Scrapbook 32 Date posted: 4/7/2013 ? (missing)

This scrapbook is missing from Dal’s blog.  Why?  Post comments below.

24 thoughts on “Scrapbook 32 Date posted: 4/7/2013 ? (missing)

  1. Pie–I mean Spy- Someone looking @ intercepting receiving without permission,collection of ,undercover, infiltrate,abscond,detain, steal,grab, take,What’s your ear burning for ?


  2. JC1117:
    You were right, Woody.

    Lisa!Lisa! She’s our Wo-man!
    If She can’t do it…no one can!

    I can see the x formed by the teepee poles in the full moon light….but how are we supposed to dig up there in the ether?

    With our minds?

    I can dig it.

    (p.s. It’s probably a good thing that Goofy told everyone at Dal’s to be wary of this blog. It’s so strange here I feel right at home.LOL!)

    LOL -Yea it is a little strange ! Hows your mental telepathy holding out! I am @ home here and there. LOL


  3. bob:
    hi JC. yes thats the book. i coudnt remember the title….The Crisscross Shadow…looks like an X to me.and thats a full moon on the cover. that crisscross could only be seen at night during a full moon. interesting stuff. the boys do find the treasure.

    Crossword puzzles are always my favorite! I just don’t have much time to enjoy them!


    • I hope it’s really you. In 4 years I don’t recall you signing in on Mike’s blog.

      I have to ask, Is is you Forrest Fenn?

      1. Fun that you ironically posted at exactly 4:24.
      2. Looking forward to your new book, but not able to be in Santa Fe for release.
      3. Tried posting a photo of my comical ‘marvel gaze’ but the site won’t upload it.
      4. Thanks again for the sip of J.K.’s brandy.


      • i posted this years ago on Dal’s blog…..the reason there is no scrapbook 32 is because of the Hardy Boys Mystery novels. it was the boys father who always reminded them to take a sandwich and a flashlight. and book number 32 of the Hardy boys series is about hidden treasure. featuring indians, gold, and a shadow at night. but what do i know? a lot of nothing.


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