Fenn Q&A, by Jenny Kile

After pondering the poem, the books, the interviews, and all else, it is only understandable we still want to know more.  Not only about certain aspects of the hunt, but also about the man behind it all.  I am so grateful and appreciative that Forrest Fenn is giving us that chance.

In the segment, Questions with Fenn, Forrest Fenn is generously giving his time to answer our questions. The Questions and Answers are being shared for all to benefit and take pleasure from.  Mike has been so gracious to provide a place for us to discuss these here.  Thanks Mike.

(If you would like to submit a Question, you can email me at sixer13 at gmail dot com)

Best of luck to all who have chosen to take on the challenge of The Thrill of the Chase!

Jenny Kile

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  1. “I stayed with “Uncle Jew.” He wasn’t my uncle and he wasn’t Jewish so I don’t know why I called him that. ”


    for this one im going with, someone may have solved the first 4 clues, but f is not certain

    if any one knows what im talkin bout, just give me a “10-4 good buddy”

    if you don’t its ok. just run back and forth across the graveyard, think positive thoughts, and dont fall on your side

    i heard some of those folks died out on the main line

    tonight’s the night. r i p


    • Chris, I’m going out on a proverbial limb here…if it breaks, no big deal…I’ll land in the same pile of pine needles we all sit in after searching…but I believe that Im the one who may have solved four of the clues. Problem is…the clues are VERY different than searchers believe, and don’t necessary land you in the correct starting place. It’s more of a method to solving a puzzle than location clues. That said, numbers don’t lie, they confirm.


  2. weekly words at jenny’s…..notice this week Forrest comment uses the word “box” just like that, in quotations.
    whenever i use quotation marks, and i use them often, its to relay a message to the reader of my words that the word or phrase in quotations is not mine. i am quoting someone else. so here in Forrest’s comment he is indicating to me that the reference to the “box” is someone else’s idea of what the “box” is. We as searchers think that the “box” is the bronze box of course. And i believe that someone else is the person who wrote the introduction to TTOTC which is found inside the dust jacket front and rear. correctly stated, the poem is a map to the chest. not the “box”. the chest of the poem is not the bronze box.

    opinion mine. not “opinion mine”


  3. weekly words dec 2nd…

    *A plan is better than a hunch

    apples and oranges people, it makes no sense.

    just another gobblety gook to support the asterisk.

    thats what Hunch told me anyway.

    i think


  4. phone rings at Fenn Manor thursday evening

    FF- “mmm, yello! ”

    Jenny- “hi forrest its jenny! i need this weeks weekly words.”

    FF- “yeah, yeah, hold on Jen.”
    (forrest reaches for his dictionary, begins flipping pages with one hand and eyes closed.)
    “ahhhh, now!” (forrest stops flipping pages and points a word out with one finger.) ok jen its victory. how many ya want this week?”

    Jen- “gimmie three this time.”

    FF- “only three? well okey doke heres another…(flipping pages) bingo!”

    Jen- “bingo? is that the word?”

    FF- “naw Jen, the word is teacher. I just said bingo when my finger hit the page.”

    Jen- “oh, ok. so far we got victory and teacher.”

    FF- yeah, yeah…ok here comes number three.”

    Jen- “is the word three ?”

    FF- “no, Jen. i meant here comes the third word….(flipping pages) HA! ok Jen the third word is knowledge. work it out Jen, i gotta go.”

    Jen- “hold on forrest….uh, lets see uh.
    victory teacher knowledge, uh, uh
    how about this…..a teacher breeds winners through learning.

    FF- “I dont like it Jen, hit me again.”

    Jen- “ok, ok….uh….how about…..a tutor champions wisdom.

    FF- “yore gettin closer Jen uh-huh. one more and we’ll figger it out.”

    Jen- “K……how about….success is an omniscient guru.”

    FF-” what does that mean Jen, you lost me there.”

    Jen- “i dont know but its cool.”

    FF- “yeah, yeah , cool, ok Jen….go with it. and dont forget the asterisk.”


  5. the weekly words are out for 10-18-2016.
    there is no asterisk.
    score one for the A-Team, we called it.
    inthechaseto mentioned the asterisks on Dal’s blog and….! poof ! they are gone.

    first clue is first stanza of the poem….Buffalo Bill Center of the West.


  6. 10-11-2016…looks like another asterisk* on the weekly words at Jenny’s….i guess ol FF will keep throwin em out there til one of the numbskulls will talk about it.


  7. weekly words at Jenny’s 9-30-2016……*you will like the top two treasures in the chest. f

    see the asterisk? its a footnote. footnote to what? there is no other commentary in this installment of weekly words. its a footnote to the fact that the blaze is feet. only the asterisk is important. disregard the words they mean nothing.

    i think


    • Great find Bob –

      I just checked and no one on any of the other blog picked this up…………. I read it and didn’t see it either.

      Wish I could agree with what you think it means….I’ll have to give it some thought.

      I won’t post it anywhere – let’s see how long it takes someone else to find it………


      • inthechaseto- maybe this will help you agree with me about what the asterisk means….when reading a book and you come across an asterisk, what do you do? where does the asterisk direct your attention? to the bottom of the page. and, to direct your gaze to the bottom of the page you must…. look quickly down, to the footnote.
        asterisk (star) = blaze
        look quickly down
        footnote (feet)

        i think


          • I think it depends on where you were looking previously:
            – If you are looking up or forward, by looking down you look what is in front of you (on the table).
            – If you are already looking down(i.e. reading the poem lets say), where further down can you look? at the bottom of what you are reading.But what if you are reading the last sentence already?

            An asterisk after a word or phrase, indicates there some extra information in the footnote.
            Asterisk before a word/phrase maybe a list.


          • UA –

            If you are working on the poem at a table and we’ve had plenty of tables………your computer would be there and if you look quickly down you would see Keys……… Key to what……key to the solve. What might you have in front of the computer – paper work. The blaze – or rather one of them – could be your paper work. Did you find the rainbow yet?


          • PS – UA –

            Your pick up on the asterisk is great – you are going to need lists – lots of lists.


          • I believe the whole poem is a list.
            Unfortunately for me no rainbow yet. 🙁

            Still not giving up though. I know I am missing something that is making me not see it. No matter, sooner or later something will click and I will have my “aha” moment.


          • UA –

            You just keep on truckin….one day over the pass – you’ll find the beer…….. Oh, I don’t think that story is online anymore. A beer truck went over the pass and didn’t make the last turn – everyone, well almost everyone, in the town – got drunk. And that be a true story.


          • ok inthechaseto- you want more? here ya go…..from TTOTC pg 15

            …”my awareness took it’s first few STEPS* ”

            this page is in bold type meaning….THIS IS HUGE.

            the asterisk placed after the word steps. the blaze is feet.


          • Hi Bob –

            I agree steps are important – also the order in which they are taken.

            It’s not easy to put one step in front of the other on that tiny little deer trail.

            That’s what most people do – they see what they want and stop after the first few steps. Interesting also, is that sentence (with the asterisk) starts with “So”. I see a lot of words in that sentence that can be applied to the chase.

            On this particular page the “N” that starts it – is larger that the other capitol letters that are in each chapter.. It only covers two sentences – when the others cover three………….So – that is the word “Not”.


          • inthechaseto- blah blah blah…yeah well keep connecting those capital letters….

            heres how the feet blaze works. … lets say you are at your really cool place that the poem led you, in the wilderness. ok, now a blaze is a trail marker, and coincidentally, feet mark the trail in the form of footprints! so, when you look quickly down at your feet and realize that they are marking the trail that then is the blaze. now your quest has ceased because you found the blaze. the footprints!
            but, tarry scant (stay short) and marvel gaze (look in awe) at the beautiful landscape, and finally-
            just take (photos of) the chest (treasure chest that is this wonderful place the poem sent you) and go in peace (home).

            easy huh?


        • In 1598 the first Spanish settlement was established on the Rio Grande River by Juan de Onate; in 1610 Santa Fe was founded and made the capital of New Mexico. The U.S. acquired most of New Mexico in 1848, as a result of the Mexican War, and the remainder in the 1853 Gadsden Purchase.


          I think that if feet are important, than this somehow ties in. You’re welcome. 😉


      • argus- hey good to see you back here at Mike’s blog….Omission? thats a good find. In TTOTC and on Dal’s blog, many feet are omitted from photos. thanks.


      • Hi Argus !

        Thanks for that little star info….here’s some too………….

        2. * (Asterisk)

        The asterisk name is derived from the Greek term asteriskos, meaning “little star,” and it was originally applied to distinguish date of birth from other references to years.

        Asterisk is also used in spreadsheet formulas as the mathematical “times” symbol rather than the X.

        We should also be aware that all the numbers, heading chapters, in TFTW and underscored. I’m working on that one…


        • inthechaseto- you said the asterisk is used in place of the X. so, asterisk marks the spot not an X. our man Mike, the proprietor of this blog uses artwork as a header that hides the legs and feet with a blanket.


  8. bob:
    right Tom…i didnt see any vigorous thought or discussion on the FF segment of the Today show aired on 9-17 on Dal’s blog . why is that? did i just miss it?

    Don’t know Bob. But, and without going into a rant It’s probably a good thing that I was banned from Dal’s site. I am his worst nightmare.


    • ok inthechaseto, i voted for Jenny. and, i wrote-in my vote for Dals blog for best beauty/fashion blog. i mean those folks at Dals not only look good they dress well for the occasion. is finding the chest really important? no.

      i think


          • I dress well (I think).

            Whatever….I’m just glad we’re friends. We may not always agree with each other but there is certainly a great deal of vigorous thought taking place!!!


          • right Tom…i didnt see any vigorous thought or discussion on the FF segment of the Today show aired on 9-17 on Dal’s blog . why is that? did i just miss it?


          • inthechaseto- yes tuna. let me explain perhaps you are not old enough to remember the star kist commercials….you see Charlie tuna voiced by Phil Silvers, is trying to get star kist to catch him to be used in a starring role in a commercial. so , Charlie tries numerous methods to attract attention using charm, wit, etc. all to no avail because star kist wants tunas that TASTE GOOD. not tunas with good taste.
            here at mikes blog we are like star kist in that we tunas (searchers) are the meat of the chase, the bread and butter, information found here you can really sink your teeth into.
            at Dals , its all fluff. just like charlie tuna. no meat. try and bring substance to dals and you get kicked out.

            i think.


  9. Re: Billy Forester @ Mysterious Writings –

    Now we have seasoned searchers asking who he is ? You are kidding me.
    If ya’ll can’t find all the info on him – in about 5 mins. – you need a new hobby.


    • inthechaseto- I’m not asking who Billy Forrester is, i dont care. I dont understand why seasoned searchers would care either. I wish Billy godspeed in wearing out as many pair of hiking boots as he possibly can. I’ll be in the cafeteria having an ice tea. thank you.


  10. I think Forrest gave us a Birthday present. What he meant to say is…….. “Save your best mile until after you raise the lids.” f…….so it’s that mile with a smile that will flow when you go, the adrenaline that is.


  11. i found it interesting that none of the posts i read on Dals or Jennys blog by searchers can figure this one out….

    on Jenny’s weekly words, FF is asked- “A blog is making a big deal about you liking to be alone” and some more stuff….but whos blog is Sally talking about? it wasnt here or at Dals i dont think. doesnt matter. but it seems like i miss out on a lot.

    here is FF’s response…”It’s just that I enjoy the solitude and the company”
    it seems everything i read by searchers shows they dont understand how you can have solitude and company at the same time. heres what i think he means- solitude is being alone. the company hes talking about is nature, not other people. i understood what he meant instantly. i swear no rabbits told me.


  12. *A good solve is frequently lost in a poor execution.”

    Mindy and a few others picked up on “execution” as in “to kill” which is supported by putting “a” in front of it. Take “a” away and it means execution of the solution.

    She mentioned “Thomas “Black Jack” Ketchum” which was coincidentally linked to Harvey “Kid Curry” Logan as he was once in that gang. I wrote about Kid Curry in my book when I had a solution involving Doc holiday grave site. I always found it intriguing how “Curry” was logical missing spice to that strange “spice scrapbook” that begs hints.

    However, in this case I am not so sure if that is correct execution. There is a more famous execution that we are all familiar with: Jesus Christ was executed and could be considered a “poor execution”. Does anyone know of any “good solves” that have a link to Christ?

    Pam and ….


  13. Hey E* here is a little follow up on Stella Lake, i searched Google for stela with one l ,as Forrest likes to mess with double letters here is the definition:

    A stele (plural steles, from Greek: ?????, st?l?[1]) or stela (plural stelas or stelæ, from Latin) is a stone or wooden slab, generally taller than it is wide, erected as a monument, very often for funerary or commemorative purposes. Stelae may be used for government notices or as territorial markers to mark borders or delineate land ownership. They very often have texts and may have decoration. This ornamentation may be inscribed, carved in relief (bas, high, etc.), or painted onto the slab. Traditional Western gravestones are technically stelae, but are very rarely described by the term

    The most notable stele(Stela) relating to the chase i found was BEAR-ing inscriptions and its called the Rosetta Stone


  14. I may try this again as I am not allowed to post over on Dal’s site. I really don’t know why that is but that’s ok! Just got back from traveling the Enchanted Circle. Was it really 19 degrees this morning? I’m not expecting to find the treasure but I’m having a blast seeing New Mexico. Some places remind me of my home state, Tennessee. The northern part of the state that is.I have tried to read some of these blogs but after a while I honestly just have to say, Really! I have a short attention span anyway and can end up with a bad migraine so I Don’t push it! The way things have gone these past how many years now? I feel as though someone will stumble upon it, the treasure that is, before anyone will figure the poem out! Good luck to everyone though. I will have fun out in the great outdoors myself. I have just come through the wilderness and am happy to be alive and honestly happier now than I’ve ever been. It really doesn’t take a lot, or shouldn’t to make someone happy especially if your content with your partner. Again good luck to all but if I found it I wouldn’t tell a soul!


  15. anna – Did someone mention Molybdenum?:


    Anna, lots of rocks glow, if by “rocks” you mean “mimerals” and by glow, you mean “fluoresce.”

    Some of those minerals have been mentioned on the blog, like tungsten, molybdenum, and diamonds (diamonds only are a little fluorescent).

    I considered that mineral,…which is mined in great quantities,…in Butte, MT,…and also Circe vs. Hercules,…and the drug she used called “Moly”,…and that Wolves and Lions protected her,…but NOT Grizzes. 🙂




    • Constonteen did conquer turkey and Egypt and made constannople the capital of the Roman empire (Brown what?)( capital B) Constonteen got all the smart men together and reasoned that Jesus was the son of God and therefore God Jesus and holly Ghost are all one in the same or 3 in one; see I know it is 3 and don’t wonder if it is 3 0r 4, sorry to harp on this, David played the harp for King Saul; I am now comparing the shape of the harp to a particular scream beam or ridge; does any of the blogs show a picture of a harp, was that a tour up harp in John the Baptist painting?


      • Crackpot, look at the cover of Too Far To Walk. Do you see the shape of a harp in the photograph on the cover? I do. Also, check out this picture of a lyre, which is pretty much a type of harp. Now add another one so there are two and ten invert them. See anything familiar?


        • Crackpot, look at the cover of Too Far To Walk. Do you see the shape of a harp in the photograph on the cover? I do. Also, check out this picture of a lyre, which is pretty much a type of harp. Now add another one so there are two and then invert them. See anything familiar?


          • decall – I think Argus33 was referring to the Double Omega-like hoops,…that hold up the canvas,…on that old wagon,…that Forrest is leaning on in that cover photo.


          • On the cover of Too Far To Walk, we see the shadow of a man holding a walking stick. The shape of a harp to which I refer is made when you connect where the shadow of his arm connects with the shadow of the stick, and where the stick connects with the shadow of his foot. See it? Also, there are shapes that look rather double omega-ish in the bottom right and left sides of the bottom of the stone entryway to Yellowstone. Also, please enjoy the picture of this poor, awful dog. It has nothing to do with anything.


    • Forrest, not trying to be a smarty, but logic:
      which I am not very good with;
      line one- Forrest family keeps him hemmed in.
      two- How did he go alone in there if line one is true?
      line 3- Forrest says no one knows except him and the dog.
      four- that must be false since line one is true.
      line five- don’t all you people know that his family aren’t letting him go no where alone to be killed or get hurt in anyway, so what happened logicaly; well I think he changed cloths with the pizza delivery boy who Forrest duct taped his mouth and locked him in the basement then he left in those silly pizza out-fit and drove that pizza truck full of pizzas up to the hiddy spot which is only 10 minutes from home of Brown, so a lot of people you know must have got hung or something close to where Forrest lives (that can be checked in the Santa Fe no place for meeks records), so he has 30 minutes to hide it and time even to go by McDonalds for a hamburger and arrive back home to wake up the pizza guy that he had druged to sleep with a gas at the front door delivery.


      • crack pot – Brilliant! I am going to call your story you posted the “Dominos Theory”:


        “Finally, you have broader considerations that might follow what you would call the “falling domino” principle. You have a row of dominoes set up, you knock over the first one, and what will happen to the last one is the certainty that it will go over very quickly. So you could have a beginning of a disintegration that would have the most profound influences.”

        Which is why this is the last time I will respond to one of YOUR posts here. I don’t like disintegration. Note: that I did not respond to you AT ALL,…over at Forrest’s,…when you posted there.


      • crack pot- line five of your synopsis would be reference to a silver alert. yes, he does not go anywhere alone. additionally, there is no mention of any silver items in the box. excapt for the bracelet which probably has his home phone number etched inside.


  16. 49 dollers – Here’s that “cartouche” word again:

    E on April 18, 2015 at 9:20 am said:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    OS – You wrote:


    OS on April 17, 2015 at 9:26 am said:
    So many stories seem to have parallels. The hieroglyphs were broken with a repeated keyword, the cartouche of Cleo because the characters were not symbols of pictoral relevance, but phonic resonance.
    I may need Christopher… that Cumberbatch machine thing.

    Yes,…I saw “Enigma” also,…and I am glad that you reiterated that the blaze,…and The Poem solution,…might be related to a “word that is key”,…the cartouche (See also: Pictograms and Pictographs). And that character Cumberbatch played,…solved it,…because he stayed connected to his co-workers/friends,…who mentioned something at a bar,…that helped him solve the puzzle. Nice. 🙂


    • A fly went in my drink as I sat at the bar, and as he did a back stroke around in circles I couldn’t help think of what you mentioned that have a common characteristic as none of them will rust.


      • Why I can’t control where your mind goes; here I was thinking about “Crack a book on Ecology” what crack waaaas you thinking of?”


  17. E*:
    inthechaseto – Thank you for the nice compliment. I was wondering when you would come back over here to join us,…since we often talk about fly fishing. I still love your avatar, btw.

    Your welcome E*

    So, after I find this treasure I will be actually putting together a team to go find the dussy. It will be an amazing find – as there are really three cars – all of that era – that are hidden – and I know excatly where they are. I would like to invite you on this new journey – only after this quest is competed by someone. Many here will be invited so if someone here is interested let me know.


      • I know you will find this hard to believe, but I am coming in june not to look especially for thre treasure , but for the cut off stumps. I wrote down all my spot choices and asked, ” who ever heard of that and who would understand easily, quickly the connection to Forrest in a personal way, like He did get married and I think Peggy could have gotten fire in her eye a time or two or 3 or 4 (that’s why it’s 3 or 4 O.K. got it now; I am heading for the stumps!!!!!!!!!!!!


  18. Everyone – And in case you don’t know the trail number that leads from two different directions to my spot,…think “Tea with Olga”,…and Red-Black-Green,…and refer to this chart,…that I am sure Forrest was quite familiar with in his early days in the Air Force:


    In 1952, my buddy Sammy Myers and I were Buck Sergeants in the Air Force, stationed in Greenville, South Carolina. Our job was repairing airborne radars and flying radio operator on C-82s and C-119s.



  19. anna – Thank you! 🙂

    E on April 17, 2015 at 9:08 am said:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    anna – I call my island that fits that description my Double Omega Island,…because that stream creates the 360 degree surround,…that a complete rainbow would,…above and below said island. Thank you for that info.


    And I think there be pirates hidin’ treasure,…on that there island!


    • anna – And why does that Double Omega Island idea,…remind me of that circumpunct (alchemical symbol for GOLD),…that I read about in Dan Brown’s “Book of Symbols”? Is THAT the HOB??? 🙂


    • anna – And didn’t SOMEONE have a dream about Captain Kidd?:


      “They buried the chest of gold and drew lots to see which of their number would be killed so that his body could be left on top of the chest to protect it from all treasure hunters. Over the years a legend grew up around the treasure – the gold could be dug up only by three people at midnight when the full moon was directly overhead. They must form a triangle around the exact spot and work in absolute silence, words would break the charm!”

      Bring a flashlight and a sandwich,…and do NOT bring a Big Mouth Bass!!! 🙂


      • E* I’ve been busy today, sorry I missed all of your great posts. Pretty sure the big mouth bass would freeze to death. sinking quickly down into the brown muck of the River in that north country where you post photos.


        • anna – I guess the Big Mouth Bass will have to hang out with the Carp,…at Three Forks,…where the “Old Muddy” meets the “Big Muddy” this Spring,…now THAT’s a “home of Brown”! 😉

          And maybe “IT” meets “IT”‘s Omega there,…also WWWH (like “IT’s Alpha,…where “IT” meets the Firehole and the Gibbon Rivers).


        • anna – In the Preface of the TFTW book,…Forrest said he has done “IT” tired,…when he put in with his dingy attached to go fly fishing. But he could have used a float tube (get the “tired” ref.?),…to put in to hide the Bronze Chest,…in my “Forrest’s Plan B” solve. 🙂


  20. inthechaseto – Thank you for the nice compliment. I was wondering when you would come back over here to join us,…since we often talk about fly fishing. I still love your avatar, btw. 🙂


  21. Everyone – I know that WWWH is NOT at a dam,…but the area shown in the photo I posted below,…is a CLASSIC tailwater for fly fishermen (and has been fishing very nicely, lately,…according to the guides at Kelly’s Slide Inn):


    musstag on April 16, 2015 at 11:57 am said: I was reading about the Big Horn area and river and it said that the river is a tailwater river rather than a freestone, and it’s waters don’t freeze as bad. So warm waters stay there?

    E on March 31, 2015 at 12:03 pm said:

    42 – Here’s an even better photo of that spot,…which is also a good put-in for fly fisherman in waders,…or searchers who are “brave and in the wood” and paddling a canoe:


    If you would like to know more,…this is a great book:



  22. Everyone – To continue our discussion of keystones in arches,…and pinnacles of rainbows:


    E* says: 12:07 pm on April 16, 2015

    DEB – We have been discussing rainbow arches,…and keystone arches (making analogies about the pinnacle location in those),…over at Dal’s (except my responses are pasted into comments over at ttotc.com,…where I have been living in exile). I imagined the various trails that lead to my spot,…and how that idea would apply. I remembered,…as I went for a hike today out Adams Gulch,…someone mentioning (a while ago) that there is a picnic bench,…at a high point on one of my spot’s access trails,…where they said they were planning to meet me,…to eat their sandwich. That point would probably be the keystone,…or pinnacle of that rainbow arch. As the location of the Lane Parrish Memorial Bench is also,…on this trail I often hike:


    Lane’s Trail

    Length: 2.2 miles. Difficulty: intermediate

    Named after local skier Lane Parrish, who died in a plane accident in 1990, this trail weaves in and out of sage-covered gullies to a memorial picnic bench before descending to the Citizen’s Trail junction. The main access is at the Adams Gulch trail head, but it can also be reached from Lake Creek, Hulen Way and Sego Lane in the Hulen Meadows subdivision, and Wanderer’s Way off Warm Springs Road. Adams Gulch is a great place to explore and have fun in a relatively benign environment as all trails, except for Adams Gulch Road and Eve Gulch, are closed to motorized use.

    Here is my other favorite trail. For almost ten years,…I lived within a half mile of its trail head:


    I took a photo of that Lane Parrish Memorial Bench today,…and the view from it,…but it is not as pretty as in that photo. I wonder if I could use that image, though,…as my Found Object,…for that contest over at Dal’s? And I also thought,…since I am on a first name basis,…with most of the USFS Rangers in West Yellowstone,…that I might be able to enlist their help,…to get a similar memorial bench out to my spot,…after I retrieve the Bronze Chest. We could all eat our Pimiento Cheese sandwiches there,…and drink grape soda,…in honor of Forrest. 🙂


  23. The Wolf and decall – OK,…just for the two of you (from my post over at Forrest’s blog):

    E* says: 12:39 pm on April 16, 2015

    DEB – And my route that I propose that Forrest followed,…is a complete circle,…like that T.S. Eliot poem he quoted,…and it involves driving his Jeep Grand Cherokee,…on a fire road,…parking it at the end,…then taking those those two trips,…in one afternoon,…via different means of transportation. The first round trip,…I envision to be on foot,…with the Bronze Chest,…in a day pack,…on the outbound. After placing the Bronze Chest in his Hidey Spot,…he eats the Pimiento Cheese sandwich,…at the pinnacle of that trail,…at that picnic table with the view,…on the return trip (look for the grape soda bottle or cap around there). Then he grabs his E-Bike from the back of the Jeep Grand Cherokee,…with the gold and jewelry treasure chest contents (already packed into his bike’s saddle bags). He likes to “bump the curb”,…so I don’t think he got pulled over by the WYS Rangers for accessing the non-motorized vehicle area with a motorized bicycle,…on that remote trail:

    (I like that it is called “Stealth Bomber”)

    After placing the treasure into the Bronze Chest,…and tucking it into its Hidey Spot again,…he flew like the wind,…down that OTHER access trail,…with that bike motor running at full tilt,…to avoid being waylaid by My Grizz. Then he continued on,…back up that fire road,…back to his Jeep Grand Cherokee. And then Forrest laughed. 🙂


  24. Everyone – On William’s great comment:

    E on April 15, 2015 at 5:39 pm said:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    William – You wrote:


    William on April 15, 2015 at 3:32 pm said:

    “Fate deals you four cards and a joker , And you play whether you like it or not. ”

    This statement is a metaphor for his interactions with people he meets every day IMO. This bit of information can be found at the end of My War For Me that details the waiter you interact with or the news paperboy. These are characters in our lives that play a role and not realize and IMO that is what Forrest means!

    On that last sentence,…I agree,…and I remind you that Forrest has used that Shakespeare quote,…from “As You Like It”:



  25. Chris Yates – Answering your query:

    E on April 15, 2015 at 5:04 pm said:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Chris Yates – You wrote:


    Chris Yates on April 14, 2015 at 5:54 pm said:

    it took me a while to come to this conclusion, but on the big ball of string i think somebody just up and stole it

    Forrest maybe doesnt realize thats what happened. big balls of string could get you some serious money back in those days.

    I know where that World’s Largest Ball of String went (@0:27):


    And don’t mess with Archangel Michael,…or E*! 🙂


  26. anna and decall – On cluesfromphilly’s keystone/rainbow arch ananogly,…as respects his Clue #5:

    E on April 15, 2015 at 12:41 pm said:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    anna – You wrote:


    on April 15, 2015 at 10:11 am said:
    Thanks Philly, you’re right, poetry and great stories build upon an arch. Theoretically we all expect the end of the rainbow where the treasure resides to be the pinnacle, but in his poem you may be right – the arch is the strongest portion and critical in discovery – then ride the rainbow down to the finish…
    Shouting woohoo Forrest Fenn! you’ve changed my life!!

    I say we ride the snowmobile,…down that rainbow,…to the finish. It’s all downhill from there,…right, decall? But you might meet My Grizz,…and get eaten,…on the way out!


  27. Everyone – And I think that Captain Marvel, Captain America or The Phantom,…could easily use their “Marvel Gaze”,…to look right through that “tarry scant”,…to see the Bronze Chest. 🙂


  28. Everyone – My response to Kathryn,…about the Hidey Space:

    E on April 15, 2015 at 11:39 am said:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Kathryn – You wrote:


    on April 15, 2015 at 10:33 am said:
    WiseOne, Not feeling the cold, but needing to feel to actually find the chest. I do not think it can be found by sight at first. I do not think the chest is visible even when looking in the right place. So, how does one know where it is underground – have to probe or feel for it.

    I envision this line translation:

    “But tarry scant with marvel gaze”

    I see a “tarry scant”,…a flat rock covered in pine pitch (which Forrest seems to find so useful),…covered in glued down pine needles (which he aLSO said he loves). Like in that story in his book,…I believe the Bronze Chest has been hideen underneath,…in his “secret where” hidey hole,…covered by said rock.


  29. Chris Yates – I think that the “pure of heart”,…from the Sermon on the Mount,…are the “good”,…in Forrest’s Poem:

    E on April 15, 2015 at 9:23 am said:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Chris – You wrore:


    Chris Yates on April 14, 2015 at 5:38 pm said:
    in the last couple days i found a specific strong connection to the bible. it is something that could be thought as being both in the past and the future

    just my opinion, but if i turn out to be right, ill say i tol d you so

    Will need to make that Effort first and see though.

    Does your “strong connection to the bible’ have anything to do with this line of The Poem?:

    “So hear me all and listen good”

    With a “tight focus on the wor that is key”,…being ‘good’?

    If so,…we need to discuss the Angel Phanuel,…and Jacob,…and the Sermon on the Mount,…so I can illustrate how that ties the the use of the word, “good”,…and seeing the face of God (the past),…and maybe the Face on Mars (the future). That is certainly a blaze that will last 10,000 years!


    • Chris Yates – More on that Face on Mars (the future),…as a potential blaze:


      “In The Lost Book of Enki (2004) Zecharia wrote in regard to the Face on Mars that it marked the burial place of an Anunnaki leader named Alalu – that a great rock, fashioned in the image of his face wearing an astronaut’s helmet, covered a cave in which the dead Anunnaki leader was laid to rest.

      The existence on Mars of large caves (‘caverns’) topped by shaped rock structures – now revealed by NASA’s new discoveries – was thus actually written about first in Zecharia’s The Lost Book of Enki three years earlier.”


    • Chris Yates – From the Sermon on the Mount:


      “Blessed are the pure in heart,
      for they will see God.”

      That one about “the meek” was good for my solves, too. 🙂

      In my mind:

      “pure in heart” = “good”

      “So hear me all and listen GOOD”

      I prefer to have a “tight focus”,…especially when I am using Google Earth,…on MY version of the “word that is key”,…and that has turned out to be “pure in heart”,…instead of “good”. 🙂


    • Chris Yates – OK,…I’ll ask again,…in light of this solution I have shared for the blaze,…do you,…or anyone else,…have ANY idea,…why I am posting this photo of Forrest?:


  30. Everyone – Did you know that Jack London wrote about “Old Biddies” too?:

    E on April 14, 2015 at 3:25 pm said:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Kanafire – On the name “Biddy”,…with a “Peggy” thrown into the mix,…by Jack London (but I am NOT saying that “Old Biddies” are aka. as “Bitches”!):


    And that is not a profane term I used. I am referring to ACTUAL female dogs here:



    • E* –

      It was many moons ago – way before you started posting here – that we discussed dogs. It is one of the really fun hints that FF has given about the chase. Biddies – I see you found and she is awesome. The color of the dog is right in everyone’s face and it makes me smile. Forrest is brilliant and so are you.


  31. Lia, spallies, 42 and jdiggins: Just didn’t want any of you to miss out:


    E* says: 10:17 am on April 14, 2015

    Deb – I have never seen a wild colt,…running free. That sounded wonderful. Oh? Was that my cue to post a video featuring Brad Pitt,…in a movie that was supposedly set in Montana?:


    deb says: 12:46 pm on April 14, 2015

    I am not sure it was a real wild horse, maybe escaped is a better word? LOL I have seen wild ones before, there is a herd of them that lives a short ways from here. They have been championed by Shirley Maclaine, who owns a small house in the area.

    I had no idea Legends was filmed in Canada. Maybe thats why Forrest was concerned to see Canada left off the map? 🙂 I am wondering what the changes are in the second edition of TFTW are?


    And if Brad and Bart the Bear II want to film there,…in Canada,…where they might be more comfortable,…then I am OK with filming my Academy Award-winning movie there. No problem. 🙂


  32. Everyone – I was not discouraged when I found this email conversation with Forrest,…at all:



    We looked around the area of “Forest Creek” near a blaze there on Cabin Creek but found nothing. We also looked in a small cave further downstream where the pinnacles of the cliff look like a blaze of fire and up the side of the opposite wall about 40 feet. We took bear spray as well as our 9mm’s(some elk hunters laughed at us and said it would only make the bears madder!) Nonetheless, we had a great time as brothers on an adventure and probably will not make it back up there anytime soon. Maybe we can visit again if we get back to Santa Fe.

    Forrest responds-

    Glad you got in the chase but bummer about not finding the treasure. Don’t give up, maybe next summer. Did you see any other caves near where you were looking? f


  33. Everyone – I’m just sayin’:

    E on April 14, 2015 at 8:51 am said:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Michael – You wrote:


    Michael Hendrickson (@ic1198) on April 13, 2015 at 4:56 pm said:
    I was reading through the letters to FF and this one stuck out”
    “I had a chance to scoot down the Madison this evening. Its a beautiful river. I’ve never seen it before. Next I’ll have to be concerned about a blaze but first things first. The “home of Brown” is first. I walked some nice river tonight and saw some beautiful flywater. Will check out more tomorrow.”

    Forrest responds-

    “I am afraid you will figure the clues and find the chest. That’s why I am trying to guide you to where the grizzlies hide near Brown’s house and wait for treasure hunters. It was a hard winter for them and they are really hungry.”

    Did he really say that the Madison, or thereabouts, is the area to be searched?

    And you wrote below that comment:

    Here’s another one: FF says,
    “I hid the treasure chest at the first onset of dementia. I knew I had a disease so I made myself a note that revealed the exact location because I wanted later on to give some additional clues. Now I don’t remember where I put the note. Maybe if I search my fishing box I can find what it is that I was looking for.”

    See: My Grizz,…and possibly Forrest’s favorite, secluded fly fishing spot,…where our fearless leader does NOT fear to tread. The “exact location” is in a note,…in his “fly fishing box”. Where else would it be???


  34. anna – About those boundaries,…and maps:

    E on April 14, 2015 at 8:06 am said:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    anna – You wrote:


    “Also confirms my theory about what the blaze is, of Large note as f likes to say. Trying to find the right kind of map with notation of boundary markers, not just tship info.”

    My boundary markers,…in and around my blaze,…happen to form the shape of a Rainbow Trout (See: my post at TTOTC.com,…on Blog Buzz,…if you can load the page!). And I actually thought I could see two physical markers (made of Uba tuba Granite?),…two years ago on mytopo.com,…but can’t see them on the current image.


    • E* , I always like what you’re saying. Me n my son went out there last week with snowmobiles. Not too cold, but sure was difficult. Fresh wolf and bear tracks… so happy we didn’t see either. Love this area. Mine is a complete solve, so I feel like a fool if ever compelled to talk about the clues or hints. I’m still amazed so many people are looking elsewhere.


  35. Everyone – From Forrest’s SB 126:

    Musstag on March 18, 2015 at 9:13 pm said: ?? I wonder… I guess not. The published dates don’t line up right.Bob Dylan has a big write up in AARP mag. and it show him throughout the years with 6 different style HATS on…

    E on April 13, 2015 at 9:49 am said:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Musstag – I found a lot of songs by Bob Dylan that seemed to relate to Forrest and The Chase,…when I read the lyrics. Especially this one:



  36. anna – Just curious:


    anna on April 12, 2015 at 2:39 pm said: Cythia, those catch basins on top of rocky moutains are known for attracting lightening – possible blaze.

    E on April 13, 2015 at 8:34 am said:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    anna – See: my posts about the lightning blaze at TTOTC.com,…formed by Lightning Creek (switch the map to Satellite View),…that will certainly last 10,000 years,…and that you can see from Forrest’s Piper Malibu plane,…as he circles to approach the runway,…at West Yellowstone Airport. Maybe you was that over there already,…and you were just trying to give everyone else a great hint?


  37. Everyone – On charlie’s Morse Code comment:

    E on April 12, 2015 at 10:36 am said:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Charlie – You wrote:


    “nope, will look though. Still working on morse code. Have some middle English ideas, but not finished yet. All I’m getting is backup info anyway. Does do good on the confidence thing. Woody, how’s the weather in Montana? Doesn’t look good for a month.”

    Foxtrot,…this is Echo,…Charlie wants to know how the weather is Montana-way. What does The Fox say? And where is that Fox Tattoo image I texted to you? Is it over on the Found Object Contest page yet???


  38. Everyone – More good stuff from Goofy:

    E on April 12, 2015 at 9:05 am said:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Goofy – Like I said previously:

    Begin it where WARM halts (and cold begins)

    Fun to mess with it.

    You wrote,…excellently:


    “I’ve also looked at warm being a hue vs. actual temperature. An interesting point using the theme I spoke of with Wild Thang above about is glacial ice appears blue (a cool color) due to the compression of the ice.”

    Nice to see that others are interested in sharing their SUPER SECRET details of their solves.


  39. Everyone – Glad to be of service! 🙂


    E on April 12, 2015 at 7:08 am said:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Mindy – You wrote:

    “Those vague hints may be known to others, and one word you say may just give someone that final piece to their puzzle.

    For example, a searcher in Montana recently said something that helped me immensely and narrows down my search area A LOT.”

    That’s what I was counting on. And I was trying to help others. That is fun for me.

    Next I would like to remind everyone that WWWH could be at the Tree Line (more on that available at TTOTC.com,…including a nice painting by Eric Sloane).

    Your welcome.

    p.s. Forrest said that “SHE” should be quiet through the Winter. Spring has sprung.


  40. Everyone – A great comment from Goofy,…about WWWH:


    E on April 11, 2015 at 2:27 pm said:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Goofy – Excellent thoughts in your post! I was also thinking,…last night,…that if you leave the word, “waters” out of that line of The Poem,…you are left with:

    Begin it where WARM halts (and cold starts).

    That helped me narrow down some of my WWWH solutions,…like when WARM halts at a confluence of Hot/Cold,…or when WARM halts at a glacier,…or when WARM halts when Hebgen Lake freezes in Winter,…or when WARM halts at fishable trout zones.

    And I am only TEMPORARILY messing with The Poem. I wouldn’t DARE do THAT again! 😉


  41. Everyone – So who wants to provide a link to this comment,…over there at Dal’s,…by replying to Not Obsessed,…with this mytopo.com map link,…to the Hidden Treasure Mine,…in that Rock Creek, MT area? Maybe that is the “cave” he/she is looking for?:



    Not Obsessed on April 11, 2015 at 1:08 pm said:

    UKEN2IT, I haven’t been able to find it on the maps but Russell Osborne talked about a cave on the SE side of a perpendicular rock as they were traveling on the Rock Fork, I think it is called Rock Creek now. Sounds like a good place to hide something. Read The Journal Of A Trapper. You can download it free and search “cave”


    • Everyone – A good site about Osborne Russell that mentions Rock Fork (Rock Creek),…which might help Not Obsessed to find that cave:


      “We overtook the camp on a stream called Rocky fork [Rock Creek] a branch of Clarks fork of the Yellow Stone. When we arrived at camp we were told the sad news of the death of a french Trapper named Bodah, who had been waylaid and killed by a party of Blackfeet while setting his traps and one of the Delawares had been shot thro the hip by the rifle of one of his comrades going off accidentally and several war parties of Blackfeet had been seen scouting about the country. We had been in camp but a few minutes when two trappers rode up whom we called ‘Major Meek’ and ‘Dave Crow’.”

      The brigade of 60 men included at least 10 Delaware Indians from the East, hired as scouts, trackers and trappers. Russell describes a battle 3 miles above their winter encampment at the mouth of the Clark’s Fork on the Yellowstone, at the mouth of Rocky Fork (Rock Creek):


  42. E*:
    49 dollers – Yes,…I agree. And an “X” blaze could be viewed differently from the pilot’s seat in a Piper Malibu plane,…so it could look like a Crux Decussata:



    So could the blaze and WWWH be in the same place?:

    “If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,
    Look quickly down your quest to cease.”
    (From the pilot’s seat,…out the window,…of your Piper Malibu plane?)

    Yes i agree he looked quickly down from his fighter jet as he rolled his wing on the nigh side and “it was a funeral !!!”.


    • 49 dollers – You are ALL THAT,…49 dollers,…that is why you are playing with us over here on the A-Team! And I wish The Wolf could fly down here with his rescue helicopter,…so I could just land right on MY blaze,…and avoid all that deep and wet and slushy snow,…and a nasty confrontation with My Grizz! 🙂


    • 49 dollers – When I continue my reconnaissance of Forrest’s property,…I’ll check to see if he has any Uba tuba granite pillars like these, there:


      And speaking of funerals,… I will also “look quickly down” from MY blaze,…when I someday get my boots on the ground there (like maybe when all those OTHER searchers harass My Grizz,…and the USFS has to relocate him?),…to see if there might be a grave marker for that French soldier somewhere,…or maybe two,…one for Forrest and one for the soldier. Custom engraved. I still like Robin Olds’s epitaph, “I have flown home.” Forrest wants his Epitaph to read, “I wish I could have lived to do, the things I was attributed to.”


        • 49 dollers – That link to the story of how Wheeler Peak was named,…reminded me of one I read about in this book,…which includes details of how the USFS was established and organized:


          The author mentions a creek that was renamed by cartographers,…as something not as racy as the USFS folks had named it originally (but I can’t remember what that was!). That made me wonder if this creek once had another spelling,…like way back when Forrest said HE worked for the USFS:



        • 49 dollers – Or,…it could be an analogy to finding that same lofty view,…as described in that link you provided:

          “They emerged on a sagebrush-covered ridge and followed it to the mountain’s high flank. There, on a slope as steep as a cathedral roof, they entered an open forest of spruce and limber pine. Ahead, they saw rocks, roots, and tree trunks. Behind, they looked down through the treetops and saw the sun hanging low over distant mountain ranges.”

          This is one such view,…that Forrest and Donnie most likely saw,…during their explorations.:


          Lia – That is the view toward Big Sky, Montana,…over those ridges I mentioned. 🙂


  43. Everone – A discussion of GREED motivating some on The Chase,…over at Dal’s:

    Joe on April 10, 2015 at 11:17 am said:

    I apologize for failing to mention in the original post that, in the riddle above, there is a wee bit o’ plagiarism from ‘The Lord of the Rings’. Sorry, and rest in peace, Mr. Tolkien.
    Reply ?

    E on April 10, 2015 at 11:51 am said:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Joe – Beware The One Ring,…and the wrath of the Spirit of J.R.R. Tolkien!:




    • 49 dollers – “Battle”!!!

      So,…were you referring to a Three Musketeers-like utterance???


      exclamation: touché

      (in fencing) used as an acknowledgment of a hit by one’s opponent.
      used as an acknowledgment during a discussion of a good or clever point made at one’s expense by another person.


  44. Everyone – And some of those “others have turned around and retraced their steps” much farther away than within 500 ft.,…piratejim,…because they met My Grizz!:


    But when you finally get there, you see the road leads you through a narrow slot canyon pass that can’t be seen until you are there. It has been there forever and I’ve seen the pictures of Model T and Model B Fords that have passed through the canyon.

    Scale it down, make the road a footpath, and there you have what ff is telling you. You need to leave the path to see the way through. Others have turned around and retraced their steps, within 500, 100 and less feet of the end of their quest.


  45. Everyone – Deb and I have been kidding around over at Forrest’s blog,…about how THAT PERSON over at Dal’s called me a “stalker”,…before Goofy nuked that post. So I thought I would take the info. I found in this post,…over at Dal’s,…to see if I could fill those “stalker” shoes:


    Step One: Survey the property. See what kind of fish there are in the pond (ie. are there any Big Mouth Bass?). And see if there are Cottonwood trees next to it. And do you see the Cutest Dachshund Doggie on Earth????


    Don’t worry, Forrest. I would rather “stalk” the Bronze Chest. 🙂


  46. Everyone – I liked this post from slurbs over at Dal’s:


    Slurbs on April 9, 2015 at 5:02 am said:

    “I, for one, will not be sky diving to any of the nine clues. So, there is no chance of myself landing on the jail, Amy. Also, Amy, did you happen to see any weather updates? A big snow storm just hit Colorado. Anyone’s search there would very likely (worth) the cold!”

    What,…doesn’t slurbs want to see the blaze? And didn’t Forrest have to parachute out of his F-100D in Vietnam? He bumped into a cliff, though. He might need some lessons from these guys,…one of whom is the boyfriend of a nice lady I see when I have coffee here every morning:



  47. E* maybe some of us no longer care about finding Fenn’s treasure. I can have fun giving out my solve and let others invade the search area. I’ve been toyed with thru computer hack and phone tap. Was Forrest or his dad ever in the fbi? Thought I read that. I think f was in the navy too, just not common knowlege. Anyway someone thought my solve was close enough to use illegal means to spy on me. So dont be too judgmental. There are some weirdos out there. As I said no more games, if I post it’ll be helpful info for all to see.


    • Lia – Why would you think I was being judgemental???? And I look forward to your helpful posts. That is what I am doing, too,…am I not??? And I just found a few of your posts over at Jenny’s from a few days ago,…which I didn’t see before. I LOVE the “Exhibit B” video with the cutest fox in the WORLD! When you have time,…go take a look see. But not before you watch Daniel Day Lewis as “Hawkeye” in “The Last of the Mohicans”. That will take your mind off of icky people who do bad things. 😉

      p.s. I think I saw the blaze in that “Last of the Mohicans” video! Thanks to Deb’s post. Well,…it looked a lot like MY blaze,…anyway.


  48. Everyone – I just LOVE the new contest idea,…over at Dal’s,…and I have seen some great entries already:


    So,…I was thinking about this line in The Poem:

    “And with my treasures bold.”

    And I remembered when I started The Chase,…seeing a reference to “treasures bold” also being known as “found objects”,…which I posted here on this blog:


    And I think we are all doing a good job on identifying what Forrest might mean by (See: Trappers like Osborne Russell and Forrest’s Vignettes):

    “And hint of riches new and old.”


    • Everyone – OK,…I entered the Found Object Contest,…over at Dal’s. We’ll see if he has the integrity to post it,…and let me compete,…even though I am on forever-moderation:


      E on April 10, 2015 at 1:30 pm said:
      Your comment is awaiting moderation.

      Dal – I am checking here for my Found Object photo entry,…which I texted to your email this morning. I think I followed all the rules,…because a Tattoo (which I spelled wrong) is a painting (skin art),…and is NOT alive. And neither is that fox,…which, granted,…is an animal. But is IS inanimate, there,…on Izzy’s arm. And I collected my Found Object legally,…Izzy’s arm is still attached to the rest of her body.



    • Everyone – And further,…Dal:

      E on April 10, 2015 at 2:56 pm said:
      Your comment is awaiting moderation.

      Dal – And I did NOT pick up Izzy,…because I am a woman (and I don’t roll that way,…not that there is anything wrong with that),…but she is gorgeous,…all of her,…not just her arm),…and any man probably would have:

      “A Found Object is an item that you picked-up on a trip or a search and brought back home with you because you liked it or because it was unusual or because you collect these sorts of objects.”


  49. The Wolf – FYI:

    Full Definition of HYPOCRITE
    : a person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or religion
    : a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings
    — hypocrite adjective


    • The Wolf – Please feel free to post a link for Goofy over at Dal’s to my comment here,…just in case he isn’t reading my moderated posts over there:


      E on April 10, 2015 at 4:21 pm said:
      Your comment is awaiting moderation.

      Goofy – Does this phrase sound at all familiar to you?:

      Mike: “Please don’t put words in my mouth.”

      And you are not warning Mike and James,…about being put on forever-moderation,…or nuking their numerous and non-Chase-related comments,…WHY????

      What is the definition of a Double Standard on Dal’s blog??? I know this is not the Nine Clues,…but I happen to be looking in Montana,…and don’t want to read this stuff here. Please introduce these two boys to Facebook. Thank you.


  50. Everyone – Another great post,…over at Dal’s,…discussing Forrest’s “title”,…so I thought I would add to my, “D’Nile is a River in Egypt” solve:


    “SO where does this leave us? Well, F knows the title which is also the blaze.”

    I envision the blaze to be like a cartouche,…because of Forrest’s interest in all-things-Egyptian (see the photo of one below),…and how the Egyptians were so elaborate in their preparations for the dead (See: Osiris):


    But what would his “title” be? I was thinking it might be something to do with the Air Force,…like:

    Air Force Fighter Pilot Major Forrest Fenn (for-Ever!)

    Because of his “title” that I saw at the beginning of this story:


    But it would be denoted in Egyptian hieroglyphs and letters, maybe???

    Does anyone else have thoughts on this,…over here on the A-team?


      • Everything you need is in the poem =>the blaze is in the poem.

        There is no x in the poem=>x is not the blaze.

        The blaze is a single object in a word. Letters make up words=>the blaze is most likely a letter.
        My bets are on E, or W.

        E=the skipped e in books; the 5th dimension; the answer to hundreds of 5/V references in ff books


        • anna – It’s ALL about the “E”. 😉

          If your observation is correct,…then I think it is a nod to Eric Sloane (who added an e to the end of his last name),…whose real name is Everard. And IMO,…the cartouche I have theorized contains that E letter,…”drawing nigh” (on the left).


        • Good point on the X not being in the poem Anna, but the lack of it being there still makes its a viable blaze IMO, but later in the poem he does say “the answers I. ”


          • 49 dollers – Yes,…I agree. And an “X” blaze could be viewed differently from the pilot’s seat in a Piper Malibu plane,…so it could look like a Crux Decussata:



            So could the blaze and WWWH be in the same place?:

            “If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,
            Look quickly down your quest to cease.”
            (From the pilot’s seat,…out the window,…of your Piper Malibu plane?)

            Ergo,…Forrest didn’t “put an X on the map for you”,…it was already there. 🙂


          • 49 dollers – I am still wondering if anyone found that faint image of that Three Forks location,…on that page in TFTW,…next to the picture of Peggy?

            And that exact quote about the “X” from Forrest is:

            “Well, I’m not going to put an X on the map for you.”

            He didn’t. He put it in the TFTW book. 🙂


          • Good points 49dollars
            I = 9
            9 clues know the answers.
            I believe X is correct placement but not the blaze, if that makes sense.


    • Deb – You were over there at Dal’s,…supporting my idea,…but I don’t think you knew that:


      “It was common before written language to convey stories with shapes like petroglyphs and pictographs, and stars.”

      Now THAT is a blaze that might be around 10,0000 years from now,…right? 😉

      And the Intelligent Life Forms (descendants of The Wolf) might actually be able to read Forrest’s meaning.

      Nice post over there, Deb. Thank you. 🙂


      • I rarely speak about my thoughts because people think they are so far out there that they couldnt possibly apply. 🙂

        They dont realize how a thought could lead to an understanding of what the poem may be hinting at, IMO.


        • Deb – You mean,…you rarely speak about your thoughts,…OVER AT DAL’s!!! And maybe I,…for one,…can understand WHY???!!! But you share freely here,…and at Forrest’s blog also. Where we can all be free and open,…and not type endless IMOs every time we post. Thank you for all your excellent contributions here, Deb. I appreciate it. 🙂


        • Deb – And did I see that you mentioned Hercules in your post???:

          (Photo courtesy of JC1117’s post on the Found Objects page,…over at Dal’s. Hey,…where IS JC1117? Does he not like us over here anymore? He is missing SO much here! Deb! Could you please go summon him for me???)


    • Deb – See: “The Bear’s Voice” video,…from “Legends of the Fall”,…which starts with a fine scene featuring Brad and Bart,…and shows how angry “Tristan” can get. But like I wrote over at Forrest’s just now,…I don’t get angry,…I just get even. 😉


  51. 49 dollers – Great discussion about that stone object in Forrest’s Scrapbook:


    on April 9, 2015 at 6:54 am said:
    That stone thing appears to be uba tuba granite quarried from Brazil – the same granite in Fenn’s shower stall he beared for all. Look up the southern latitude for UbaTuba, Brazil – it matches or Mirrors northern Latitude which incidentally runs thru the Madison, Gallatin country in Montana. I’ve noticed Fenn likes to match up mirror names, places etc in NM and MT. And on both sides of watershed divides, and in both hemispheres. I’ve charted dozens.

    And did I menyion that “IT” could be The Madison River in The Poem???

    Deb – there are some pretty good discussions around there about Hermes,…it looks like Wise One isn’t worried about being “intimidating” to other searchers either. 😉


    • Deb – And about that Wise One Hermes post,…the Knights Templar and those belonging to the Order of the Rosy Cross,…have been associated with all things Hermetic (See also: the Cathars). Hence, “I can keep my secret where”. 🙂


      • Deb – I was thinking of a related Hermetic phrase,…”As above, so below”,…when I chose this Latin phrase,…for my CES inscription solution:


        Cuius est solum, eius est usque ad coelum et ad inferos (Latin for “whoever’s is the soil, it is theirs all the way to Heaven and all the way to Hell”) often appearing without et ad inferos ‘and to hell’, is a principle of property law, stating that property holders have rights not only to the plot of land itself, but also to the air above and (in the broader formulation) the ground below.


      • Deb – But I really couldn’t decide if all this belonged in my “Knights Templar Solve” or my “D’Nile is a River in Egypt” solve,…because of that Hermes-Thoth connection:


        Hermes Trismegistus may be a representation of the syncretic combination of the Greek god Hermes and the Egyptian god Thoth.[1] In Hellenistic Egypt, the Greeks recognised the congruence of their god Hermes with Thoth.[2] Subsequently the two gods were worshipped as one in what had been the Temple of Thoth in Khemnu, which the Greeks called Hermopolis


    • Yes E* i noticed that, i was also noticed about five days before that scrapbook came out a news story was posted in the media about a 132 year old rifle that was found in the Great Basin Natl Park, they then referenced the numbers to the Buffalo Bill Center to reveal the manufacturing date. Thought that might be something Forrest would follow, and i thought the numbers 132 were interesting i like those numbers for some reason no matter how they are arranged.


  52. Everyone – FYI:


    E on April 8, 2015 at 10:27 am said:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Dal – I thought your readers might be interested in this DVD,…or Craig Mathews’s book by the same title,…which has this description of that area where you took those Madison River photod for the cover of TFTW:


    And maybe THIS is the “home of Brown”?:

    “There is a deep spring hole across the river where it rejoins the road and a nine-pound brown was taken here once upon a time, and there is still a lunker or two in this spot.”


    • Everyone – Psssst! Don’t tell Dal! I heard the Moose like to hang out between the Barnes Pools and Baker’s Hole,…at Beaver Meadows. Shhhhh. 🙂

      “Three, the last of the locally named or numbered holes, which in fact are deep, fast runs. There are actually seven or eight of these from Cable Car Run just above Hole Number One, to the Beaver Meadows about three miles downstream. But only the first three are named by locals because, in the 1920s when the limit was twenty-five fish, it wasn’t necessary to go beyond Hole Number Three to fill your limit.”


  53. I am sorry to hear that Lia. I still believe in Forrest. I dont know if I am too stubborn or too stupid to give up?

    I want to believe in Forrest. I have so much going on that I have no control over that I need to have something to believe in. I dont think he is planning on taking it with him. He is a good man.
    In my opinion.


  54. Mike – SORRY! My thumb must have slipped on my laptop when I pasted a comment,…so lots of the Nine Clues thread posted instead!!! Could you please delete comment 162


  55. Everyone – Another great post:


    E on April 7, 2015 at 10:02 am said:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    wildbirder – Yes,…don’t mess with The Poem. There was a time,…long ago,…when I remembered The Poem wrongly,…and I then created a “brave and in the wood” reduction of it,…using only the verbs (including extending out those that are contracted),…and it sounded like how Hollywood used to have Native Americans speak in the movies:

    “Went hide hint. Begin halt. Take walk…..”

    Forrest was probably saying, huh??? What???

    I apologized when I discovered my mistake,…and as my punishment,…he sentenced me to read TTOTC book,…which I had not read (and which contains The Poem,…so I could memorize it correctly,…which I have done now). So that was good.


  56. Everyone – Another good opportunity for Brad and Bart time:

    E on April 7, 2015 at 7:58 am said:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Goofy and Dal – After reading La Lee’s story,…I thought of how I had put myself in Forrest’s moccasins,…to try to think of where and why he would hide the Bronze Chest,…based on his diagnosis of Kidney Cancer in 1988. He chose his final resting place,…based on that diagnosis,…then was blessed with a miraculous recovery,…but still kept that spot for his treasure location. Then he wrote The Poem,…over the next 15 years. During that time,…”Legends of the Fall” was released in theaters,…in 1992. I wonder if Forrest considered this final scene,…and the way Tristan met “a good death”?:


  57. Thank you for the support E*, and thank you K as well. Must be a relative of your’s E*. Good head on his/her shoulders – found WWWH in 2 hours … pretty impressive.


  58. Everyone – Did you see Dal’s post about the Crooke County Cache and the Found Objects Contest?:

    E on April 6, 2015 at 9:45 am said:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Dal – What a great contest! Thank you for coming up with it! I read the rules,…and you did say no Easter Eggs,…but I thought this one I found at the Flea Market was an exception:


    Video courtesy of Astree,…over at mysteriouswritings.com

    Happy Easter!


  59. Everyone – On Forrest’s SB 134,…still no Moose for Dal, right?:

    E on April 6, 2015 at 9:12 am said:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Goofy – Maybe Dal will reconsider going out Cabin Creek,…once he realizes there is a MOOSE out there?:

    “I looked up and saw a brown patch of hair. Immediately, my subconscious tried to defuse my panic and told me it was probably just a moose, as we had encountered moose tracks on the way in.”

    And I wish we could see that BBC video,…here in the U.S.:


    “In the end, my dear friends, the chest, if here, is still wild and free, available for any of you to better my location and discover. But I must warn you. The Brits and I scoured the creek and it’s neighborhood…”

    And I think I will send Bart the Bear II out there to Cub Creek,…to act as a Sentinel,…to protect My Grizz from CRAZY searchers with guns and bear spray!!!


    • Everyone – You may be wondering why I affectionately call that Boar Grizzly in Forrest’s Scrapbook 34 “My Grizz”:

      E on April 6, 2015 at 2:01 pm said:
      Your comment is awaiting moderation.

      Goofy and Dal – I guess Dal got out there to meet the Brits on August 10, 2013,…so I just missed him:


      FYI that I was planning on searching,…but was thwarted by My Grizz,…on several occasions:

      June 24-27, 2013
      Had reservations at Campfire Lodge for these dates,…but two days before,…I spoke to West Yellowstone Rangers,…who said they had multiple reports of Grizz and Grizz scat sightings on trails I would have taken. So I cancelled,…to avoid a wasted trip,…since I wouldn’t be able to go “alone in there” safely.

      July 28 – August 2, 2013
      Stayed in a cabin at Campfire Lodge,…trying to find a way to hike my desired route,…and asking lots of questions. The Grizzes continued to appear in the USFS camps in that area,…all during that time. One was removed from the Beaver Creek campground and relocated (but I knew at least one OTHER one was still there,…on my trail!).

      August 14-19, 2013
      Drove back to camp at Campfire Lodge,…because of a HUGE fire developing in my area. Had a great spot by the river. The second day I heard this story at breakfast:

      A family of four,…a Father, Mother, Young Child and Baby (in a backpack),…headed out Cabin Creek in the morning,…and came upon My Grizz about 1 mile out. Since he was coming toward them,…they scooted down a steep ravine into the creek,…and scrambled over rocks and boulders all the way back. They didn’t want to run into him on the trail. Later that day,…about 1:00pm,…the folks who told me this story,…who were staying in Cabin 11 (located where Cabin Creek meets the Madison River),…saw My Grizz come down the creek,…right next to their cabin,…and then run across the Madison River,…and then up the opposite bank.

      Needless to say,…I didn’t try to go “alone in there” on that trip, either. And because of the My Grizz report,…no one wanted to go with me.

      July 11, 2014
      Left at 7:45am for a usually 4.5 hour drive to my spot. About 11:00am,…after stopping for a bit,…got stuck in a few hours of traffic going over Targhee Pass,…due to completely stopped lanes both ways for construction (luckily,…I had made a potty stop!). Frustrated and running WAY too late for a good hike,…I stopped at that trail head you showed in your BBC story photos,…and happened to meet some West Yellowstone Rangers there. They were just taking down the “Extreme Bear Behavior” signs. But then the camp manager I met there told me the story of the guys who went on the Cabin Creek trail the day after the Grizz had trashed that very camp. Yep! They ran into him TOO! They had guns and bear spray,…but they turned tail and came back to camp. Pretty scared, too,…I might add.

      OK,…NOW when I say that Cabin Creek trail may in fact be the “home of Brown”,…do you believe me? 🙂


      • Oh look,..another good excuse to watch Brad Pitt,…and Bart the Bear:


        Colonel, we found a dead calf lt might be a grizzly

        – My grizzly?

        – You take him, Tristan

        – You’re damn right l will

        l don ‘t know why Tristan didn ‘t kill that damn old bear.
        They say when a man and an animal have spilled each other’s blood, they become one.


      • Everyone – From Dal’s website homepage:

        E on April 7, 2015 at 11:15 am said:
        Your comment is awaiting moderation.

        Goofy and Dal – And why not ME???!!! I am “Crazy” too! :

        “That’s crazy! Maybe…Forrest is not a traditional thinker tied to conventional ways of getting things done. If he were, his life would be dull, commonplace, mundane, boring. Instead, his life has been anything but humdrum. He has made his fortune and his reputation by thinking, creating and trading well beyond the bell curve. The hidden treasure is another way for Forrest to enjoy life. In my humble opinion he looks forward to capable individuals out there trying to out-think him and locate his treasure. Its a contest for him. Forrest versus the rest of the world and the winner gets to keep a million dollars. To meet Forrest is to stand in the presence of a very smart, competent and competitive fellow. Someone will most certainly find his treasure chest…why not you?…or preferably me?”


        • The winner will be Forrest. He already has made millions on the books covering tc investment, and became a legend, now the tc will likely go with him as he stated was his intention, to take it with him – while we enjoy looking and visiting NM or yellowstone. I’m curious to see if my comments will be deleted.


          • It doesnt work that way on this blog Anna. You are entitled to your opinion, just be prepared for people telling you why you are wrong. 🙂


          • anna – Forrest didn’t make money on the TTOTC and TFTW books,…and he paid for the publishing. I don’t feel like going to get you the proof of that in a quote right now,…but it has been restated on Dal’s blog many times.


        • Or me? LOL

          E*, I love your passion and your way with words, your imagination and the fun ideas you bring to the chase.

          I dont post as much as I used to but want you to know that I do read your posts and they give me much to think about. Thank you for all you have done for many. 🙂


          • Deb – I thanked you profusely,…over at Forrest’s blog,…because I couldn’t get a good connection here earlier today on my laptop. 🙂


  60. Lia! – Deb had a dream last night that made me remember something:


    E* says: 7:59 am on April 6, 2015DEB – If you are not a fisher,…which I am not either,…you may enjoy this site,…posted and created by Dal:


    I think that sign at the top of the header,…is the one that owners of private property post,…when they have rivers, creeks or ponds located on their land. Oh! Where’s Lia? I have to tell her something….

    I have my eye on a Hardy Zenith 9’5# Rod and matching reel,…Jim at Campfire Lodge told me all about it. I only want the best. 🙂


  61. The Wolf – Perhaps you could “put in below the home of Brown” in your fishing waders or float tube,…or in a “brave and in the wood” canoe,…like a Native American (See: Lia’s fine drawing she posted):

    “You just can’t get out of your car and walk over into the woods and walk to it.” f

    What did The Fox say???


  62. The Wolf – Remember that trip I posted about this past summer??:


    E on April 5, 2015 at 9:20 am said:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Goofy – See: My Grizz. Yep! He was still there,…as of my last trip,…on 7/11/14. But I was going to go “alone in there” anyway,…had I been able to find a safe place to stay for the night (which was necessary,…because of significant construction delays that prevented the time I needed for my hike that day). Now I am glad I didn’t. I drove back all the way home the same day.

    Was anyone wondering where the “home of Brown” was? I’ll bet they aren’t now.


  63. E*:
    Everyone – Round Two: The Wolf vs. “Suzie”,…over at Dal’s:


    Lol E*
    I was just testing out Pickles. Apparently it works on other loud mouth bass too. Don’t think I will take it any further since he always ends up all emotional (can’t continue a normal debate with that guy) and we never end in any meaningful conclusion.

    But I will comment on his insinuation that these statements conflict:
    ” “Nobody is going to happen on that treasure chest. You’re gonna have to figure out the clues in the poem and go to it.” f

    “You just can’t get out of your car and walk over into the woods and walk to it.” f

    — So which is it?”

    They are actually saying the same thing, he just chopped the second statement off which is:
    “If a person will think they can find the chest, and analyze, you just can’t get out of your car and walk over into the woods and walk to it.”

    Which says the same thing. You must figure it out first just don’t randomly go searching. Obviously he bought a faulty imitation Pickles because it doesn’t work on wolves! 😉
    The Wolf


    • exactly, those 2 statements confirm one another

      and on the you cant walk into the woods comment, i think its best to read the comment under the guise of what f said before about, if you know what my meaning is then what difference does it make what words i use

      if you wanted to you could make a tortured conclusion by dissecting the specific words he used, or you could just understand what his meaning was.

      the meaning was in the context of what he said just prior, the person will have to think and analyze first, you cant just walk to it. but of course he means that you can if you know where it is, but you have to think and analyze first


    • The Wolf – And I know exactly what Chis was referring to in his comment above that one,…when he wrote:

      “The blaze must be seen as FF would see it. HOW would FF see it? It is my belief that he has told EVERYONE how he would see the blaze.”


    • jdiggins – I think it looks like a fish hook,…which works for my solve. But the History Channel thinks it looks like an anchor:


      00:50:56 It’s the anchor “jj” WHERE THE J’s HAVE BEEN MADE BACK-TO-BACK To create the motif of an anchor.

      FYI to Mike – I guess that other treasure link was the problem,…with the image,…so I removed it. I hope you will let this post through now. Please? Pretty please??? 🙂


      • Lia and anna – Everyone was wondering about “IT”,…and the Knights Templar were keeping their “secret where”,…all this time:

        “Begin IT where warm waters halt”


        In the middle of the 12th century, the Military Order of the Knights Templar built a fine round church by the Thames, which became known as the Temple Church. Two centuries later, after the abolition of the Order in 1312, lawyers came to occupy the Temple site and buildings. They formed themselves into two societies, the Inner Temple and Middle Temple.

        (See: The Knights Templar WWWH in Jerusalem)

        One of IT’s famous members:

        Dudley, Lord Robert, Earl of Leicester (c1533-88) Adm IT 1561; Master of IT Revels, 1561 Courtier, Master of the Queen’s Horse, favourite of Elizabeth I Son of John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland (qv).

        (See: the lover of a famous Queen E*)


          • decall – what it “IT” in the first clue line?:

            “It was in National Park Meadows where the Gibbon and Firehole come together to form the Madison that the Langford-Washburn-Doane (August-September 1870) expedition conceived the idea of making the area a national park. It was the world’s first and it came to be in less than two years (March 1, 1872) after it was proposed to Congress. For this, and to the farsighted men of this expedition, we should be eternally grateful.”

            There are a lot of great WWWH fly fishing references in that Craig Mathews fly fishing DVD link also.


          • decall – I put The Madison River in for “IT” in every line of The Poem,…and it works for my Forrest’s Plan A and my Forrest’s Plan B solves.


        • Not everyone E*, I no longer care about it. Tired of the games played. Didn’t you say, no I mean didn’t Forrest say a “she” should be quiet about it all winter? And now he contradicts himself by saying no one is close. Almost like two different personalities are talking. Beyond weird. My theory is Forrest is taking “it” with him just like he says he is in every interview. its out there to look for but where his alter ego can take it with him.
          Don’t look for me here any longer.


          • Lia – Go see my responses over at Jenny’s about what I think Forrest was saying in that post. I think it was the work of The Fox. That is,…if you peek here before going for good,…which I wish you wouldn’t,….because you are so much fun! 🙂


      • Mike – And in my version of that Jesse James story,…that I posted over at Dal’s yesterday (moderated),…I mentioned that I supected that Forrest paid My Grizz,…as his sentinel ,…to protect the area in and around and leading to my spot. And that he is paying him with buried mason jars filled with honey. Have you ever seen a Grizz use his claws to dig up a squirrel cache for white bark pine nuts??? And then Forrest posted SB 134 today:


        Immediately, my subconscious tried to defuse my panic and told me it was probably just a moose, as we had encountered moose tracks on the way in. Then, I saw a shoulder roll. It was a bear. Since the river was to my back, there would be no fleeing that direction, so my mind tried to convince my eyes that it was just a brown-phased black bear. Nope. It peered around the side of a tree. There was a classic grizzly bear face staring back at me. It then stepped out from behind the trees. Yep. Full grown boar grizzly. Close enough to see its eyelashes and determine his gender.

        Immediately, my subconscious tried to defuse my panic and told me it was probably just a moose, as we had encountered moose tracks on the way in. Then, I saw a shoulder roll. It was a bear. Since the river was to my back, there would be no fleeing that direction, so my mind tried to convince my eyes that it was just a brown-phased black bear. Nope. It peered around the side of a tree. There was a classic grizzly bear face staring back at me. It then stepped out from behind the trees. Yep. Full grown boar grizzly. Close enough to see its eyelashes and determine his gender.


  64. decall (and Chris Yates) – My ears are blazin’:

    “So hear me all and listen good”

    (switch to satellite view in the upper right corner)

    The images were so much nicer almost two years ago,…I wish I didn’t get that virus that made me wipe my hard drive!

    The source of the Madison River is officially at Dal’s WWWH,…but Cabin Creek is the first tributary creek after Hebgen Dam (aka. “Big Muddy” = HOB?). And then there is the source of Forest Creek on that map. The madison joins the Gallatin and the Jefferson at Three Forks,…where all three become the Missouri River (aka. “Old Muddy”),…which I believe is one of the longest rivers in the U.S. (see: The Eliot Poem).


    • yeah.. that was part of the early explorers mission to find the headwaters of the Missouri River. I wish I could tell you everything I have learned about this area. You know what you are doing. Is Chris Yates looking in MT? I wanted to ask him about the secret flame he mentioned. I personally believe there may be… (whispering) and speaking of “so hear me all” … I always wondered if that was a stream rushing nearby. and / or ff trying to tell us his story etc. (l would have more to share with you if you ever take my offer to talk by email, but I won’t press the point)


    • decall – I realized I got the nicknames of the two rivers switched in my post above,…but that computer was too slow to fix it in time. The Missouri is aka. “Big Muddy” and the Madison is aka. “Old Muddy” (the link below says the Missouri is “the longest river in the United States”):


      The first American Indians to live along the Missouri River called the river the Mine Sose. It means the muddy river. Even today, the Missouri is called “the Big Muddy” by many people. This is because it carries huge amounts of dirt from the land through which it flows. The dirt makes the river a brown color for much of its length.


    • I think you are right about this… but…
      I think he is hinting about the 49th and the 45th parallel (like you say)
      I think you can only have wwwh on one end and “cold waters start” (my crazy idea) on the other end (birth and death imo)


      • decall –

        WWWH = Alpha
        “cold waters start” = Omega

        That’s sort of mirrored perspective,…isn’t it? Or is it a Double Omega ?? ???

        Consider the Source…


        • decall – And speaking of that Source,…I give you T.S. Eliot:

          We shall not cease from exploration
          And the end of all our exploring
          Will be to arrive where we started
          And know the place for the first time.
          Through the unknown, remembered gate
          When the last of earth left to discover
          Is that which was the beginning;
          At the source of the longest river
          The voice of the hidden waterfall
          And the children in the apple-tree
          Not known, because not looked for
          But heard, half heard, in the stillness
          Between the two waves of the sea.
          Quick now, here, now, always–
          A condition of complete simplicity
          (Costing not less than everything)
          And all shall be well and
          All manner of things shall be well
          When the tongues of flame are in-folded
          Into the crowned knot of fire
          And the fire and the rose are one.

          Little Gidding V,
          Four Quartets.
          — T.S. Eliot (1943)


          • wow, nice.. I have not read the whole thing till now. I believe this is very important and fits the “why” … to me the poem is beautiful and symbolic of fenn’s life and the chase


          • Yes, Thank you E that is awesome to see the whole poem. I would like to share a poem I came across tonight:

            Much have I travell’d in the realms of gold,
            And many goodly states and kingdoms seen;
            Yet never did I breathe its pure serene,
            Until we voyaged in this land of old;
            Then felt I like a watcher of the skies
            When a new planet swims into his ken;
            Or like stout Cortez when with eagle eyes
            He stared at the Pacific, and all his men
            looked at each other with a wild surmise,
            Silent, upon a peak in Darien

            John Keats


          • Elliot’s waters run deep. I particularly like his use of Julian of Norwiches timeless encouragement, “All will be well.”

            I’m still working on understanding Elliot’s meanings and why Forrest chose to frame his poem with these words.


      • I love your ideas! I even see we are following similar thought processes. It doesn’t bug me that we have found different things in the same general area. I would be a fool to reveal them here. Even Dal says he doesn’t believe in the double omegas or the crescent moon, dove of peace, or the field of stumps. That’s his problem. (Still Like Dal no matter what)


        • decall – Your nice comment is exactly why I decided to freely post my ideas here going forward. Thank you! Some may think I am a fool for doing so,…like Dal, for instance.

          And I guess Forrest could have used fire (= blaze) to remove those stumps,…up on that hilltop,…in that picture in TTOTC,…if he wanted to,…for whatever reason,…or he could have rented an expensive stump grinder:



  65. I have wondered about that too E*, people leaving from boredom.Glad we havent lost you too.
    Good thinking Will. Its funny you said that, I am watching a tv program about gator hunters. lol


    • Deb – FYI that Kevin is back,…over on one of those two pages we used to post on,…over on Forrest’s blog. I don’t use email for The Chase,…but maybe you could email Forrest to let him know to delete Kevin’s latest raving (yesterday 3/22)? I would appreciate it. Thank you. 🙂


      • Deb – Now Kevin is pretending to be Alissa Renee,…and the post is worse than his previous one. I wonder if Forrest gets notification when someone posts on his blog????


        • E* I dont know if he does or not. I got discouraged from posting there, the bad language did bother me.

          Not feeling well, so not really keeping up with much. Maybe you should email him?


          • Deb – I’ll just let Forrest discover that for himself. Otherwise,…I’ll just stay away from there,…as I have been, too.

            I am sorry you are not feeling well….


    • There you are E*, I have missed your presence. I hope you are ok? I dont know how to contact you so didnt know where to post.

      The words to that song are beautiful. I understand how it soothed you. Thanks for pointing it out.

      JC, thank you for posting the song also!


      • deb – Thanks for your concern. Just a little disillusioned lately. And not feeling inspired by the posts on the blogs (JC’s was nice, though). Still waiting for another great story from Forrest,…when he deigns to write one for us. I hope searchers don’t leave The Chase out of boredom….



        • He has a beautiful piece to show all the searchers… but it’s really up to Dal if it gets posted or not. I should’ve listened good when Forrest said “Don’t anger the alligator until you’ve crossed the river” 🙁


  66. The six more questions segment by Jenny Kile is the probably the most revealing pieces of information that Forrest provides. This year’s is no exception. Forrest always manages to slip in a beauty or two for us to contemplate.

    For example Q3:
    “I don’t want to broaden the clues and hints I’ve written about by pointing them out. What surprises me a little is that nobody to my uncertain knowledge has analyzed one important possibility related to the winning solve.”

    Then in Q6 he says:
    “It might be better for me to move father away from the story Jenny, but I have never been a successful bystander”

    So what do we focus on? – “no one has analyzed an important possibility” I have always speculated that FF hides the answers in his questions. It is an awesome trick and makes the puzzle that much more interesting and will make people slap themselves upside the head when the answer is finally revealed. It is a very clever concept to provide a clue to the answer in the question.

    So to me this is very obvious because it matches my solution. Isn’t that human nature to justify our solution? So I will put this out there for you folks to confirm or deny, because I am bias.

    I have noticed this trend for quite some time and I was going to reveal it in the book I am trying to write. Writing books is hard when you are not an author so I am not sure if I will ever publish it or not, so I may just spit out my secrets here and there and maybe it will help someone with their solution.

    First he spells the word “farther” as “father” in Q6 – initially this looks like farther as that is the intended meaning. Some will pick up in the misspelling and treat it as such, but the wise searcher must not assume and look at all possibilities.

    Thus what could he be saying – “It might be better for me to move father away from the story…” To me he says NOT to look at father. Father is a family member thus that leaves Skippy, Mother and June. Many have already looked and analyzed Skippy. Now if you look at the other answer he provided: “I don’t want to broaden the clues.” The use of the word broaden is understood but not the natural word and many are better choices. So why “broaden”? broad – en or “broad” is a slang word for woman. Thus if it isn’t father then it is more likely “mother”

    Still not convinced? Well then consider this statement from 6 more questions: “I’ve said searchers should go back to the poem so many times that I don’t want to say it again here”
    Loosely translated – “Hey idiots stop getting so creative and look at the poem – how many time do I have to tell you!”
    Ok we get the point Mr. Fenn, anything we come up with has to come from the poem. So what does this have to do with the poem?
    Consider the line – “Your effort will be worth the cold”
    I am a multiple mean kind of guy and this line has a more significant meaning but it also can serve as a hint to something else as well. If we just listen good what do we hear and what does it trigger in our brain? I hear “your F Fort is worth” and since Forrest signs his name with “F”, it reminds me of your Forrest Fortworth. So what does Forth Worth have to do with Forrest? Forrest’s mother was born in Fort Worth and if you look at it from that perspective her “f” is Forrest.

    Yes I know some will say you are messing with the poem and I say the underling meaning of that line is still in tack but if listen as he says to do, this link can be heard and understood. Thus why tell us to listen?

    I have much more on this theory which points to an exact spot, but I thought I would dip my toe in the water to see what the reaction is first.

    The Wolf


    • The Wolf enjoyed the read, Thank You.

      Oh and you know Wolf my favorite is Q3: “nobody………has analyzed one important possibility related to the winning solve.” That quote by Forrest speaks volumes, in my opinion ofcourse. Noone has talked about that possibility to the winning solve and noone is talking about that statement by Forrest within any blog or forum.

      Another thing Wolf, no one is having kid-like fun within this blog and other blogs as before, atleast I don’t see it or feel it when I read comments. People are too serious in my opinion hence why I’m goin’ in the direction that I am. You know reading comments in this blog, lately, and in other blogs feels like College. Makes me want to be a Blog drop-out.

      With that said Wolf it sure would be awesome if Forrest just went and picked up his box of goodies and delivered it to the person who emailed him the correct solve to The Poem right to their front door. Imagine the surprise on their face! OMG!!! :O



        • The Lounge is Closed. Went out of business. Is that not true? Still Open? Well that really would not matter, stopped drinkin’.

          Fenn College? Hmmm, well it’s in need of wiser and fun professors in my opinion.


      • Yes, Marie –

        he sure did say that and a whole lot of other things. I don’t know about talking into a mirror – my hubby would think I had lost my mind.

        He also said we are not discussing a very important item to the solve –
        what’s that about? I think that alone should be a major item of discussion. I seems to me – we have covered just about every thing in the universe – to we have to spell out quantum physics? So come on searchers – what are we missing?

        Here we go again with “shoes”. I thought for sure he was going to lose those UGG slippers. Wow, I leave for a few days and lots happened.


  67. Just read Jenny Kile’s latest post “The Lost Tomb’s Wisdom”. Interesting stuff, props to Jenny for posting it. Her post reminded me of a cute Lego animation, by anf, I watched a while back. Heck…Lego animation must take lots of time to create especially a 10min. masterpiece such as this one here. They are fun to watch though.


  68. Everyone – Another new question with Forrest on Jenny’s site:


    “Hiding that treasure chest full of gold and jewels was fundamental to how I feel about living life to its stretched best, and it emphasizes my aversion to seeing anyone be a spectator to today’s opportunities. f”

    But sometimes it IS better to be a spectator,…in that arena of opportunity,…especially when BEARS are invloved:


    In the morning, men are thrown to lions and bears. At mid-day they are thrown to the spectators themselves. No sooner has a man killed, than they shout for him to kill another, or to be killed. The final victor is kept for some other slaughter. In the end, every fighter dies. And all this goes on while the arena is half empty.

    Oh,…and the chest is not in a dangerous place,…well,…not dangerous to someone like Forrest, anyway. 😉


    • “When you made the two trips from your car to hide the chest and the gold, did you carry it openly in your hands or in some type of bag or backpack?” I did both… f

      This (IMO) is very telling. Since his reply implies he carried the chest by hand and the contents in a bag/backpack, it says two things;
      1) He wasn’t worries about anyone seeing him and
      2) It wasn’t a very long distance from his car

      The Wolf


      • Yes, Wolf,

        I think he was alone when he hid the TC. NO ONE could have been there. There are two locked gates. He had the keys. He locked them both behind him and was totally alone in there. This is not illegal in anyway.

        It was not a long distance from his car – wish I knew how far ——–?


      • Wolf – I read that again:

        “When you made the two trips from your car to hide the chest and the gold, did you carry it openly in your hands or in some type of bag or backpack?” I did both… f

        And IMO,…he said he both carried it (the chest and/or the gold) in his hands,…AND in a bag or backpack. So,…if, say,…I carried TC (openly in my hands) from the car to my backpack,…placing it inside,…and made one trip,…then returned with it empty,…to do exactly the same with the contents on the second trip,…that would fit the way he answered. This Coyote knows how to answer a question. 🙂


        • E*

          It all depends on how you think he did it. I see – that he could have taken the things he used to hid it in – in a backpack or/and in his hands on the first trip. That’s so the TC would be still be safe in his locked car. Then he went back and got the treasure – part of it already in another backpack and carried the other part in his hands.

          His comment would still be correct.


  69. E*:
    inthechaseto – And further on the topic of “IT”,…with “IT” being WWWH:


    Let’s see,…after bathing in the Firehole,…did Forrest ride a bike (is that hidden in the blue car?),…or drive,…or paddle that boat on top of the car,…to get to his favorite fishing hole,…during his summers in West Yellowstone?

    I never said “IT” was WWWH. If you think he got out his paddle and took a boat – that sounds like a fun trip.


    • inthechaseto – I was just imagining where Forrest was headed in that photo,…and why. I got that you were equating WWWH with “IT”,…by your wording in this paragraph:

      What is “it” that is mostly north of Santa Fe and is “IT” in your solve? Is it trees? No. Is it mountains – probably not. What is it? He’s practically telling you. He’s already told you it’s water of some type – what type -warm water. Warm water is not normally north of Santa Fe – that would be cold water. What is IT that makes warm water north of Santa Fe. Elementary Watson. So now can people “get” what WWWH is?

      Sorry if I misunderstood you. 🙂


      • I dearly love you E* Some how you are special. So you don’t understand something – throw it back to them – like in tennis.

        Where Forrest was headed – no problem – over that 4 wheel road for. sure


          • Oh yes indeed I understand the pulsing and eruption of the *******. I have had the extreme privilege of living under one for six months. Don’t’ think for one moment that it escaped my attention nor anyone else who was with me.

            I have found the relation to the pole and this hunt.; if not then I will be in the wrong place.

            🙂 If you are there good on ya.

            I love my life – and will keep trying to find the finale solution – now, not far.


          • inthechaseto – Right,…you lived next to a caldera,…and in Antartica, too, right? What great life experiences you seemed to have had!

            I had some great discussions about the poles,…and all things North American glacial history,…with Crowdog,…over on Forrest’s blog,…in which we discussed the 45th Parallel,…which was yet another confirmation of my theory as to where WWWH (all of which coordinates closely with my spot). And it goes right along with the story, “Me in the Middle” (Forest being the middle child in his family), too.

            p.s. Did I get that story title right, Bob? I still don’t have my own copy of either book.


          • E* –

            It would be my pleasure to send you a book. May I do that for you? I couldn’t live without my copy – as I refer to it many times. It means a great deal to me as it was given to me by Deb.


          • inthechaseto – I appreciate your offer,…but I have vowed to do without,…and to just rely on the Poem for my solve. I borrowed the books to read last fall, though,…mostly just to enjoy Forrest’s fine writing,…but at that point I felt I had already come to my final solve (having made two trips to the area that summer). When I someday get past that Grizz,…to find TC,…I will BUY my own copies of the two books,…at Collected Works in Santa Fe,…and have Forrest sign them in person,…at which time I will hand him his silver and turquoise bracelet. 😉


  70. deb:
    Thanks Everyone for your input. I have been a bit discouraged lately by some of the things Forrest has said. This post of his helped to clarify that all the words in the poem are used, not just the directional ones.

    You all have excellent thoughts which you kindly shared , thank you.

    Cant get my words to come out right , it helps to read your thoughts are similar to mine.

    Deb –

    Always keep the faith – You could be so right on your solve. Who are we to say we are the only ones that are right.

    There are not many persons who know what wonders are opened to them in the stories and visions of their youth; for when as children we listen and dream, we think but half-formed thoughts, and when as men we try to remember, we are dulled and prosaic with the poison of life. But some of us awake in the night with strange phantasms of enchanted hills and gardens, of fountains that sing in the sun, of golden cliffs overhanging murmuring seas, of plains that stretch down to sleeping cities of bronze and stone, and of shadowy companies of heroes that ride caparisoned white horses along the edges of thick forests; and then we know that we have looked back through the ivory gates into that world of wonder which was ours before we were wise and unhappy.

    Giving Girlfriend Hugs


    • Thank you Into, that was really beautiful. I have had similar thoughts and dreams about the things I researched and the ideas they formed from the seeds planted by the books and poem. Many hours spent in laughter envisioning what I perceived Forrest to be saying. It matters not if I was correct, what matters is the visions and ideas that were awakened. I think that’s the treasure. 🙂


      • Deb,
        You seem to have the ability to live what I believe to be the true spirit of the Thrill of the Chase. Laughter is the best medicine for the soul!
        The Wolf


  71. E*:
    inthechaseto – And aren’t you in the Colorado camp?:



    You bet I’m in the beautiful state of Colorado’s camp. When you enter Colorado – the signs say the most colorful state. Colorful I would interpret as Forrest Fenn’s thinking – in the way he writes and takes us along an amazing journey.

    Watching TV – the other day I saw a trivia question as to what was the most beautiful state – it was said to be Colorado.

    I am originally from the great state of California. And IMO there are many hints to that area also.

    Colorado is now my home. Don’t you just love that John Denver song.

    Take me home…………………..


  72. New post by Jenny –

    Someone unfamiliar with your poem receives a message that says “meet me where warm waters halt, somewhere in the mountains north of Santa Fe”. Would they be able to work out where to go? If they can’t, would they need the whole poem, another stanza, or just a line or word to help them on their way? ~Phil Bayman

    There are a few words in the poem that are not useful in finding the treasure Phil, but it is risky to discount any of them. You over simplify the clues. There are many places in the Rocky Mountains where warm waters halt, and nearly all of them are north of Santa Fe. Look at the big picture, there are no short cuts. f


    Mr. Fenn, Is there any level of knowledge of US history that is required to properly interpret the clues in your poem. ~Steve R

    No Steve R,
    The only requirement is that you figure out what the clues mean. But a comprehensive knowledge of geography might help.


    • To me this is the biggest hint Forrest has given out to date.

      I guess you are all happy with where you are looking – and that’s OK. I just thought this was huge – but no one else seems to think so.

      He said “There are a few words in the poem that are not useful in finding the treasure Phil, but it is risky to discount any of them. You over simplify the clues.

      What he really said here is DO NOT DISCOUNT ANY WORDS in the poem and look at the big picture (ON A MAP).

      He said ” There are many places in the Rocky Mountains where warm waters halt, and nearly all of them are north of Santa Fe. Look at the big picture, there are no short cuts”

      Why would you have to get a map and look at the big picture? Perhaps you are going to sever something like I think he said in the poem.

      What is “it” that is mostly north of Santa Fe and is “IT” in your solve? Is it trees? No. Is it mountains – probably not. What is it? He’s practically telling you. He’s already told you it’s water of some type – what type -warm water. Warm water is not normally north of Santa Fe – that would be cold water. What is IT that makes warm water north of Santa Fe. Elementary Watson. So now can people “get” what WWWH is?


      • Agree, this is a big statement full of information, but not quite the biggest IMO. Here is what I found interesting:
        1) “a few words in the poem that are not useful in finding the treasure” – this is confirmation that there is more to the poem than just the nine clues and that all information and all words must be considered but some are not related. Very helpful to those that have previously made assumptions that were to simplistic.

        2) Look at the big picture – there are two things he is saying here and I like to refer to it as the 40,000 view (I am a pilot as well). I have made a comment about what I thought this was before on here or another blog and to me this is the best (as in clever) clue of all if proven to be correct.

        3) Comprehensive knowledge of Geography – comprehensive means all encompassing and thus would include a detailed knowledge of the history that occurred at the specific geographical spot. FF newer would answer anything directly, so if you read between the lines…


      • Yes, I found this offering by Forrest to be remarkable. I think many might be taken aback by it, and are thinking about how it affects the work that they have been doing on their solution.

        “There are a few words in the poem that are not useful in finding the treasure Phil, but it is risky to discount any of them.”
        I agree with both of you that he is again stressing to consider “every word” as he has stated before. Every word may not be essential, but until you correctly sort it out you must consider the potential of each one.

        He makes an odd jump from that statement to “You over simplify the clues.” At first it seems like a different train of thought, but I think he is responding the the question of isolating a word or phrase like wwwh, and could you find that place without support from the rest of the poem. So he is confirming the interrelated aspect of the clues as he has before, the contiguous nature of them. This short statement has vexed some people because it appears to be contrary to his recent statements about searchers over-complicating the solution, and saying it’s straight-forward, and discrediting a long list of searcher’s approaches. So there has to be a balance somewhere in his message to “THINK” but “Don’t overthink”, and that’s our problem to deal with.

        “There are many places in the Rocky Mountains where warm waters halt, and nearly all of them are north of Santa Fe.”
        This one is the kicker. First of all, virtually all of the Rocky Mountains are north of Santa Fe, so if warm waters halt in the Rockies then yes, they would naturally be north of Santa Fe, which is the search area. But is he hinting that where warm waters halt has some unique aspect in connection with the Rockies? He could also be saying that there are many places in the Rockies where warm waters halt, but they are mostly not the correct one, but rather the many that people have suggested. And the “nearly all” is intriguing.

        “Look at the big picture, there are no short cuts. f”
        This can mean the big picture of the poem, maps, and landscape. As Wolf suggested it could mean the pilot’s view, either literally over the landscape and/or in viewing maps. He is referencing both the clues in the poem and geography, so I believe it applies to the whole package and they are integral.

        “The only requirement is that you figure out what the clues mean. But a comprehensive knowledge of geography might help.”
        The first sentence is no surprise to me, and follows from many other statements. Follow the clues in the poem, all you need is the poem. But many hearts may have sank when reading “comprehensive knowledge of geography”. From Forrest’s perspective, what does comprehensive mean? I don’t think that he would expect most families searching for the treasure to have comprehensive knowledge of geography. But he’s saying that the knowledge of geography “might help”, so he is encouraging you to do your homework. Wolf mentioned “all encompassing” knowledge of geography, including detailed historical knowledge of a specific spot. This could imply figuring out the clues first and then using your geographical knowledge to really focus in on a spot, but it could also imply that the comprehensive knowledge of geography might help you solve the clues in the first place. It could work either way, or both…

        inthe: “What is “it” that is mostly north of Santa Fe and is “IT” in your solve? Is it trees? No. Is it mountains – probably not. What is it? He’s practically telling you. He’s already told you it’s water of some type – what type -warm water. Warm water is not normally north of Santa Fe – that would be cold water. What is IT that makes warm water north of Santa Fe. Elementary Watson. So now can people “get” what WWWH is?”

        I won’t try to answer for inthechaseto, but that paragraph is lots of fun. “What is IT that makes warm water north of Santa Fe.”

        And then makes it halt…



        • Thanks Everyone for your input. I have been a bit discouraged lately by some of the things Forrest has said. This post of his helped to clarify that all the words in the poem are used, not just the directional ones.

          You all have excellent thoughts which you kindly shared , thank you.

          Cant get my words to come out right , it helps to read your thoughts are similar to mine.


      • ITCT – IMO “it” is the journey. Not the journey of me searching for the chest, but another journey of someone else.
        Someone who has returned to where they started.

        We shall not cease from our exploration
        And at the end of all our exploring
        Will be to arrive where we started
        And know the place for the first time

        I need to understand “it” before I can successfully start my journey.


  73. astree: Can someone provide the link to Forrest’s reference to “folding chair” … seems like an interesting expression.

    Makes me think one is ready to leave ..as in nearly done.

    Also, folding the word(s , depending on the actual phrase he used).. CHAIR .. CAR, etc.


    Astree – times he talked about folding –

    Dal’s website

    Spring is a time to relax and think. This morning I sat in my plastic folding chair beside our pond, sipping Grapette, while I threw floating fish-food pellets at a big largemouth bass. He likes to cruise into the shallow water and hide under the lily pads. The problem was that he totally ignored my offerings of food, and I don’t understand that either. In this very complicated world that’s just something else to worry about I guess. f

    Jenny’s website

    Rumbaugh Creek was on the South Fork side of Hebgen Lake and a few big trout were always cruising around that place looking for fresh food coming in with the mountain stream. I’d like to go back there one last time and take a folding chair. Maybe I’ll also take a pimento cheese sandwich and a fried pineapple pie. If I don’t get back up there, and I probably won’t, I hope one of your readers will visit that place for me, and send me one last drink of water from Rumbaugh Creek. I’d go to Watkins Creek too. f

    My War For Me

    As the helicopter sped up and away I started taking inventory. Both my face and head were bleeding in a few places but nothing serious. My left shoulder ached and my arms and legs, although bruised, were intact. My pistol and Minox camera had been yanked from my body but my folding hat was still in my G-suit pocket. Everything considered, it was a great ride.


  74. The Wolf:
    I must admit, I can’t figure out anything with regards to link subtle hints to the folding chair other than he has said it twice in the last few months during interesting posts where you know he is hinting at something.
    I was hoping someone would be able to enlighten me! Nice photos!
    The Wolf

    Poker? dunno.


  75. I sometimes wonder whether we may be going off the deep end collectively as Chasers vis a vis everything Forrest saying being some kind of veiled clue or hint.


    • .

      ARGUS33 ,

      I think it’s possible that much of what Forrest says (and writes) has veiled references – I am very sure about some of the more directed comments. I do NOT believe that you need to understand or interpret the veiled meanings, to solve the puzzle. Noting that many of them were made way after the puzzle was released. I think it is just the way his brilliant mind works.

      Here’s an example of one he made the other day:




    • The Wolf:
      I must admit, I can’t figure out anything with regards to link subtle hints to the folding chair other than he has said it twice in the last few months during interesting posts where you know he is hinting at something.
      I was hoping someone would be able to enlighten me! Nice photos!
      The Wolf

      Wolf might have to do with a place he sit at where the treasure is. He mention bench alot and always sitting behind a tree.


  76. The Wolf:
    I must admit, I can’t figure out anything with regards to link subtle hints to the folding chair other than he has said it twice in the last few months during interesting posts where you know he is hinting at something.
    I was hoping someone would be able to enlighten me! Nice photos!
    The Wolf

    I can’t figure the folding chair either. Unless it relates to somewhere you would take it – for instance – a forth of July celebration or the Rose Parade – lots of things relating to Pasadena so far.


  77. E*:
    The Wolf – Do you think the subtle clue or hint has anything to do with combining the art of fly fishing (at his secret spot),…with taking a cool, pure drink,…from the spring source of a creek or stream? Since I have contracted Giardia in the past,…from the Alpine Climbers Camp I stayed at in the Tetons,…I’ll let Forrest test the sample I bring to him with TC.

    I can appreciate that E* , I had it also. Not something I ever want to repeat. 🙂


      • The Wolf – I’ll be camping out here,…at Watkins Creek Ranch,…all of the month of September,…just in case Forrest shows up:


        If there’s a full moon,…I may find him out on their pontoon boat,…at midnight,…with a shovel in hand. 🙂


        • The Wolf – I was just kidding about camping out at Watkins Creek Ranch,…since their single all inclusive per night rate,…for one of those cozy historic cabins,…is $600-700. But I did find this great resource last year,…for those that would like to do a little luxury tent camping:



          • It was interesting how Dal made a comment about how there would be a mad rush to Rumbaugh Creek and Watkins Creek (not to fish).

            My take on this is that you can rule out these two areas now. The reason: FF has spent a lot of time on this poem and will not simply hand over an obvious solution to everyone. He wants them to think and figure it out. Thus if there are clues in this release, it is not the obvious remarks.

            He wants you to think and look for the subtle hints. Can you spot it (them)?
            The Wolf


          • The Wolf – Do you think the subtle clue or hint has anything to do with combining the art of fly fishing (at his secret spot),…with taking a cool, pure drink,…from the spring source of a creek or stream? Since I have contracted Giardia in the past,…from the Alpine Climbers Camp I stayed at in the Tetons,…I’ll let Forrest test the sample I bring to him with TC. 😉


          • E*,
            The spring water and folding chair are two items that are interesting, but I like this subtle hint the best:
            “Maybe I’ll also take a pimento cheese sandwich and a fried pineapple pie”
            The Wolf


          • The Wolf – Here is how Forrest described those Fried Pineapple Pies on Facebook in February of 2013:

            The Thrill of the Chase
            Dear Bonnie, my memory harkens back to the days when a fried pineapple pie was a favored part of my diet. Fragments of the fresh fruit were placed on a round pillow of dough which was then folded over to form the shape of a half moon, The edges were crimped to hold the filling fast, and it was skillet fried to a fawn color. If your question insinuates the delivery of a few such pies please know that my kitchen door is open 24 hours a day.
            7 · Feb 4, 2013

            They were mentioned in that story about “My Prehistoric Friends”,…which always makes me think of the Sheepeater Indians in the Yellowstone region:


            And here are a few mentions of the Pimiento Cheese Sandwich,…which probably makes Forrest think of that snack bar at the pilot training base in Georgia (hence, flying) and hiking and fly fishing:


            Couldn’t that big bowl of the Pimiento Cheese mixture look like a hill or mound,…surrounded by purple mountains of majesty (See: the Navajo mountains symbol),…from an aerial view?


          • The Wolf – I was dreaming about doing a little luxury car camping,…when I found this car parked in my usual spot in town:


          • E* sorry about that! I was in a hurry yesterday and didn’t have time to park in my usual spot!
            The Wolf


          • E*,
            I must admit, I can’t figure out anything with regards to link subtle hints to the folding chair other than he has said it twice in the last few months during interesting posts where you know he is hinting at something.
            I was hoping someone would be able to enlighten me! Nice photos!
            The Wolf


          • The Wolf: must admit, I can’t figure out anything with regards to link subtle hints to the folding chair other than he has said it twice in the last few months during interesting posts where you know he is hinting at something.

            Can someone provide the link to Forrest’s reference to “folding chair” … seems like an interesting expression.

            Makes me think one is ready to leave ..as in nearly done.

            Also, folding the word(s , depending on the actual phrase he used).. CHAIR .. CAR, etc.



      • The Wolf – Yes,…you and full moons,…I can totally understand that. I found this great historical cabin on that same shoreline,…and until Forrest announced that “the treasure is not associated with any structure” and “don’t go digging under any old outhouses”,…I though it might be there:


        The outhouse is 4 by 5 feet (1.2 m × 1.5 m), plank board walls, rolled roofing, and has no foundation. It is northwest of the cabin.

        The link to historical register info. doesn’t work anymore,…but you used to be able to see a rainbow colored picture of “John Trout” on that outhouse. It also had great, useful historical information about that whole area. Bummer.


    • Astute vgboss. Now, there are 3 vignettes. I’m wondering if Forrest feels pretty certain the treasure will be found soon and he now has the chance to share many additional pieces from his lifelong collection and the wonderful stories they tell.

      For now, we are a captive audience and we feel we have to listen well, but each vignette so far has been really enjoyable. Didn’t Forrest say we should learn something everyday? He is helping us all with our daily quota as he pumps these out.


  78. It’s getting difficult but not impossible to keep up with Forrest Fenn these days. He bum-rushed us with several questions and answers over at Jenny Kile’s site. He is blitzing us with several Scrapbooks in back to back fashion. Forrest is bringing it man! He may be old but this guy, who goes by the letter f, is a fast thinker and runner…just like the running man on that aspen.

    I need to relax and think of all that Forrest has been tossing at us lately and I will start with this awesome rap song:



  79. it appears to be replicating the broadcast of a “numbers station”, starting off with the yankee hotel foxtrot … YHF



    believed by many to be transmitting covert messages for spies and espionage around the world. something that has been occurring since after WWI

    i find this message in the webpage

    To find Forrest Fenn’s treasure, you must begin your search where warm waters halt.

    the clock seems to be counting down to Aug 15th 2015 4:15 my time (AZ)

    i think there is a hint in the length of the transmission time and i think f is behind this


    • ” the clock seems to be counting down to Aug 15th 2015 4:15 my time (AZ)”.

      Chris, I am repeating the website, since it seemed to get lost (I had seen it elsewhere, so I think I know what you are referrring to)


      I haven’t verfied the date you came up with, but if true, try

      8/15/20 – 15

      Alphanumeric substituion

      H/O/T ….

      Forrest had made a comment about his hot water heater spilling water onto the concrete floor, I believe I read several weeks ago.

      * However, way before reading that, I had uncovered his references to HOT HOT …




    • Thanks for the info everyone –

      August 15 is the day of Assumption of Mary.

      Assumption of Mary Top Events and Things to Do

      Attend an Orthodox Church during the Feast of the Assumption to see the blessing of flowers.

      Historically, both flowers and herbs are brought to church as offerings or to be blessed during the Feast of the Assumption.

      Start an herb garden or plant some bulbs to bloom in spring in honor of Mary.

      The Assumption of Mary is a popular subject in Christian art. One of the most famous is The Assumption of the Virgin, by El Greco and available for viewing in the Art Institute of Chicago. See if your local art museum has paintings of the Assumption.

      Sing or Listen to a rendition of “Ave Maria”. One of the more popular renditions is by Luciano Pavarotti,

      Many faithful in the Orthodox Church will also be breaking a two-week fast after the service honoring the Assumption of Mary. If you are fasting attend a community meal offered by many Orthodox Churches.


  80. inthechaseto:
    I finally got there –

    It’s very odd – and I really can’t decipherwhat she is saying – can you?

    Yes she is calling out army code letters , each word stands for a letter of the alphabet. There are a few I cant make out , but I think its some sort of message. If it is, its in code.

    Then there is the morse code behind it. Very mysterious. I am not a code breaker so maybe someone else will figure it out. Just thought I would share.


    • Hummm – I can’t get that web site to come up – even with the http:
      Could just be my wonderful computer –

      What was it about?


      • Into its an odd site. It has a countdown clock on it , with a strange woman radio operators voice repeating army alphabet codes and a morse code tapping out behind her messages. It has a black and white screen of clouds in the sky and patchy grass down below.
        I found that the domain name is registered to WildWestDomaines but the website owner is listed as private .
        You guys take a look and see if we can figure it out,


  81. E*:
    deb – Sometimes I just don’t want to wait for a video to load and play,…and I didn’t know that movie was dirty-funny. I mean it’s about a cute Teddy Bear, right?

    I will be praying for your daughter, Megs,…during her surgery today. I haven’t forgotten….:-)

    Well I guess some also forget how Fritz the Cat started out too? lol

    Megs surgery went well, they got most of the tumor out. Now we wait for the biopsy to see if they need to remove the muscles too. She looked really good and I am feeling confident about it all. Thank you for remembering us. 🙂


  82. My friends a new Q & A has been posted over Jenny Kile’s “Mysterious Writing” website from a Phil to da man who goes by the name Forrest Fenn. Many of Forrest’s answers have been quite interesting but this one, this very one, speaks volumes! (In my opinion ofcourse)



    • Interesting observation, VG. I’ve been away for a while…in deep contemplation…and will probably be doing so for a little while longer. I just stopped in and noticed this post…which coincides with an idea that’s been in my mind for a little while. Perhaps “IN the wood” means just that…and the TC is found under…when/where the water falls…where a river runs through it. Thus…exposed to rain and snow. I have experienced heavy loads and water high, myself. I hope to look back and laugh one day.

      It looks like I have some book reading to do. I’m certainly not what some would call “well-read”…and if I was I’d certainly be “adeptly-forgetting-whatever-it-was-that-I-read”. I’d better get out a legal pad…or two. ‘Bout time, I reckon. 🙂


    • vgboss – Yes,…I enjoyed Forrest’s story of meeting Michael Douglas and Elton John,…on Scrapbook Eighty One,…over on Dal’s blog. Weirdly,…I had been thinking of this movie,…early this morning,…which I wondered if Forrest had seen (I think his meeting with Michael was before 2007, though):


      Another great movie, starring Michael Douglas, is “The Game”,…sometimes I’ve wondered if “The Chase” was somehow rigged to be a life-altering adventure,…just like Michael Douglas’s character experiences,…in that movie (which I saw some of the filming of,…at Filoli Mansion,…in Woodside, CA):



  83. Everyone – Over on Poem 4:1,…I mentioned to Rebel,…that everytime I look at The Map,…from TFTW (also posted on The Map Scrapbook,…on Dal’s blog),..and I see the Western border of Montana (which looks to me like Forrest’s profie),…I think of Forrest looking down on me, here,…and saying, “If you go ‘alone in there’, the Grizz is gonna get ‘ya!”

    Well I just read, “Foreest Fenn, Tell Me A Story”,…on Jenny’s blog,…and it has this quote at the end:

    “Black bears were numerous around town in those days and I don’t remember anyone being hurt by them. Grizzlies were different and we didn’t mess around with those guys.f”

    So,…I aint gonna mess with Mama Grizz and her cubs:



      • vgboss – Well,…Heavens to Betsy! That was my Alter Ego, E-,….from “In a Mirror, Darkly”,…aka. my Shadow Side,…who posted that “Ted” video. That was VERY BLUE! Sorry! :-O

        Actually,…I never was able to watch the video until now,…and I didn’t see the movie,…Ooops! 🙄


          • deb – Sometimes I just don’t want to wait for a video to load and play,…and I didn’t know that movie was dirty-funny. I mean it’s about a cute Teddy Bear, right?

            I will be praying for your daughter, Megs,…during her surgery today. I haven’t forgotten….:-)


  84. A new question and answer, by Craig for Forrest, has been posted over on Jenny Kile’s site.

    This new question and answer, about easy and complex, makes me think of the card game Canasta and how MELDS have to be created. Canasta to me is both easy and complex. One minute I believe I understand it and the next minute I’m like what the @#&$.

    Speaking of MELDS that word makes me think of “In Mirror Darkly”, about a Mirror Universe introduced by T’Pol who had advanced mind MELD abilities.


  85. Forrest Fenn continues to huge gold nuggets, in the form of questions and answers, into the “treasure chest” that I like to call Jenny Kile.

    A new one has been put in:
    “The spot where I hid the treasure was in my mind”

    He ends it with the word “alone”.
    Tylenol reversed? Lonely – The


    I know there shall dawn a day
    Is it here on homely earth?
    Is it yonder, worlds away,
    Where the strange and new have birth,
    That Power comes full in play?

    Is it here, with grass about,
    Under befriending trees,
    When shy buds venture out,
    And the air by mild degrees
    Puts winter’s death past doubt?

    Is it up amid whirl and roar
    Of the elemental flame
    Which star-flecks heaven’s dark floor,
    That, new yet still the same,
    Full in play comes Power once more?

    Somewhere, below, above,
    Shall a day dawn, this I know,
    When Power, which vainly strove
    My weakness to o’erthrow,
    Shall triumph. I breathe, I move,

    I truly am, at last!
    For a veil is rent between
    Me and the truth which passed
    Fitful, half-guessed, half-seen,
    Grasped at, not gained, held fast.

    I for my race and me
    Shall apprehend life’s law:
    In the legend of man shall see
    Writ large what small I saw
    In my life’s; tale both agree.

    As the record from youth to age
    Of my own, the single soul,
    So the world’s wide book: one page
    Deciphered explains the whole
    Of our common heritage.

    How but from near to far
    Should knowledge proceed, increase?
    Try the clod ere test the star!
    Bring our inside strife to peace
    Ere we wage, on the outside, war!

    So, my annals thus begin:
    With body, to life awoke
    Soul, the immortal twin
    Of body which bore soul’s yoke
    Since mortal and not akin.

    By means of the flesh, grown fit.
    Mind, in surview of things,
    Now soared, anon alit
    To treasure its gatherings
    From the ranged expanse, to wit,

    Nature, earth’s, heaven’s wide show
    Which taught all hope, all fear:
    Acquainted with joy and woe,
    I could say, “Thus much is clear,
    Doubt annulled thus much: I know.

    “All is effect of cause:
    As it would, has willed and done
    Power: and my mind’s applause
    Goes, passing laws each one,
    To Omnipotence, lord of laws.”

    Head praises, but heart refrains
    From loving’s acknowledgment.
    Whole losses outweigh half-gains:
    Earth’s good is with evil blent:
    Good struggles but evil reigns.

    Yet since Earth’s good proved good,
    Worth loving, I understood
    How evil, did mind descry
    Power’s object to end pursued.

    Were haply as cloud across
    Good’s orb, no orb itself:
    Mere mind, were it found at loss
    Did it play the tricksy elf
    And from life’s gold purge the dross?

    Power is known infinite:
    Good struggles to be, at best
    Seems, scanned by the human sight,
    Tried by the senses’ test,
    Good palpably: but with right

    Therefore to mind’s award
    Of loving, as power claims praise?
    Power, which finds naught too hard,
    Fulfilling itself all ways
    Unchecked, unchanged: while barred,

    Baffled, what good began
    Ends evil on every side.
    To Power submissive man
    Breathes, “E’en as Thou art, abide!”
    While to good “Late-found, long-sought,

    “Would Power to a plenitude
    But liberate, but enlarge
    Good’s strait confine, renewed
    Were ever the heart’s discharge
    Of loving!” Else doubts intrude.

    For you dominate, stars all!
    For a sense informs you, brute,
    Bird, worm, fly, great and small,
    Each with your attribute
    Or low or majestical!

    Thou earth that embosomest
    Offspring of land and sea,
    How thy hills first sank to rest,
    How thy vales bred herb and tree
    Which dizen thy mother-breast.

    Do I ask? “Be ignorant
    Ever!” the answer clangs:
    Whereas if I plead world’s want,
    Soul’s sorrows and body’s pangs,
    Play the human applicant,

    Is a remedy far to seek?
    I question and find response:
    I, all men, strong or weak,
    Conceive and declare at once
    For each want its cure. “Power, speak!

    “Stop change, avert decay
    Fix life fast, banish death
    Eclipse from the star bid stay,
    Abridge of no moment’s breath
    One creature! Hence, Night, hail Day!”

    What need to confess again
    No problem this to solve
    By impotence? Power, once plain
    Proved Power, let on Power devolve
    Good’s right to co-equal reign!

    Past mind’s conception Power!
    Do I seek how star, earth, beast,
    Bird, worm, fly, gain their dower
    For life’s use, most and least?
    Back from the search I cower.

    Do I seek what heals all harm,
    Nay, hinders the harm at first,
    Saves earth? Speak, Power, the charm!
    Keep the life there unamerced
    By chance, change, death’s alarm!

    As promptly as mind conceives,
    Let Power in its turn declare
    Some law which wrong retrieves,
    Abolishes everywhere
    What thwarts, what irks, what grieves!

    Never to be! and yet
    How easy it seems, to sense
    Like man’s, if somehow met
    Power with its match, immense
    Love, limitless, unbeset

    By hindrance on every side!
    Conjectured, nowise known,
    Such may be: could man confide
    Such would match, were Love but shows
    Stript of the veils that hide.

    Power’s self now manifest!
    So reads my record: thine,
    O world, how runs it? Guessed
    Were the purport of that prime line,
    Prophetic of all the rest!

    “In a beginning God
    Made heaven and earth.” Forth flashed
    Knowledge: from star to clod
    Man knew things: doubt abashed
    Closed its long period.

    Knowledge obtained Power praise.
    Had Good been manifest,
    Broke out in cloudless blaze,
    Unchequered as unrepressed,
    In all things Good at best.

    Then praise, all praise, no blame,
    Had hailed the perfection. No!
    As Power’s display, the same
    Be Good’s, praise forth shall flow
    Unisonous in acclaim!

    Even as the world its life,
    So have I lived my own,
    Power seen with Love at strife,
    That sure, this dimly shown,
    Good rare and evil rife.

    Whereof the effect be, faith
    That, some far day, were found
    Ripeness in things now rathe,
    Wrong righted, each chain unbound,
    Renewal born out of scathe.

    Why faith, but to lift the load,
    To leaven the lump, where lies
    Mind prostrate through knowledge owed
    To the loveless Power it tries
    To withstand, how vain! In flowed

    Ever resistless fact:
    No more than the passive clay
    Disputes the potter’s act,
    Could the whelmed mind disobey
    Knowledge the cataract.

    But, perfect in every part,
    Has the potter’s moulded shape,
    Leap of man’s quickened heart,
    Throe of his thought’s escape,
    Stings of his soul which dart

    Through the barrier of flesh, till keen
    She climbs from the calm and clear,
    Through turbidity all between,
    From the known to the unknown here,
    Heaven’s “Shall be,” from Earth’s “Has been”?

    Then life is, to wake not sleep,
    Rise and not rest, but press
    From earth’s level where blindly creep
    Things perfected, more or less,
    To the heaven’s height, far and steep,

    Where, amid what strifes and storms
    May wait the adventurous quest,
    Power is Love, transports, transforms
    Who aspired from worst to best,
    Sought the soul’s world, spurned the worms’.

    I have faith such end shall be:
    From the first, Power was, I knew.
    Life has made clear to me
    That, strive but for closer view,
    Love were as plain to see.

    When see? When there dawns a day,
    If not on the homely earth,
    Then yonder, worlds away,
    Where the strange and new have birth,
    And Power comes full in play.


  86. BBQ going on baby! vgboss with family enjoying this most awesome day but I still find a few seconds to drop in ttotc.com and post my 2 cents.

    I just read Forrest new question and answer over on Jenny’s site. Seriously man what is up with Forrest and using the words Castor Oil?

    What is Forrest trying to tell us about Castor Oil? Is he referring to the twins Castor and Pollux “Beaver” or is he telling us Castor & Pollux Organic is what he feeds Tesuque?

    What Forrest…What?!!!

    so hear me AL and LISON good.

    Castor “EDGE”

    Back to the BBQ with my awesome family whom I love.


    • vgboss – On Castoreum, Castor Oil, and Castor and Pollux:


      Castor oil is a vegetable oil obtained by pressing the seeds of the Castor plant (Ricinus communis).[1] The common name “castor oil”, from which the plant gets its name, probably comes from its use as a replacement for castoreum, a perfume base made from the dried perineal glands of the beaver (castor in Latin).
      (See Also : how Castor Oil is used to lubricate airplane engines)

      And if inthechaseto is willing to flip a Golden Double Eagle (yours VG,…to make it fair),…because she decides to face the fact,…that we all must share clues on this blog,…to jointly arrive at that elusive location of TC,…then I am game. And if I win that toss (I call “HEADS”!),…then I will tell why Castor and Pollux could be that “heads up” I was referring to,…about the clues on the cover of TTOTC,…that we talked about on the News thread. But if I lose,…I will not say anything about those two Famous Twins. Did you see that Nick Cage movie, btw?


  87. vgboss – You misspelled the word ‘borrow’ as ‘barrow’ in your comment,…which created the perfect segue for this (See Also: Tumulus):

    Beowulf’s body is taken to Hronesness, where it is burned on a funeral pyre. During cremation, the Geats lament the death of their lord, a widow’s lament being mentioned in particular, singing dirges as they circumambulate the barrow. Afterwards, a mound is built on top of a hill, overlooking the sea, and filled with treasure. A band of twelve of the best warriors ride around the barrow, singing dirges in praise of their lord.

    And if I remember correctly,…the word ‘tumulus’ also means ‘thumb’….


    • E* I’m happy that I misspelled that word for if I hadn’t I would have not read that interesting piece on Beowulf that you posted.

      Now I see why Forrest Fenn creates his own words or doesn’t sweat it if he misspells a word every now and then such as the word knowledge, without the d, and the usage of the word Fourth, spelling it Forth, in his Scrapbook 78.

      Remember Tom Crean and discussions on the Arctic? Well how’bout John Barrow? We can still make it work and have fun despite misspelled words:

      “John Barrow and his elite team charted large areas of the Arctic, discovered the North Magnetic Pole, were the first to see volcanoes in the Antarctic” (Source – Wiki)

      Were you, Geydelkon, and inthechaseto not talking about North Pole?

      E* maybe we should misspell more often 🙂


    • vgboss – Yep,…’tumulus’ does mean ‘thumb’,…per the Merriam-Webster dictionary:

      Origin of TUMULUS
      Middle English, from Latin; akin to Latin tum?re to swell — more at thumb
      First Known Use: 15th century

      Remember Forrest’s story of flying over Philadelphia,…and holding out his thumb,…to cover it?