Scattered all over the internet are various interviews of Forrest Fenn regarding the treasure.  Links of these interviews are posted on this blog by you good folks from time to  time.

Let’s get organized.  Please use this page to provide links to these interviews.  As the links are provided I will create an index on this page, and a sub-page for each interview, accessible by a drop down menu.



  1. Report from Santa Fe, FF with Lorene Mills, Nov 3-5, 2012

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    • Hi Into, I didn’t watch (studying vector calculus – gag) Rumours have it that there are not 11 clues just that FF said he only went to his “special” spot a few times. So he went there twice to deliver it that doesn’t leave many other times.

      So I am guessing many are pulling their hair out wondering how a place can be so special if he has only wanted to go their a few times.

      If you consider my prediction, and his use of “Madam Nature”, it become clear as to why this place is so special. Good old mom, never forget mom because she is special… It is a good thing I staked a claim on that territory, maybe some will go get it for me someday. ha!


      • unfortunately, he did say it was below the canadian border! right below not sure! so not in canada- so , not sure to make it a starting point or not but maybe


      • Hi back at ya Wolf –

        Vector calculus….. way beyond me….. good luck with that.

        I don’t know if he said a few or several as I have heard it reported both ways…………

        I didn’t watch it either – my heater quit working and the TV said to me “are you crazy – it’s too cold to work”. Geeez………..

        A couple means two.

        A few means a small number.

        SEVERAL, according to its dictionary definition means “more than two but not many”, so a few but not a couple.

        So, by saying he’s been to the spot a SEVERAL times – I am thinking that the number of times is two or three. Just my opinion and it works for me.

        I don’t think this would rule out Yellowstone as who knows if he meant the exact spot or a general area.

        ****On the other hand – you CAN rule out a precise spot he has been many times.****

        Here is Erica’s web site and I like it very much. She explains how to narrow down the search area by what Forrest said last year and I think she is right on.


    • Oh its out there…..But the poem won’t lead you there. He knows the poem won’t lead you to THE treasure but he’s having fun living vicariously through your adventure. I would bet anyone on this blog 1 million dollars they can’t find the treasure using his poem. You see the absurdity of this chase is i cant lose that bet because you will never find the treasure.


  1. I think this recording from Dals media page, from collected works bookstore on april 17, 2013 will probably answer alot of peoples questions on several topics.Dal did a really good job on the audio! There is also a youtube of this interview but the audio on it was poor, the youtube was by audiophile I believe (ironic name for poor audio).


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