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  1. I figured this is as good a place as any to say, I asked Forrest if the treasure is still out there and he said yes it’s right where he hid it.
    That’s all I know for sure. LOL


      • Yes, perhaps my birthday message will be posted here after being moderated everyelsewhere.

        Happy Birthday Forrest! I hope you enjoyed a hearty slice of joy…the very best of days…full of laughter, fun, and loving warm wishes.

        Thank you for helping put the fun back in my life. Four years ago my dearest friend and I started our “annual girls trip” to search for your treasure. We are now in the process planning our next trip. No longer searching for the gold, but absolutely love exploring the National Parks and Rocky Mountains together.
        Best to you sir.


  2. Try as I might I can not get the page called ,” The Poem “to load to read or post on. Oh well , off to read some other blog that works.


  3. I will repost this here as I have received two votes (don’t laugh that is big for this blog!)

    The reason I was excited about scrapbook one hundred twenty one point five (121.5) is because 121.5 MHz is the international frequency that aircraft use when they crash to send a distress signal to search and rescue. Military normally use 243.0 Mhz, which is a harmonic of 121.5 (mirror/double).

    When Forrest ejected he would have used the AN/PRC-90 distress beacon- Vietnam War era airman rescue set. Operates on 121.5, 243 and 282.8 MHz AM. The PRC-90 also included a beacon mode, and a tone generator to allow the sending of Morse Code.

    Seeing as his recent β€œBob and Kate” speed bump talks about thanking Bob for rescuing him, I felt that was rather important if you buy into the fact that the one chapter he recommends you read is β€œMy War for Me”. I thought this hint was rather obvious from my stand point but probably not for other searchers. Why?

    E* know that I fly search and rescue aircraft (originally the CH113 Labrador and now the CC130 Hercules) and I worked in the Mission Control Centre using space satellites to search and locate these beacons for 8 years. Thus I feel I have some insight when it comes to Fenn’s ejection and rescue experience.

    Also not the mirror image use of 28 as in the distress frequency 282.8 this is significant because Forrest claimed his 28″ fish weighed 11 lbs and the chart says a rainbow weighs 8 lbs, so this by definition is an aberration.

    Finally Forrest has used the word “guard” many times. Usually with tesuque his dog and he also showed us a picture of some animals in SB40 titled “The perfect GUARDians.”

    Anyway, I thought that maybe some of you would like to know this information as it may help you find the treasure!


  4. I was lurkinig over at Stephanie’s Forum in search of some good readings, as I always do, and I came across a post by some person going by the handle ricky nowak with the subject line titled: OPEN LETTER TO FORREST… tinyurl.com/osx2gy5

    What in heck does this ricky nowak think this Thrill of the Chase is? The Bachelor? Where Forrest Fenn can send a searcher home because he doesn’t like him or her for any particular reason?

    So is this the Thrill of the Chase or The Bachelor? What are the rules? Is one of them that only certain people, with certain qualities, may participate?


      • Well azuredeb whatever the case and if a moment should arise where Forrest has to make a decision amongst many of us Chasers, to give title to his Gold, I hope Forrest hands me a red rose and keeps me in his thoughts and sends ricky nowak home in tears for posting what he or she did.


        • Its funny, I had to think about what you said about the rose. I dont watch much “reality” tv. I was wondering why Forrest would be handing out roses? LOL

          Sleep well everyone. πŸ™‚


  5. All of us, in search for Forrest Fenn’s Treasure Chest and who believe to have THE POEM solved or somewhat solved, can learn alot from the article, link below, God knows I am…

    SOCHI, Russia – For about five seconds on Monday, Jan sMEEKens was Olympic champion, hero to a nation, and all that goes with it. Until, gut-wrenchingly, he wasn’t… Cont – tinyurl.com/ks75rh4 (Source: Yahoo)

    From there it’s no place for the meek,
    The end is ever drawing nigh;
    There’ll be no paddle up your creek,
    Just heavy loads and water high.

    Q&A – “It is interesting to know that a great number of people are out there searching. Many are giving serious thought to the clues in my poem, but only a few are in tight focus with a word that is key. The treasure may be discovered sooner than I anticipated.”

    Wait until Spring or Summer? In my opinion, not a wise decision. Again that is my opinion. Be safe out there…lots and lots of snow.

    Thrill of the Chase!


  6. Here’s one….does anyone know of this place in New Mexico that still treasures it’s painter and has his workshop as it was back in the day. There is also a secret garden there as well. Hint: It’s a very down on earth place.


    • funny you mention rockwell

      i had forgotten about that for a while. i said on here before if i could identify all the NRs i could figure out a clue. i was thinking it might be a matter of adding together certain things once i knew for sure what they all were

      i dont think that anymore. and i had no real hints or clues with them, but then recently i have come up with some major clues solves

      and 2 of them have to do with 2 Rockwell paintings in TTOTC. if i told you one of them its a little mind blowing. and not the rockwell itself so much, but the clue that it hints towards

      the clue that it hints towards, the rockwell is one of several things put in the book and the poem pointing towards this clue, and this clue is HUGE, make no doubt about it.

      not the rockwell specifically, but the clue it points toward, has been the smoking gun i was looking for. i feel 100 percent confident precisely where it is.

      the other rockwell hint has to do with the manner in which the chest is hidden. im glad that i figured that out because for the longest time i thot it had to do with coordinates and that was really throwing me off, and it was making it more difficult to piece the puzzle together. it caused me to go to the wrong spot last time

      remember the cat? ya i had forgotten. that was a big find for me long time ago, but then i gave up, didntt know what to do with it. well now i know, the cat is a part of this no doubt. and if i told you what it represented, you would laugh.

      its like one clue connected to another connected to another and on and on

      there is something else there in the drawing that i didnt see until a week ago. and it all ties together

      things are not always what they seem, and sometimes they are multiple things represented in one form

      when the poem says heavy loads and water high, well yeah, i wont go there


      • Chris I admire your research and you have been closer I think than most but not to some. I watched the movie Captain Philips tonight and it brought memories back to when I was on the U.S.S. Barney DDG-6 and the U.S.S. California CGN-36 as a radar mechanic at the end. Then all of the sudden the mirror image came to play that I use to do. My last post on page TTOTC draws me closer than anyone for I feel I have found the blaze or should I clue you and everyone, it’s how one uses it. Anyway, there are steps even with NR earlier student years started with where warm waters halt. It’s a process. Think about that one. It is coming all together for me to revel the path to the final clue. Like I said, it’s a process. Remember the video of ff when he said I don’t remember the difference between a volt or an ohm. Not his exact words but something to that. Ohhhh yes he does. I hope this helps someone at some point.


  7. ” But tarryscant with marvel gaze .”
    Gaze is a form of staring , and staring is a tight focus look .
    Just my opinion for what it’s worth .


  8. ” So hear me all and listen good . ”
    IMO , only stanzas 1 , 5 , and 6 are where he is really talking to us . He references himself as I . The other three stanzas seem to be more directional .



  9. There are two horrible words going around and they are hurting some feelings out there. Some Chasers are calling other Chasers MOVERS & DEFACERS πŸ™

    You know what I say to those Chasers?
    “Dont’ Hate the Player, Hate the Game!”

    Thrill of the Chase!


    • THose guys should read this –

      Have you ever reached the rainbow’s end?
      And did you find your pot of gold?
      Ever catch a shooting star
      And tell me how high did you soar?

      Ever felt like you were dreaming
      Just to find that you’re awake
      And the magic that surrounds you
      Can lift you up and guide you on your way

      I can see it in the stars across the sky
      Dreamt a hundred thousand dreams before now I finally realize
      You see I’ve waited all my life for this moment to arrive
      And finally I believe

      When you look out in the distance
      You see it never was that far, oh no
      Heaven knows your existence
      And wants you to be everything you are


    • LOL Why do I think I resemble that remark? I mean not the hater, the mover…I might have moved some rocks that made up a secret campfire. I don’t deface though…although there was this time at the St. James Hotel in Cimarron that I was a bit tipsy and considered using a sharpy to draw a double ff on one of the painted Aspens they have on their patio murals…but I didn’t!! lol…


      • I never moved nor defaced either.
        I did pick up trash, not very much. Most of it was very old trash such as cone top beer cans and those requiring a “church key”. I am proud to say that at Yellowstone anyway visitors are very clean and do in fact give a hoot and don’t pollute like woodsy owl asks.


      • What if we all dont have the full picture? Is it right to be judgemental? What if as many suspect, when you find the blaze your journey isnt finished? Think about it.


        • So true Deb !

          I really don’t think he would pick a mountain and say OH! I will make that the blaze and now all can go and find it.

          I am one number away from being finished. Guess where that number is? Yes sirey – IN THE MIDDLE – πŸ™‚


        • LOL – Mike

          The edges give a clues – but that was easy.

          Remember when we were blowing up pictures –

          My mind is getting so befuttled.


  10. First I would panic worrying someone may see me with it. Then I would get somewhere private with a locking door and open the chest and proceed as follows:

    Well probably have the same reaction as when my son told me they were having a baby. I laughed for about ten minutes straight. Tears running down my face, side aching laughter.Ode to Joy, literally. πŸ™‚

    Then I would take it to my kids house and watch them… πŸ™‚


  11. What would your reaction be like when you open the lid to the 10X10X5 Bronze Romanesque Lock Box “Treasure Chest” when you find it?

    I believe Forrest Fenn stated this: β€œWhen a person finds that treasure chest β€” whether it’s tomorrow or 10,000 years from now β€” and opens the lid, they are going to go into shock. It is such a sight.”

    In my opinion that certainly has to be true especially with that comment coming from a wealthy man…”going to go into shock”. If it’s shocking to Forrest it will be 1000 times more shocking to a regular joe-smo.

    Now if you are wise and the fortunate one to find the “Chest” will you open the lid there at the spot where you found it or carry it to the vehicle then open the lid in there, or will you be joe-cool by remaining calm, collected, and extremely patient, and wait till you got it home, in the house, and open the lid there, or will you tuck it away somewhere and open the lid in a couple of days, weeks, months or years? When will you open the lid and what do you think your reaction will be like?


    • Personally I would be joe-cool by getting it home, then making sure I’m alone, and then open the lid upon arrival possibly locked up in the restroom, with the shower running and with a stereo in there going full blast as not to be heard by the neighbors or anyone when I yell.

      My reaction? Here you go…


    • I would be thinking to myself and have my eyes close with the treasure in front of me and think, I finally can do what I need to do to make it this damn life….


  12. Vg, I think your question deserves a well thought out answer. I will get back to it later tonight, when all is calm around me and I can give it the effort it deserves. Thank you for asking this.


  13. The Thrill of the Chase to me, vgboss, is the search for Light, Wisdom, Truth, and why not some American Eagle Gold Coins, Gold Nuggets, a vial of Gold Dust, Rubies, Sapphires, Diamonds, etc…

    “Put in below the home of Dan Brown”
    Video – youtu.be/vuqwz4flCaI …I’m Just Having Fun Here πŸ˜‰

    I found the part in regards to Remote Viewing rather interesting…Hmmm Noetic Sciences. Chain of Union…when you have a number of people focused on a specific ritual, or thing, or whatever, you will get, receive, or see some kind of change…Ah…this is no secret..It’s in the Bible just not stated in that way.

    What does the Thrill of the Chase mean to you? What are you getting through your repeated readings of the Poem, Blogs, Forums, the Books if you purchased them, your research via the World Wide Web on this matter, and your search or searches for the “Chest”?


    • How to explain when something touches your life so profoundly in so many different ways? I have attempted to tell Forrest bits and pieces but didnt want to take up much of his time with my thoughts.

      The poem and books have inspired me to see a broader picture of life. For me it has become a stimulus to examine my own beliefs and to see the common bonds and roots that we all

      That in turn has made me more content and yes happy too.

      I know to many of you I sound nutty as a fruitcake, but thats ok too. πŸ™‚ I dont expect anyone to understand me.

      The chase has given me so much more than any of you will ever know. I had just gotten out of the hospital after a very close brush with death. I was lent a copy of the book and thought, hey I can figure this out. Little did I know, the treasure was in the book and the man behind it all.

      Im still looking for that golden treasure, but have gained so much more from Forrest and all of you too.

      That ball of string and the theory of everything lead me on a journey of self exploration. Thank you Forrest. πŸ™‚


      • azuredeb you do not sound nutty as a fruitcake…don’t think that. You are speaking from your heart. You are being real by being honest and that is treasure in itself. That is what I’m talking about, what I was asking for. What does this Thrill of the Chase mean to you? You replied with answers and now I know your answer. Despite you not having the treasure in your possession you are still discovering treasure in other forms. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts, feelings, etc… πŸ™‚


      • ARGUS33 I don’t travel much. So I would say I’m not a traveling man especially not like Forrest Fenn who has been everywhere. Heck if I begin to write a book about my travels, right this minute, I probably would not be able to fill more than 1 page and I would more than likely finish writing it within 3 to 5 minutes or so. You know ARGUS33 I appreciate that question. It’s time for me to get out a lot more! Thanks

        Video- youtu.be/Il-yLKxJW_s …just having fun here πŸ™‚



          • Geydelkon that fellow, over in Santa Fe, NM going by the name Forrest Fenn, says that he likes to bend a little…so that tells me that we can bend time πŸ˜‰


        • .
          Nice, VGBOSS. We were having a dialog on another “Thrill” site, related to faster-than-light information transit (it has been proven), in the 5th dimension, quantum entanglement, and a researcher with the initials CES.


          • Yes, entanglement and supposed spooky action at a distance, as perplexed Einstein (EPR Paradox), yet shown to be the case by Alain Aspect and others, yet most clearly described by Bohm.

            With entanglement, I don’t believe that info is moving faster than light- it’s the false belief in the separation by distance. The two or more entities behave as one because, in essence, they are. The info doesn’t travel, it’s already shared.

            It’s interesting also how they’ve been able to slow light down to a crawl.

            But hey, what gives with the chest? Perhaps it’s in two places at the same time…



        • Hahahaha No problem! But by “Traveling Man”, I meant Freemason. We tend to refer to one another as such. So, I guess that would be a no then? I’m looking for other Chasers who are also Masons. Feel free to chime in if you read this and are a Brother.


  14. Hmm is Dangerous Intel #1 closed?…I could not find a reply button. Anyway, think about the words in the poem. Hear them differently and redefine the terms. Like the word “where” and then look up the word “weir”. It’s in my spot. In the line with “where warm waters” is two different areas for it is less than 100 feet. I mentioned this before giving everyone a clue. Just my thinking. He said do not change the poem. You can change how you hear it. Why is it too late because I think now I have to go in December. Just to let you all know I don’t think it won’t be found during the summer. Look a hummingbird!


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