Charting the poem by Chris Yates

im making this post so i have a place to collect all things im sharing regarding charts of the poem

i believe Forrest hid a lot of words all over the poem that are clues and hints, and they are hidden and discovered by counting off equal distance in the lettering

they are found counting both forwards and backwards

as an example, start with the letter P in Put. count off every 7 letters, from right to left, or backwards (and as i say words can be found going forwards as well)

and what i look for are words or letter sequences. i say that because i think some words, not always, appear to be intended by the puzzle maker, even though they may be missing a letter, mispelled, or have 2 letters switched

what i look for is additional confirmation in the writing of the poem such that it appears the hint was intended in the same location of the poem by other means. or another section of the poem was written to tie in using the same clue pattern, usually a word meaning tie in, or mathematical connection

going back to my example to demonstrate this, starting with “P”ut, count every 7 letters in reverse. it gives you P-R-U-N

this hidden letter sequence is starting in Put In Below. acronym being PIB

i believe PIB is hinting at mr pibb, which is a variant of dr pepper, and prune juice has an obvious connection to that

so that is what i mean by not just relying on the PRUN only to determine what was intended. it is also branching off to PIB acronym in the other direction

and a subtle hint which f gives outside the poem, which i think he sometimes does to refer to clues within the poem itself, is saying he secreted a can of dr pepper

the reason i call this charting the poem is because making charts that are counting equal numbers of columns in the poem is easier than trying to count off letters in the poem. if there are hidden words or letter sequences counting every 7 letters for example, if you make a “7 by” chart, then these show up in the vertical columns and are a lot easier to find that way

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