Scrapbook 14 Dated posted: 2/23/2013

Photo of Forrest in his vault with designer Donna Karen, who is wearing Kiowa Indian leggings on her arms

Click here to read the scrapbook at Dal’s blog. Post comments below.


5 thoughts on “Scrapbook 14 Dated posted: 2/23/2013

  1. Bob, what the hell are you talking about? If it were found Forrest would be saying so . The problem with quoting Dals blog is you didn’t add a link to the conversation. There is no way to find anything on that blog.


    • Deb- on Dal’s blog scrapbook 14 this guy named James points out that the chest is in that photo of Forrest and Donna Karan in Forrest’s vault. right where i said it was all along, in his vault.

      but then too if you read the comments Dodo bird doesnt think its the treasure chest rather and old cigar box.


      • Bob, we really don’t know when that photo was taken , so it doesn’t prove anything. I have mentioned to Forrest before about it being at his house to which he always replied , that the chest is in the Rocky Mountains north of Santa Fe.

        After you brought the subject up, I asked him if he remembered the date of the photo. He said he didn’t, that he handed her the leggings and her assistant took the photo.


  2. hey everyone! the chest has been found! a guy named James found the chest on a photo. on Dal’s blog.
    now we can finally take the chest and go in peace. its over.
    im glad.


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