Fenn’s Poem Kills One More

Eric Ashby, 31, is now the third person (that we know of) to die looking for Forrest Fenn’s treasure. The Poem entices people to be brave and to go where it’s cold, so no wonder that so many are lured to fast-moving, freezing-cold rapids in hopes of getting rich quick.



Eric, my brother, a son, and uncle, was born in Florida. Eric has 4 siblings who love him tremendously. Eric moved with our family to the Smokey Mountains as a young child. He was an outdoorsman, he loved nature, loved to be in nature – a real adventurer.

He also had the biggest heart. He would give anyone the shirt off of his back if someone needed it. He enjoyed feeding and helping the homeless, any chance he had. He also accepted anyone for who they were and never judged them.

He was so smart – he loved trying to solve puzzles and riddles; so when he heard about Forrest Fenn’s treasure, of course, he was intrigued.

He left for Colorado in April of 2016, in hopes of finding Forrest Fenn’s. He solved the riddle in 30 minutes.

Our parents are waiting for authorities to identify the body that was discovered nearly a month after Eric went into the Arkansas River in Fremont County, Colorado.

I miss my brother and only want to know what happened that day. I’m so thankful for the community of Colorado Springs that have rallied around the disappearance of “The Great Ashby” I pray that Eric is found and our family is given closure in these difficult times.

I believe that something sinister happened that day at the river and I am looking for justice for my brother.

Read more: www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4745272/Officials-remains-man-searching-treasure.html#ixzz4oQsw7YE6


Bob’s Thoughts


The Chest at the Draper Museum

This is the place to discuss Bob’s thoughts about the poem in the book; a poem with nine clues, that may or may not be in the book; the chest of the poem; the chest of the book; the chest at the Draper Museum; the bronze box; indulgence; and the treasure (I’m so confused!)

Lugnutz Maps

Friends and fellow chasers, I am publishing my google maps to show the places I am interested in searching for the Fenn Cache.

These are screen shots from Google Maps and I have placed gold stars in all the places I research.

These are the homes of Brown, the warm waters and places that may be significant to Forrest. Heck, some are just based on crazy ideas or something I read about or something another chaser said. Some I probably won’t remember until I come around to them again.

These stars did not exist when I was young but most of the places they represent did exhist.

I make these stars on the map so that if years later something takes me back to the same spot I will know it.

I will attempt to publish the North of Santa Fe map first. I can start a discussion about any star and we can take in in the rabbit hole down!

Lugnutz New Mexico Full Monty

Charting the poem by Chris Yates

im making this post so i have a place to collect all things im sharing regarding charts of the poem

i believe Forrest hid a lot of words all over the poem that are clues and hints, and they are hidden and discovered by counting off equal distance in the lettering

they are found counting both forwards and backwards

as an example, start with the letter P in Put. count off every 7 letters, from right to left, or backwards (and as i say words can be found going forwards as well)

and what i look for are words or letter sequences. i say that because i think some words, not always, appear to be intended by the puzzle maker, even though they may be missing a letter, mispelled, or have 2 letters switched

what i look for is additional confirmation in the writing of the poem such that it appears the hint was intended in the same location of the poem by other means. or another section of the poem was written to tie in using the same clue pattern, usually a word meaning tie in, or mathematical connection

going back to my example to demonstrate this, starting with “P”ut, count every 7 letters in reverse. it gives you P-R-U-N

this hidden letter sequence is starting in Put In Below. acronym being PIB

i believe PIB is hinting at mr pibb, which is a variant of dr pepper, and prune juice has an obvious connection to that

so that is what i mean by not just relying on the PRUN only to determine what was intended. it is also branching off to PIB acronym in the other direction

and a subtle hint which f gives outside the poem, which i think he sometimes does to refer to clues within the poem itself, is saying he secreted a can of dr pepper

the reason i call this charting the poem is because making charts that are counting equal numbers of columns in the poem is easier than trying to count off letters in the poem. if there are hidden words or letter sequences counting every 7 letters for example, if you make a “7 by” chart, then these show up in the vertical columns and are a lot easier to find that way

Bob in Fennland by Bob (March 1, 2014)


My first search trip leaving Orlando, as the plane climbed to 30,000 ft. I felt highly of myself and told the lady next to me “I’m going to get Forrest Fenn’s treasure” she said “I love you”.
At Salt Lake City, my spirits elevated, I told the rental car lady “I’m going to get Forrest Fenn’s treasure” she said “I love you”.  At Yellowstone, I told the ranger at the gate “I’m going to get Forrest Fenn’s treasure” she said “I love you”.

So much love, and thinking highly of myself hiking at 8,000 ft. With only one can of bear spray I thought… What if mama bear is out with cubs teaching them to hunt? Is one can enough? I’ve never used bear spray, when I pull the trigger does the can empty itself or do get several short bursts to ward off a group attack? Deep in the woods, alone, I hear a frog seeming to say “doubt, doubt, doubt” fear grips me.

On the trail ahead, appears what looked to me like the grim reaper. A large hooded figure holding a sigh, but the blade was missing. Only the handle. Hmmm, half a sigh I pondered. He said “looking for this!” and then struck me upside the head with the handle. He laughed as he flew away and said “I am altitude sickness!” Ha Ha Ha!
I fell down, dizzy, nose bleeding.

Then I heard the scurry of several tiny feet and still lying down turned my head to see a family of beetles come into view. A father, mother, and six young beetles. Obviously outraged the father beetle bravely stepped forward shaking his fist at me and shouted “HEY! Watch where you fall down, You Big Dummy!”

Links By Chris Yates

back in 2012, f said “The Treasure chest full of gold and precious jewels is more than 66,000 links north of Santa Fe”

i found something this connects to in the poem that seems to be more than a coincidence

imo, f in the comment is connecting 66 to links. in the poem it looks like “german” is hidden and pointing you towards “nigh”

“nigh” is the 66th word of the poem. nigh means left, or on the left

in german, “links” means left or on the left

also note that f said 66k links “north”

im posting an add’l image showing that nigh seems to be hiding both “north” and “nord”. in german north is norden (nord in french)


Treasure not found- ff Forrest responds to Perry Stone video

This post courtesy of Luckydog.  Thanks!

Forrest’s response posted on Dal:

I enjoyed Mr. Stone’s well-presented video. He is a far thinker and has a knack for analyzing. There are half a dozen other videos that were made similarly. The treasure remains where I hid it about 7 years ago. It is interesting that the film makers are so positive while leading their viewers to where the treasure chest never was. I compliment all of them and am reminded that it’s all about the thrill of the chase. f

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Wolf’s Solution

By The Wolf

Before I begin it is important to note stanza six tells us how to read the poem. The most important instruction is to “listen good” and thus I strongly believe hearing the words is more important that the actual spelling.

The word that is key in this solution is focused around the word “it.” “It” will not only unlock the poem, but will guide the way…

Let’s begin unlocking the poem with AS, the chemical symbol for arsenic found in hot springs and a main contributor to Mr. Fenn’s kidney cancer, which is found near copper mines. We know the treasure is not in a mine but near a major copper mine that would have contaminated the drinking water is a good theory.

Forrest says treasures “bold” which is highlighting or hinting the plural form of treasures. The treasure state of Montana is the other treasure. Two hours north of Yellowstone near the snake town of Anaconda and Opportunity is a small town with a State Hospital called “Warm Springs” here the warm water forms a huge mineral mound as it drains into the confluence of the Silver Bow River.

Warm Springs is very straight forward definition of “where warm waters halt” because it is not a hot spring but a warm spring like the poem insists. What about spring? Halt is a German command used in military marching. March is the month in which Spring begins. Thus one reason why Forrest said “Begin it.”

“It” is what we “begin” to make and is important as an architect to gather the ingredients to make “it” – the engineering of “it” began here and the iron material is loaded onto the train (“take” is synonymous with trains), which also requires an engineer, at the “halt” (halt is a train stop) and taken “down” or south past the town of Opportunity through Durant Canyon satisfying “Take it in the canyon down.”

The next clue is the very telling clue, with much more information stored in this clue and is likely the reason Mr. Fenn named a book after it – “not far but too far to walk.” Many seekers think they have to quantify this vague distance, but why when the clue tells you how far to go and it tells you something else that will be needed at the end. Thus travel the train tracks as far as but not past Walk-erville because that is too far.

Put in below the home of Brown, everyone’s favourite clue. “Put in” is a nautical term meaning to “enter a port or harbour.” Because this is the Rocky Mountains, every searcher ignores this or reverts to the secondary meaning – river raft put in point. However just prior to Walkerville is the “Port of Montana” at Rocker, a main train/trucking transportation hub. We now have to find the home of Brown and go below there.

Brown is capitalized meaning the logical fit is a person’s name. At this point we reach our important poem described hint: “hint of riches new and old.” The hint is “riches” or Rich the name and there are some new Richards and some old Riches to be mindful of to help us solve the poem. The first old “Rich” is RichthoFen, the World War I flying ace “The Red Baron.” He even shares Forrest’s name “Fen.” There are many Browns to choose so there needs to be a ways of identifying the correct one. The poem’s word “quest” describes Arthur as a hint to King Arthur and his quest for the Holy Grail. “Title” as in “give you title to the gold” is the Noble Title of “Baron” and “King.”

The person accredited for shooting down The Red Baron is Arthur Roy Brown, Canadian flying ace from Carleton, Ontario, Canada. Thus the home of Arthur Brown is Canada, which is worth the cold. Canada as the home of Brown is hinted with, the poem’s line “And leave my trove for all to seek.” Leave or “leaf” is the national symbol of Canada and is prominently displayed on the country’s flag. In this case it is not the physical country of Canada but rather the name “Canada” as in Canada Creek that is the home of Brown.

We arrive just below Canada Creek (coincidentally just below Brown’s Gulch), which is also “no paddle up your creek,” however the paddles are not oars. “Your” as in “your creek” sounds like “Roy” (as in Arthur Roy Brown) spelled backwards.

From there it is no place for the meek because we trade in those paddles for rotor blades and we will paddle in circles in the rotary wing Tarhe helicopter to the continental divide, the “backbone” of North America. Spineless or meek people will not go here because they lack backbone. The meek won’t fly either.

But before we take off, the iron and architect “it” are offloaded from the train to assemble the six pieces of “it” coincidentally represented by the poem’s six stanzas.

“The end is ever drawing nigh” has several meanings. The rotor blades circle counter clockwise or “nigh” representing “ever” and those who are about to die or know someone who has died, will ever go there to pray or pay their last respects.

Tarhe is a famous Indian chief from the Porcupine tribe who lost the use of his right arm at the Battle of Fallen Timbers, which is now known as Toledo, thus he draws nigh or is left handed. Tarhe was a peaceful leader and he is both “Brave and in the wood.”

“Just heavy loads and water high,” describes the Tarhe helicopter for it is a Vietnam era helicopter converted to the S-64 Skycrane whose purpose is to carry heavy loads of water and release that water load onto forest (or should I say) “Forrest Fires.”

“When you have been wise and found the blaze.” The blaze is the sun and thus the reason for the past tense use of “found,” since one finds the sun every day. Found is also short for foundry, because that is where the architect Laurien Eugene Riehl and Leroy Lee built “it” out of iron. Owls are wise and are known for their ability to look 180 degrees or the opposite direction as hinted by the poems opposite words “warm/cold” and “new/old,” thus one has to turn around and look with your back to the sun and look at the shadow “it” cast and look down very quickly at a precise date and time.

“Buttary scant with marvel gaze” the oddest descriptive line in the poem. But (or Butte, Mt where “it” resides) Tarhe (sound like tarry) helicopter from the Air National Guard in Nevada assembled “it” and damaged the right arm (draw nigh) in the process. With marvel or “Marvell” which is a type of sundial which distinctly uses an arrow as the pointer. “Gaze” is to look at the sun’s shadow. The sun is a star and gaze is synonymous with “star gazing.” The poems instruction – so why is “it” that “eye” must go, also tells the seeker to use “it” as an obelisk because the “eye” is the sun. The Egyptians often referred to the sun as the “eye”s of particular gods. The poem’s “I’ve done it tired” confirms this as the tire or “wheel” is direction to treat “it” like a medicine wheel. Medicine wheels generally tells us when is the first day of Spring.

“I have done it weak” or “week” hints to a day on the calendar. At precisely 2:42 (too far to) pm solar time on the first day of Spring or Fall (equinox) the shadow of “it” will precisely mark the spot on a 42 degree angle (the same angle as a rainbow – Fenn’s rainbow) where the treasure is buried. Spring was derived at the beginning of the poem (Warm Springs) but we now look at it differently: not a water spring but the season Spring and we do in fact look at it as if for the first time as the seeker has come full circle or ever drawing nigh. According to the Book of Days, the first day of Spring occurs on day 79 or 80, which is coincidentally the age Forrest claimed to have hidden the treasure.

But what is “it,” this obelisk, that casts this shadow? We have yet to answer “take the chest and go in peace.” “It” is “peace.” “It” is Our Lady of Peace or Our Lady of the Rockies, a 90 foot dollerd or Madonna, representing the Virgin Mary that is perched precisely on the continental divide at “Saddle Rock.” Saddle is another word for “in the wood,” overlooking Butte, Mt. Our Lady of the Rockies or “It” is a non-denominational tribute to all women of the world, especially mothers and it is Fenn’s special rainbow. A tribute to Mr. Fenn’s mother, wife and two daughters – nothing else can be more special than them?


The final hint of “Rich” is an old Rich, Richard Weatherill, Mr. Fenn misspelled his name incorrectly in his memoir, and since he “can keep my secret where” or “wear,” indicated the finder of those 22 beads in his bracelet is important. One of the registered owners of Our Lady’s land is Jean Withers. Sounds very similar to weather as in Weatherill and Jane Withers. Jane is Josephine the plumber, infamous for the comet cleanser jingle – “Comet tastes like gasoline” which is almost exactly like Fenn’s quote, “porcupines taste like kerosene.”

Mark your calendar for Sept 23 and watch the fun! Happy birthday Mr. Fenn!

To read more about The Woolf’s adventures www.findingfenn.com/#!books/cnec

The following poem only solution was derived from the following blog research:

The following blog posts provide the “poem only” support for this part of my solution

“The Prediction” break down of the poem’s word usage:

“IT” is our Lady of the Rockies.

As I have gone alone in there
AS- arsenic source the start point that cased Forrest’s cancer.
And with my treasures bold,
Bold mean highlight treasures plural – Treasure State Montana
I can keep my secret where,
Where sounds like wear Richard Weatherill’s bracelet,wear is a nautical term used to define “put in”
And hint of riches new and old.
Hint of Rich the name, old Riches (Richard Weatherill and Rich-tho-Fen (Red Baron); new Richard Blake

Begin it where warm waters halt
Warm waters is Warm Springs, Mt; Halt is a train station, military marching command, March is in Spring
And take it in the canyon down,
“Take” the train from Warm Springs down south to the Durant Canyon
Not far, but too far to walk.
Too far is Walk-erville, stop just prior; sounds like 2:42 (time)
Put in below the home of Brown.
“Put in” nautical term for go to Port of Montana at Rocker; home of Brown is Canada (Arthur Roy Brown shot down Red Baron)
From there it’s no place for the meek,
Flying is not for meek; meek are spineless thus go to backbone of North America – Continental Divide
The end is ever drawing nigh;
Ever drawing is a circle (rotary wing and circle back to the beginning to solve the end); draw people who are close to end of life and to honour those whose lives are always ending; nigh is left side of horse or saddle
There’ll be no paddle up your creek,
Canada Creek is a dry creek; Five Paddles of the Tarhe helicopter; “your” sounds like “Roy” spelled backwards and middle name of Brown. Your Brave (Tarhe) is Canadian, thus “your” brave and “your” creek are Canadian
Just heavy loads and water high.
Tarhe Helicopter carries heavy loads of water high in the sky; fly high to the clouds
If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,
Blaze is sun, “found” because you always see the sun and foundry is where Our Lady was fabricated from Iron; “wise” like an owl and look backward to see the shadow, not the sun

Look quickly down, your quest to cease,
At precisely 2:42 on the equinox or first day of spring (or fall) look quickly down at the shadow which marks the spot of the buried treasure. Quest hints to King Arthur quest for the Holy Grail and noble titles and first name of Brown which is Arthur.
But tarry scant with marvel gaze,
Butt or Butte, Mt; Tarry sounds like Tarhe helicopter that assembled our Lady of the Rockies; Scant is masonry cut rock that Lady sits on; use Our Lady as a marvell (type of sundial) or obelisk to cast shadow from the sun. Gaze synonymous with star gazing and sun is a star.
Just take the chest and go in peace.
Peace – describes the nearby church and the Virgin Mary Madonna which is a replica of Our Lady of Peace
So why is it that I must go
I or “eye” is the Egyptian word for sun (eye of Ra)
And leave my trove for all to seek?
“leave” or leaf is the national symbol of Canada
The answers I already know,
I’ve done it tired, and now I’m weak.
Tire or wheel hints of medicine wheel which tells you when it is Spring or the time the shadow will be cast; week sounds like “weak” is a hint to use a specific time.

So hear me all and listen good,
Listen to all words – ignore how they are spelled.
Your effort will be worth the cold.
Canada is synonymous with cold; effort is F (forrest) Fort Worth or his mother. The Lady honours all women.
If you are brave and in the wood
Indian Brave is Tarhe which means by the tree, the Crane or helicopter; in the wood is “Saddle Rock” in which Our Lady resides.
I give you title to the gold.
“Title” is a Noble Title like King Arthur and Baron); Arthur first name of Brown and Baron is the Red Baron who Brown shot down.

Be nice!

For those loyal followers of this blog it is no secret that I have been a little out of touch these past several months. The reasons are many and varied, chief one being that this chase pegged my boredom meter about 9 months ago. I’m sure Forrest Fenn is a fine fellow, and I admire and respect him for his service to our country, but I am really not that interested in the patterns in the marble in his shower, or the name of his shoes, or how messy his silverware drawer is, and I quit believing a long time ago that there were any meaningful hints in all that folksy stuff in his scrapbooks, and even if there are clues buried there, there are just too many red herrings to sift through at this point.

I began training for my first half marathon in January, and completed the Dallas Rock n’ Roll on March 22nd. Then I got a pretty big promotion, and I have recently purchased a house. Basically, life has been happening to me, and I find that the chase does not pique my interest enough to spend any of my time managing a blog. And, by the emails I have been receiving lately, this blog definitely needs to be managed. The blog went into maintenance mode to give me time to investigate some of the offensive comments that have been reported to me. I just deleted most of the offensive comments. If I have missed any please let me know.

The blog is back on-line, but be sure to avoid personal attacks.  I have not banned anyone since the lady that accused me of hacking her computer and breaking into her house (while dressed in women’s clothes). Heck, even she is not banned anymore. So be civil, be nice, and if the treasure is there I hope someone from here finds it.

Happy hunting,


Tom’s Solution

by Tom

Yesterday I made an announcement that my brother and I have confirmed that the Forrest Fenn hidden treasure has been found. Needless to say the remarks made afterwards were nasty and condescending. I explained that I did not want to provide a complete explanation regarding our findings as we are working with a reporter on the story. After further thought I decided to share the entire story and began to post my comments starting from the beginning of the poem. My idea was to take people on the full journey. At this point I realized that my comments and access to the website had been blocked…….freedom of speech?……..not on that website…….suspicious? ……what do you think? My intention here was simply to share my knowledge and perhaps help prevent people from spending money unnecessarily continuing their search……at least raise the questions and let them decide.

Here we go. You will need a plane for this trip as this is exactly how Forrest wants you to travel. As a matter of fact “IT” in the poem is an airplane and your journey……

WARM WATERS HALT – The Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Angel Fire New Mexico. If you research Vietnam you will discover numerous references to it being surrounded by warm water. Many of Forres’s clues have multiple meanings as does this. Warm waters are the tears shed at the memorial. Halt is a military expression. Forrest would not write a poem like this without including some link to Vietnam. Directly across from the Memorial is a small plane airstrip……most likely one Forrest has used in the past.

TAKE IT IN THE CANYON DOWN & HOME OF BROWN – From the memorial onward you are in a canyon as there are mountains on both sides. That defines a canyon. Home Of Brown is Eagle Nest Lake……stocked with Brown trout. It is too far to walk.

MEEK – Nobody seems to have gotten this one. Meek is a fossil found in northern New Mexico. If you search the Ammonite records from northern New Mexico you will find a map that clearly shows there are Meek locations East of eagle Nest but not West.

Remember now you are in a plane. This may get a little confusing but think with me. If you reference Forrest’s comments about his flight pattern and details when flying in Vietnam, follow this on a map of Vietnam and match it up to a map of New Mexico it all comes together. In Vietnam Forrest took off from an airstrip and flew north. He put in there below the Home Of The Brown Navy, the river boats in Vietnam. He flew north to the 11 o’clock position into Laos……Laos/Taos. Are you with me?

NO PADDLE & HEAVY LOADS – Let’s start off with heavy loads as the bombs his plane carried. He describes their weight in his book. OK….Taos? Remember Forrest talked in his book about Olga and spreading her ashes over the mountains on Taos. He say’s flittered and later in the book says “there are other clues sprinkled in my book”. Yes…..he sprinkled her ashes …….are you ready?…….over one of the most beautiful places I have ever been…….a huge meadow just south of Gooose Lake in Red River. When Forrest was asked where he would hide a treasure he replied in “The Place Of Peace”. Olga’s resting spot is the place…….the location of the hidden treasure.

After I was certainI had located the area I used Google Earth to figure out how I would get up there. In doing so I discovered some very interesting things. Remember I said some things had double meanings……Goose Lake is at the base of a beautiful mountain…….ironically name Gold Hill. If you google Earth the photo you will see a picture of a large tree trunk marker at the top of Gold Hill. This was my first blaze alert and I looked “quickly down” into the meadow. Back to the road up there…..I discovered there was a trail…..trail 66……named Forrest trail off route 578 in Red River. Does this name and spelling look familiar? You need a jeep or ATV to get up there. Can check it out on Youtube. As you turn off the road onto the trail you have to cross under a series of high tension power lines…….Here are your “Heavy Loads”…….power loads. As you continue you have to cross thru a small river/lake……this is the “Water High”. Goose Lake is also water high. No paddle up your creek means you are on a road. Goose Creek runs parallel with the road.

Back to the blaze…….and here’s my proof. When I zoomed in on the meadow on Google I came upon a photo taken in the meadow. I cannot post this as the photo is copyrighted. You can however find this yourselves. When looking at the photo I thought I saw something and blew the picture up. sure enough there it was…….the treasure chest under a small tree. There is even a bird sitting on top of it. The tree is clearly the blaze……stripped tree bark, white. In total amazement I proceeded to compare the markings on the chest in my blow up photo with other pictures of the chest. Bingo……I was able to positively identify it!!!!!!!!! Regarding the location…….Forrest also said he would hide the treasure in the past and present with a river stepping stone between them. Thats exactly what he did. When you walk from the parking area thru the words and down into the meadow which is well hidden you come upon the small creek filled with stepping stones. The past is the meadow, the present is now……the parking lo and the blaze is right behind that area.

I hope by now the people that made the negative comments are giving this some serious thought!

The treasure was sitting on top of a flat white rock, probably taken from the creek. Forrest was smart to position the box on an angle for rain to roll off. The box was masked by growth which Forrest hinted about when he posted pictures of his back yard and discussed whether the growth was flowers or weeds. He said “us gardeners” which leaves me to believed he planted things around the treasure to hide it better. While I’m talking about his postings let’s look at multiple references to tobacco. Yes…….one of the most well know tobaccos is called Red River. His other postings also included clues such as Remuda which is clearly a reference to what the blaze looks like. He talks about it having warm clothing. This relates to the poem……Your efforts will be worth the cold. Note that is would certainly be easier to locate the treasure in cold weather as there would be less growth covering it. The area has very soft ground, marshy and it might be easier to walk around when it is not as soft.

Back to our search…….We arrived at the site on July 26, 2014. We were looking for the wide open area with the single tree as depicted in the photo. By doing so we completely missed it as there had been quite a bit of growth around this area and it did not look like the spot in the photo. It is a very large area, the altitude was killing us, I had bronchitis and we made the mistake of not identifying other markers in the background on the Google photo. We thought this was going to be a quick find and therefore took a short rental on the jeep. We had to get it back and could not use our cellphones. We left empty handed.

When I got home I reviewed the video I took coming down into the meadow. It almost dropped dead as there, in the last few frames of the video was the blaze. My brother and I both had other trips planned and could not make it back to the location until my brother did on Saturday 9/20. To our disappointment the treasure was gone and so was the blaze. My first Hope was that it had already been found before we were there on July 26. I would certainly feel better knowing I wasn’t 50 feet in front of it.

I wouldn’t be sharing these comments and making these statements unless I was sure the treasure was not at this location and the blaze was no longer there. It appears that the person who found the treasure cut off the trunk and may have it hanging over their TV. Or, someone came along later, after the treasure was found and took it. Regardless, The only thing that remains is the flat white rock Forrest laid the treasure on.

I have given it all up. I hope that future questions presented to my brother and are in good taste and reflect a sense of intelligence that previous ones have not.

If you wish to continue your search we wish you the best of luck. We have shared what we have found and know. I will be posting my personal pictures but cannot post the Google photo for reasons previously noted. Go see for yourself and you decide.

Regards…..Tom & Jim

Bob’s story

I don’t spend much time at Dal’s blog, so I know nothing about a funny story contest, but I recently received the following email from Bob concerning it:

Hi Mike! I sent you what would have been an entry to the funny story contest at dals blog. Dal won’t post anything I send him. For his photo albums I sent two very nice photos, just as he requested. I even wore a sombrero and big black mustache and spoke spanish. He figured out it was me somehow and didn’t post the photos…oh well. So, I’m not even going to try and send my funny story to him. I’m hoping you’ll post it on your blog kind of like an absentee ballot. If I win I’ll split the prize with you Mike. Thanks Bob

Thanks, Bob, but you can keep the prize money. Here is the story:

Trips to search for Forrest Fenn’s treasure cost money. The best way to save money is not to spend money. Live cheaply and every day ask yourself- how can I save money?
Here’s some of how I do it:
Food- no eating out, cook at home things like macaroni and cheese with stuff mixed in, hot dogs or hamburger. Take a sack lunch to work.
Bills- use less electricity and water. Unplug appliances not in use. Hang washed clothes on clothes line, no dryer.
Gasoline- walk whenever possible don’t jump in the car for short trips. You need the excercise for treasure hunting anyway.
Garage sales generate extra cash.
Save aluminum cans to turn in for money.

Following these basic principles is what allowed me to make four trips to Wyoming last year. Two were by car with my search partner Zelda. My funny story happened on one of these trips to Pathfinder Dam…..

“Red sky at morning, sailor take warning!” The sky was red that second morning of our search at Pathfinder. After sunset the winds picked up something fierce. Our little dome tent was lifting on the sides so bad we had to place heavy items inside the corners to hold it down. I parked the car as close to the windward side as I could to block the onslaught. It didn’t help much. Being dead tired from searching for treasure all day you’d think that sleep would come easy on a comfy air mattress, but it didn’t. The Wyoming wind is relentless and wouldn’t be satisfied until our little dome tent was blown into the lake. For dessert, we got rain. A steady drizzle set in as Zelda settled into the car to sleep. Unable to sleep, I decided now is the time to dig for Fenn’s treasure in the softened ground. We had camped at Weiss campground at Pathfinder. The small sign at the entrance simply said “Weiss” I wanted to dig here but at daytime there’s too many people around. At midnight, during a storm is perfect.

“If you’ve been wise (Weiss) and found the blaze (sign), your quest to cease.” I’m wise, well not counting the tent in the lake, and I’ve found the blaze. And Forrest said…”nobody will stumble on to it” so to me that means it’s buried! I put on my poncho, grabbed the camp shovel and walked 50 feet to the Weiss sign. Digging was easy in the wet soil, I’d hit rocks and pull them out. I dug, and dug, and dug more. 2 hours later, I had a trench some 8 feet long by 3 feet wide and, it was just over my head deep. No treasure yet, but I remember something else Fenn said…”I don’t care if it isn’t found for a thousand years”, so it must be deeper I thought. By now, my trench is so deep I can’t throw the dirt out over my head the shovel is too heavy. I crawled out and went back to camp to get a bucket, a rope, and Zelda. She put on a poncho as I tied the rope to the handle of the bucket. I explained to her that she would lower the bucket down and lift it out after I put dirt in, and then empty the dirt. She thought the idea was fantastic and couldn’t wait to help me. It’s still raining as we got to my trench and the water was an inch deep in the bottom. We worked through the night, deeper and deeper I dug as Zelda led us in song:

“hoe Bob hoe, you turn around and dig a hole!”
Bob- “hoe Bob hoe, I turn around and dig a hole!”
Zelda- “Bob, you from the country!”
Bob- “hoe Bob hoe, I turn around and dig a hole!”
Zelda- “Bob, help me pull these weeds !”
Bob- “hoe Bob hoe, I turn around and dig a hole!”
Zelda- “Bob work harder than two grown men!”
Bob- “hoe Bob hoe, I turn around and dig a hole!”

We sang and worked our way into the night and twelve feet deep. Although wearing ponchos eventually we both were soaking wet. With heavy clothes and hearts we knew the end was near.
Zelda- “we will have to fill this hole in before daylight.”
Bob angrily- “I wasn’t planning on filling it back in….just take the chest and go in peace! ….remember?”
Then at 5:00 am the news came down….Zelda- “JUST GIVE UP! Let’s go home!”

I pretend not to hear. My fingertips are bleeding from scratching out rocks. My legs, back,arms,neck are all aching. I’m cold, tired. I’ve never worked so hard for nothing. I’ve never sacrificed so much for so little. Frustration set in as Zelda’s words hit home…let’s go home. At that moment standing in a foot of water, anticipation was gone. Lifted out in the last bucket of dirt. Clenching my fist, I raised it to the black sky and shouted…”CURSE YOU FORREST FENN!!!” With trembling hands I sat down to cry. Painful anguish welled up inside me which I released in a punch to the wall of my trench. My fist went deep into the wall, and kept going into an opening. I stood up again to find a cubby hole. “Zelda! Get me a flashlight!” I shouted. No answer. A lightning bolt flashes nearby, just enough to reveal a yellow glimmer from the cubby hole. Moments later the bucket comes down with a flashlight inside. My hands are shaking uncontrollably as I fumble for the switch. Light. I aimed the beam into the hole. “What is it!?” Zelda calls from above. “It’s Forrest Fenn’s treasure.” I said calmly. I could see it all…among the many gold coins was a ring, a bracelet or two, the glass jar, the carved faces, the nuggets. It was all there…except the bronze box. Where is the box I wondered? I called to Zelda again- “we did it! We found the treasure!”
She screams with joy! I scooped up a handful of coins and place in the bucket, dripping wet. “Here’s some coins! Pull it up!”
I watch the bucket go up faster than any load of dirt, waiting for the reaction.
Zelda- “oh god no! No, no, no!!!”
Bob- “don’t worry, there’s more!”
Zelda- “no Bob that’s not it”
Bob- “what’s wrong?”
Zelda- “it’s not gold Bob.”
Bob- “what is it?”
Zelda crying- “it’s macaroni and cheese! Waaaaaa!”

ff on blog talk

A note from Forrest, posted at Dal’s blog


JUNE 2014

Normally I would not comment on what is said on the blogs but since there seems to be so much acrimony on two of them I will.

First, I do not own Dal’s blog and he has never been in my employ. I sometimes send him things and he frequently declines to post them.

Second, I have not said that a searcher was closer than 12’ from the treasure. It is not likely that anyone would get that close and not find it.

Third, I had not heard of Christ of the Mines Shrine in Silverton, Colorado until many months after I hid the treasure.

Forth, there is some geographical dispute about whether Bandelier National Monument is in the Rocky Mountains but since it is shown on the map in my Too Far to Walk book it must be considered within the search area.

Fifth, I have never consciously misled any searcher or privately given a hint or clue I thought would help someone find the treasure.

Sixth, I think I will be a little let down if someone finds the treasure in the next several years but I will quickly recover. It is out of my hands now.

Seventh, there has been talk about some searchers receiving under-the-table clues that will help them find the treasure. Those accusations are false. I have, A wife, two daughters, two sons-in-laws, seven grandkids, one great grandkid, a cousin, a nephew and his wife. I like all of them better than I like Dal so that makes him 17th on the list to get clues from me. The fact that none of them have found the treasure should speak for itself.

Eighth, I have received word from three ladies who wanted me to know that they are no longer in the search. They have fear of finding the treasure and being branded a harlot. Please folks, let’s try to get the blog conversations out of the gutter.

Ninth, I reserve the right to be wrong once in a while.

Dal’s quitting?


What a crock!! Of course the majority of people on Dal’s blog will encourage Dal to keep searching, so for Forrest to poll people from Dal’s blog will bring only one result, and no doubt his desired one. I have been very suspicious of Forrest’s involvment in this chase from the beginning and especially with his close association with Dal. Of course people are going to suspect that Dal is getting special treatment. How could they think otherwise, especially if it is true that Dal was given access to Stephanie’s solve at chase chat (has that ever been resolved?)?

Forrest has been attempting from the beginning to maintain control of this chase by having Forrest-sanctioned blogs, dangling clue-shaped carrots, and offering false hope to many via ambiguously worded emails. I know personally of people who have risked life and limb to travel thousands of miles because Forrest led them into believing that they were really on to something. My conscience would not allow me to do that (but that’s just me). I would have just hid the treasure, wrote the poem and the books, and then waited silently for the treasure to be found. Should Dal stop searching? If we polled everyone, not just the sycophants, the answer would probably be yes.

Bob at Sinks Canyon

by Bob

Sinks Canyon, Wyoming
“take it in the canyon down”
“Sink” defined- 1. Go down below the surface.
2.descend, drop

Well if THE canyon down is a descriptor of the canyon where the bronze box is hidden, then certainly Sinks Canyon fits the bill. I had made a list of all the state parks in Wyoming. Using WWWH as geyser activity Wyoming is the clear choice and to take it in THE canyon down would be Sinks.
I had just returned home from my 10 day Yellowstone search on Sunday, May 12 and was back at work Monday the 13th, out of vacation time. But after researching and establishing 9 solid clues for Sinks, it was time to lie to the boss. The thrill of chasing is too powerful! Well, too there is some gold involved I think. I decide to call in sick (lie) on Friday May 31st…from Wyoming ha! You see after I left work Thursday at 5:00 pm I went straight to Orlando International Airport. Flew to Salt Lake City, and rental car to Lander, wy. It was 5:50 am when I arrived at Lander. What a wondrous sight as the sun arrived with me. The foothills of south pass were covered with blooming wildflowers!
I took this photo from the rental car at 60 mph. I didn’t actually drive into Lander that morning, took a shortcut south of town straight to Sinks.
At Sinks, there are no gates. I drove straight to the visitor center and parked the car. Nobody is here.
I’m ready to start searching using these nine clues.
1. WWWH- Wyoming
2. Canyon down- Sinks
3. HOB- Fort Washakie, WY formerly known as Camp Brown. Sinks is south of or below, Fort Washakie.
4. Too far to walk from Fort Washakie to Sinks.
5. There is no paddle up the Popo Agie river.
6. Heavy loads water high- the overflow area at Sinks 7. The blaze- again, I’m looking for a trail marker that says “see rapids below”
8. “I’ve done it tired, now I’m weak”
This describes where the river disappears into a cave perfectly.
9. “brave and in the wood”
The chest is in wood, woodpile or under a wooden bridge.

From the visitor center, I found several small bridges made of wood on an interpretive trail from the sink to the rise, a 1/4 mile hike. I search every bridge and read every sign. No bronze box. At the rise there is a large pool of water, home to large brown trout. A self pay feeding station is there. I put a quarter in the slot and turn the handle to get food for the fish. Tossing it off the deck, the trout churn the water battling for the nuggets. I have seen this same scenario many times at Bennett Spring State Park in southern Missouri, where I learned to trout fish. There is a hatchery at Bennett, and if you can catch trout there after 9:00 am you can catch trout anywhere in the world.
I decide to search the rise area, below this home of another brown. Again, no bronze box.
Turning from searcher to tourist, I head back to the visitor center to check out the observation deck there. On it is a telescope and to my surprise I find many aspects of the poem….
“tarry scant, marvel gaze”
“if you’ve been wise”
“hear me all listen good”
“worth the cold”
This one says..Wyoming wildlife, worth the watching.

So, I am wise like the great horned owl and I dig right under the sign.

I crawled up under the deck so nobody could see me…
And dug down about 6″ and hit something! A cinder block.

I’m tired, I need a motel.

Next day I went back and looked here in the overflow area.
And here….
And everywhere!
I went back to Lander to find a beer. The Forge. SC14 I talked to the bartender and told her the whole story. She has no idea where to start. Except for an interpretive trail right next to the river in downtown Lander. Here is what I found.
Finally! The HOB! SC15 this trail is for Lander schoolchildren. The bat box is on a pole 15 feet in the air. I dig around the base, no box. Continuing down the trail I find wetlands, a fenn! With a frog on the sign! SC16 I searched the entire area, no bronze box. I gotta go home. So-long Lander! One of Wyomings best kept secrets!

Bob at Pathfinder Dam

by Bob

I wanted to get this out quickly before anyone changes their plans about going to Pathfinder Dam in Wyoming. Don’t be fooled by the old trickster Fenn, treasure is there…

begin it where warm waters halt.

A golden sunrise on pathfinder reservoir.sunrise
A person who is warm, friendly is known as sweet. So we could begin it where sweet waters halt. The Sweetwater river in Wyoming halts at Pathfinder Dam in Natrona (natrona in Indian means “to hide”) County. Below the dam is Fremont Canyon named after John C. Fremont (1813-1890) an early trailblazer. There is a hydro-electric power plant in this canyon(heavy loads). Pathfinder dam is different than most dams as the discharge of water is not at the base but 50 feet above the base from a large pipe (water high). From there it is indeed no place for the meek, we were surprised by a rattlesnake one morning on a stroll along the river. Fremont canyon is rugged, some places are totally inaccessible by foot and there is definitely no paddle up this creek. We camped above the dam on the lake at Weiss campground.
In view of the huge black stripe of igneous rock that pathfinder is famous for(wise, blaze). After two days of thoroughly searching above and below the dam we did not find the bronze box. There are hundreds of hiding places there. Here are the treasures we did find and you can see them too by going there or google. I highly recommend going there it’s beautiful and quiet. We were the only tent in the campground on Monday!

Look for: the black stripe of rock
The damtenders house and museum
The old quarry
The winch house and two cable towers winch
The graveyard
Fish the river!

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