she never showed, nor contact me to say she couldn’t make it, supposedly…. I still wonder if she was there and just chose to observe… Teeheehee. Kinda weird

          Hi to all at Mike’s Blog…..


          • Hi, Zeldasings.

            If Mindy actually showed up…but just observed without you knowing…that’s hilarious!

            That totally sounds like something I would do.

            Little does anyone know…I was actually at Fennboree…for the duration!

            I was off to the side…within earshot of most conversations…in a ghillie suit. 🙂


            (And if you believe that…I have some beautiful, sandy beachfront property in Colorado to sell you.)


          • hi Zeldasings. welcome back to the a-team site! its time for an a-team reunion. luckydog and bur will find us. knowing what i know now, Mindy missed out on a lot. no, i dont think she was at peanuts observing.


  2. bob:
    inthechaseto- good morning. i did hear back from Jenny this time…she said she always uses the asterisk when making lists. then i reminded her that the weekly words are usually one or two sentences from FF, not a list. and then she sent me the link to her website that shows the weekly words listed. ok fair enough.

    then I sent her the photo I sent you of the “chest” at the Draper museum… no reply from Jenny, I think she fainted.

    Well Bob,

    It’s nice to know she did respond to you. It still upsets me that things which searchers were taking as real get changed. Perhaps both parties will be more careful in the future especially after she gets up off the floor.


  3. axeman drawing…..here i go again.

    see the asterisks, little stars in the sky?
    now look quickly down to the axemans foot on a trunk.
    foot on trunk is feet and chest.
    the blaze is feet next to the chest.

    bird in moon is a decoy. whoever hear of a bird being a decoy?

    i think.


    • Bob –

      “So now I sit here past midnight,
      beside my juniper fire,
      reflecting back to the year
      when my awareness took ITS (note no punctuation)
      first few steps. * ”

      From page 15 ……ttotc


          • Juniper fire = Gin
            Be “gin” it
            23 or 32
            Gin it or distill it down to individual letters.

            No time to discuss. Just putting helpful info out there. Folks here are intelligent enough to think, discern, apply ideas without policing comments which question Forrest.


          • We understand the cocktail ‘Jimson Blossom’ takes it name from Georgia O’Keeffe’s painting. What was the inspiration?
            Georgia O’Keeffe was such an important artist – not only for challenging the dominance of male artists in the canon of American Modernism – but also for championing the beauty to be found in the smallest crevices of nature. When we were looking to pay homage to her, the team was tasked with finding a way to reference the floral notes without making it confected, whilst still alluding to her framing and use of colour.

            The drink was inspired by a white canvas on which the flowers were overlain, and using delicate floral notes in a summery, refreshing cocktail. It’s a twist on a gin sour, using a citrus forward gin from one of our bartenders called Porter’s, which is matched with Yellow Chartreuse (a floral, herbal liqueur), some coconut, lime and chamomile and passiflora tinctures. It’s served straight up, and some dianthus and viola flowers are laid on the white bed of the drink, so as you look down on the drink, it references a canvas.


          • inthechaseto- wow you sure know a lot about art. if you wanna pay homage to me, ill take a beer.

            but hey, i saw on Dals blog you threw out the use of asterisks in FF’s weekly words… someone replied that Jenny was installing the asterisks on her own, that it wasnt FF’s doing. why would Jenny do this is the obvious question. i dont believe she is. i sent Jenny an email asking her to explain. not holding my breath though, i emailed her once before and never got a reply. last time i asked her to ask Forrest if the bronze box mentioned in the chapter Gold and More is in fact the same thing as the chest mentioned in the poem. i guess that information is top secret.


          • Bob –

            Here’s your beer………enjoy

            I ‘m wondering “why” Jenny would embellish a post of Fenn’s.

            I don’t read everything posted at mysterious writings.

            I find it very disappointing – much the same way I felt in knowing that Dal was playing with the scrapbooks.


          • Inthechaseto, I truly appreciate the way you write. You are indeed a cunning linguist to say the least. I’ve always enjoyed Georgia O’Keeffe’s paintings. The flowers often remind me of something elusive. I don’t know what, but it’s often right on the tip of my tongue. …but I can’t seem to put my finger on it… Anyway, her paintings are in good taste, which is rare these days. 😉


          • You know Argus…….I haven’t figured out if her Art moves me or leaves me blowin in the wind wondering why I’m lookin at it.

            I don’t think FF was real fond of it either. I wonder if he liked the salads she made him.

            I do find her an interesting study and can see most of her paintings are about sex. Oh my. Flower sex. Did you know she had so many nicknames…I just can’t find the right one to use.


          • inthechaseto- good morning. i did hear back from Jenny this time…she said she always uses the asterisk when making lists. then i reminded her that the weekly words are usually one or two sentences from FF, not a list. and then she sent me the link to her website that shows the weekly words listed. ok fair enough.

            then I sent her the photo I sent you of the “chest” at the Draper museum… no reply from Jenny, I think she fainted.


    • Bob,
      That’s what I was wondering too. I was going to try and look back to her last post somewhere on HOD. I did see she posted on Jenny’s for Forrest birthday. Astree ask for her to email him.

      I had a post deleted on HOD, maybe because I did say IMO enough. LOL


      • Hey Bur! yes, I notice too on HOD (home of dumb) that the comments are getting dangerously close to suggesting the poem is actually describing a museum. Joe Sparrow, and others. hmmmm I dont like it one bit. I hope goofie has his finger hovering over the nuke button. Throngs of searchers descending on the museum* spending money, drawing attention, rummaging through displays, quite unnerving to say the least.

        * Draper museum of natural history


  4. inthechaseto:
    Bur –

    I think I get what you are talking about with the disappearing river.
    It happens with many rivers – and creates omegas.Yes, I think that is in the mix.I don’t think it has alot to do with the grand finale solve tho….but is a way to know that you are likelyin the right place and if it does not occur – you are in the wrong place.

    Inthechase – I have had a couple of solves in the pasted that involved double omegas in the creeks but these double omegas have nothing to do with water. These were also found when I had boots on the ground on my recon mission. Forrest put double omegas at the end in one of his scrapbook post when he talked about Diggin Gypsy for the first time and the blue ford truck she drove to Montana & Wyoming. Ever wonder why he put them at the end of this topic he discussed, when he always put ff at the end I early posts. I did, and I think maybe I know why. Bur


    • Bur –

      I saw that he put those omegas there….but, never did figure out why…….are you going to tell us ….or leave us in the shadow of wonderment that you have presented.

      I do believe the Ford Truck is a huge clue – but only a red one.


      • Inthechase,
        What I can say is that there is a hint Forrest put in there that helps in the solve. History of the area around the solve is a must in making sure clue solves are correct, not to mention these facts are fun to learn about. I wish I could tell more in detail all I have said here in the last couple days but then there would be no reason to keep the discussion going because you jaw would drop and you would be heading to indulgence LOL. I enjoying giving tid bits and I have other tid bits to come. If your wise and can maybe connect those dots together you might figure out where my clues solves begin and then where they take you. It about research just like we tell the newbies, you have to do the research we’re not going to “walk” you the the chest. Do I really have the correct solve? I hope so, a lot went in to it, but the answer is only yes when ” indulgence” is in your hands. Bur


      • Inthechaseto, I’m getting a sneaking suspicion that we are searching in the same place. The red ford is pretty significant to me too. Are you still in Colorado?


        • MJ –

          Yes, I’m still looking in Colorado. Welcome Aboard ! Glad to have the company. Ya know along with that red truck you ought to be able to put together the crystal radio.


          • Nicely put together for your solve Bob…..and Ralph does has a line of crystal. Do they each relate to the Draper or anything else in your solve?

            And then there is ”The Great Gatsby” — not the novel, but the 1974 movie starring Robert Redford. Mr. Lauren provided clothes for the male leads and was rewarded, the writers agree, with extensive publicity

            But, that is not what I used in my solve…………


  5. I find it interesting that Dal uses inspector Clouseau in his “no hoax folks” article, here’s why……

    clouseau- “does your dog bite?”

    forrest- “no”

    clouseau reaches to pet the dog and gets violently attacked

    clouseau- “i thought you said your dog does not bite!!”

    forrest- “that is not my dog.”


    • Inspector Clouseau reading the poem…..

      S ah ave ginn aloune in thare
      end wit mah tressures bowled
      ah kin kip mah seecerets wear
      end heent ah reeches noo end old.

      hmmmm…obviously it es the work of a master mind.


  6. I just love it here at Mike’s blog, dont you? see at Dal’s they are already talking about FF’s birthday on August 22nd. Well, I have bad news for the searchers…his birthday was August 22nd in 1930! August 22nd 2016, is simply the anniversary of the day of his birth. Forrest Fenn will not be born again next tuesday. it will be in fact the 86th anniversary. so instead of a happy birthday card, if i may suggest a happy anniversary card would be appropriate. see, its this kind of accurate thinking that separates us here at Mikes from those at Dals. its in the details.


    • Well Bob,

      Birthdays Birthdays Birthdays ! are they important to Forrest? Did he send a Birthday card to his clients? I’m betting he did……….are they important to the chase………100%


    • in the details….new at Dal’s blog is “no hoax folks”
      lets see what we get….
      well, lets define hoax- “a humorous or malicious deception” i think Randy’s ex-wife Linda picked hoax because of the word malicious in the definition. certainly Randy’s actions were malicious to himself. and now Linda finds Forrest to blame. As for myself, I cannot call Forrest’s poem and book a hoax, I prefer ruse. Forrest never intended to deceive or cause maliciousness to families.
      ruse- “an action intended to decieve” and here the action is Forrest’s poem and book, TTOTC. were it not an action intended to decieve, then every single person who reads the poem and book would find the bronze box. Im Ok with a ruse. A ruse is challenging with no malice. Randy did not need to die. had he paid closer attention to detail he would be alive today. details in TTOTC and details for wilderness survival. for me, Forrest’s deception is blatanty obvious. he wants kids and their parents to “get back to nature”. so, that means the chest spoken of in the poem is not the bronze box and the chest spoken of in the poem is not in the wilderness.
      notice in Dal’s wording of ” no hoax folks” how he carefully uses these phrases..
      treasure chest
      bronze box
      all placed perfectly in line with what Forrest has been saying all along.
      no its not a hoax that killed Randy, it was Randy’s misconception of Forrest’s ruse that killed Randy.

      I think.


      • Hey Bob, just thought I would stick my nose back in here since it’s hard to get into a conversation on Dal’s because of a special few complaining all the time with what is right and what is wrong. Who really knows the right answers to this chase, oh yes Forrest does and I just might be hot on his trail LOL. Anyway not sure what has happen to Mike here but maybe the A team needs to get back organized and crack this chase wide open. People who use to be here had some really good ideas and opened a lot of avenues of thought. Sure would be nice to get all the guy’s and gal’s back here and start throwing some new ideas out there.

        So let me start : what if ” heavy loads” and ” “water high” are not what the majority of people think they are, and “warm waters halt” is something that when asking a child, of the right age, that question they give you the answer. I don’t have to say ” in my option ” here do I ?? (LOL) because I’m not. Bob, I know your solve but try and work with some of our ideas and information we have found out related to this chase and respond with rational feedback. What the heck your thoughts can be funny and I know your bright so say what you will. Hope all the originals get back to chatting here you have been gone to long like me. Bur



        • Hi Bur!
          I agree that heavy loads and water high are not what people think. It makes sense from a treasure hunter point of view to make people think one way while concealing the answer. Waterfalls? not “falling” for it!


          • Hi Bur –

            Nice to hear from you. I agree – this is the best place to post. No – IMO here…..Just the facts as each see’s them – which allows a happy freedom.

            We are all in total agreement so far – that heavy loads and water high – is not big rocks, or a waterfall. Heavy loads is a gas pipeline. So, there you have it. Another hint from me.


          • Wolf,
            I didn’t realize these parts of the poem until I had BOTG and came across the “heavy loads almost by accident. The “water high” I had found before hand. You might ask if I was that close why didn’t I fine the chest, well my solve took me to another location in the general area and I was only there for a one day recon because of obligations with family and I just decided to take this hidden route on my way heading back to the car and caught sight of the heavy loads. It is very well hidden and cannot be seen from a satillite view of this area. Well I will chat more later. Thanks for responding. Bur


          • Hey Bur, in the theme of following the clues, I can certainly understand how a person can solve the latter clues while on scene. I am always interested in hearing about new concepts like pipelines (Into). Speaking of which there was a dam solution (not a dam for WWWH) I created but never searcher that has a huge pipeline of water to the generator and that heavy load was used to make heavy load electricity.


          • Wolf,
            At the time I did my recon I had all the clues solved except the blaze and was checking out them because my “heavy loads was a rock formation at that time. But when I seen that area I realized Forrest could not climb the sharp angle up it took. So when heading back I decided to take this off the beatin trail towards the “water high” so I was not following the clues out of order.

            Inthechaseto, a pipeline is nice and that could be in play, I have to research. Bur


          • BTW guys –

            You can also just take HEAVY WATER – which was used to make the atom bomb….a huge hint to my area.


          • Wolf –

            I related the omega symbol to this…..which is to me, a separate hint………..

            The Omega symbol ………
            In particle physics to represent the Omega baryons. And we all know who invented the word quark…


          • Wolf & Inthechase
            I have found that the double omegas are a big hint in assuring your in the correct area “after” the clues are solved. In fact the hints in the book, which I will discuss later, play a big factor in confirming the clues locations. In my new solve all hints did not not come into effect until all clues were solve, then they started to pop out when I read TTOTC again and reading scrapbooks, Jenny’s blog, and Forrest interviews & book signings.. In the past I might have let hints guide my path but that was definitely the wrong way to go. Bur


          • @Bur,
            I know exactly what you are saying about the omegas and confirming. Of course this is a form of confirmation bias, so one has to ensure the TTTOTC proof and others are beyond coincidental. That can be tricky when one wants to believe so badly.

            @Into – particle physics, I like that approach, FF father was the head of the physics club. Chasing quarks has it’s ups and downs. I think there is lot of physicist that can be considered important.


          • Bur –

            I think I get what you are talking about with the disappearing river.
            It happens with many rivers – and creates omegas. Yes, I think that is in the mix. I don’t think it has alot to do with the grand finale solve tho….but is a way to know that you are likely in the right place and if it does not occur – you are in the wrong place.


        • Hi Inthechase, I want to tell you that you had me worried awhile back with some of the things you were discussing on Dal’s and I really thought you were close to my solve, you could be but I haven’t seen you talk about something special in the poem yet so believe I’m safe for now.

          Just want to say sorry about you husband and hope life is good in Texas for you. I will chat later, working now and have to finish up a project. Take care. Bur


          • Bur –

            Thanks so much for your kind words…appreciated greatly.

            There’s so much that’s special in the poem – which one are you talking about? LOL Like you would tell me. I don’t tell everything ya know.

            But since I was talking about gas pipelines – the signs are red, yellow and black – posted on green pole (tea with olga). If you want to see it in the book – it’s on page 95 – with the dogs head on top…..now, do you want me to tell you what kind of a dog that is? Oh, they also have smaller signs that are yellow along the way and the little logo at the top of those looks similar to the running man. I don’t take anything that I can’t find at least three hints to.


        • Into & Wolf,
          I’m sure you know this but the chest is related to a clue solve in the poem. Why do you think Forrest chose the particular chest? Yep it’s a helpful hint. Bur


          • I don’t know if this is what you are talking about Bur……..

            He chose that chest because it’s sexy. OK OK – um he chose that chest so he could bury it. Part of your name. Ya know the dig thing at the end…..


    • So Bob, have I wrote and shared a little to much for the first day back? Okay slowing down, where’s the lounge? Kind of like Golden- where’s the cab? Bur


  7. he wishes he could have lived to do the things he was attributed to. and, I give you title to the gold. both indicate there are many things that are going to happen…at the end of his rainbow.

    would love to see a copy of his last will and testament.
    probably contains something about a big W. lol


  8. in the axeman drawing the subtle hint could be as simple as the mans foot on the trunk. or, we should look for feet next to a chest(trunk).


  9. JC- wierd?
    you mean like santa claus and xmas?

    ya gotta BELIEVE JC!

    I believe they were celebrating meeting Forrest because he may not be around much longer. Sorry but I think it’s better to celebrate the man himself while he is here to see it.

    I know you guys are trying to be funny talking about the cult thing.Please consider. It may be a painful reminder to some .

    Deb- thanks for reminding me to leave religion and politics out of this. im sorry.


  10. bob:
    hey Deb- I was wondering if you know anything about Peggy Fenn? someone at Fennboree told me she was sick. I was really hoping to see Peggy there. she wasnt at the movie screening either. She wasnt included in the movie either. hope she is OK.

    I really don’t know anything. Its sad to hear she hasn’t been well. I hope it wasn’t anything too serious.


  11. Fennboree day 2
    Saturday June 4 2016

    I left the gallery for Madrid, NM. i won’t say much about Madrid because it had nothing to do with Febo. Except to say that I loved the place. I need to spend more time there in the future. I told myself I wasnt going back to Febo, but I had a lot of time to kill before my flight left Denver sunday evening so I did. go back to Febo. I had heard friday that Forrest was bringing some sort of whacky tea to the gathering on saturday at hyde. The first thing that entered my mind was Jim Jones and Jonestown, Guyana. I had to get back to hyde park and warn the others not to drink the tea. I was too late…they were all out of their minds. Absolutely giddy with all things Fenn. I left Febo at around 8:00pm headed for Denver and Alamo rental car return. It was a long drive. they had rented me a Hyundai Accent. I hated that car. you should have heard me cussing it in three different languages (accents). I sure am glad to be back in Florida.


    • Bob –

      I just about dropped my drink when you said Jim Jones – and then started laughing so much…….. What a fun writer you are – I dig your sense of humor. I wish you would write a book………….


    • Bob,
      I had a good laugh at that “Don’t drink the tea” – what made it even more humorous for me was that was exactly what I thought of when I heard he was bring tea! Must be an A-team thing or better said a T-team.


      • I was worried that when everyone found out Mindy was going to Fennboree there was going to be a shootout at the airport and someone was going to be shot in the butt! It turned out she did “end” up being shot in the butt (only with cactus needles).


        • I am glad Mindy got to go. I was surprised to see her wearing shorts . I guess it’s just me, I always think cover up when you go out in the wild. Too many chances to get sunburned, poison Oak,bug bites , snakes , and so forth. I haven’t fallen in any cactus though, just got poked from picking cactus fruit. It’s a western thing.lol


          • hey Deb- I was wondering if you know anything about Peggy Fenn? someone at Fennboree told me she was sick. I was really hoping to see Peggy there. she wasnt at the movie screening either. She wasnt included in the movie either. hope she is OK.


      • Wolf- yeah, of course I was joking about the tea/Jim Jones thing but at Fennboree I realized I was among Forrest’s “groupies”. A far cry from the INDIANA Jones types he was looking for…more like Jim JONES. I never had a groupie attitude toward anything or anybody. Fennboree was a celebration of the man himself, and thats ok. I made the mistake of going there to discuss the poem, books and location of the chest. I dont understand celebrating Forrest while the chest is still out there. seems to me like a celebration is due AFTER its found. so to me that makes FF somewhat of a cult figure, because we all have to BELIEVE that there really is a chest out there to be found. Just like many other followers before us, we must BELIEVE. of course the reward for BELIEVING is always….something wonderful.


        • That’s some weird stuff, Bob.

          As the late Gary Coleman would say…

          “What you talkin’ ’bout, Willis?”

          But if I have learned anything in life…


          All this talk about Jim Jones…and cult figures…and “something wonderful”…leads me to believe you’re expecting this…


          Cue Twilight Zone music.

          I’m suddenly thirsty for a big glass of Kool-Aid.

          Would anyone care for some while I’m up? 🙂



          • I believe they were celebrating meeting Forrest because he may not be around much longer. Sorry but I think it’s better to celebrate the man himself while he is here to see it.

            I know you guys are trying to be funny talking about the cult thing.Please consider. It may be a painful reminder to some .


          • I totally agree, Deb.

            I would like to meet Forrest some day…while he still has a long time left.

            And might I add…it’s good to have a level-headed Woman/Queen around to keep the boys (men?) in check.

            I never intentionally mean any disrespect.

            Please say hello to Forrest and Peggy for me…if/when you ever see them.

            My Wife still Loves her bracelet(s). She wore “The Chase Bracelet” a few days ago. I call it that because it kinda sounds like “The Hope Diamond”…which sounds very formal and exotic. 🙂

            The Chase Bracelet looks very pretty on her wrist.

            I Thank You, Kindly.


  12. i guess this dumb idea belongs here….double colophon looks like two horse shoes. i realize this has been discussed before.

    but this is new…its (the double colophon) just a subtle hint for two feet.
    and they belong to harold mccracken mannikin.


  13. I’ve been studying the axeman drawing in the epilogue E* and wondering where is the firewood from all the trees? If we knew what happened to the wood, could it have been used to make the blaze*? But then I noticed the axeman is looking up at the little stars* not quickly down. And he’s not wearing a coat so I guess it’s not cold enough to need a fire.
    Being in the epilogue, I guess it just signifies the death of Forrest, nothing more.


    • Bob –

      E*: “What is ‘chopping wood’, Alex”


      E*: “What is the Dude Motel in West Yellowstone, Alex”

      I think “the blaze” is elusive, Bob. 🙂


      • E- of course! The wood was used to build the dude motel! Was there ever a fire(blaze) at the dude? Maybe the bronze box is put in below a floor at the dude that was repaired after a fire in one of the rooms. Where Mr. Brown stayed. It started because he was smoking in bed. That’s why his wife loved him so much. Which room is it E?


        • Bob – Hey, wait,…maybe TC is under the floorboards,…beneath one of the rooms at the Three Bear Lodge,…which has has two fires,…one in 2008 (Forrest could have hid TC during reconstruction, especially if his nephew, Chipper, had anything to do with that).


          Clearly,…it was Mr. And Mrs. Brown smokin’ in a room at the Three Bears with Natural Gas (Pew!). Have you ever played “Clue”, Bob?


          • Hello, E*. I don’t know about Bob (…I really don’t sometimes. jk, Bob), but I really enjoyed playing clue when I was younger. I typically came up with the first SOLVE…much to the chagrin of my parents…which usually went something like this:

            “I solved it! Colonel Mustard did it with Miss Scarlett in the library!”

            Some of my younger siblings would ask, “Did it with WHAT?”

            Then I’d roll my eyes and think to myself…”well, Miss Scarlett got the point, anyway.”

            I think the makers of Clue should create a “West Wing” version of the game with characters named Bill and Monica…and maybe a cigar as one of the weapons. Just a thought. 🙂


          • I should have put a little more thought into the “Clue: The West Wing Edition” game. I got a little hasty…but it wasn’t the first time. The two characters I was referencing should be given proper names like “Miss Lewinsky” and “Little Willy”…and if anybody thinks that a cigar is not really a weapon the surgeon general has warned that cigars are very dangerous…although “some people” do find them pleasurable.


      • Just found this post because I wanted to say some things about some of the illustrations in the TTOTC book. There two things I want to comment on E*. First you mentioned the “Dude Motel” that Forest was part owner in with his brother and friend as everyone knows, I have stated before and will remind because it if related to all I have been talking about that if you look at the sign for it the image on it is Buffalo Bill Cody. So why would Cody be the image they put? B.B.C first hotel was called the “Golden Rule House”. Okay back to the illustration here with all the tree stumps, if anyone has ever been to Cody’s gravesite all around it you see cut off tree stumps, and the bird in the nest on the moon has a connection there too. Bur


          • Yes, Yes, Yes, – I’ve got it – that is exactly how I am looking at it.

            Just tell me “how” I can beat the griz and get there without a two day, over night trek.


          • Inthechaseto – Here’s my plan:

            OK,…I buy 50 bags of Lays potato chips and open them all over the inside of my car,…just before Dawn at the camp. I leave all the doors wide open to entice the Grizz. He/She takes the bait,…and I sneak by,…running down the trail to get a good head start. But the camp manager calls the Rangers, of course,…when the Grizz terrorizes the whole camp and asks to have He/She relocated. Which probably gives me at least 24 hours before the Grizz finds the way back (which they often do). Then I could spend all day enjoying the area,…and maybe even sleep out under those ” little stars* “. Then the Grizz can happily have His/Her HOB back.

            What do you think?


      • second vowel capitalized*- also the little stars see the axeman’s foot on a trunk. well, where the trunk used to be. possibly a hint to trunk and foot. or chest and feet.


  14. I’ve done it tired and now I’m weak

    The axe man in the night drawing I think signifies the death of forest. It appears in the epilogue. As this line of the poem implies. His own and his fathers are here.


  15. .
    Today is 4/23 and reminds me of Row 4 Block 23 of Hillcrest Cemetery.

    It is also St. George’s Day. And, for fun, here is a St. George’s Day clue, from another puzzle (thanks to Jenny, sixer13):


    23rd April 2006

    St Georges Day

    ‘To find a description of what you are looking four. Three names for it are found in the books warning two its readers, before the encrypted words even start. Be assured You will have no doubts when you find it, no uncertainties, it will reveal all that you need in the most amazing fashion.’

    But, only to say, that the 4th and 23rd letters of the poem, are




  16. IWGOLF:
    a street ur over
    from 40 Hillcrest.


    References for the Temple Hillcrest cemetery:

    You had repeated a reference to the Hillcrest yesterday, I cant recall w here.

    So timely, as after dropping my daughter at school this morning
    A Crest Hill Bakery truck drove on by, I saw it tired, and now I’m hungrye

    [ “cheeseburger” – for future ref ]


    Looking for another big hunt to start up in the next few months. If you’re interested to partner, let me know.

    astreeturover @ yahoo . com


      • Hi Astree :),

        The CES / CE5 on chest / lock box photo in white letters / #.
        Back of the dust jacket TTOTC book.
        PBS Antiques Roadshow had a Newcomb College pottery CE2,
        CE2 referred to 1908 date, their system used 4 different Marks,
        1. NC, n in C
        2. potter, cipher intials
        3. craftsman, cipher intials
        4. year created.

        Thought this was close to CES / CE5, in research found article that discuss CE5 in relationship to 4th period of language written and had contrasting date periods 1300-CE5 and the 5th period of 11th century.
        Enjoyed the “Ancient Eygpt ” written language type and dating system that may or not be applicable to chest as innocent or not.

        TGC & CS


        • Hi Halogetter and IWGOLF,

          I will try to get back and study this some more, after working on the puzzle.

          I thought you were referring to the CE5 in the link; the CE5 was a typo, it appeared to be a ref. but a format problem, and should have been written as CE[5].

          I’m probably going through both your posts too fast.


          By the way, a while ago, made a post about the large knight’s move in GO. There is a place in the poem that has 2 ref. to knight / knight’s move in close proximity, and NOT the following, which is a 3rd.

          In simple “gematria” A = 1, B = 2 …. I = J = 9, …. Z = 25.

          such that

          64 = ” the cold”





          • 🙂 Astree,

            During last night fenn collected works book signing,
            Forrest stated:
            read poem over and over
            and if they are
            “able to Decipher 1st few clues”, they can find it ( treasure chest ),
            not easy, I ( ff ) can go straight to it.
            “not playing any games (poem) straight forward ”
            (poem) 15 years and changed it so many times, architect, each word is deliberate.

            ff referred to his obituary he had written “attributed” ( TTOTC book).

            several “cracked” 1st 2 clues, went right past the .
            New book TFTW contains “accidental clue” fenn– 1 clue didn’t know it was there till it was printed.

            [The poem is not itself a cipher.
            The 1st few clues are able to Decipher.
            Thus, Deciphering is needed and poem is not ciphered.
            Follow clues elsewhere and Decipher elsewhere data.]

            New clue it is below 20,000 feet.
            It is not on the tippy top of mountain top, could be close (joking?).
            If you are exactly in the right spot a metal detector help.
            Cover of the TFTW Dal photo is at the “very spot” fenn put in his rubber dingy, “green around river”, about 10 miles from Bakers Hole.
            TTOTC wrong war in important literature WWI Spanish error not called out by anyone.
            2 trips to hide where I wanted it to be (ff).
            people Precise in emails to fenn, close to ( chest location )
            how to give ff bracelot back, UPS.
            TFTW, book by John Hersey.

            Hope this helps in understanding, poem is straight forward, poem clues need to be able to be Deciphered, poem is not playing games, clues in poem lead to games elsewhere.

            TGC & CS


    • I had a long post on this a short while back on a thread discussing the chest. I’m not sure what category it is under.

      CE = Common Era, and CE5 would be 5th century after Christ, same as 5th century AD. It’s the non-religious dating reference often used by museum curators. The conflict with Forrest’s description of the approximate dating of the chest in TTOTC was noted.

      I believe the marking is relatively new to the piece, likely prior to Forrest owning it.

      Other theories are possible.



  17. Hi Friends

    On page 146 TTOTC,

    Last line ” Google I”

    Dictionary definition is * GOOGOL *
    1. A number that is equal to a one (1) followed by a hundred zeros (0)
    expressed as 10 to 100 power.
    -fanciful coinage by Edward Kasner ( 1878 – 1955 ) American Mathematician.

    *Google *
    A US based internet search engine
    Home page contains the name in different colored and sized letters.

    Both sound the same
    1 is a number
    1 is in color letters, Capital and lower case

    row 4…contains number of key row alphabet text letter “D”

    in a Blaise de Vigenere Table there are 3 Keys
    1. top row ( A to Z ) KEY alphabet 1st row
    2. left hand column ( A to Z ) KEY alphabet 1st column
    3. far left hand side KEY Word or Short Phrase write down to left of Table

    1. gives Plain Text Letter MESSAGE above
    2. gives 1st starting letter in Key row of cipher field letters bottom
    3. gives Key used in locking and unlocking ( enCryption deCryption )

    small note of how numbers and letters relate in that, Code system Blaise uses all Capitals Letters:

    Plaintext message column top letters
    Keytext row letters
    Ciphertext nonsense field bottom letters
    why there is 3 Capital “I” in rainbow arc epitaph page 147 attributes.

    Lewis and Clark code has an extra right hand column for numbers with A = 0 down to J = 9 to be used when code contains lower case alphabet letter.
    Numbers are the 4th put at the right hand side

    So Google refers to color letters and number and connects to a Capital I and sounds the same yet spelled 2 different ways

    Below is youtube video with interesting Churchill, 23, W,M, Secret references ,


    I was trying to find the PBS show that talked about code breaking where one of the code breakers describes how he was at home before his fireplace smoking a pipe and that he “Imagined” what the answer was and that was how he broke the enigma / lorenze code, if i find my link will post it.


    The Golf Chess & Cheese Society


  18. To all I apologize for an error,

    20 Postmarks
    12 with readable info, these do not match
    of the remaining 8,

    page 44: Monday 3 JUN can work if the year is 1935 the only time in the 30’s that all match. 30’s decade

    page 53: Sunday 23 MAY can work for 1943 or 1948 . 40’s decade.

    page 72: Saturday 27 DEC can work for 1952, but not for 1953. wedding day this dosen’t jibe as his miltary records show him as single in nov 1953. Also looks like keyhole. And who gets married on Sunday?

    page 126: Friday 5 JUn can work for 2009, but not 2010

    page 34: can’t pinpoint year at this time

    page 43: year looks like 1893, haven’t checked kid’s ages for a tie yet

    page 46: looks like a keyhole, chapter talks of 41 plymonth

    page 51: if taken as Skippy is 14, 1942 does work. if correlated as Skippy graduation 1945 1946 1947 don’t work.

    So of 20 Postmarks
    results so far ( incomplete )
    in 12 that do not match
    of 8 that can’t read clearly
    only 1 seems that can match, if chest Friday 5 JUn for year 2009
    for the 30’s and 40’s, 3 possible years could qualify

    The thing i find interesting is the use of month abbreviation, 19 out 20 with MAY being complete name, of 3 letters.

    To me it is purposeful that most do not match, if any really do.

    Again i am sorry for incorrect info posted earlier on, i hope this has not caused any undue harm to anyone.


    • I agree with you about the years that look like 1893 (or .893). This was key for me. Why would this smudgy mark be the one that was repeated the most?


      • Most likely to be a link to connect those other smudgy ones, that as a group assembled might have unqiue information.
        Retired Postmaster gave good info below on postmarks, with error of having a day of the week listed verses the office/place location and the month then day # number reveresed in the book ttotc.


        • If you play a game of “one of these is not like the others” it brings you to one particular photo. The conclusions one may draw about that photo may vary, but my conclusion was helpful.


  19. Susan knows what Forrest Fenns intentions in the book were suppose to be and that was to embellish. Same as the poem.. Think about the poem the read the book and then go back to the poem … it wrong as well. Thanks why I have my spot, just waiting… Anyone heard from VGboss?


  20. mike:
    Still sounds improbable to get them all wrong on the first try.I will mark you down for 10.

    No. Don’t mark me down for 10. That is simply the most probable number of times you’ll have to do it to get them all wrong once. The actual number will with fairly high probability be between 7 and 13. Do you think that is “highly improbable”? To me highly improbable means the probability is near zero as in 1 in a million or 1 in a google or something, but not 1 in 10.


    • Well, 1 in 10 does not sound like real good odds to me. I would hate to hear that from my doctor related to my chances of living. I will try to refrain from using the words “highly improbable”, but will stick with the idea that a 1 in 10 chance suggests that the postmark days were not randomly selected. I did my little test and out of 100 random tries of 13 dates, the dates came up all wrong on the first try 13 times. The highest number of tries to get 13 dates all wrong was 41. The average was 8.13. That makes you the winner.

      The following are the dates (the day listed here is the real day and not the one on the postmark in the book), the 2nd column is the page number in the book where they are found:

      1 16 Wednesday, September 16, 1936
      2 22 Thursday, September 02, 1943
      3 28 Wednesday, August 25, 1937
      4 36 Friday, April 15, 1938
      5 44 Tuesday, June 03, 1930
      6 58 Friday, September 20, 1946
      7 64 Friday, August 08, 1947
      8 68 Wednesday, September 07, 1949
      9 108 Sunday, April 28, 1974
      10 114 Monday, October 10, 1983
      11 118 Friday, November 07, 1930
      12 120 Tuesday, June 23, 1942
      13 140 Monday, August 15, 2005

      I realize now that I should not have included number 5, as it is 1930s which represents a decade. So there are really only 12 dates to consider.


  21. mike:
    My project for this weekend:Create an excel spreadsheet that randomly generates 7 days (Sun to Sat) for each of the dates on the postmarks.I will let everyone know how many tries it takes for them all to come up wrong.A gold coin to the one who quesses closest to the actual number or tries (provided I am the one who finds the chest).

    If you do it correctly the answer will be close to 10 as I showed above. Each individual date has a 6/7 probability of being wrong. If there are 10 such dates then the probability is (6/7)^10 (6/7 raised to the 10th power). If there are 16 then the probability is (6/7)^16 = .099 ~= 0.1 ;
    I would do, say, a thousand of your simulations then you should see somewhere between 90-110 samples that are all wrong.


      • Being an old school Postmaster (retired 8 years), I have worked with the Circular Date Stamps (also called Round Dater, Bulls-eye, and Barrel Stamp). The ink was always red and this stamper was used to cancel stamps, place on hand written paper receipts (no machines) or to mark every seam on a piece of registered mail.

        Not only did we have to lock up the stamper in the safe when we were closed, we at one time had to change the a.m. and p.m (when mail used to be picked up twice a day from our office).

        I haven’t given much time to the importance of the date stamps, but I can tell you that I have never used one that showed the day of the week. Ours always showed the actual office name (including state) on the top, with the day and month in the middle and the year on the bottom (sometimes even no year was shown).
        We had a little box of rubber months, years and days to change our daily postmark with the use of tweezers. We then used a red ink pad to make the cancel.
        Zip Codes would not have been on the Round Dates from the 1930’s, 40’s or 50’s.

        I have a 1933 cancelled envelope sitting in front of me right now and it just shows New York, N.Y. on top; Oct 2 in the middle, followed by 12 – AM; and 1933 on the bottom.


        • Thank you Retired Postmaster for your information contribution, as it is much appreciated. Very well written with specific information and very orderly, thank you for your service.

          The Golf Chess & Cheese Society.


    • Haha partner! Guess I coulda been more specific, understand grave/ headstones…. french city. Not clear enough on row/ bocks. Big thanks to iwgolf.


      • Glad I was able to help Bob’sbaitbox,

        My humble opinion of this quest is that death from beginning to end is the 1st important clue.

        From past experiences, precise is a term to describe a code. To decode a solve can involve turning nonsense into specific location. Military has a very long history of using codes to communicate information.

        Observation is a poem clue that many went right by in the form bodytext color.

        ff has stated after think, that a person can go directly to get the treasure. So since the bier wood box is buried with chest inside at a depth of 3′ to 3 1/2′ . There will be no accidental discovery. As another clue is what is not ‘seen”, missing, invisible, etc illustrates the difficultly in finding the chest and that the answer will be specific. Along why ff knows no one will trip accidently over this buried chest (just the code system) and that there is coded information involved to figure out a solution.
        No one will interpet clues and group information together to arrive by coincident at a locale imprecise, rather the locale will be spelled out (precise) by decoding, and that gives one confidence. Also, school kids can be taught how to use a code system, alphabet substitution cypher as Mark from the land of lincoln solved 1 hunt before anyone else, a teenager. The prize is substantial and the puzzle will not be any coincidental easy solve. The solve will need to be decoded ( precise ) not just pick poem phrases that do not give a specific location. Follow the poem clues where ever they lead… all the reddish links, number links of ( 9), the sounds, missing unseen just as in I’m is the unseen A. There willl be very few others taking this route.


        • IWGolf, it’s true then that nothing is free. Whatever it is you are talking about sounds like over a million dollars worth of work. If this is the path fenn chose the finder will have earned the reward. It won’t be me!


          • Horatio,

            I agree that the finder who ever that is and when ever that is will have earned it.
            I believe that with 20 years military experience and a top gun type of pilot, that they have code schools in communication, and being an Aide dash- De -dash Camp photo to a general. Given that the military uses all kinds of codes and classification and his personal interest in word games being an accomplished author. He has had the time to research and personalize a code system.
            After all 20 plus troy pounds of gold = 20 x 12 = 240 troy ounces at what ever gold price is $ 1300. (example) would be $ 312 k. How to make a challenge last is in the degree of difficulty, if you did this much work the last thing you want is it to be found right away and over with or that it would challenge the supposed college professors, or will they solve this first ? The longer it goes the more book sales for cancer operations, and the satisfaction it remains unsolved.


          • Kinda goes along with

            it’s… i
            there’ll … wi
            you’ve… ha

            Along with
            Table of Contents

            – dash De – dash
            in the photo

            To me a clue can be what is Missing , unseen, invisible, or left out.

            The Golf Chess & Cheese Society


          • Forgot about the “X” as a missing letter of the alphabet

            That totals “9” missing/unseen letters

            x i wi ha ha a


        • IWGOLF I agree with you that there is some kind of code once broken and figured out will give the exact location to the treasure Also whoever it may be will definitely earn it.


          • Agreed,
            1 code already in the ttotc
            transposition / anagram
            not a far stretch to use a 2nd substitution.
            The Golf Chess & Cheese Society


  22. IWGOLF: The 15 APR 1938 is Action Comics 1st issue of Superman comic book, but not a Wednesday but Friday.

    Others have noticed that some of the days don’t match the years, but I have never seen anyone take note of the fact that NONE of the days match the years on any of the postmarks. If the days were assigned randomly they would match 1 out of 7 times, so intelligent design is apparent here.


    • I had found that none of postmarks match any of their listed day of the week in the circle they are printed.
      Odds are
      20 x 19 x 18 x17 x16 x15 x14 =390,700,800
      7 x 6 x 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1 = 5040
      390,700,800, / 5040 = 77520
      To get all 20 postmarks correct is 1 in 77,520
      Now as to Intelligent Design
      The false concept that religous zealots utilize in a attempt to remove the Science of Darwin in teaching an alternative explanation to children in U.S. schools. I think i will stick to proven Science method
      If all the postmarks were the same day, say a Friday, then there would have been 3 matches.
      All 7 days were used and it did take effort to ensure that none of the days match date, month, year, so not counting the 2 with decades, results in “o” for 18 is a unlikey result.
      18 x17 x16 x 15 x 14 x 13 x12 =160,392,960
      160,392,960 / 5040 = 31,824
      odds of 1 in 31824 to get all 18 postmarks correct.


      • If you listen to the interviews his friend who helped him to set up the publishing of the book (Susan )was the one who added the postmarks, not Forrest. It was her idea, and I believe him when he says they dont mean anything.


        • If I was Forrest I would especially be ticked off at the publisher who botched the postmark on page 72, and I certainly would not have let that mistake make it to a re-print. It was his wedding day, for crying out loud. If it were me, I would make sure that at least that one was correct, and legible.


        • Natural Seletion is science, and for Darwin Golf, that would be Bobby Jones, Old Tom Morris, Young Tom Morris, Harry Varden,Francis Ouimet, Walter Hagen, Ben Hogan
          Sam Snead, Byron Nelson, Jack Nicklus, and Eldrick Woods.


      • Intelligent design, especially in this case, has nothing to do with God. A rational person simply suspects that when statistical anomolies are discovered that perhaps something other than chance is involved. In this case, I believe that Forrest is the intelligent designer of the postmarks. In an email to Fenn on Dal’s blog someone mentioned the incorrect postmarks to Fenn, and he stated that it was an independent thinker like this that would find the treasure. This caused me to take a closer look at the postmarks, and they lead me to a boulder with a bison skull painted on it (which I use for the url icon for this blog). This does not mean I am right. It is probably a coincidence, but I still don’t believe that all the postmarks are wrong by chance, so this points to a designer. I didn’t mean to upset anyone with the “intelligent design” buzz word, but it is the best way I could think to describe it.


        • Thats very cool Mike that it lead you somewhere. So how does a person make a postmark into a gps reading? How many postmarks does that take? Thats a combination of 13 numbers…..hmmmm.


          • When I first started trying to find this treasure I quickly noticed that none of the postmarks were correct and suspected a purpose in it. I then noticed a pattern in the postmarks, which caused me to fasten on a couple of numbers as being significant, which numbers I wrote down for later use, because I had no idea what they meant. Then I started focusing on the clues in the poem. The clues brought me to a general location, and then the two postmark numbers took me to landmarks. That is how I found the boulder with the painting. The postmarks also revealed my HOB (but, of course, I could be wrong).


    • and I believe that he said that he told the editor or a set up person just to randomly put them (the dates), and that he was surprised that people were thinking that they had actual GPS coordinates in them. they meant nothing, so it’s just another fib?


      • I don’t believe there are GPS coordinates in them, and I don’t believe the mismatched days are random, for it statistically highly improbable (as stated by IWGOLF).


        • Hi Mike,

          Everything is cool.

          I just wanted to make sure that there is a clear distinction in the terms of “intelligent design” as religous zealots have tried remove or add another option in teaching creation versus The Scientific Method.

          I agree that there is info in these postmarks.

          I understand that the lady helped with the concept of the postmarks.
          Although she probably is not responsible for the information contained in these “20”, but just a form that is used.

          I feel that ff had complete control in the creating ttotc book. A veteran in the creation of 7 previous books.

          Therefore i believe that the purposeful mismatch of the day to #, month, year is not an oversight.

          I agree Mike, that to have a wedding day amiss would not create a positive feeling in one’s mate on page 72, women are very sensitive to this day – date – month – # years.

          The odds that all of them being wrong draws attention to them.

          Strange and out of place.

          Just as it can be considered as many things, from a kid’s game of circle the letters, to “9” months selected a conception period, to a date in history that leads to a super diamond “S” on the chest, to reddish : capital, repeating, words, places, letters, being a Column ; rotated 90 degrees
          left/right for a Blaise table among many.

          Now as far as religion for ttotc it’s river bottoms and mountains…i am not sure what type of Baptist that is.


          • I golf,
            the John the Baptist kind 🙂 a voice crying aloud in the wilderness.
            FF probably is like many who may know the Word of God, want a relationship with Him in the Beauty of His Majesty and Splendor of His Creation, without having to go sit in church on a Saturday or Sunday and be in a structured environment.
            Some have been hurt by so -called Christians in churches and others truly feel closer to God and feel that they can worship him also in the outdoors where it is quiet.
            The Bible doesn’t say that you have to go to church to be saved or have a relationship with Christ, it does state to not forsake the fellowship with other Christians and the gathering together, due to there actually being a corporate blessing when we come together to worship .


        • Mike:
          I don’t believe there are GPS coordinates in them, and I don’t believe the mismatched days are random, for it statistically highly improbable (as stated by IWGOLF).

          I wouldn’t call it “highly improbable”. The probability of getting that many wrong is (6/7)^n where n is the number of dates. I counted 16 (not counting the ones where the year was 1940s or illegible etc) which gives about 1 in 10. That being said I don’t think there’s any information encoded in those things either. It’s very difficult to draw random samples in your head. WHoever created those dates might well have mistakenly thought they were generating them perfectly randomly.


          • That some may use the science behind ID to draw conclusions that are hard for others to swallow does not invalidate ID. To evaluate the statistical probability of biological complexities evolving in such a short period of time is just math. Statistical improbabilities cause people to wonder “How did this happen?”, but not all run to Creationism for an explanation. Richard Dawkins, the atheist, suspects aliens.


          • My project for this weekend: Create an excel spreadsheet that randomly generates 7 days (Sun to Sat) for each of the dates on the postmarks. I will let everyone know how many tries it takes for them all to come up wrong. A gold coin to the one who quesses closest to the actual number or tries (provided I am the one who finds the chest).


    • Thanks for usgwararchives link, it is appreciated.
      Interesting that they listed 1st name Marvin and they listed block then row.
      Again thanks astree


    • .
      No problemo. I don’t know if the Row / Block as mentioned in the epilog is significant, but I just wanted to check first to make sure it was real.

      I will think about the Marvin.

      Good Luck,


  23. 12 feet isn’t very deep.

    IWGolf,perhaps SamuelClemens took this pen name for himself througharrogance? Thinking that the “depth”of his insightful writing would be the unit of measure to which all other writers of his day would be compared.


    • Thanks,
      Excellent choice, coincidence Hillcrest,
      I enjoyed the music and at the Moment i could not agree more that she’s a mystery.
      I feel the key is 3,

      Thank you very much ‘street’


  24. IWGOLF:
    Best wishes for your spot, by all means this is just my personal top preferance ( but still open minded).

    I find that ff had 79 years of thought to apply to this challenge, and i think he is enjoying matching wits with college educated people.
    James Sanborn KRYPTOS puzzle at the CIA complex has not been completely solved ( almost ) and he wasn’t a member of the CIA, but he did get coaching from a fromer director to create some of his puzzle.

    Hopefully your spot isn’t on trail# 381 in Gallatin.

    My spot is not there but – I think you overlooked the rainbow.


    • Overlooked the rainbow?

      The rainbow that is illustrated in the poem is the all the words/letters that are reddish in color.
      Olga Tea = Goal T
      colors of red, black, green.
      Curvise names in green ink on main street cowboy kids.
      The red, yellow, reddish ” in the” “n” letters highlited in website photo caption and sentence.
      Hardcover book text body done in black.

      The brown fire escape pants mark or the Joe Brown Trail #381 in the Gallatin National Forest.

      The purposeful missing s in answers.
      The purposeful missing d in knowledge.
      The purposeful dollers on the bell.

      The tombstone quote on the dead french guy tombstone that is “WINK” instead of “SMILE”.

      I feel that the letters are rainbow colored.


        • Iwgolf I believe you have taken a step in the right direction in stepping out of the box with what you started with, but I’m not really sure where this is going. Keep this in mine what Forest wrote in his preface: All of the stories that mingle among these pages are as true to history as one man can average out that truth, considering the fact that one of my natural instincts is to “embellish” just a little. I tend to use words that aren’t in the dictionary, and others that are, ” I bend a little.”


          • Okay, everyone good luck in all your searches, I will be signing off now. I hope that maybe a few will be figuring the poem out and we will be close to crossing paths in the near future, and thanks for letting me share my thoughts, and for all the positive comments made. I see that some of you are special people with good hearts and this has reconfirmed my belief that this world is made up with strong believers in doing the right things. My prayers go out to everyone who is suffering from the wild fires no matter there location. Take care Bur


  25. Row 4 Block 23,

    Blaise de Vigenere table

    A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26
    A 1 a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v W x y z
    B 2 b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z a
    C 3 c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z a b
    D 4 D e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y Z a b c

    Z 26 z a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y

    The above table consists of columns and rows
    of consecutive ( successive ) alphabets and numbered rows and columns.

    So Row 4
    is the alphabet row that starts with “D”

    Block 23
    is the 23 letter in the row starting from left … “Z”

    Decoded Letter
    go up the “Z” 23rd column to the top letter, is “W”

    So row 4 block 23 represents the letter “W” decoded.

    Page 139 Photo caption has misspelled “Knowlege” from hardcover book.

    Poem line # 5
    Begin it where warm waters halt

    This line has an alliteration -3 consecutive words with the same starting consonant “W”.

    If you want to interpret www as the world wide web, where do you go on the web?

    How about to forest Fenn’s website Old Santa Fe trading co.
    There go to thrill resource page and find memoir
    View Excerpt!

    Now note all the dropcap letters ( 1st chapter word 1st capitalized letter and other similar large capitalized letters )
    They are:
    “A I T W I N”
    dictionary definition of TWAIN,
    archaic two
    next dictionary entry TWAIN MARK,

    Also notice in the excerpt page 73 photo caption letters underneath ff plane. You can enlarge the letters by using a larger percentage than 83% use 200 / 400 and you will notice that “in the” has letter colors of reddish, yellow and red.
    Also notice page 129 on the eXcerpt
    line 5
    Dropcap A
    next letter is yellow, that is the letter “n”
    next letter D.

    So using line 5 of the poem as a www
    world wide web
    ff website
    memoir excerpt
    collect dropcap letters
    and anagram ” I TWAIN”
    Twain is defined as the old #2 and has a mark (blaze) also.
    Notice the rainbow letters in the text.


    • I actually seen that also a while back too on the PDF pages, but found out it really ended up nowhere i was hunting IMO. Your right azuredeb it is funny how some come across the same things in different ways.


    • I feel kinda dumb, coz none of that makes any sense to me, and you both came up with it using independent methods. What is an old #2?


      • An answer,

        I TWAIN

        dictionary definition of the word TWAIN
        is “archaic two”, or in other words “old # 2”

        Kinda identifies this as #2 clue of 9 clues in the poem.


        • The term mark twain was a measurement used in the past on the Mississippi river to call out the depth of the water, I think ( not positive ) that this 12 feet….
          1 twain 6 feet
          2 twain 12 feet

          pencil, as in somerton man, unbroken code letters in the book Rubiyatt.

          maybe, e hint n


          • You know the whole thing also anagrams to “I win at’.

            Note he also used the line – life is a game of poker etc.

            Lets all go to the casino!


          • IWGolf… Yes mark and twain was a methodused by paddle wheelers makingtheir way up the mississippi river to keep from runningaground.


          • IWGolf,perhaps SamuelClemens took this pen name for himself througharrogance? Thinking that the “depth”of his insightful writing would be the unit of measure to which all other writers of his day would be compared.


          • funny horatio, Samuel Clemens last name reminded me of the ole miner song clementine. same 4 lines and same 24 verses lol now sing ‘the poem’ in that melody lol lol lol


      • Actually I was thinking about frogs and how FF’s writing reminded me of something.Mark Twains story about frogs… 🙂 Wont mean a darn thing to most of you. Thats ok because most of what people come up with doesnt mean anything to anyone but them.


      • No,

        I perfer ff answer on the pbs interview when questioned about code breakers and ff response was that he called them the american people.
        2ndly that in my thoughts i include that a specfic answer is required to go directly to a specfic location.
        3rdly many have made many repeated searches in over 2 and 1/2 years and are trove-less.
        1 answer that is specfic is cryptology.


        • I am beginning to be more of a believer in the cryptology theory. The main reason is that I have made 4 trips to the same spot this year, and each time I find more evidence that I could be correct. But my brother, whom I have not revealed anything concerning my treasure search, found the same spot through cryptology. I will not be giving up on my spot any time soon.


          • Best wishes for your spot, by all means this is just my personal top preferance ( but still open minded).

            I find that ff had 79 years of thought to apply to this challenge, and i think he is enjoying matching wits with college educated people.
            James Sanborn KRYPTOS puzzle at the CIA complex has not been completely solved ( almost ) and he wasn’t a member of the CIA, but he did get coaching from a fromer director to create some of his puzzle.

            Hopefully your spot isn’t on trail # 381 in Gallatin.


    • The biggest problem with this is how difficult it would be to encode. It would take a herculean effort and lucky precision to get it into this code.

      What if you take your “A I T W I N” and add in the “T” with Olga, then you could anagram it to “A NITWIT”. I’m just saying I think you are making this too hard. You clearly have a way-above-average Creativity Index, I want you pointed in a more fruitful direction.


    • And Twain wrote the short story, ‘The Million Pound Bank Note’. Fenn talked about putting banknotes into the chest but decided against it. In the story, the protagonist Henry doesn’t realise he is the subject of a bet between two brothers – one thinks having the note will make him wealthy anyway, even though he won’t be able to cash it anywhere, the other thinks it will be worthless, for the same reason. ‘It doesn’t matter who you are, it only matters who they think you are’. With the note, people think he is rich and he never has to cash it. Does this mean the Fenn Treasure is the million pound note that can never be cashed but searching for it will provide you with untold riches – getting out into nature?


      • Well, the treasure could be altered to enable on to dispose of it. It would greatly reduce the value unless you sat on it until the price of gold reached a peak price. Now if you were a jeweler it wouldnt be a problem.So is this hinting of riches new and old? The solution to one problem within the poem itself?


      • I prefer to believe his closest friends that say although he is a jokester and loves a good rhyme and riddle, they truly believe also that he really did hide it somewhere and write the poem to go along. 🙂


  26. thanks, didn’t know if i was missing something. havn’t connected anything either. I don’t think any of the dates are that important. The subtle clues in the book have somewhat been of help. i have found approx 20 so far. most are just plays on words/sayings.


    • A clue of “9” in the Postmarks is that only months used is APR to DEC, a subtle conceiving peroid of 9 /of 12 Months used.
      The 15 APR 1938 is Action Comics 1st issue of Superman comic book, but not a Wednesday but Friday.
      It is a gem shaped diamond on that Chest “S”.


    • The only meaning it has to you is the meaning you assign to it.

      To me, it means nothing. I haven’t looked for, or identified, any ‘hidden meaning’ to those numbers, and I don’t believe there is any hidden meaning to them.


  27. love the chase. ive done 4 hunts in colo and nm. just got the book…finally. do you mind if i ask what row 4/block 23 means.


    • not at all, some of the stuff below will have book refs, like the ball of string mystry from book.

      I think that to get a Precise solve that several things are involved:

      the answer to chest location is in the english language.

      English language consists of 20 consanats and 6 vowels to construct the ALPHA BET 26 letters. (dog/poker hand/postman letter carrier)

      a Secret Code System (transition/ substitution) is used to enCRYPT and to deCRYPT the location.

      3 types of systems are a cipher disc, polybius letter box, blaise alphabet TABLE…among many.

      The first clue of the poem is COLOR reddish.
      This links to 32 dropcaps, 27 chapter names, 26 chapter ending reddish boxes, 20 postMarks columns…etc

      I know that a way that Hidden, Secret, Writing tie together is CRYPTology.

      A live person can use a dead person’s secret code system to give a PRECISE / solution either right before our eyes or even with our imagination (answers). Maybe a clever way to instruct someone to use a system that “2 people can keep a secret if one is dead! And if it is vital that ff didn’t share the chest location with noBODY (nobody left of these dead people only Bones, and these codes already are well known method of transfering information to those it was intended to privately)

      So 2 possiblities are a 6X6 aphanumeric square, or 26 alphabet Table/field box.
      So Row 4 Block 23 = an ALPHABET LETTER!

      To deCRYPT a hidden answer, illustrates a Precise answer.

      Combine blaze and wise and found 1st 3 letters of blaze and last 3 letters of wise results ( try to tie 3 strings ends a day) in blaise and add that -de- in Aide-de-Camp, and you are on your way to a french man from the 1500’s who was at A Diet to worms conferance ( fish food).

      And the french guy is dead…CRYPT
      and is known for a Code
      and this already stands the test of 100’s of years.

      I found it ODD that as a part of his memoir dosen’t mention ( not H L. ) his DOB, and in researching this info found that he was born in Bell county and now i understand why he is making upto 40 Bells/jars to entomb. And how many married couples have the same birthday as ones parent is a little strange.

      Bonus why he wants the silver bracelot back is the number 22, day he was born on! personal reason why i was interested in it.

      I think anagram as a code system is possible but i have a book from a previous treasure hunt that describes a blasie system as “successive alphabets” and “is difficult but not impossible”

      Just as i found a website that describes “in the mountains” to mean in the mountains more and less people ! or more wilderness / nature and less crowds /alone.

      Hope this helps bbb.
      graveyard, tombstones, nobody, secret, CRYPT

      What forRest say: think, Analyze (decode), move with CONFIDENCE (marker) directly to the chest sounds like a Precise solve to exact spot. LOOK for the missing X, table of contents, planetext (plaintext letters & numbers)


        • sure,

          I looked at the poem online before recieving the book. At this time i felt that 3 postmarks in the online version, and that seemed to be a clue.
          When i got the book after reading that there are other clues thru out the book.
          Next colors of OLGA TEA’S.
          I looked for links and connections that relate poem to book.
          The FIRST i saw was that i had a black marks between lines 8 and 9 in poem and noticed that in just looking at the color of the poem words / letters in the book are reddish, besides the line with the word “tired” ti red.
          I thought that the mark inbetween line 8 and 9 was kinda like someone had checked the poem and it was good to sell until in one of the online video interviews that it is the same in every book.

          OLGA anagrams to GOAL!
          TEA, is a crafty way to have a word which sounds like the letter T.
          Changing the color of TEA, is kinda like the colors of text/cursive in the book and poem, infering a secret code system, that we have to change coded letters to new letters.

          So start with a red T combine it with a black T and end at a green T.
          Another way a red letter and a black letter makes a green letter.

          Our “TEA WITH OLGA”
          “GOAL A WHITE T”/
          WHITE T GOAL A”

          So observation of the poem illustrates a different color than body of chapter texts -BLACK. Y its the first thing that is different and it links to 10 different things in the book that are reddish color..i.e. photo captions etc.
          Also on the online book version there is the photo with ff and his plane that the corner is misssing that has different colors in the same letter / word “the ” red and yellow.

          Now is it the offical first poem clue?
          It may not be, but how to solve a poem. 9 line question and answer old english riddle that is gonna give someone 9 things that form into an exact location…

          Where blaze = is a sign on a trail
          start at the trailhead
          blaze material= metal plastic/rock
          blaze color= id to specific trail
          blaze number= exact position on trail

          So what park name?
          what trail name?
          CONFIDENCE marker= name place

          above is one way to solve, yet there is other enCRYPTed info that is another way to solve.

          FF go straight to it seems to suggest that have trove location a number of years and a poem a number of years to enCRYPT a code that solves both.


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