The Couch

Is the chase driving you crazy?  Do you have a hard time sleeping, because you keep trying to figure out the poem in your dreams?  Do your family and friends think you are devoting too much time and energy to this and are beginning to tell you that you have become absolutely obsessed, and that they are worried about you?  Have you said no to any of the above (that’s called denial)?

If you have not found the help you need in “The Lounge”, perhaps it’s time to check into this new room.  I suggest that you first have a session with Dr. Jack (see the video below), and then take part in group sessions with fellow chasers, where you may find fellow addicts on the road to recovery who can offer some help.

 Ready for your second session?

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  1. Hello Lisa, Woody, Bob, JC1117…
    Glad to see you here sharing about your life experiences. I gain wisdom from each of you, and sometimes enjoy much needed laughter. Thanks;-)

    Lisa, I didn’t realize Clint Eastwood was a Sun Valley regular. Guess I figured he spent most of his time at historic Mission Ranch in Carmel. Hey if Clint decided to hide himself a treasure do ya think he would hide it in Idaho or California? I Have to say how much I admire both Mr. Eastwood and Mr. Redford for the outstanding men they are in two arenas…conservation and the art of film. Many of my favorite movies are to their credit for acting and directing. They exhibit renaissance men qualities similar to Forrest and Eric Sloane


    • Anna – Clint has a house here North of town, but I heard he has been coming here since he was a young man, before he was famous. He chose the Boulder Mountains as his backdrop for Pale Rider, which he filmed about 15 miles North of town here. But I also spent lots of time in Carmel, when I lived in California, and I ate at the restaurant he used to own there in town.

      I think Clint would hide his treasure here in Idaho, probably at Goat Lake, since it is so hard to get up there:


      • Anna – Them thar hills I am always hiking in, Summer and Winter, is where Clint built this town for the movie. When I watch it, I imagine I am back in that era. There is an actual formerly very productive mine, way above there, in Boulder City, where I have spent a very cold and spooky August night in a tent.


      • Beautiful lake, Lisa.

        Goat Lake. I’d love to go there one day.

        And I love that axe handle scene.

        “You shouldn’t play with matches.”

        Whoever does is liable to start a blaze.


        • JC1117 – Yes. The big concern with so little snow here this year is impending fires this Summer. But Bald Mountain got a foot in the last 48 hours, and another seven inches last week, so things are looking up again. I just love to hike the new snow in my Merrell moccasins, and then dry them by the fire. It is a sunny and relatively warm morning, so it looks’s time to get out there again. That Forrest Service road that leads out to the Iron Creek Trailhead, just past the town of Stanley, is plowed but probably not a good bet for my AWD sedan. So getting to Goat Lake is only a Summer hike. But it is located over there:


      • Hey y’all, sorry I have not responded. Pulled an all nighter working hard on a large project and I’m exhausted. Going to bed now. Don’t have to much fun without me, OK


  2. Lisa Cesari:
    JC1117 – Thank you for looking at and enjoying my pictures. Life without money nor possessions can be grand. You just have to have boat loads of Faith and Trust and Hope. And a brilliant imagination, like mine, to fill your daily calendar.

    For instance, when you have time, could we plan a trip to go meet Bart the Bear II, since you know your way around those parts? He calls the Wasatch Mountains home, and I still want him to be my Search Buddy out Cabin Creek:

    Lisa, perhaps we can plan a girls trip to Sundance. It looks beautiful, and who wouldn’t enjoy a possible sighting of FF’s friend Robert Redford. Heck, he lives off highway 92, that’s got to be worth something in this chase.

    I’m not a rich woman either, but have found ways to save enough for my once a year trip with girlfriends.


    • Anna – I explored the idea, while staying in Sundance for three weeks, of working for Robert Redford in his office there. His assistant was about to leave the position, and took me on a tour. I did not meet him, but did meet his son and kids. And I know where Robert lives, but I also know that to go there, one would need to be invited. I so enjoyed my stay in Sundance and the adventures I had and the people I met. I appreciate that you and JC1117 reminded me of that more prosperous time in my life.

      And I am so touched that you thought of me to include in your girls trip! We will just have to see what the Universe has in store. I am sort of in day-to-day survival mode now, but I have been doing that for a few years, so something.has to give, right? I live in hope… always. And I thank God and the Universe every day for everything that comes my way.


      • Lisa, glad to hear your hope radiating brightly! Do you have shelter and food?

        I didn’t realize an invitation was required to ski or recreate at Sundance. I’ll cross that one off my bucket list now.


        • Hi, Anna.

          You certainly don’t need an invitation to go to Sundance. I’m sure they’ll accept any and all that want to show up…just like any other resort.

          I’m (almost) certain that Lisa was only stating that you’d need an invitation to meet Robert…unless you’re lucky enough to meet him in public.

          My step-sister was at Sundance many years ago and saw Robert walk into the men’s restroom. She figured she might not have another chance to meet him ever again…so she followed him into the men’s restroom.

          True story. You’ll have to ask her about it one day.

          Her name is Jill.



          • Yikes! I’m not ever intruding on anyone’s privacy. Wouldn’t even approach him in public. Have had the chance to say hello to a few stars including Clint Eastwood but didn’t. I enjoy my own privacy and figure the famous really treasure theirs.


          • In Jill’s defense…(or she will kill me 🙂 )…she followed Robert right in…and spoke with him quickly…and then left. She said he didn’t seem perturbed…but rather smiled at her audacity.


        • Anna – JC1117 was correct. I was referring to the need to be invited to Robert Redford’s home and property. But I do admire Jill’s audacity.

          As to my personal story, I do not want to share the details here. But it would make great book. Let’s just say that neither Warren Miller nor Osborne Russell had anything on me in their abilities to survive Winter nights in the Rockies..Thank you for your concern.


          • Anna – Thank you for recognizing my quest for fortitude. I appreciate that.

            And if I am the lucky searcher who finds Forrest’s bronze chest, especially if it is really out Cabin Creek, I think my story will make for an Academy Award winning movie. And you and Bart the Bear II and Robert Redford.will most certainly be in it.

            And Clint Eastwood can be the Director. I did meet him here, when I was the Concierge and Front Desk Agent at the Knob Hill Inn. It was surreal to hear his voice first, asking, “Ma’am…could you please direct me to where the restroom is?” And then to look up from my book to see it was, in fact, Clint. A local told me recently that Clint would sit on top of an upright piano in a bar, called Slavey’s, in the early 60s. He would play his accoustic guitar and hit on women there all night. But I wasn’t born until 1963. Bummer.


          • Jeremiah Johnson sure was a good movie . I like the way old griz adams showed jeremiah how to put hot coals from the fire in a sleeping hollow and put dirt over it to stay warm at night . Of course if you don’t put thick enough dirt you may burn yourself up LOL. Now those guys showed a mountain man what roughing it in winter was all about. Some of their methods were spot on.


      • Lisa – I can relate to many of the things you talk about and what you have been through in your life. You sound amazing to me at times . This life we go through can have many ups and downs like a yo-yo I have had an amazing life and had almost everything a person could want . Due to ——- many different things that happen. I have basically started over @ least 2 or 3 times . As a person gets older it seems each time is a little harder. At least to me it does. I always thought things were supposed to get easier . Yea Right. LOL


          • Hey Lisa – I love you dearly and you ARE AMAZING. I didn’t mean to put a damper on anything but what I told you is just the way it seems for me. I am not one that would say something different than what I felt. Hope you can understand It’s just me.


  3. Lisa Cesari:
    Anna and JC1117 – Glad you both enjoyed the videos and snow scenes. I fell in love with snowshoeing in the Wasatch Range near Sundance, Utah, when I stayed there in the late 90s. I used to have the top of the line Atlas snowshoes here, until I lost all of my worldly possessions a few years ago. Now I just wear nylon tights, wool socks and my Merrell water resistantand insulated snow moccasins. I just dry them by the fire after I post hole up a hillside of virgin snow.

    Now I think snowshoes are cumbersome and are generally for wimps. It was -1° out Billy’s Bridge, when I took the shots for that pano. Maybe I should be Yellowstone’s next Winterkeeper? I think I could handle -20 to -50 degrees below Zero.

    Lisa & JC1117,
    Hope you enjoy! Art is where you find it… or where you make it …



    • WOW!!!

      Thanks, Anna.

      Absolutely beautiful. Crop circles in the snow. 🙂

      Such breathtaking canvases he has to work with…with such open solitude. I can see why he likes working with his medium.

      That guy has a lot of energy.

      Thanks for sharing, Anna.


      • Yes JC1117…More CowBELL !
        I think Eric Sloane would have enjoyed this ski racing tradition born on the mountain slopes. I plan to ring my Scandinavian red cow bell at Forrest’s front door! Hopefully, he hasn’t trained Willie to bite. LOL.

        Where do you find your material for spinning such funny content? Your Yarn Vikings are a riot;-)
        My family could never afford to attend the winter Olympics, but we really enjoy following on TV. In the 1960’s Bridger Bowl near Bozeman, Montana trained ski racers and a few brave jumper-flyers on a very high wooden ski jump. Talk about brave and in the wood!

        My aunt & uncle had a ski cabin midway up the hill, but no snow mobile. When staying with them, we either rode the ski lift up or had to walk the hill if we arrived after it had closed…quite an uphill hike in skis and backpacks after dark. Great memories skiing and playing in the snow with cousins and friends. Now, I’m just happy to survive a few runs on the easy slopes.


          • Lisa, thanks for linking me up to the Bridger Bowl history videos. I enjoyed watching all of them. Snow memories are my favorites.


          • Hello, Lisa and Anna.

            That’s some beautiful scenery. I love the snow covered mountains. One day I hope to spend more time with my snowshoes on…and with my kids with their snowshoes on. I really don’t think my wife will ever care for snowshoeing. 🙂

            I’m jealous that you get to spend so much time in the hills, Lisa. 🙂


          • Anna and JC1117 – Glad you both enjoyed the videos and snow scenes. I fell in love with snowshoeing in the Wasatch Range near Sundance, Utah, when I stayed there in the late 90s. I used to have the top of the line Atlas snowshoes here, until I lost all of my worldly possessions a few years ago. Now I just wear nylon tights, wool socks and my Merrell water resistant and insulated snow moccasins. I just dry them by the fire after I post hole up a hillside of virgin snow.

            Now I think snowshoes are cumbersome and are generally for wimps. It was -1° out Billy’s Bridge, when I took the shots for that pano. Maybe I should be Yellowstone’s next Winterkeeper? I think I could handle -20 to -50 degrees below Zero.


          • You capture some beautiful picture, Lisa.

            I’m sorry to hear about your recent finance problems. Sounds like a disaster.

            In spite of that…I hope you’re weathering life’s storms. I find a lot of peace when I’m hiking around the hills…or the desert.

            The Wasatch Mountains are my home stomping ground. I grew up (got older? 🙂 ) at the base of Mount Mahogany below Mount Timpanogos. I’ve only been skiing about 15 times in my life…and about 10 of those trips were at Sundance…years ago. Beautiful Country.

            Of course…the Rocky Mountains are full of Beautiful Country.

            I reckon that’s why Forrest wants to get folks out there.

            Your photos speak volumes. Well done.


          • JC1117 – Thank you for looking at and enjoying my pictures. Life without money nor possessions can be grand. You just have to have boat loads of Faith and Trust and Hope. And a brilliant imagination, like mine, to fill your daily calendar.

            For instance, when you have time, could we plan a trip to go meet Bart the Bear II, since you know your way around those parts? He calls the Wasatch Mountains home, and I still want him to be my Search Buddy out Cabin Creek:



  4. deb:
    Hey , woah. Let’s not make a mountain out of a molehill. Go back and read the post again. I don’t see any aggression in the posts on anyone’s side.

    I would like to know who owns Tarryscant though. Does anyone know ?


  5. Don’t ask any bloggers any questions on dul’s site.
    It’s obviously frowned upon by dul & could lead to being banned unless you respond in thanking him & let him know his turn-away info was helpful.

    Remember not to question the owner. If you do it, you may get banned.

    Big piece of coal in your stocking but may turn into a diamond.

    Jeeze, you can’t even ask a question to other bloggers without him telling to go elsewhere to get an answer.

    Grinch Bastard Son of a Bitch.


  6. Lug Nutz roasting on an open fire
    Jake Faulk nipping at your booze
    Roll-tide carols being sung by a choir
    And folks dressed up like Eskimos

    Everybody knows a searcher and some rabbit hole
    Help to make the offseason bright
    Tiny tots with their eyes all agold
    Will find it hard to sleep every night

    They know that Forrest’s on his way
    He’s loaded lots of coins and goodies in his chest
    And every Kedar’s Mom child is gonna spy
    To see if horses really know how to fly

    And so I’m offering this simple poem
    To kids from one to ninety-two
    Although it’s been said many times, ho hum
    Merry Christmas to you


  7. Rotflmfao…I found out that all my posts go into the trash folder at hod. Glad shitty attitudes like that don’t bother me. My husband said I should post everyday and tell him to f off.


    • Oh Mom, dont tell anyone to f off. tis the season to be jolly. meet me at the Draper museum next year. that will change your attitude towards FF and dal. especially Dal, i feel bad for him.


      • My attitude is completely dependant on how people treat me. I did nothing against the rules to get banned. Thanks for the invite, don’t know if I can make it. I can barely post at mw anymore either, all my posts go to moderation and take four days to show up. They have done a good job of keeping me quiet.


        • I feel you KM.
          I got banned for questioning dul.
          Then he called me a jerk & banned me all in one comment.

          He broke his own rules by calling me a name (no name calling). He should have banned himself by breaking his own rule.

          Hypocrite at his best.


        • Jake it’s good to hear from you. Merry Christmas bud. Its starting to get so quiet in the chase, I’m going to have to read a book or go riding.
          Bob, really? Until he apologizes for being rude to me, he can just suck it.


          • Mom- but pushing or shoving the referee will get you ejected from the game. except at Mike’s blog.

            ref’s word is final.


          • Hello, Bob…Kedar’s Mom…Jake.


            …sometimes those other blogs can really look like this…


            …and somebody needs to address it and/or do something about it. It’s out of control sometimes.

            Btw…if I was in that hockey brawl I’d be with the Flyers for sure. 🙂


          • JC1117 –

            Your point is taken. I received a warning from Dal that I should stop insulting Zap and I have taken that to mean I should tone down the tenor of my commentary.

            I’m a cynic. That’s my job. I talk sense into people in hopes that they can realize the error of their ways.

            You are more sensible than most. You do not get clouded by you’re preconceived notions of where the Fenn cache may be.

            No one at HoD, no one, is as crazy as Bob is here, right? The treasure and the chest are not the same, the chest is in the museum that wee have been to 1000s of times, etc.



        • KM –

          Did you ask Dal if you are banned?
          Or how did you find out your comments go in the trash?

          I had a day where nothing posted and they were sitting waiting for an action to be taken. Dal didn’t not know why. Maybe a keyword that wordpress thinks improper set my posts aside.



          • I emailed him lug to find out what was going on. He told me all my posts go in the trash and if I have a “real comment ” then he might take it out. I might as well be banned. Why ban me? Maybe I do know something. The retrieval is the only thing f has no control over. Merry Christmas.


  8. What are you crazy Mike?
    I don’t need any help & all those people that think I’m crazy are in denial.

    I’m just gonna lay down on this couch for a wile until someone else needs it.


    • OK, now I’m sitting on the couch to give a little room.
      Lisa, I saw your pic of the little island on the Madison with the dead logs & you may think the treasure is there.

      There must be a creek very nearby that dumps into this spot to uphold the line “There’ll be no paddle up your creek”.

      I would hope that “just heavy loads and water high” are not the same. In other words, having the Madison River flow as heavy loads & the water level being high at that spot would kill one of the clues for me as being redundant.

      The blaze may be a rotting log but surely would disappear within a few hundred years & I’m giving this log extra life. I think the blaze should last at least 1K years. Dancing with the stars is coming on soon.


      • Jake – Move over. I need to lay down with my head on your lap to look up into your eyes.

        Put in below the home of Brown is at Baker’s Hole. Home of Brown bears is the YNP border. No place for the meek is the Madison river which is a Waterway. The meek will inherit the earth. Take the water route. The end is ever drawing nigh is Hebgen Lake at the Madison Arm. No paddle up your creek are the tributaries Forrest mentioned that the Grizz follows when crossing the Madison at Baker’s Hole to get to the garbage dump feeding site in West Yellowstone. Heavy loads and Waters high are the realm of the Gulpers, who travel from Baker’s Hole to the Madison Arm, especially during Spring, when the waters are high and fast, and the heavy loads are the drag on their fishing lines from the fast moving water. The blaze s the Morning Star reflected on the water before Dawn in that picture, with the time determined exactly for the day before the Summer Solstice by Forrest. Father’s Day 2010. And I can tell you now because I lived next to the Big Wood River in Sun Valley, that log jan in the river will be there for years unless somebody moves it
        The End.


        • Jake – Forgot to mention that not only was Baker’s Hole the closest and favorite swimming hole for Forrest during those Summers he spent in West Yellowstone, but I also read at Dal’s, way back when, that his Dad would park the Airstream there on trips after they sold the Fenn Haven cabins. They had a pretty great fly fishing guiding business out of that place, with Forrest starting when he was 12 or 13, I think.


          • Jake – Like Forrest may well have done in his dinghy:

            At 16 miles long, Hebgen Lake is a big body of water that gives fish a lot of room to roam. The Madison and Grayling arms are well known among gulper fishers, and for good reason.

            Duchateau said nutrient-rich geyser basins upstream in Yellowstone National Park influence the Madison Arm. Shallow inlets and bays in both the Madison and Grayling arms shelter weed beds that provide oxygen and a food base for bugs and fish alike.


        • Lisa,
          I liked your other solve a lot better.
          Stick with the Cabin Creek solve & get away from The Madison where sooooo many have searched.

          I see a twinkle in your eye.

          I need to get over to the lounge where Bob is buying all the drinks.


          • Jake – Hey. I will have you know that this solve I shared with you includes the Gulpers, who were included in the very first solve I sent to Forrest, in which he did the take it in the canyon down part in that little blue boat with an oar he had in his 20s that Dal featured on his blog. Since Madison Canyon was too far to walk. Then he put in at Boat Mountain below the home of Brown bears that are so abundant on the Cabin Creek Trail. And that solve evolved to be my current one, when I found that hillside blaze on the face on Google Earth. He has my spot coordinate s since April 2013.


  9. Hi all. Posting an idea. What if, the whole part about looking down quickly, ect.. and the blaze are the same thing. Instruction, to look down at the bottom of the page of the poem where FF says Good luck and most of all have fun… there is a canyon right off of the road in Taos that translates to Good luck, and the most of all have fun can transalte to “wolfs mouth”, what if the canyon you (drift down to, not paddel) is good luck canyon and you look for something relating to a wolf or wolfs mouth.

    By the way, blaze can be translated to “something that has been readily appearent the whole time”.

    I believe that the line good luck and , and most of all have fun, is to be inserted in to the arena where we are instructed to look down quickly.

    OK let me have it…………. please tell me the 9000 reasons i am wrong


      Meadow at Goose Lake, Red River New Mexico

      Clue #1, “Begin it where the warm waters halt”. The longest chapter in Forrest’s book was about his experiences in the armed services and Vietnam. Vietnam is surrounded by warm waters, the tears shed at the Vietnam memorial are warm and the word “halt” is a military expression. Would Forrest do all of this without including some reference to Vietnam? I don’t think so.
      Clue #2, “Take it in the canyon down”. The Vietnam memorial sits high atop a hill. Traveling from the memorial down the driveway to Route 64 takes you into the canyon……turn left and head north towards Eagle Nest and Red River
      Clue #3, “Not far but too far to walk”. From the Vietnam memorial to the location of the next clue (Home of Brown) is 9 miles. “Not far but too far to walk”
      Clue #4, “Put In below the home of Brown”. Eagle Nest Lake, nine miles from the memorial is stocked with Brown trout. Keep in mind that Forrest is an avid & passionate fisherman. Going from the memorial, head north.
      Clue #5, “From there it’s no place for the meek. Meek is a fossil. Keep in mind that Forrest is an archeologist. No Meek west of Eagles Nest
      Clue #6 The end is ever drawing nigh” As you are entering the town on Red River there is green sign that says “End” on it. You are at a fork in the road and to your immediate left are the Red River horse stables. You have to make a U turn at the fork and head up the road to the next clue.
      Dictionary Nigh: (of an animal or vehicle) being on the left side:
      to be astride the nigh horse.

      Clue #7, “There’ll be no paddle up your creek”. You will be on a rocky, dirt road. Goose Creek runs from top to bottom of mountain as does the trail to Goose Lake
      Clue #8, “Just heavy loads and water high”. there are multiple heavy duty electrical power lines crossing the dirt road you turn off to and up to Goose Lakeroad…..”heavy loads”, power loads. Just after crossing under the power lines you have to drive thru a small pond as you head to the trail and location of the treasure at the top of the mountain, below Goose Lake. Both the pond and Goose Lake are references to “water high”.
      Clue #9, “Look Quickly down your quest to cease” Look down from the parking lot into the meadow, Clue, your effort will be worth the cold” Sure, with little ground cover in the colder months, the meadow, blaze and treasure become identifiable


      • SCRAPBOOK 73
        Forrest’s backyard garden. Why is Forrest showing us pictures of his garden? What’s with the pictures of lavender flowers? Forrest asks….are these flowers or weeds? What’s with the flat white rocks in the picture? What does Forrest mean when he says “us gardeners”. The growth under the blaze in the meadow is clearly different and thicker than the surrounding ground cover. Forrest the gardener apparently did some planting under the blaze to better cover the target in the warmer months…..”You’re effort will be worth the cold”.


        • The Santa Fe conference scheduled for October 2014 was cancelled shortly after I shared our findings with Fenn. Here, Dal is making a statement that as far as he knows the chest has not been found indicating he doesn’t know why the conference was cancelled. He goes on and clearly notes that he does know why. Somewhere on his site he made note around this time indicating that he needed to make a trip out west. From that point on I always felt Fenn called an emergency meeting and that Dal along with Fenn’s grandson Shiloh took a trip and a shovel to Goose Lake in Red River.

          1. dal on September 1, 2014 at 10:31 pm said:
          Forrest’s health is fine. As far as I know the chest has not been found but Forrest would know about that long before me. Anyway, that has nothing to do with why we cancelled.
          All is good.
          We just ran up against a roadblock that we couldn’t get around with the conference. As you know, we’ve been working on this for about a month and it looked like all the duckies were properly lined up..
          But something came up today and there is no working around it…so the event had to be cancelled…
          I do not see the possibility that it can be restaged this year so it’s off till next year at the earliest..
          I am not at liberty to discuss what went haywire..
          but it’s nothing to do with Forrest’s health or desire to have fun with us.
          I am truly sorry…I was really looking forward to this..
          ? dal on September 2, 2014 at 4:50 pm said:
          Thanks Frank. I know you are correct, and believe me, if the problem was resources I would come straight out and ask. This is a very resourceful group. But resources are not the issue. There was just a last minute conflict which stewed-up the timing for everyone.
          Nothing that can be fixed I am afraid…
          We will try again next year…


  10. forrest- “chief inspector Clouseau…now i want you to lie back on the couch and relax….good. are you comfortable?”

    Clouseau- “quite. perhaps a white wine.”

    forrest- “mindy, please get chief inspector clouseau some wine.”

    mindy- “yes sir”

    forrest-” it seems you have trouble saying the letter h inspector.”

    clouseau- “correct.”

    forrest- “lets begin…..try to say, h for me.”

    clouseau- “ache”

    forrest- “again…..h.”

    clouseau- “eight”

    forrest- “thats a little too much effort inspector, simply….h. nothing more.”

    clouseau wincing- “each…oh, i cannot sat the letter h fowwest!”

    forrest- ” there! you said it! …..again now—-h!”

    clouseau- “what did i say?”

    forrest- “you pronounced the letter h clearly i heard it!”

    clouseau- “it was the wine. oh magoo youve done it again.”


  11. The Wolf:
    The wizard of oz connection can be many things, to name several:
    – the film was created in 1939 the year FF found his first arrow head. That arrow head is very special to him
    – Film starts in Kansas (I will let you figure out that connection of which there are many)
    – The Tinman’s last name is Woodsman
    – the yellow brick road to Emerald City (that is close to what you are talking about
    – Then there is Toto the dog.
    – Professor Marvel – the fake fortune teller.

    If one does enough research, they can link most of these to a solution.
    The Wolf

    I guess we can add Toto the dog digging up an ivory sceptre.


  12. This comment is for E* in respond to E*’s comment about a TORNADO in The Wzard of Oz.
    That’s funny E, OF COURSE there is a tornado in that movie!!! It’s at the beginning and is basic to the plot. What, were you at consessions buying milk duds and missed the beginning?
    Why you playing dumb all of a sudden?
    I’m fixin to get sideways on you E!

    (Not really E, I’m just frustrated because I can’t post on the questions with Jenny Kile thread. I tried 3 times.)


    • Bob – This is where vgboss creates one of his famous custom images,…depicting a tornado that places the Bronze Chest right below Auntie Em’s house,…in this photo (if he was here, that is):


      • E- I can’t see it, is it on a flat white rock? How about you meet me in telluride? If we find it 50/50 split.
        Since FF doesn’t want to experience the thrill of the chase how about you?
        Zelda suggested I ask Dal but I just laughed. Ha ha. I mean why the ice axe when the poem clearly states take it in the canyon down? WWWH is the glacier but we are well below that in the canyon down possibly after a glissade past the sculucht. I don’t see a home of brown above the alpine level even on the Italian side. Dal oops said it wrong again, I mean Dale and his buddy from Germany need ice axes, not me. What do you say E does Telluride sound appealing knowing you won’t need an ice axe?


        • Bob – I am confused. When I posted that link about the history of Bridalveil Falls,…in that comment about vgboss and inthechaseto taking their climbing equipment there,… to beat you to the punch,…I thought you might have read it. It is a MAJOR Ice Climbing destination,…so I must insist that you bring your crampons and your Ice Axe!:


          • E- crampons would be a nice accessory for my ruby flip flops, and would really put a hurtin on a competitor should I step on their face in a battle for the box, but remember we take it in the canyon DOWN! Not up. Our journey begins at the base of bridal veil falls. The search for the blaze begins at the base of bridal veil falls.


          • Bob – Here’s my thought progression:

            Begin it WWWH: Frozen Bridal Veil Waterfall (which is also the HUGE and White Blaze!)

            Take it in the canyon down: Rapel down the waterfall,…downward,…into the canyon
            (with carabiners and ropes and crampons and your ice axe,…because it is too far to walk to get to the base of the falls).

            Put in below the home of Brown: Auntie Em’s House

            Take it in the canyon down: Rapel down the waterfall,…downward,…into the canyon.

            Everyone that took the long way,…by climbing UP the waterfall,…starting at the bottom,…will be sorry they did. Because YOU will nab the Bronze Chest FIRST!!! 🙂


          • E- now that is some effort worth the cold! Do you see that blue ice! Even the ice is so cold it turned blue…approaching absolute zero hear me all and listen good.


  13. So….I posted on Stephanie’s blog under the name ‘superfly’ and humorously made fun of some dude Eldorados posts on his thread ‘ElDorados gold’ that was putting other people down constantly. He proceeded to call people ‘Retards’ ‘Homos’ and accused Stephanie of gang banging her posters…following this they opened a new thread about ‘moderators’ where Eldorado said I was embarrassing him too much, he had tons of posts and if Stephanie did not ban me he would leave her blog. She instantly banned me even though he was the one using foul language and I was only making fun of his because he believed he was a reincarnated statue among other things. How could I resist? So…being newer to this blog thing I’m curious…are newer posters not allowed to poke fun at older ones? Or is that blog, or Stephanie, just censoring stuff and people that don’t agree with because there based on the money they make and older posters are worth more? Is Steph, in fact, gang banging her bloggers as Eldorado claims and I messed up by challenging her boyfriend? Is she bipolar or something too? What gives? Is this common etiquette on all blogs? I’m trying to figure out my future manners and shocked I’ve been banned. Would not want the same thing to happen elsewhere… Ugh. Advice appreciated….


    • Sir come stance: my advice to you is to throw these words out of your vocabulary…


      Now, we can get to some serious clue discussion.
      Where do you think the bronze box is sir?


      • I think its in Colorado or montana. Somewhere (I don’t want to give away too much) between/near the ute trail south of the ruby mountain range. I don’t understand the wizard of oz logic and have arrived here independently of that…but I like this blog because some people refer to the Oz logic and it seemed to fit with parts of my solve being coincidentally a yellow trail and ruby mountains (slippers) among other things so im intrigued. I’m hoping to understand the oz logic to see if it matches my other solved clue parts as that being 2 matching sources leading the same path may be confirmation enough to make a trip out. Where do you think it is?


        • Incidentally wolf on my last trip out to Colorado I found a several Masonic emblems/markers/plaques etc on random springs and mountains. I understand you are writing a book- if you would like me to send you some pictures with the markers and locations etc. shoot me your email. If it’s not of interest to you I totally understand..just figured I’d throw it out there…


          • Circumstance,
            The wizard of oz connection can be many things, to name several:
            – the film was created in 1939 the year FF found his first arrow head. That arrow head is very special to him
            – Film starts in Kansas (I will let you figure out that connection of which there are many)
            – The Tinman’s last name is Woodsman
            – the yellow brick road to Emerald City (that is close to what you are talking about
            – Then there is Toto the dog.
            – Professor Marvel – the fake fortune teller.

            If one does enough research, they can link most of these to a solution.
            The Wolf


          • If you want to send me some photos try the1wolf1 at gmail dot com.

            I can’t promise I will use them since I have pretty much finished all the chapters, but if they intersect a few of my stories/theories then you never know.

            The Wolf


          • I thought I saw some ppl referring to the wizard of oz as a connection somewhere on here, and was surprised to realize that many of my ‘answers’ ironically fit that theme. I found a plausible first few clues down to a couple square miles…and feel like I have the last one which would put a bullseye on the final area but can’t seem to make one or more of the final connections that would tell me an even smaller area to place the bullseye. Was hoping maybe I could find it in that theme since the rest seemed to fit anyhow. Lol. It’s a stretch, but hey- it’s something:)


    • I try to take up whatever my problem is with the person directly involved. I find the direct route usually helps, and cuts down on the drama factor.

      Dont judge the chase by what happens on blogs. You know how a perfect storm of bad timing, bad attitudes and the full moon (lunatic reference) can happen? Well you just fell into the eye of that storm.

      We arent all looking to cause havoc, it will get better. Try reading some back posts here, go back a year or so and see that most people are interested in being helpful and friendly.


  14. Dr. Jack, Help Me! I spent days typing my solve, trying to figure out how to explain it, I spent money to post it and no one cares. It doesn’t really matter I guess. Silence is golden so I’ve been told. Am I crazy? Why else would my posts not post? I must be right!


    • Uriel –

      I just finished reading your website – and your well put together solve of the poem.
      Your ideas make sense and are well thought out. I like what you said about the “T”.
      I do not think you started in the right place – as you never addressed “why” Forrest would be there. He has been many places – but WHY I feel is important. What did the spot to hide the TC – mean to him? I feel it’s in “My War For Me” and really quite clear after one knows what it is.

      Well, don’t get mad at me – I could be so wrong. Just my humble opinion – worth nothing more than a wish at this point. I so enjoyed your site – thank you for doing it and best of luck to you.


      • Thank You Inthechaseto! It was very considerate of you to read my solve and I love your comments and thoughts. I am going to re-read the chapter you suggest again just for the heck of it . Wish you luck as well- Uriel



    Well, we left Cody and went into Yellowstone and camped at the Bridge Bay campground. It was really nice but a little on the chilly side. So many campers going in and out. Hmm, I wonder if there are any chasers up in these hills. Anyway, my wife and I spent the afternoon sightseeing. It was very nice to get away just the two of us, except we brought our dogs, they really like up here. We ended the afternoon at the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. Wow, the majestic power of the river, it was very impressive. We took so many pictures, because I was just like the others around me. The only drawback was it was windy. When we got back to camp, it was just as windy. Soon darkness was coming in to rest on my bones. I wasn’t ready for it, I had a plan for my wife. I decided to build a fire and it got really cool out. The blaze of the fire pointed in one direction, so did the heat. Oh, well. We broke open a box of dominoes and played this game called Mexican Train. I think we played 9 games until I finally won one. Took me awhile to figure it out. Just luck I think. We stopped with my victory and decided to call it a night. As we listened, the chatter went away and the forest started to come alive in my dreams. Standing near the fire, I hear the dogs howling in the dense. I began to worry that something was lurking. I can see from around the camper two black wolves coming from around the corner towards the fire and to me. I quickly looked down and picked up a rifle. The wolves were getting closer. The wolves were only twenty feet or so away. I hip held the rifle and all I heard was a click. I decided to toss the rifle at the larger wolf that was closest. He was tall and at that moment his eyes gazed up looking at me. I let out a scream twice. Then my wife woke me up but I woke myself up as well. I then started to laugh. She said I screamed very loud. I wonder what the other campers must of thought. I am sure they were chatting about something.


      • Geydelkon – Thanks for the confirmation,…like I said,…MY Grizz is right there,…waiting for me,…and protecting TC for Forrest (and being paid with buried mason jars full of honey!). Grrrrrrrr!


  16. In the book Forrest says he had so many thoughts that he had trouble keeping them in his mouth. I know the feeling. I am nearing the end of my search, finally starting to understand. My problem is I feel I am supposed to write a story about it but, with no treasure in my actual hands I dont want my search area over run with people digging holes and tearing it up looking for that treasure. That is stressful to the environmental health of the area.

    Many people have searched in my general area but not sure any have found what I have. I would love to post my thoughts for all to share but much of that feeling comes from the uncertainty of my daughters fate. I dont want to potentially lead others to it with the chance that she could find it. Thats something to look forward to for us both.

    Maybe there is a way I could share part of it without giving away everything. I will think on it a while….


  17. Hey hacker, I got somethin real important to give you. So you just sit down, and listen.

    Hack, you know we’ve been together a long, long time.
    And now I’m ready to lay it on the line baby.
    You know it’s love and my heart is open wide.
    Gonna give you somethin so you know what’s on my mind.

    A gift real special, so take off the lid , take a look inside… It’s question mark in a box!

    Didn’t get you no diamond ring.
    That sort of gift don’t mean anything.
    Not no fancy car, hack you gotta know, you my shinin star!

    Not no big house on a hill,
    A hack like you need somethin real!
    Somethin special!

    A question mark in a box!
    Question mark in a box!

    See, I’m wise enough to know
    when a gift needs givin.
    An I got just the one
    somethin to show you are second to none.

    To all the fellas out there
    with ladies to impress,
    it’s easy to do,
    Just follow these steps.

    1. get a little blue box.
    2. put your question mark in that box.
    3. make her open that box.

    It’s question mark in a box!
    Question mark in a box!

    Ooooooh yeah!


    • Bob – Did anyone, besides me, equate that poem to a somewhat lewd video,…featuring Justin Timberlake,…from Saturday Night Live? 🙂


        • Winnie the pooh holds up piglet:

          Piglet- buh, buh, pooh! Put me down!

          Winnie- oh bother! Piglet, bob asked for a show of hams! You are my little ham buddy, aren’t you?

          Piglet- buh, buh, pooh! He meant show of hands! Put me down and raise your hand p, p, p, pooh.

          Winnie- very well then piglet. I shall raise my hand.


        • Hagrid- right over ‘ere bob is where I keep mah pigs. Watch yer step! That’s it, now. Ya see? These ‘ere I been a feedin out fer slaughter an these over ‘ere is a goin ta market. So I’ll just grab one an (squeal! Oink! Oink!) there ya go bob showin ya mah ham!


  18. I don’t think I can adequately describe the intense level of desire I have to find the Treasure! I HAVE to find it!!! I mean, it’s just OUT there!!! Right now!!! Sitting there somewhere, just for the taking!!!! I MUST find it!!! If someone finds it before I do, I don’t think I’ll be able to take it! I fear I will fall into a deep, irretrievable depression that will come to define the remainder of my life!!! I pity anyone who wants it more than I do! I’m losin’ it man……!!!


    • Move over Argus, quit hogging the couch. Does this doctor give group discounts ? He really need more current magazines. OMG, that magazine is from 1982 ! What the heck is this under the cushion? An ice pick!!! Something tells me we are in the right place….


  19. Bob, you dont have to write me unless you want to. I was trying to impress on you that some of us are real people. LOL

    Hope this doesnt post twice again. Sorry if it does.


  20. LOL I would never feed the bass rotting garbage.
    Sunday I tossed two grapes over my shoulder while I relaxed in the sunshine with my book by the river. Didnt toss them hard enough to reach the river. 🙂
    Hubby was busy thumping rocks in the river with that walking stick someone was kind enough to leave for me. Somehow, I think they know that though. LOL
    Too funny. 🙂 I wonder if they saw me talk to those moms about the rocks? Gave me an idea I think is the solution. 🙂


  21. LOL I would never feed the bass rotting garbage.
    Sunday I tossed two grapes over my shoulder while I relaxed in the sunshine with my book by the river. Didnt toss them hard enough to reach the river. 🙂
    Hubby was busy thumping rocks in the river with that walking stick someone was kind enough to leave for me. Somehow, I think they know that though. LOL
    Too funny. 🙂 I wonder if they saw me talk to those moms about the rocks? Gave me an idea I think is the solution. 🙂


  22. LOL Bob, I know you are convinced nothing online is real. Glad you did not hurt my feelings and include me as being imaginary. 🙂
    Did you know that people used to actually write real letters to people they would never meet but considered them to be close friends ? Some maintained life long contact through the mail. Bob, think about that. Were they real people?
    I think they were.


    • Deb- yes pen pals. And to me there is a huge difference between posting on a blog and sitting down to write a letter on paper with a pencil. I won’t even spend time here explaining because it is a blog. I will write you a letter Deb. it’s not that I don’t think everything online is real or not rather I will say I question everything. As everyone should for their own safety.
      Years ago people said a handwritten letter comes from the heart because of the direct connection from heart, to arm, to hand, to pencil, to paper.
      Internet writing has broken that connection and people nowadays write foolishly, disregarding the heart completely. Years ago, paper was a valuable commodity, not to be wasted. Pencil and pen and ink were cherished possessions. Stamps and envelopes cost money. There was a reverence for written word. I sit here tapping on an electronic device and all it costs me is time. It’s only out of respect for you that I choose my words carefully because I have unlimited paper and ink. Our modern inventions has made writers of individuals whom we wish would keep their thoughts to themselves. It’s so easy now. There was a time when shameful things were hidden. Now they can be public.
      Watch for my letter in the mail Deb, like a breath of fresh air.


  23. Receptionist- Robert? The doctor will see you now.
    Bob- thank you
    Dr- well hello Robert! So good to zee you again!
    Bob- hiya doc.
    Dr- please make yourself comfortable Robert how are you today?
    Bob- not so good doc, I’m sad.
    Dr- Robert, you know I am here to help. Please tell me what troubles you?
    Bob- my friends have left me.
    Dr- Robert. We have discussed this issue at great lengths in the past. You had made amazing progress. Don’t slip back Robert the past is gone. You had let it go remember?
    Bob- I miss them.
    Dr. (sighs heavily) Robert, you have relapsed.
    Bob- huh?
    Dr. Yes Robert. Look at me! Let me refresh your memory! Robert look deeply into my eyes! Your “FRIENDS” are imaginary!
    Bob-(crying) no! They love me!
    Dr- (calmly) Robert I’m going to ask you a few questions and I want you to answer honestly.
    Bob- ok
    Dr- Robert, now these friends you speak of. Have you ever met any one of them in person?
    Bob- no.
    Dr- Robert, have you ever spoken to any one of them on the telephone?
    Bob- (thinking) uh, no.
    Dr- Robert did you attend school with any one of your friends?
    Bob- (sadly) no.
    Dr- Robert can you today take me to meet any one of your friends in person?
    Bob- (crying) no, no, no, I cannot!
    Dr- so you zee Robert, that these friends of yours are not real. And Robert you have created names for them that are not real as well. I am especially disturbed by the names that have numbers in them. This is a sign of schizophrenia Robert. I’m afraid medication is required to treat this condition.
    (dr jack loads syringe and injects bob)
    Bob- ooowwweeee!!! No I don’t want happy juice!
    (moments later bob goes into zombie like state)
    Bob- (robot voice) yes doctor
    Dr- I shall read to you now a list of the names of your imaginary friends and you shall erase these names from your memory.Robert, do you understand me completely?
    Bob- yes doctor
    Dr- VGboss…Cog….IWGolf….JC1117…Argus33….Astree….Chaser…..E*….doubting Thomas…slurps…..gey-del-kon…inchaseto…..Musstag….secrent..luckydog…..forest…..


    • Bob – This,…from one of your Imaginary Friends,…a message from one of mine:

      “As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain; and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality.”
      – Albert Einstein

      “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”
      – Albert Einstein


      • vgboss – At least he is eating pellets,…like Forrest’s largemouth bass *sometimes* does,…and not trash,…like old “Garbage Gut”,…from the book, “The River Why” (that chapter, “Voiding My Rheum”, in Book One,…is worth a quick read at the bookstore,…just to see Gus’s Dad’s description of largemouth bass):

        And don’t tell Forrest I read books at the local bookstore,…or that I suggested that any of you should. 😉


      • VG- nobody is eating pellets. None of us are fish. In fact I enjoyed north Atlantic cod for dinner with baked potato, coleslaw and hushpuppies.

        Dr. Jack is imaginary.
        Just for fun.


  24. Howdy folks! I want you to meet my friends Cog and Frank!
    (Cog and Frank nodding, smiling)
    They used to be at Dal’s blog posting uninhibited but were met with disrespect si I talked them into coming over to Mikes. Now both Cog and Frank were a wee bit intimidated by Mikes blog due to the higher level of discussion, but I told them after a short grammatical lesson they would be just fine. So here we go! Now pay attention fellas! Cog? Frank? Today I want to discuss punctuation… Both of you will benefit greatly by using our friends the PERIOD and the COMMA…yes!
    (Cog and Frank nodding)
    Now. We are all fishermen! Correct?
    Cog- “Yep!”
    Frank- “yes sir!”
    Ok then! Open your tackle boxes!
    See this?
    (bob holds up a sinker)
    This my friends is a PERIOD! Or a dot, to be used at the END of a sentence. Now, a sentence is the finish of a thought.
    COG! Give me an example of a sentence!
    Cog- “begin it where warm waters halt Colorado sinker!”
    No Cog….don’t say “sinker” after Colorado, just put a period or dot there. Ok?
    Cog- “ok bob”
    Ok Frank your turn, give me a sentence with a sinker Arrrrgh!, I mean period, at the end. Go ahead Frank.
    Frank-“ok bob…..I went fishing and got hung up and lost my hook and sinker Arrrrgh! I mean period. Uh, dot.”

    I give up! Teach me Frank!

    Frank- “bob, take a hook from your tackle box….that’s a comma. Use a hook to separate thoughts within a sentence followed by a sinker at the end. It’s easy! Dot.

    Cog-“forget this stuff fellas lets go fishin period dot”

    Bob- sigh


    • Who needs punctuation? I am fluent in both dyslexia and typo. Yay! 🙂 (People get too hung up on it, in my opinion. )

      I know diddle squat about fishing. 🙂 Just doesnt appeal to me. Sorry all you fishy
      I would like to learn fly tying, I think I would be good at that. Worth a try anyway. 🙂

      I wish people wouldnt be afraid of us, even if we are crazy, its not contagious…is it? 🙂


    • Bob – So nice of (in)Cognito and Frank,…to finally grace us,…with their fine presences! Welcome! And a ‘J’ can make a fine hook too, btw. Or an anchor,…for your boat,…if you put two of them back to back (See: Jesse James’s treasure blaze). But when discussing punctuation,…the importance of the E-lipse and the E*-type *Asterisk* should also be included,…especially as regards fly fishing. This is a representation of your hook,…attached to the perfectly tied fly (matched to the current hatch),…in the water,…waiting for a rainbow trout to rise:
      ,… (dot, dot, dot,…keep waiting for that rise)

      And this is me, E*,…rising high above your patiently waiting, fly-fishing selves,…to *snag* TC,…at “the end of Forrest’s rainbow and the treasure”:

      * (If you are WISE and found the *blaze*)

      Next I think we should discuss the Double Closure ” ,…



      • Bob – The Double Closure:

        ” (aka. ??, lowercase: ??)

        But IT is all about the art of fly fishing,…or at least that can be the blaze to IT,…IMO.



        • Bob – And speakinng of the art of fly fishing,…I like Ian Frazier’s “The Fish’s Eye” focused perpective:

          As Deren himself puts it, when talking about what separates a regular fisher from what he calls an angler at heart, “It’s the call of the wild, the instinct of the hunt, it’s a throwback to the forest primeval. It’s the feeling of being in a state of grace in a magnificent outdoor cathedral… I could sit all day and watch a field mouse fifteen feet away, watch a bird in a tree huntin’ bugs… the romance of fishing isn’t all just fish.” In that quote, Deren captures something of what it means to be an outdoorsman, and gives quite a decent answer to the question what motivates a true fisherman.

          And we know that Forrest’s “church is in the mountains”.



      • Hello, E*. It should be obvious to all that you prefer to use asterisks. I know lots of other people prefer to use “Bullet Points” especially when making a “PowerPoint Presentation”.

        Sometimes I’m “forced” to use asterisks just because I can’t find where the bullet is on the keyboard. I hunted high and low and never found the bullet so I just use the asterisk instead. The asterisk is up high on the top row, almost front and center, so now it’s easy to find whenever I get to it.

        I work construction so I don’t have much use for computers to get work done. I mostly just tell people to go online and find something they really like and I’ll do my best to help build the project of their dreams. I never quit or finish a project until The Boss says, “Well done”.

        I get a lot of satisfaction building projects to stand the test of time. Pieces of fired ceramic and porcelain are very resilient (see below). The most satisfying part of any project is the moment I look at it and say, “It is done”.


        • JC1117 – While reading your post,…I got a visual of Pope Julius,…saying to Michaelangelo,…in the movie, “The Agony and the Ecstacy”:

          “When will it be finished?”

          I am sure you can relate to that. 🙂

          And your example of that gate,…made me think of “Gilgamesh”,…which I haven’t found a quiet place to read yet. And that made me think of this Asterisk-like Ishtar symbol:

          In the Babylonian pantheon, she “was the divine personification of the planet Venus”.[2]

          Ishtar had many lovers; however, as Guirand notes,

          “Woe to him whom Ishtar had honoured! The fickle goddess treated her passing lovers cruelly, and the unhappy wretches usually paid dearly for the favours heaped on them. Animals, enslaved by love, lost their native vigour: they fell into traps laid by men or were domesticated by them. ‘Thou has loved the lion, mighty in strength’, says the hero Gilgamesh to Ishtar, ‘and thou hast dug for him seven and seven pits! Thou hast loved the steed, proud in battle, and destined him for the halter, the goad and the whip.’

          Even for the gods Ishtar’s love was fatal. In her youth the goddess had loved Tammuz, god of the harvest, and—if one is to believe Gilgamesh —this love caused the death of Tammuz.[2]


        • JC1117 – I can’t find the Bullet Point on this keyboard, either,…because it is not an Apple Computer. But one should not confuse that symbol with the interpunct,…or the circumpunct (which looks like a Bull’s Eye,…and is the alchemist’s symbol for Gold). Here is an example of the interpunct:


          I used to create PowerPoint presentations,…when I worked for Apple Computer,…many years ago. Did you know that the Apple is the Fruit of Knowledge?


          • Hello, E*. I did not know that the Apple is the Fruit of Knowledge. That’s not surprising to me when I think about it. Most artistic depictions of “the forbidden fruit” represent the fruit as an apple…which Eve ate in the garden…which led to the legend of “The Fall”…if you believe in such things. According to that Biblical account the entire world was reduced to a fallen state at that moment. We see the evidence of that every day on the news.


          • JC1117 – Like vgboss says,…we are not as disconnected as some may think…because I had, “Legends of the Fall” on my mind,…just after I logged off this blog earlier.

            At lunch today,…I thought of the idea that we could have a Celebrity TTOTC Treasure Hunt,…for charity. I was thinking participating searchers could pair up with their favorite Celebrity to form teams. Like,…Renelle could pair up with Harrison Ford and Calista and I could pair up with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt (and all their kids,…because that is supposed to be a competitive advantage). That would be the, “Lara Croft Vs. Indiana Jones TTOTC Treasure Hunt”,…and I am sure that would bring in a large viewing audience (like Forrest thought he was the only one good at marketing!). But I would still bring my Chase buddy, Bart the Bear,…especially because Brad has worked with him previously:

            And I found another great short film,…on the same topic as that scene,…that Bart made in British Columbia:

            What do you think?


          • Fascinating knowlege, E*. Did you know the High Priest’s robe in The Temple had alternating golden bells and pomegranates on the hem all around…like in a circle?


            I wonder if the bells had little golden clankers inside so the bells would ring loudly whenever the High Priest walked.

            I suppose that would be advantageous for the lower priests as a kind of sentinel…if you will.

            “Hey! I hear the High Priest coming! Act busy!” LOL! 🙂 Of course, that didn’t work because the High Priest already KNEW! (Insert Twilight Zone theme music here)


          • JC1117 – Oh,…the High Priest knew things alright,…but it was because of his breastplate (also shown in the link you provided):

            God gave the gemstone breastplate to the high priest, Aaron, to help him spiritually discern answers to the people’s questions that he asked God while praying in the tabernacle.

            “They fashioned the breastplate — the work of a skilled craftsman. They made it like the ephod: of gold, and of blue, purple and scarlet yarn, and of finely twisted linen. It was square — a span long and a span wide — and folded double. Then they mounted four rows of precious stones on it. The first row was ruby, chrysolite and beryl; the second row was turquoise, sapphire and emerald; the third row was jacinth, agate and amethyst; the fourth row was topaz, onyx and jasper. They were mounted in gold filigree settings. There were twelve stones, one for each of the names of the sons of Israel, each engraved like a seal with the name of one of the twelve tribes.” (Exodus 39:8-14).

            I think the pomegranates with the bells,…around the hem of the garment,…constantly reminded the High Priest to NOT eat of Eve’s forbidden fruit,…since I believe he was supposed to be celibate. 🙂


          • JC1117 – Celibacy for 300 Alex:

            The practice of celibacy was probably connected to a Jew,…but not the High Priest of Israel.

            E* – Who is Jesus Christ?
            Alex – Correct!

            Sorry JC (both of you),…I was wrong about that in my previous post. The Jewish moto was actually, “Be fruitful and multiply.” 🙂


          • I prefer the fruitful multiplying, myself…and all the regular practice required for healthy marital maintenance. I lean toward the theory that JC was, in fact, married…with children. However, I don’t have any solid proof of that…so…like they say, “You can be friends with anyone as long as you never talk about politics or religion.” I don’t have an agenda. I’m happy to leave it alone if that’s what it takes to be friends…with anyone.


        • JC1117 – I love, “Nights in White Satin”,…by the Moody Blues,…but I really loved when Trans-Siberian Orchestra performed that song,…in a concert I saw on PBS. But when you said, “Let It Be”,…you inadvertently spoke of one of my favorite songs of all time:


      • E- thanks for that link to Ian Frazer and Deren I read the whole thing loved it. I have seen a few walking thumbs in my time. LOL!

        On punctuation- I’m a simple guy periods and commas are usually all I need with an occasional pair of quotation marks. Love exclamation point, hate question marks. Of course the double closure is your area of expertise. I’m all ears and sadly can’t contribute much to the conversation except “yes sir.”


  25. Hey VG, are you ready to post your solve? You made one comment that opened my eyes to what has become my solve. So its only fair that you go first. If you are right and mine is similar then you should get the treasure.
    We have searched my site several times and come up empty handed. Depending on how much treatment my daughter needs I may not be able to get back out for a while. I have a couple of more spots to check in the vicinity just to make sure.
    So if you are going to post your solve, please do so. Nothing like putting you on a spot huh? LOL



    • My Solve? Noone will hear me and listen good my beautiful deb. Besides I already deleted my write-up, photos and video of my search “To New Mexico, Up to Colorado, Back down to New Mexico”. So unfortunately sweetheart there is no solve to post…Oh wait I think I emailed Forrest a few months ago he may have my solve somewhere within the thousands of emails in his email box!


  26. Bob- VGboss! HEY VG!

    Vg- what?

    Bob- Vg it’s cog!

    Vg- who?

    Bob- Cognito! They got him pinned down over at Dal’s he got nowhere to go! You gotta help him vg!

    Vg- oh no not cog! I told him not to go over there!

    Bob- yeah vg it don’t look good, they’re a hammerin on him pretty bad. They don’t understand a word he’s sayin.

    Vg- I’m busy bob. How bad is he? Out of capital letters?

    Bob- yeah and punctuation too..he’s fadin fast vg! Ya gotta help him. If Dal sees me comin I’ll be shot on sight!

    Vg- I dunno bob…what you want me to do?

    Bob- here, take this to him…

    Vg- the link to mikes blog!

    Bob- its his only hope vg! Hurry!


    • Bob – I’ve taken a likin’ to that “brave” (in)cognito,…and I think he’d be in good company,…over here at Mike’s blog,…with all the other defectors from Dal’s blog. It’s much more fun over here, anyway. And with the exception of What About Bob?,…and that one other lady (maybe his wife?),…we are all pretty welcoming and encouraging.

      Do you think we should send the “Preacher” over there,…to Dal’s blog,…to rescue cognito?:


    • Bob about that character going by the username Cognitio over at dal’s blog….well we must remember that Forrest did say that the person who solves his POEM will be a person who will not be able to keep it quiet. Now this Cognito character is not alone as he or she has company with other characters such as Samsmith, Old Timer, and a few others who are swimming in these waters with us all young and old.

      There is only 1…imposters!
      “Your effort will be worth the cold”


    • Lol! Thanks, Bob, I needed that! I have a “chase” headache! Deb gave incognito this site. Don’t know if he will come or not. I understood what he was saying about having the title, a book. He sounds pretty confident in his WWWH, and everyone was grilling him for the facts. Hope he migrates over here. His “yoda” english is a little rough but gotta love the guy! Again, thanks for the laugh!
      ¥Peace¥ Donna


        • JC1117 – On the history of Yoda:

          The make-up artist Stuart Freeborn based Yoda’s face on his own face and partly on Albert Einstein’s.

          And on that OSV grammatical order,…of Yoda’s speech:

          Yoda: How feel you?
          Anakin: Cold, sir.
          Yoda: Afraid are you?
          Anakin: No, sir.
          Yoda: See through you we can.
          Mace Windu: Be mindful of your feelings.
          Ki-Adi-Mundi: Your thoughts dwell on your mother.
          Anakin: I miss her.
          Yoda: Afraid to lose her I think, hmm?
          Anakin: What has that got to do with anything?
          Yoda: Everything! Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. I sense much fear in you.

          And as Paul Atreides from “Dune” would say,…”Fear is the mind killer”.


  27. Receptionist: “Dr. Jack? Your 2:00pm is here…a Mr. Boss?

    Dr. Jack: Zzzzzzzzz,Zzzzzzzzz

    Receptionist: Dr. Jack? Your 2:00pm has arrived…Mr. Boss is here? VG?

    Dr. Jack: Zzzzzzzzz,Zzzzzzzzzz

    Receptionist: Dr. Ja! (vg interrupts)
    VG: Hey old man! Wake up! I got real problems here!

    Dr Jack: Snorts, “AHEM! ….yes of course….send Mr. Boss in Right away Miss Pirtyacre!”

    (door opens, closes)

    Dr. Jack: “well, well VG! So good to see you again! My, my you’ve lost weight!”

    VG: “yes Dr. Jack! I am slim and trim! Searching Colorado and New Mexico has been fun, fun,fun and generous to the waistline! My effort was worth the cold cut sandwiches from 7-11! Not to mention the energy drinks! ”

    Dr. Jack: “so your health is good, I’m glad to see, but why do you need me today VG?”

    VG:” honestly doc, I was through with the chase…the thrill was gone. But then this one searcher “bob”(vg hands in air) comes up with pure nonsense that I just can’t ignore…I think he stays up late at night just to intimidate me by posting crap directed at me!”

    Dr. Jack: Zzzzzzzz,Zzzzzzzz please continue VG…..zzzzzz…..

    VG: dr Jack! Are you sleeping?!?!?

    Dr. Jack: oh no vg, simply looking quickly down….


    • Shhhh….Bob…..quiet…lower your volume.

      Forrest and Finder are communicating via telepathically for it’s too far too walk for them, you know. I’m trying to tune-in and hear and listen good.

      Let Dr. Jack sleep, no need for his ear any more.


      • Vg- yes, I have heard of those…the telepath…whacked out hikers! Sleep walking trails at night! Just the thought of meeting one makes me meek!


        • LOL. You guys are nuts!
          I havent read any blogs today but its very funny to me to see others talking about searchers ideas being crazy, too imaginative!

          Forrest wanted us to have fun, why shouldnt the solve be fun too? If its “just” about a wwwh and down the canyon would be pretty tame for the man who wrote that book. 🙂
          Thats why I think people need to read the book. 🙂 Maybe not, thats less people ….


          • Goodmorning beautiful deb.

            Listen you sure got that right in saying that I’m nuts. Good thing they are nice and tight.


  28. Years from now, when Forrest Fenn and his poem are long gone, forgotten to most who through frustration have deleted the memory from their mind of trying to solve this mystery, we will take a trip to a beautiful place in the mountains. On this trip we will be reminded of the man and his poem. Closing our eyes, the poem will roll back into our minds and be repeated like an old song learned in grade school. Upon singing the last line we will smile a little smile and thank Mr. Fenn for that brain spanking we received many years ago. Forrest’s poem has spanked many a brilliant mind. We deserved it. Then, looking to the clouds we will hear his voice saying- “I’m glad I wrote that poem that sent you to all those wonderful places, you look like a fine man now.”
    This is Forrest’s finest hour, his father is proud.


  29. E- here’s the thing….VG and I joined this battle at Dal’s blog over a year ago. We had a common enemy in Forrest Fenn and his beast, The Poezzle. (that’s a poem/puzzle). The arena was dals blog. At first, the fighting was just some pushing and shoving trying to find clues. Over time, things heated up, there was bloodshed. And when VG posted the clip of the chickens and the two Stephanies went toe to toe relentlessly, dal had enough and closed the arena. It was pretty messy.

    Luckily,our new friend Mike opened a new arena. It even has a bar! Wow! Nothing better than gettin drunk and fighting! What fun! And Mike enjoys UFC style fighting, anything goes and we let it all hang out baby!
    VG and I battled the Poezzle, and even each other. Others tried to battle VG, but he beat em all. He has a hacking style punch that is too powerful for most, but I survived it. We are true warriors VG and I.

    Now true warriors always need a battle, there can be no peace. So after fighting the Poezzle almost to death, but not quite, we turned to each other. Again, fighting almost to death, but not quite. And then something amazing happened.
    We turned our swords on ourselves.
    We have met the enemy, and he is us.
    My war for me.
    I destroyed Horatio, and VG found a higher power. The struggle became to destroy our former selves. Our minds became the arena.
    So where does the warrior go once the battle is over? It’s been said..”you can never go home”. That arena is gone. Can the warrior know peace? If he does, he is no longer a warrior. Stripped of armor, weapons and battleground, who is he now?
    Just a husband?
    Just a father?
    Just a small cog in the giant machine of civilization?
    None of these titles seem fitting of a once powerful fighting man.

    I came to the couch, E because the battle is over and I don’t know who I am. And worse, VG is gone.


    • Bob I honestly appreciate your awesome comments directed at me, vgboss. You know considering all the time I have spent within dal’s old blog and this here Mike’s blog, both pertaining to the Thrill of the Chase, I would expect Forrest Fenn posting awesome comments geared at me for all that I, as well as you, and others have done for his fun game of chasing chickens with their heads cutoff around the barnyard and with his mom’s nose pressing against the window and his dad, all cool, calm, and collected, simply saying just let them chickens run, having fun, with them natives.

      Oh and Bob, remember what I stated, not too long ago, that I strongly believe that someone, who I believe is choosing to remain anonymous, has solved The Poem and has discovered the location of the Chest. (Thanks Bob)


      • 🙂 Good to hear from you VG.

        You are so convinced, may I ask what led you to that decision? If they have I wish they would say so and share the information on where it was hidden and how they figured it out.

        You see I truly believe their is a deeper message behind the book and would like to know if I am just seeing what I want to see , or if it was as amazingly awesome as I found it to be.

        It begins with a little boys imagination and ends with a man wanting others to see a much bigger picture of how we all are a part of the fabric of life and time. A big ball of clues throughout time.

        So please tell us what makes you think its been found?


        • Beautiful deb just you and many others believe that The Poem has not been solved and the location of the Chest has not been discovered I on the other hand strongly believe that The Poem has been solved and the location of the Chest has been discovered.


      • Thanks, VG. I’ve never heard that song. The singer’s voice reminds me of singer of The Crash Test Dummies.

        Some people choose not to believe in God or Gods because on the surface it appears that if there really is a God then we are all just a bunch of crash test dummies for His enjoyment.

        But what if that’s not true at all and like (not-a-big-dummy) Bob said, “We have met the enemy, and he is us”? And if life seems to be so miserable sometimes it’s not because there is no God but only because we choose to treat each so poorly? Some people pat themselves on the back and feel “enlightened” and “better than others” when all they have done is rearrange their biases.

        And what if death is


        • Oops! Looks like I didn’t finish my comment.

          And what if death is just “going home” from whence we came?…back to the “God” who sent us here to learn some difficult lessons.

          All warriors “go home”, eventually… some are justified to hold their heads high and others are not.


          • JC – thanks for your thoughts. I’ll add…possibly the reason we can never go home is because of TS Eliot observationthat “at the end of our exploration is to arrive where we began and know the place for the first time”.
            I’m reminded of veterans returning home from war and everything has changed. We can go home, although unrecognizeable it is home.


  30. My fondest memories of VGboss….

    The clip that started it all, chickens running around with heads cut off. That one really got Dal steamed.

    The baby laughing as the poem is torn up in front of him.

    Big Rock candy mountain.

    The time in the lounge he knocked me into stanza 5.

    Chasing geydelkon in the snow with penguins.

    Please, I need a moment…

    ….”misty water colored mem o ries,
    Of the way we were.”


  31. Apparently, I have been bestowed with the title of “One of the 12”, by our local conspiracy theorist. What does that even mean? When I asked if Astree was one of the twelve, I was referring to the twelve people who solved the treasure hunt, A Treasure’s Trove.
    A simple treasure hunt has become the stuff of nightmares in the minds of a few.

    Just for your benefit, GoogleHush, one of the nine or whatever you are calling yourself. I do not love Lucifer. There you have the magic words that somehow makes everything ok for you.

    I tend to be a person who helps others and apparently that somehow makes me threatening. Stop reading blogs, stop waiting for the world to end, ok? Evil lives in the minds of mankind.


    • I saw a post earlier today about “The Sixth Sense” movie. Most people think it’s a really scary concept to “see dead people”. Actually, dead people are nothing to be afraid of. Dead people are mostly helpless and powerless. It’s some living people that really scare me, personally. Evil is as evil does.


    • Deb- to me “one of the twelve” is a reference to the twelve apostles (students). When you asked astree if he was one of the twelve, I thought you had a group here on the blog of searchers who are using codes or numbers to solve the poem. There are distinct areas of research all of us fall into. I certainly don’t see any evil in any of it. I can see where those frustrated by not being instantly gratified would want to lash out at others. You are correct, evil is as evil does and those who see evil here is just a manifestation of their frustration and anger. Forrest comes from a different generation when things happened slowly. People knew patience. A fisherman has great patience, a quality he must possess. Good things come to those who wait. A watched pot never boils. Scenes on television are designed to change every three seconds to hold your attention. Now we have Attention deficit syndrome. Forrest designed this treasure hunt to last a long time. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll tootsie pop? If you were born glued to a TV, you will never know. These folks who don’t get instant gratification from Forrest’s treasure hunt see it as evil. For me, an avid fisherman, it’s pure joy.


  32. Deb, it’s funny you should ask about these things. I was just going over some of these same thoughts. You know the anxiety is high right now because most areas that people want to search the conditions are not good for searching and won’t be for possibly a few months. So when you hear that possibly someone has found it or more people are trying to go early because they want to get a jump on everyone else and their 100% sure that make’s it worse. My opinion is, I hope no one finds it before I have had my chance to search again. Like most here I have put a lot of time and research for my spot and feel this is it. After I have searched and by chance I don’t have the chest in my hands then I feel it is just fair game after that and I hope it is found. Only us that are the true searchers know the feeling of this chase the ups the downs and of course the costs for us so far away. So for me Deb I would like it to be over this year and of course if I didn’t find it I would like to know who did, and how they did, and of course where they did, just to see what I missed in trying to solve this great mystery. I do wish that some of the bloggers on all the sights would stop leading people to areas that are not their areas and not realizing that those areas might be someone else’s area and all the lazy lurkers close to that area are grasping this info and going to be there early checking it out. Sometimes sharing to much info is to much. Good luck to all the true chasers. Bur


  33. Deb- since retiring from ‘arry Potter series I am having a wonderful time searching for Mr. Fenn’s treasure. His poem describes my home away from hut, somewhere in the mountains where I am quite comfortable. You, Deb are one of my favorite contributors to Mike’s blog so I would love to answer yer questions…..if I may?

    1. Forrest’s statements affect plans? Answer-no.
    2. heed his words, look different at solution? Answer-no. (all we need is the poem.)
    3. Want to know if treasure found? Answer- yes.
    4. make me angry? Answer-no.
    5. Relief and closure? Answer- yes.

    Thank yeh Deb, for askin.
    I’m hopin to join you an yours fer tea one day.


        • I think you’re equally kind and considerate, Hagrid. I remember one of the deep thoughts of Jack Handey. “It takes a big man to cry, but it takes a bigger man to laugh at that man.” I’d just like to say that’s totally uncalled for and downright insensitive…besides, I don’t think any man is bigger than you so you’ve got nothin’ to worry about. You just keep lookin’ out for the little guy. You’re all right!


  34. azuredeb:
    Yes and some are all talk.

    Yes, so true – mostly newbies – I’m sure – like I was at one time – but learned along the way you are not finished until IT is in your hands.


  35. JC- my first search trip leaving Orlando, as the plane climbed to 30,000 ft. I felt highly of myself and told the lady next to me “I’m going to get Forrest Fenns treasure” she said “I love you”
    At salt lake city, my spirits elevated, I told the rental car lady “I’m going to get Forrest Fenns treasure” she said “I love you”.
    At Yellowstone, I told the ranger at the gate “I’m going to get Forrest Fenns treasure” she said “I love you”

    So much love, and thinking highly of myself hiking at 8,000 ft. With only one can of bear spray I thought… What if mama bear is out with cubs teaching them to hunt? Is one can enough? I’ve never used bear spray, when I pull the trigger does the can empty itself or do get several short bursts to ward off a group attack? Deep in the woods, alone, I hear a frog seeming to say “doubt, doubt, doubt” fear grips me.
    On the trail ahead, appears what looked to me like the grim reaper. A large hooded figure holding a sigh, but the blade was missing. Only the handle. Hmmm, half a sigh I pondered. He said “looking for this!” and then struck me upside the head with the handle. He laughed as he flew away and said “I am altitude sickness!” Ha Ha Ha!
    I fell down, dizzy, nose bleeding.
    Then I heard the scurry of several tiny feet and still lying down turned my head to see a family of beetles come into view. A father, mother, and six young beetles. Obviously outraged the father beetle bravely stepped forward shaking his fist at me and shouted “HEY! Watch where you fall down, You Big Dummy!”


    • Is it just me??? but are some people on this blog being totally different then they use to be in the begining of this blog. Not pointing fingers but they have definitely change and I’m not recognizing them in their remarks anymore. Ok who are you?? bring back the real chasers I remember. Bur


      • Ditto…times two! Weird. Then again, everybody’s “weird” once you get to know them. It’s accepting the weirdness that most people can’t seem to manage. A wise man says, “I accept you in spite of your weirdness! …because I have learned through experience that I am also weird and my weirdness does not trump your weirdness”. Now that’s LOVE, right there.

        Which is not to say that Donald Trump is NOT weird…or that people are ever justified to club kings and queens in spades…or that jokers are not wild. Jokers are always wild! Anyone who tries to convince you otherwise must be joking.


        • Oh yeah, Im wierd. Who isnt?

          But I am me, if people dont like me at least it is an honest taste of who they are talking to.

          There is a line to be drawn , and that line is when you use a fake name to cause another person distress or harm. Then its no longer fun, its being cowardly.

          There has been some of that going around in the chase. Some have it in mind that this is a contest of who deserves the treasure, not who earns it. So they pull puppet strings trying to shift sentiment towards their pick of who they want to win. That needs to stop.


        • Jokers ARE wild if you pick that game rule. Oh – I forgot, there are no rules in treasure hunting.

          What a freedom – to tell someone just what you think. 🙂 If they can’t cut the mustard – get out of the race, Have most people been raised to be pansies in this day age? Yes, I think so and that is one of the things wrong with this country. They don’t vote, they don’t care, they are the first to criticize others and the first to complain about not receiving their welfare checks.

          Loved what you had to say JC. Trust me, there are some weird jokers in this chase. I don’t mean on this blog – but only in the chase.


    • All- if I have to explain my story I guess it’s not a very good one. Here goes…
      Recently folks have been telling me that I am not dumb and shouldn’t call myself a big dummy. Of course I know I’m not dumb, I use it for humility.
      My parents raised me to be humble. My story was in response to JC1117 post about how I should talk highly of myself. I do not agree and I’ll use Tiger Woods to explain.
      Tiger was RIDING HIGH(me on the plane, salt lake city,hiking at 8k ft.) and everyone loved Tiger because he was a great golfer, for no other reason. (I’m going to get Forrest Fenn treasure, she said I love you)
      But what happened to Tiger? He wrecked his car, marriage fell apart. He fell from grace. Was it altitude sickness? After his fall, behind the cameras I’m sure he had to apologize to all the little people he stepped on during his rise to the top. (the beetle family)

      As for the scythe with no blade, that was a cool reference to my post at stanza 1.(bragging) lol

      The bear spray thing really happened to me at Yellowstone.

      Sorry Tiger, there are hundreds like him I could have used as an example.

      Proverbs 15:33 “before honor is humility”


      • Desiderata
        Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence.
        As far as possible without surrender be on good terms with all persons.
        Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even the dull and ignorant; they too have their story.
        Avoid loud and aggressive persons, they are vexations to the spirit.
        If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter;
        for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.

        Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans.
        Keep interested in your career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.
        Exercise caution in your business affairs; for the world is full of trickery.
        But let this not blind you to what virtue there is; many persons strive for high ideals;
        and everywhere life is full of heroism.

        Be yourself.
        Especially, do not feign affection.
        Neither be critical about love; for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment it is as perennial as the grass.

        Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth.
        Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with imaginings.
        Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness. Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself.

        You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars;
        you have a right to be here.
        And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.

        Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be,
        and whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul.
        With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be careful. Strive to be happy.

        © Max Ehrmann 1927


  36. JC1117:
    Bob, you are WAY smarter than you think.I don’t think you’re a big dummy at all.You should think more highly of yourself.I’m sure you’re a nice guy.During the chase of life, you become a HERO to everyone you’re nice to along the way.

    JC, I have met Bob a couple of times and yes he’s big, but as you say not a dummy. He is a good guy in my book but my book only has 1page. Hey Bob just kidding, to me anyone who rides a motorcycle can’t be all bad. Hey JC, between you and me I believe he can challenge wits with the best of us. Bur


  37. I am discouraged.
    In the preface of the thrill Forrest says, ” My books have to write themselves or I struggle. This one did.”

    As you work deeper into the book he pulls storylines, quotes, illustrations from other writers and history. He points out that fiction writers only need to be correct 85% of the time. The book wrote itself…

    Are we writing another book for him?


    • Deb –

      You discouraged – I don’t believe it –

      If we are writing another book for him – that’s good. You can always write one too – even if just for the grand kids.


      • PS deb

        Take a day off tomorrow and watch the Olympics – it will make you stronger in the quest. I have a bottle of Champagne waiting to be opened during the opening ceremonies tonight and am going to celebrate the quest of man and Forrest Fenn for giving us our own quest.


    • Probably the CIA or maybe Homeland looking for new recuits.When my kids were in high school the CIA visited their gifted classes looking for potential new recruits after graduation.


  38. Hey Doc –

    SCREAMING – I need some help here –

    OK I know FF had fifteen years to put this together but did he really have to go so far?

    I have just found three more people and I don’t need them – does this mean I need to enlist the axe man? The stumps – count the stumps again – minus the other drawing?

    If for one moment anyone thinks this is easy – think again. What in the world should I do?

    I have posted over and over – what I am doing with NO FLIPPING responce – the stamps are difficult – should I just give up on them?

    I am so close to a finish – I guess I need some sleep.

    Not one person on Dals blog – not one person on Steph’s blog – what – Am I crazy


  39. Hi everyone, thought this would be a good place to discuss this. We all know about people have been hacked over this. Well add me to that list.

    I have taken the unusual step of changing my name on my email account because I dont want any more strangers knowing what my real name is. What a sad statement to make.

    It really wont do any one any good to try and figure out how my info works because it isnt a clear pathway. 🙂


    • Aszuredeb, this is why I said be careful what you say. I have noticed a couple bloggers that don’t match or match to much. Now that this happen to you after Bob And Zelda I change mine too. It seems to me if they believe your close to the solve they hack you IMO. Don’t share info to your solve.


      • This has been ongoing for a few weeks. But just recently they changed my passwords. So if anyone is using wifi and getting strange phone calls with no record of number, and it only rings once….unplug your wifi. I keep mine unplugged now, and my solve isnt on my computer so it didnt do them much good.


  40. .
    Looks like I may have an opening tonight, about 5:30 – 7:30, for Happy Hours in Washington DC area (NW or Silver Spring, preferrable), if anyone in the area is interested. Sorry for the late notice.



  41. I think am the victim of a conspiracy. Everytime I click on the NEWS tab, or a recent post in the news area, my mobile browser crashes and is forced closed. Everything else works 100%. Am I paronoid, is thia a practicle joke or is the Great and Powerful Oz plotting against me.


  42. I have found something in the book that explains many of the things we talk about on here.Im still trying to process it all and figure out exactly what it means. At first it made me question how could this be? I think it was meant to be, that it is exactly how he planned it.
    Its one of those things that nobody is going to believe unless they discover it for themselves.Still trying to digest it all, make sense of it. I know the answer is there I just havent made the final connection yet.

    All I can do is keep reading and researching until it finally makes sense. Working on it…..


  43. Why study humans and animals ?

    Understanding humans helps by giving me an edge , or at least helping me maintain a level playing field . But I feel that has failed me lately .

    Animals …. because I am an animal lover , I want to try and understand them so I can maybe provide for some of their needs .



  44. As a photographer , I have been able to appreciate the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words . I tried always to capture the photo that needed no words , in the hope that my income would benefit .

    Also over the years I have studied human and animal behavior . I think many of these can be useful in trying to solve the poem . Also being able to have an understanding of human and animal sign language has been worthwhile to me .

    These are some of the things , both within , and outside the poem that I am trying to understand . Human nature and human sign language tell me a lot ?

    Maybe the answers will soon come .



    • I’m sure the answers will come to you Rebel.

      I am sorry to hear this senario.

      If on the other hand – if you knew what kindnesses go on there, behind the scenes – you would be surprized.

      One very kind person here has just sent me the book!!!

      I hope that helps to restore your idea about mankind. It sure did me..


  45. With all that I feel I know , and all that I really do know , my faith in continuing this quest has reached a stalemate .

    There are just too many questions that I need answers to for me to feel happy about continuing . Mostly sidebar things not related to the actual solving of the poem .



  46. Musstag:
    Watched the Movie the Great Gabsty last nite….. that, if a clue, sez its ALL in the Chase, because when he found what he was after it all went to crap and got him killed.

    I would research the authors life, if you havent already done so. It may also be important.


    • google … hemmingway & fitzgerald… a tough relationship. Dirty-Gerty, Picasso’s homely girl, (but more compelling than pg104) had a part too. I don’t think it’ll help with the puzzle, but it’ll make the winter go faster. Also incidently, Hem’s bro wrote the intro to Flywater & had important influence on gummint fishing regs.
      Q. Have the 22 stumps in the small ax-pic been discussed? Turn the page, voila, 23. Print shrinkage, aesthic balance, or meaningful?
      Mike, My opinion…the private rooms idea feeds paranoia. Spooky-snoopy stuff…. Hello October.


      • Well shadow –

        Many of us feel rooms are a good idea – at least one that should be tried..

        No one is being forced to participate – so if you don’t like it – don’t go.


  47. Rebel:
    Masquerade , in the late 1970?s in England , was solved in a similar way , andthen onlyduring the spring or fall equinox at high noon .

    So yes , Musstag , you make a good pointIt’spossible that shadows are going to be in some way relevant .

    Good thinking Musstag. … and good luck in your search.


    I got that Idea from CHRIS Yates


  48. Halogetter:
    The chest is tarnishing in the same place still- very protected.

    You can bring a shovel and metal detector, but I will not.
    – Think about what Forrest said about transporting the chest and contents, and the full logistics/implications of digging/burying.

    It’s a whole new ballgame if it’s not found before Forrest rests- much uncertainty.

    I don’t think Forrest wishes it to be over, but he wishes to witness it when it happens- but that’s a tenuous balancing act at 83.So will he nudge?

    The poem is more of a construction set than a map.

    And so I think.


    Agreed with all you said…:)


  49. IWGolf ,

    You sure seem to know your facts on past hunts . One of six to eight , was the clue pointing to Catherine of Aragon . The first wife of Henry the 8th .

    I lived in England for 19 years , after coming out of the army . Went to college there and worked in advertising photography . It’s a lovely country , with lots of wonderful people .

    Followed and worked on several of the treasure hunts . One of the advantages there is distance . England is only about 950 miles long , and maybe 350 miles wide , so it’s much easier to travel on searches .



    • Hi Rebel,

      a little
      Long time ago
      I found out about Masquerade puzzle, and went to a library that had the book, and a different library that gave the solution in a magazine article with Dr Crypton, and finally found on the web actual video of Kit Williams video of him burying the rabbit jeweled.
      Dr. Crypton ( author of books on word games ) stated that is hard to hide something without a map.
      A Treasures Trove 1st found gold token was the Dragonfly ( early on i had “RICKTTS” )and i remember that at least 2 of the tokens did not have a map, just purposeful errors.
      Treasure in Search of the Golden Horse, was located by a map with an “X” using the Contential Divide Trail and the number of steps in the show, Dr Crypton’s puzzle card answer was “Tennessee Pass” ( at one time i had “Tennessee” but not “Pass” ) ,which is near Leadville, Colorado.

      I see the Dragonfly on the jars, and reddish ( Colorado )PB ( lead )symbol lettering, as honoring these past treasure hunts. and do not believe that any of these past treasure sites will be used again. But believe parts of each may play a role, such as lettering, codes, trails, a park location, a map will be involved with TTOTC my opinion.

      “Vital noBODY share knowledge of treasure location
      BODYTEXT ADOBE/ ABODE ( home ), Crypt reference.
      Before hand “Certainty of Location” to me means DeCRYPTed location is precise and gives certainty / confidence. Just as in Masquerade, A Treasures Trove, Treasure in Search of the Golden Horse.

      I enjoy the English connections
      Masterpiece Mystery red name letters in the trailers, Ralph Lauren spot
      Clew, Chase British definitions
      French English arc ( rainbow ) French name & rank ( row ) wink/smile.
      Seems to me that i must Translate English code to English solution.

      The Golf Chess & Cheese Society


      • IWGOLF , Wow you are walking encyclopedia of treasure hunts . I am familiar with most of them to some extent , but not as much as you .

        You were close on that Golden Horse . I only knew of that after the fact , but I read how it was solved .

        Good luck to you in the quest .



      • IWGOLF,

        e-mail me ebp43 AT YAHOO DOT COM

        Would like to talk about some of those hunts if your interested . Won’t be able to answer till tomorrow .


  50. Over the last 5 months I have had many ups and downs regarding this quest . The ups were being convinced I had solved the poem .

    The downs were never being able to actually conduct a search . I have had 2 different people conduct searches on a share basis , but I still don’t have the bronze chest .

    I fully believe the chest was placed out there , but now I am not sure if it still out there . I have been told that the chest was not at the place I designated . Maybe I was wrong on my solve .

    I may have also chose the right place , but the chest had already been found , and the finder chose to remain anonymous .

    At this point , if I was correct on the solve , then I don’t think the chest is still out there .



    • Rebel, we all have those thoughts and feelings when we dont find it where we expect it to be.

      I dont believe the treasure has been found.I suspect that inside the treasure is a tracker chip or an instruction that says to bring the bracelet back to Forrest and he will hand you a document saying it is a payment to the finder. You see he used the term “earned income”, which tells me he thoroughly researched it all in advance. If the treasure is found after his death, we are on our own to deal with the government.

      Dont give up, look closer at the book and the new book.



      • I agree I know FF will know when a person is at the location of where the treasure is at. I also know there is more to all of this that meets the eye So to Speak. When a person acquires this knowledge only then can and will understand the full scope of things. And be able to go to the treasure. Some may choose not to do so because of the full understanding and implications of that act. Even this day and age there is a few that understand Honer Among Men type of quality.


    • i don’t agree with your conclusions Rebel

      if we both agree that FF hid the treasure, then it is extremely unlikely that it has been found.

      that would require both the finder to have kept it quiet all this time, and for F to be lying when he said he has a way of knowing but cannot disclose how.

      i wish i could tell you i am certain of it, but we both know no person in this world ever knows anything for certain

      in my heart of hearts, i believe it to be 100% true the treasure is still hidden, and i think it is only logical anyways

      if the treasure wasn’t found by a search at your spot, i would suggest you consider the 2 most likely possibilities

      (1) the treasure is hidden at your spot, and you should think about what is the reason you are not finding it

      (2) the treasure is hidden somewhere else

      what i am going to say now totally delves into the realm of my opinion. i have found important clues that lead me to believe the chest is buried. If someone told me they believe a certain place is where the chest is, then i would be expecting them to go to a very specific spot, and digging. if they are not, imo, they aren’t going to find it.


      • I think the value of the treasure only goes up with publicity. The more people who know about it the bigger the potential payout from a collector.

        Doesnt make sense to keep it quiet.


      • YES, to look quickly down, MAY mean to DIG rather than to wait for Mother Nature to uncover it.

        Chris your poem word numbering, oh my gosh, can it BE?


        • Here is an idea I have about the chest location, something will , when solved, point you right close to it, and like that French Treasure story the Shadow at 6am sept 24th, ( 9 and 24) if you are at the right spot the shadow’s head will mark the exact spot to dig, IMO.


          • Masqersde used the equinox’s at noon the shadow of Catherine of Aragon finger –Henry the 8th 1st wife — at Ampthill Park. Marked the spot in the ground with a coin, returned at night and buried the jeweled rabbit.

            The Golf Chess & Cheese Society


          • Masquerade , in the late 1970’s in England , was solved in a similar way , and then only during the spring or fall equinox at high noon .

            So yes , Musstag , you make a good point It’s possible that shadows are going to be in some way relevant .

            Good thinking Musstag. … and good luck in your search .



          • On the first day of fall—the autumnal equinox—day and night are each about 12 hours long (with the actual time of equal day and night, in the Northern Hemisphere, occurring a few days after the autumnal equinox). The Sun crosses the celestial equator going southward; it rises exactly due east and sets exactly due west.

            The first day of fall Sept 22 is the start of the equinox.

            So that puts today as the day in the Northern Hemi.


        • Musstag ,

          When you look quickly down you see 2 feet . So if you do have to have to dig , maybe you have to go down 2 feet .

          I don’t believe digging will be required tho’. Just my opinion .



      • Chris and Deb ,
        You both may be right in your thoughts , but the experiences I’ve had which I can’t go into details , makes me believe that the chest was once out there , but no longer is.

        I’m not suggesting anyone should give up their search , because as Chris says , nothing is certain , but for me , I certainly believe it has been found since May 2 , 2013 . That was the last time Mr. Fenn confirmed to Dal’s b?og that the chest was still out there . That was after someone had claimed to have found it .

        These are just my honest opinions and not meant to deter anyone else from their own search .

        Good luck to you all in your searches .



        • Hi Reb,

          I suspect that we will here something solid that it’s still out there on
          oct book event.

          As Halo’s statement about “I warned that the path would not be direct for those who had no certainty of the location beforehand, but sure for the one who did.”

          The Golf Chess & Cheese Society


          • I hope you are right IWGolf , about October 2 2 . It sure would give some much needed encouragement to many who are growing more discouraged daily .



        • Reb, he wouldnt have written a second book if it had been found. He would want it over with and all the public out of his life.

          He is being followed from his home when he leaves. He has people showing up at his house trying to force themselves inside.
          Trust me he wishes it were over.
          If it were found he could call it over and regain his life.



          • The chest is tarnishing in the same place still- very protected.

            You can bring a shovel and metal detector, but I will not.
            – Think about what Forrest said about transporting the chest and contents, and the full logistics/implications of digging/burying.

            It’s a whole new ballgame if it’s not found before Forrest rests- much uncertainty.

            I don’t think Forrest wishes it to be over, but he wishes to witness it when it happens- but that’s a tenuous balancing act at 83. So will he nudge?

            The poem is more of a construction set than a map.

            And so I think.



      • Hi Chris ,
        As for someone staying quiet after finding the chest , I’m sure there people capable of remaining silent .

        As for Mr. Fenn needing to lie if he knows it’s been found , all he needs to do is remain silent also . From what I’ve observed , Mr. Fenn is very capable of remaining quiet .


      • I believe Forrest just confirms it being buried when he makes statements like “Nobody will just stumble upon it” or something to that effect. I’ve put much thought into this topic. The treasure is just to valuable to leave sitting out. Plus there is no guarantee that someone will stumble upon it without it being buried or protected by a rock formation.
        I also believe the answer to this question is hidden in the book, right in front of our eyes… opinions of course.
        I’m 6 hrs away from Santa Fe and thinking about making the drive Oct 1st, anyone else going ?


          • I believe those would be correct unless theres a more subtle hint. I doubt it though.
            My love for Montana is fading.
            I found some information on Colorado that is difficult to let go of. I’m just not sure of how far from the HOB we are dealing with. It very well could mean NM.


          • Watched the Movie the Great Gabsty last nite….. that, if a clue, sez its ALL in the Chase, because when he found what he was after it all went to crap and got him killed.


          • JJ
            Don’t give up on the under water theory.
            In two chapters he’s caught without shoes. I always thougt it odd. I now believe it to be a hint of having to wade to the chest. There is a pic in tftw with him dangling his bare feet in the water and another pic of a moose in a stream with an arrowhead pointing to the water.
            And don’t forget about Miss Ford.


  51. Has anyone ever thought of more than one spot being correct?

    Just thinking of all the people who were totally, 100 % convinced their spot was correct.

    So maybe we are all right and there are many solutions – which when angled correctly, and put all together and at one time – like the shape of a star or something – will take us to the final and correct solution…..


      • So WHY is it that I must go and leave my trove for ALL (not you but all) to seek?

        Why, indeed – I never thought he created a masterpiece for himself – just to become famous – he really didn’t need that. And so he created this chase so, if not worked in a certain manner – could never be found – thus the 10,000 years comment – and what went exctinct 10,000 years ago. I’ll work on that next.


    • I dont think so, but interesting idea. There is alot you are missing by not having the book. There are things that run through the book that need to be understood to find the treasure.Once you discover those things it makes finding the treasure possible.

      I cant and wont speak about them because its an important part of the solve and ultimately the location.I have never seen anyone reference them anywhere else. I wont attempt to convince anyone else of what I have found, because it takes. imagination to see the pattern. Into, buy the book!

      Doubters, go ahead take your best shot. I know how this works. lol


    • Into ,
      That is a very real possibility . I know of another hunt in England , where you had to find three different places miles apart and then use part of a metronome to line up on the correct place .



    • Inthechasetoo-
      More than one spot correct?
      Yes, I have four spots, right now Forrest owes me four chests, the way I see it. The four are for:
      1. Yankee Jim Canyon
      2. LeHardy Rapids
      3. Lamar River Valley
      4. Sinks Canyon

      I need help with the fifth to complete the star.


    • Into, I have been thinking about your thought. Remember the bells he made? What if he put bells in places that he knew would fit the poem? I always wondered how anyone would ever find the bells without them being destroyed by construction work.

      He planned many years, who knows? It could be possible.


    • I think Mr Kennedy has noodles for brains.

      Who made the 800 thousand dollars for that awful logo?

      I’ll bet VG could have made a better one for half the price. lol


        • For sure – what company on earth would pay that amount of money for a logo – someone should investigate.

          Besides that – a contest would have publicized it.


  52. i don’t want to talk about this chase anymore

    i just want to know who my friends are

    i have been in a long depression and today is my birthday but it doesn’t feel like a happy birthday, but i guess when you reach a certain age birthdays really aren’t like that anymore

    for a brief moment today, i started feeling really good, like a normalcy and happiness i havent felt for a long time, but then just as quickly as it came, it left

    i will be feeling better tomorrow, it’s just reaching a real low right now

    i need to lay down on the couch for a while


    • .

      First of all, Happy Birthday !

      It takes a certain, and fairly rare, type of person to be a treasure hunter ( as opposed to sitting on the other type of couch every night, and watch “American Idol” or whatever is currently in vogue with the many). Especially to stick with it the way you have, so that is a quite positive trait.

      The downside of pushing against the limits of one’s ability, as must be done in many endeavors, certainly this hunt is the ongoing “failures” one experiences, which often unfortunately conveys back onto oneself as a feeling of failure.

      It is the nature of struggle, and NOT a reflection to the individual.

      You certainly demonstrate a high level of creativity, humor, logic and resolve. Forrest did say it was difficult.

      Wishing you the best today. The puzzle skills you are honing here will be with you a long time.



      • Chris:

        Sorry you are in the dumps.

        Know the feeling all to well.

        I, like you have rare glimpes of feeling good i.e. 5 minutes every few weeks, due to pain and an incurable disease.

        I thought the best way to forget my problems was bury myself in an activity. I did that when I was still working. Bad thing to do. I worked and worked and worked – until I burned myself out. Ended up taking an early retirement as a result.

        Seems you are doing the same thing but with this treasure hunt.

        Don’t let yourself get burned out. Takes a very long time to get back to normal. One definitely needs activity, but at a moderate pace.

        That is why I take it slow with the treasure hunt, alloting only so much time each day and dropping it for the remainder of the day.

        Not sure if this helps in your situation, but hope it does.

        Also agree with what astree said.

        BTW – Happy Belated Birthday!!


    • Oh Chris, sorry you are feeling so down. You dont need to hide something like that from us.

      Chris, depression has been my lifelong companion. Nobody needs to be embarrassed about it. It happens to many more people than most realize.

      I do hope you got restful sleep and that you get outside into the sunshine today.

      I am glad to hear you will be going out on a trip soon. I always feel better when I get away from my everyday environment.

      Dont hide your special occassions from us. It gives us the chance to show you how much we appreciate you. You know I find people are basically good and we enjoy making others feel good.

      Happy Belated Birthday! Do we get to grope…I mean spank you? ( Odd custom, that one) lol


    • Hey Chris,

      Think it was around 2:00 last night that I noticed the YUIOP on my forehead and had to leave the debate.

      I hope you are feeling happier today. Sometimes the chase can be so tiring. It helps to take a break once in awhile to clear your head.

      Please know that your comments are a valuable contribution to the body of research that has been posted on this board. You are one of the few people who is willing to brave the ridicule and put your ideas out there for debate!

      Take care and have a great day today…and happy birthday!


    • A really late reply, but here it is.

      I’m your friend, and you know why?… because I get along very well with all the other Virgos that I meet. No exception.
      I’m Sept 16th, 1964 🙂


  53. Took a little break from the chase. Needed to clear my head and regain some focus.
    Adopted a 7 month old black lab mix named him Riley (cause he will be living the life of Riley), actually Chase, Blaze and Cody were over ruled by the family.
    Now, where is that treasure???


  54. Hello doc, I need help.

    Doc- come in Horatio I’ve been expecting you for quite some time now. Please lie down and relax, would you like a cold beer?

    Yeah doc, with one of those straws that bend like they give you in the hospital.

    Doc- of course my friend anything you need to free yourself of the burden of finding this treasure chest. We will begin when you are ready.

    Thanks doc, here’s the thing. When Forrest Fenn, being the trickster he is, says anything I feel he is manipulating words.

    Doc- i see…can you give me an example?

    Yeah like he says the treasure is in a place that is dear to him. But I think he really means the word deer, like the animal. So, a place deer to him could mean Mule Canyon.

    Doc- I see….how long have you had these feelings Horatio?

    From the first day I heard him quoted as saying in a place dear to him.

    Doc- I see….tell me Horatio, where is a place that is dear to you?

    Fawn lake.

    Doc- no, dear to you Horatio.

    Antelope valley.

    Doc- (leans forward in chair) No! DEAR to you!

    Stag creek.

    Doc- (stands up) NO! D E AR To you!!!

    Pronghorn ridge.

    (doc has horatio by the throat)
    Doc- SOMEPLACE SPECIAL! You idiot!!!

    (horatio choking) the lounge!

    (doc sits back down)
    Doc- there now that’s better! A breakthrough in our first session!


  55. I wanted to talk about the problem of people thinking someone else is an expert on the chase, the poem, the book, ect.
    There are no experts and when you take another person as an expert you are in trouble. The problem with that idea is those people are out to find the treasure themselves. Of course they are going to try and sidetrack people, its in their best interests to do so.

    For instance giving out the advise that Forrest would want the most beautiful place around to leave his remains. This doesnt add up with what the book is trying to teach us. You see, our bodies are just the remains, to be studied by future people. Its what Forrest does.
    When he spoke of where he chose he said it was a special place, a dear place, private. He didnt say it was the most beautiful place around. Special entails alot of different ideas. Forrest has even mentioned the joy of looking across the mesa and seeing nothing.Not saying he would choose that, just saying widen your horizons.
    Remember those “experts” are just like you and I, they are not really expert or they would have that treasure.


    • I agree with you azuredeb that is why I ‘usually’ input “IN MY OPINION” on my posts and replies.

      …but I am the great and powerful vgboss 😉


      • VG and all, funny part about it is when anyone posts on anything it is just their opinion. It seems to me that anyone reading anything on a blog would realize that without having to add, “in my opinion” to their every utterance.


  56. A funny example of faulty reasoning.


    Why are fire engines red?


    Roses are red, too.
    Two plus two is four.
    Four and eight is twelve.
    There are twelve inches to a ruler.
    Queen Mary was a ruler.
    Queen Mary was a ship.
    Ships sail in the sea.
    Fish swim in the sea.
    Fish have fins.
    The Finns fought the Russians.
    Russians are red.
    Fire engines are always rushin’.

    That’s why fire engines are red!


    • Not faulty reasoning here

      This is a game – and the rules are all Fenns’

      it’s a treasure hunt with clues that go along just as above. If it’s this then it could be that etc. and maybe “that” will lead to the gold. Who knows – until it’s found.


  57. Ahhhhhh a couch. What a day…found myself at the lounge looking up a the room spinning and someone slurring another round on VG. Then I go another place and people are making paper airplanes out of the book…wth…The Thrill of the Chase…crafted in a way to let our minds take all of us to a place where we never thought of going. Now I get it…come on January.


      • Yes….that is when I will do what I need to do. Dont step on a crack..for its past brave…. the pics draw me away from what I am suppose to really do…but the poem is like so many places but where warm waters halt…you will need to clean your mind and your soul….but which January…maybe next year maybe it will happen before I meet the rainbow of my best friend.


        • You dont really believe that do you?
          I never forget the poem.I even carry it with me at all times in case something runs through my mind while doing my mindless tasks. It helps me to keep focus. Im sure many do similar stuff.

          Forrest didnt just write a poem. He wrote a whole book trying to teach us something. The person who solves the chase will have spent many hours figuring it all out.

          If he wanted people to just use the poem he wouldnt have written a book. Good luck on finding it without the book!


        • Vgbossman….all the places the book points too are there for a reason…just saying. I plan to go and look at my spot when it Leaves. Then go back months later. Need to go get me some Hatch chilli for my sandwich. Anyway where was I….


          • Everything in the book is there for a reason.

            Everything on his blog is there for a reason.

            He says the things he says in his communications to Dal or other searchers, or in his interviews, for a reason.

            There are things he wants us to learn.

            Everything happens for a reason.

            These are called “platitudes,” and are essentially meaningless, and I believe valueless with respect to finding the treasure.


  58. I just read that bear attacks in Yellowstone have taken a huge increase since the chase has started. Apparently people are looking in bear caves for the treasure! Hey guys, its NOT IN A CAVE. He said BELOW home of brown, not IN home of brown.
    They have even had to make signs that its illegal to dig for treasure in Yellowstone.Use some common sense, listen to what Forrest says. He has warned Gadi Schwartz to stay out of bear caves. Its not jellystone park ,its not Yogi bear! lol

    Thats why he said to listen, he gives us everything we need! If you look at everything he says, he posts there is always a hint in it…if you are bright enough to hear it.


  59. Ever want to reach through your computer , grab someone and shake them silly? Thats how I feel about people criticizing how others do their research.
    If it bothers you that someone is talking about anagraming, number theories, hidden clues in pics, hidden clues using whatever method then maybe they should just ignore what they dont agree with?

    I personally dont use most of those techniques, but that doesnt mean they are wrong. I have been using a magnifying glass , does that make me nuts? Nope.

    For the most part I enjoy everyones posts until people start that kind of crapola, then it just takes the fun out of it for me. See Forrest said to use our imaginations to solve the poem and clues, if I told you my solves you would fall off a chair laughing . I have an abundance of imagination ! That’s a good thing !


    • Well said Deb ,
      No one ideas are wrong they are just that ideas and you never know even the most out there idea may be what it takes to solve the chase or maybe even trigger the right idea in someone else!


  60. Today someone asked a question on Forrests facebook page, and I answered. Apparently it was too helpful so ff deleted it! It left me laughing because it wasnt anything that hadnt been discussed on dals blog, but apparently Forrest doesnt want everyone to find out from his page.
    This week has been a good one for me, his reaction confirms my thoughts. Will ride the good thoughts train till the next stop….


      • All I will say is it was about a map. Not much been said about maps, but if you are as close as I think you are to solving it then you will already know the answer.


        • Deb –

          wouldn’t it be great if Mike started a section called MAPS. That would surely get FF’s attention since he deleted your question.. I think there is a map – who would do a treasure hunt without one – it’s just too fun. I think the gypsy maps are the key – and the fire is the blaze.


          • I think Forrest reads more than he says.
            Maps really isnt necessary as a section all on its own.Each person has an idea of where their solve puts them, so every searcher would be looking at a different map.

            We all think so differently, figuring out how Forrest thinks is a quest all of its own!


  61. i think im losing my mind

    which would be ok if it happened quickly

    but it is happening very slowly

    indecision is the key to insanity, and that’s why i waited so long to get a frontal lobotomy


    • Going to try a DIY lobotomy? Be sure and sterilize the hook please! I used to have a running gag with a friend about selling the kit to AOLers…lol
      You are insightful but sometimes I think you overthink stuff. Do you have trouble making it stop? Because your thoughts seem to go at the speed of light.


    • LOL Chris, I hear ya!
      I’ve been told I’ve gone off the deep end and that I have cracks in my head… but I disagree. It is tough though, trying to figure this quest without giving away too much dangerous intel in your posts, but you are very good at it!…IMHO


      • Nobody here has cracks in their heads. They have called me crazy too, so what?
        Forrest has always used his imagination to get through life. Art is nothing more than the combination of imagination and talent, or sometimes pure imagination! He values it and I would be willing to bet it takes alot of imagination to solve this chase. Celebrate our differences! 🙂


        • Thanks Deb,
          Well, I have to say, my way of thinking has definitely come a long way since my first unsuccessful solve! Things have gotten a lot more complicated by far! So complicated that I may be getting to tired and weak to make the trip!


          • Y

            Thanks Deb,
            Well, I have to say, my way of thinking has definitely come a long way since my first unsuccessful solve! Things have gotten a lot more complicated by far! So complicated that I may be getting to tired and weak to make the trip!

            You let me know when you want to go I’ll try to meet you and we will make things a lot easier . can you ride ok and do you know horses


        • It excites me to see how fast this site progressed and in the right direction. I’ve been at it over a year now and i’ve seen far more productivity come out of here than other site’s i’ve been on.
          You always get more bee’s with honey.


  62. inthechaseto:
    Hey Doc and all –

    I’m here because I have a dilemma and need some help.

    I have anagram two lines in the poem together 100%

    It tell’s where the treasure is.It is not where I wanted it to be.Sob Sob

    Should I post it?Should I believe it.?

    Do what feels best for you. I see lots of stuff posted that really doesnt help anyone. If you think you will ever use it, then keep it.


  63. Hey Doc and all –

    I’m here because I have a dilemma and need some help.

    I have anagram two lines in the poem together 100%

    It tell’s where the treasure is. It is not where I wanted it to be. Sob Sob

    Should I post it? Should I believe it.?


  64. My favorite is the one where his teacher asks him “Forrest Fenn, don’t you know anything?” And he replies “Miss Ford, I don’t even suspect anything.”

    I’ve been able to slip that into some conversations with friends and it gets a laugh every time.


  65. inthechaseto:
    I do not belive the military places people into pilot training who cannot pass tests.I think FF is as smart as a whip and trying to make us think he isn’t or wasn’t.This may be the (15%) of untruth he was talking about. I may be wrong.If there is a pilot out there who didn’t pass tests, and was admitted to pilots training anyway – speak up.I don’t think he learned to fly by osmosis. I think our military has a set way of training – andexposure is not all there is to it.So the question we should be asking is,why does FF want us to belive this.Is it just a diversion or something more. I have a tape of him rattling off about the bombs, the different types and what they do. You don’t learn all that info from exposure, and I’ll bet half the guys that were pilots didn’t know what he knew,because he was explaining it to another pilot. I will try to find it and post it.

    The military now is completely different than when Forrest started flying.If you dont believe me find some 80 plus year old ex pilots and ask them about it. He says it in his own words in dals recordings about how he couldnt pass the tests but he was a natural at flying.
    Its interesting to me how you always try to use his words but when I use them you say its part of the 15 percent that isnt true. I listen well, am probably older than you are and have been around long enough to know that in the past the government used the people they had available to them and they trained them for whatever job they did the best in. People who didnt do well in school made life long careers in the military, as did those who were trying to stay out of jail. Today the military doesnt take anyone who has any sort of issues.


    • One of my favorite quotes from the book which actually made me LOL: “We both knew I wasn’t going to college, me because I didn’t think I could make it, and him (his dad) because he didn’t think I could make it.”
      I love his self-deprecating humor.


    • The biggest lie Forrest ever told is that he isn’t very bright. I bet he would do something like Woody did in that old episode of Cheers. Sam tells Woody “You really came through for me! I’ll give you $100 a month raise!” Woody replies “Aww you don’t have give me that much, Sam. I’ll settle for $30 more a week.” Sam: “You got it kid!”


  66. inthechaseto:
    How do you know FF had a learning disability?There is no proof of that.Just trying to keep things straight here.Don’t shoot the messenger.

    Read the quotes and then tell me how come someone as smart as Forrest was unable to pass tests? Could it be because he learned differently from others? What do you think a learning disability is? Do you believe all people who are learning disabled are dumb? Have you ever seen a twice exceptional child? That means learning disabled and gifted, the term for a child who is extremely smart but learns differently, such as an auditory learner . Forrest also mentions on his blog that he couldnt pass the written tests in the military but picked up flying from exposure. So you tell me, what does this say to you?


  67. From the book: I prayed for D’s in all my classes, but no one ever listened.So I decided to do things my own way and to heck with what people thought. If they weren’t paying my bills, I didn’t have to listen to them,unless they were saying something I wanted to hear, of course. My father was paying my bills so I had to listen to him.

    Anyway my failing classroom grades were more than offset by my valedictorian marks in savy 101 and street smarts 102.My father once told me, ” The greater part of knowledge is knowing those things worthy of knowing.”Now why would he tell me anything like that?He just said it right out. Was he trying to justify my lack of ability to take a test? Maybe he was thinking that if I could just get by in life I’d be way ahead.
    And: “My father was probably a little proud and although I wasn’t getting much education I was sure getting experience. ”

    Now tell me does what Forrest says about his school years say anything to you about if he struggled in school?


  68. inthechaseto:
    Tom –

    Do you remember if he was a member ofthe Biologyor Science Club?I can’t find it.I know it’s posted here somewhere.He was also a member of many other scholastic clubs.Quite a smart boy.I think he completed Hilo training in record time etc.

    What does that have to do with anything? My son is dyslexic with an IQ of 138, a learning disability doesnt mean they are stupid, it means they learn differently.


    • How do you know FF had a learning disability? There is no proof of that. Just trying to keep things straight here. Don’t shoot the messenger.


  69. tomwhat:
    Forrest does not have a learning disability. As a kid he was what they used to call “rambunctious”, they now call “ADHD”, and what is really “being a kid”.

    I hope the treasure is a little better than a blob of mercury.

    Adhd is mentioned as being contributed to mercury exposure.


  70. I’d like to get Mr. Fenn on the couch for a few minutes and ask him why he chose childhood photos of himself not smiling for TTOTC while the rest of the family is in theirs and what years were his “early years of anxiety” referred to on page 4.

    He says his “mind stays at about thirteen” on page 6. Thirteen happens to be one of my favorite years as I experienced my first “serious girlfriend” (serious in our minds anyway) and real baseball. And yes, Jr. High brought much anxiety but also places “dear to me”. I still think of her today and wonder what she’s doing. It’s only natural to occasionally recall the times that helped form us. Probably more so when facing our perceived end.

    I’d like to see if Dr. Jack could get past Mr. Fenn’s protective layer.



    • In my research I found that the fish caught at Hebgen lake, the Madison river, and the streams that feed into it are contaminated with mercury from the hot springs (and volcanos) in the area. Every year since it was built in 1914, there is a softball size blob of mercury deposited behind the dam.
      The fish caught in this area are contaminated with mercury, the larger the fish the more mercury.

      The effects of mercury exposure on children are known, and its much worse on kids than adults. Not saying its not bad for adults. I suspect his problems with learning were from this exposure. Being different from others is extremely hard for children, it causes anxiety in them. Kids who have learning disabilities dont know why they cant do it like all the other kids and they end up hating school.Sound familliar?
      I believe this was why he added the sad pictures.


  71. Me: Honey, how would you like to take a little trip to the mountains?
    My wife: Like a lovers weekend in the Poconos?
    Me: No, think a little longer.
    My Wife: Oh, you mean one of those secluded romantic cabins in the Smokeys?
    Me: No, think further west.
    My Wife: Is this about that stupid treasure hunt you are always working on, because if it is count me out.
    Me: 🙁


  72. I would like to address the fact that VGBOSS claims that the treasure is in such a complicated place that a person cannot just retrieve it or take the chest and go . It seems to me that if this is the proclaimed scenario it would not and could not meet the criteria of a six year old or child being able to go there I don’t think that FF would intentionally mislead us in any way shape or form that would put his integrity at risk. Also when would FF have the time or the energy to complicate such an endeavor when he hid the treasure . That doesn’t even make sense to me. He has stated to keep it simple ,don’t over think it. Just a educated opinion . He also says he went there twice witch would make it twice as difficult


    • Woody Bogg it was my opinion and you or anyone else doesn’t have to take my opinions as fact. Besides a child can’t possibly lift 40 + lbs. He or She would have to scream at mommy and daddy “it’s right here, in there, over there, up there, down there”.


  73. Interesting stuff. i for one dont care what anyone else thinks about the chase. For those who insist on sharing they dont believe its real, who asked you? I sure didnt and I dont believe you know it all.
    Why do people insist on trying to ruin other peoples dreams? Get over yourself already, its my life and I will believe there is a good person who hid a treasure and wrote a poem. If you want to live cynically go right ahead.I chose different.


    • Azuredeb… I concur. When I chose to begin this quest, it was with the belief that TC does exist, that ff hid it and that it could be found by following the clues in the poem. I would love to find TC, but what attracted me to this quest initially was the mystery, the challenge, the game; that there is TC at the end…. All the better.


  74. *vgboss in search of a sponsor. He walks into Suite 9*

    SECRETARY – Hello sir, May I help you?

    VGBOSS – Home Psychiatric Session?

    SECRETARY – Yes that is correct. May I ask what your name is?

    VGBOSS – Hmmmm interesting…”Home of Brown” …Oh sorry Mrs…..the name is vgboss.

    *secretary rolling her eyes*

    SECRETARY – Nice to meet you vgboss. This is not the Home of Brown it’s the Home Psychiatric Session of Dr. Jack Hanrahan. Would you like to see him?

    VGBOSS – I appreciate your help Mrs. and yes I would very much like to see the Doc.

    SECRETARY – My pleasure Mr. vgboss. Give me one second.

    *Secretary walking to Dr. Hanrahan’s office*

    SECRETARY – Dr. there is a gentlemen who would like to see you.

    DR. HANRAHAN – Does he have an appointment?

    SECRETARY – No Dr. but he believes this to be the Home of Brown.

    DR. HANRAHAN – Send him in immediately! I will see him at once!!! Thank you Mrs. Waters.

    SECRETARY – Yes Dr.

    *Secretary walking back to her desk*

    SECRETARY – vgboss Dr. Hanrahan will see you now.

    VGBOSS – Thank you.

    *vgboss entering Dr’s. office.*

    VGBOSS – Hello Doc. WOW mighty nice and cozy office you have here.

    DR. HANRAHAN – Hello vgboss. I’ve been expecting you! And thank you.

    VGBOSS – Expecting me? I don’t understand Doc. Why would you be expecting me?

    DR. HANRAHAN – Well vgboss I’ve been monitoring many Chasers for the past 2 plus years on every blog and message board, on the internet, pertaining to this Thrill of the Chase and you vgboss have captured my interest and one, who I strongly believe, is in need of my expertise.

    VGBOSS – Doc I don’t understand. I’m simply going around these suites in search of a sponsor who is willing to fund my quest for the Forrest Fenn Treasure Chest and split its worth right down the middle 50/50. It’s a Treasure worth well over $1 million. Doc would you be interested in sponsoring my quest? If so; just write me a check for $50,000 and I will show you a Map, Video and some photos that I’ve captured of its location. Doc I’m telling you I have the exact coordinates, the true X spot, of the resting place of Forrest Fenn’s Treasure Chest. What do you say Doc? You in or are you out? 50/50 Doc!

    DR. HANRAHAN – vgboss please lay down right over there and feel free to light up this cigar and relax. Looks like we are in for a long evening.

    *Dr. pressing button on phone*

    DR. HANRAHAN – Mrs. Waters please hold all my calls and I’m seeing no more patients today.

    SECRETARY – Yes Dr.

    DR. HANRAHAN – Here you go vgboss.

    VGBOSS – Dr. I don’t smoke but I will certainly lay down and relax as I just returned from a 12 day search for that elusive Forrest Fenn Treasure Chest up in them rugged Rocky Mountains.

    DR. HANRAHAN – vgboss please go on. Tell me more about this search of yours.

    VGBOSS – Dr. it would be my pleasure to share with you my Thrill of the Chase search; however are you in or are you out?

    DR. HANRAHAN – I don’t understand vgboss? In or out?

    VGBOSS – Do I have your support Doc? Will you be my sponsor, partner, in my quest for the Forrest Fenn Treasure Chest?

    *Dr. chuckling while lighting up a cigar*

    DR. HANRAHAN – Oh no vgboss I’m in the business of making money not giving it.

    VGBOSS – Well Doc I appreciate your time and I must go now, sorry to have troubled you. Hey Doc do you think the owners of the Chinese Restaurant, next door, will be interested in sponsoring me?

    DR. HANRAHAN – vgboss please lay back down. Relax. Take off your shoes. Here hand me your backpack.

    VGBOSS – Get your hand off my backpack Doc!!! Let Go!!!!

    DR. HANRAHAN – I’m sorry vgboss. May I ask what you have in that backpack? You are hugging it rather tightly. vgboss you don’t have any weapons in there do you?

    VGBOSS – Don’t be silly Doc. What I have in there is what is called extremely Dangerous Intel. Not only do I have a Map leading directly to Forrest Fenn’s Treasure Chest but I have video and photos of the area of where the Chest is. So again Doc…are you in or are you out?

    DR. HANRAHAN – vgboss I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this but there is no Treasure Chest, of this Forrest Fenn fellow, up in the Rocky Mountains. It’s a publicity stunt, a hoax, with the objective to merely sell books to gullible dreamers, like yourself, who take the bait, hook, line, and sinker, simply to visit Santa Fe, New Mexico and spend money in this tough economy. That city needs tourism dollars as many others across the states do. vgboss there is no Forrest Fenn Treasure. It does not exist.

    VGBOSS – Doc hear me and listen good. There is a darn Treasure up them Rocky Mountains!!!!!! Here let me show you the Poem and this one picture of the Treasure Chest within this Thrill of the Chase Book.

    DR. HANRAHAN – vgboss please stop. Lay back down. Hand me your backpack and relax.

    VGBOSS – Doc… Get the Freak Back or I will hit you with my flashlight over the head. One last time Doc…are you in or are you out? Doc I know where the Treasure Chest is…I’m 110% confident of its location. Doc it’s a sure thing!!! What do you say? Last chance!!!

    DR. HANRAHAN – vgboss I’m sorry but I can’t help you. Please leave my office.

    VGBOSS – Doc obviously you are not a wise man. Your loss.

    DR. HANRAHAN – No vgboss it’s you that is lost. Good day!

    VGBOSS – Whatever Doc…peace out.

    *vgboss exiting the office and thinking to himself*

    VGBOSS – Hmmmm Jack Hanrahan? Sounds like a clue to me?

    *vgboss begins mind anagramming the Dr’s. name while walking out of the office*

    VGBOSS – Jack Hanrahan….Hmmmmm…….CAN and JAR!!!!!!!!!

    *vgboss begins to run excitedly out of the office*


  75. My, my, my…
    My wife wants nothing to do with the chase, she didnt even listen to the whole poem when I read it to her.
    My friends think its stooopid.
    My coworkers are tired of me asking their thoughts.

    The Lounge, the Couch, the Blog…sniff, sniff, you understand me. My 3am googles, My saved maps and research, my pile of note pads…it all makes sense here. Lol


    • Dave –

      I know what you mean. I look at it this way –
      I could have a partner who disagrees in my research and has another spot that’s in timbucktoo. Then we have a war going on. So maybe it’s good that my other half stays out of it – he can drive and tarry scant with the treasure out of there = but that’s all. So you are not alone –


    • Dave i understand and appreciate your time and effort in ttotc, and ff has illustrated a transposition code ( anagram ) in butterfly and flutterby. I believe that tea with olga is an anagram, goal a white T. There may be more. I feel that another code will be used for final solve.
      I get that most think this is a fake hunt or that they have zero interest in discussing or any type of involvement, it’s not their cup of tea. It makes it harder for those who struggle along alone.
      This is a marathon not a sprint. Hang in there.

      The Golf Chess & Cheese Society


  76. Well scoot over girls – I brought us all drinks from the lounge.

    Zelda – Do you think men look at this differently than women do? It seems to me they tend to complicate the entire thing. But then FF is a man so did he complicate it too?


    • Yay…..inthechaseto…. Thanks for the drink. Good question….. I think for all of us, men and women, who are used to being in control; which from my experiences of reading our posts, I would say is pretty much all of us, (zeldasings smiles), that to allow ourselves to delve into this poem will cause us all to feel some slight anxiety at not being able to have control of it. My guess is that in order to regain a sense of control our brains construct fabulous solves in an effort to decrease anxiety.
      That’s enough thinking for me….. Lets get another frosty summer somewhat feminine drink. Teeheehee


  77. Well, so far “the couch” appears to be a room for us girls. Psychiatry is actually my area of professional expertise. I am a Psych RN and have been for decades. I think the defining criteria for “crazy” as it relates to our specific interests, could be defined as “does the search cause you to feel out of control in other areas of your life?”
    Does the time you spend solving take away from your usual interests? Do you sacrifice in other areas to support your searches? Do you wake up in the middle if the night mumbling “brown trout,
    Brown bears, Molly brown, molybdenum, brown hair, genie, brown hills, brown dirt?” Do your friends roll their eyes every time you mention quest? Do you have “pet names” for different aspects of the poem? Do you keep searching the same area over and over and over with no results? If the answers to the above are “yes”, then you may be crazy.

    That does it girls, scoot over on the couch and make room for zeldasings.


  78. hehehehe. Morning doctor.
    I don’t know why I’m laughing… I’m in the same boat as Inthechasto.
    I continue to research everyday and my friends think I’m crazy.
    They’re sick of hearing me talk about this treasure hunt!
    My hubby, well… significant other, wants nothing to do with this hunt, and I know no one, other than the bloggers to converse with about this truly addicting ttotc. That’s why I’ve come to you.
    Can you help me?
    Am I crazy?


  79. Yes, I’m on the couch – trying to figure the blaze. Everything fits and it is so simple and nice and pretty – no snakes, no internet WWW – no ugly spot – just heavy loads and water high. Does everyone think I’m crazy – yes – including my husband, who by the way, has never read the poem. He simply laughs and says “Is that right”. Some of my friends think it’s a hoax and others just stare and say “Oh Really”? They don’t ask to read it – no sense of adventure. That’s OK they will be laughing out the other end when I find it. I might not even let them see it. If you’re not on a blog – no one can appreciate the amount of time and effort we all but into this. Heck, most of my friends don’t even know what a blog is.
    Well – I’m going to get off this couch now and go work out as I will need some more stamina for my happy hunt.


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