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Take a break from the stress of the chase, and relax here every once in a while.  If you have something to say, but are not sure where to say it, then this is the place.

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  1. inthechaseto:
    Of course Bob… is where he said it……It’s right in the beginning…… dated 7/16/2016……

    nice try intherusetoo….he did not say romanesque bronze box, his words are…romanesque treasure chest.

    that is close, but not the same…and only one time in six years?
    seems i had this same discussion with luckydog about three years ago.
    i think.


  2. Weekly words with Forrest __— Inefficient. I have experienced a few things that are Inefficient . My father passed away a few years ago and his last will and testament was Inefficient to say the least . My fathers will stated in it that all of his property real or personal should be divided equally among his children in equal shares . My piece of garbage sister because dad had given her power of attorney failed to make sure he had his medicine that caused a life threatening situation sending him to the hospital then to a nursing home. Almost to the day she ran out created a irrevocable trust thrust all of Fathers assets into the irrevocable trust and made herself trustee of the trust with conclusive power to distribute or spend any or all of it at her discretion. My fathers will clearly states that Any Beneficiary that creates a trust under this instrument (his last Will and testament ) Shall not promise, convey, distribute, pledge, sale, or encumber all or any portain. Obviously his Will was Inefficient . I spent eleven thousand dollars trying to get the court system and a judge in COLORADO to do something about it . Obviously the judicial system is Inefficient and not willing to stop someone from fraud and embezzlement if that person contesting it is from out of their State. So any of you treasure hunters that think that anyone would stop the Authorities from confiscating a treasure from you with any chance of you getting it back (YOU ARE WRONG)


    • A double on the double!

      Comin’ right up, Kedar’s Mom.

      I was just headed to the bar for some ibuprofen. I nearly doubled over just moments ago…after walking into a bar. I couldn’t see it the darkness…through all the smoke. :/


      • Watch out for those dark, smokey bars, lol. A double double, sounds great, yolo. I’m going to have a real double when I get back from the barn. Take care.


  3. You are not gonna believe what I found today. A small boy (4-5 years old)running down the side of the road at 6:45 am. After I stopped , many others did not, I asked him what was he doing? He was out being a superhero and going to fight crime. Asked me not to call his mom. I called 911. They were reunited about 30 minutes later, he was about a mile from home.


  4. I was out treasure hunting with my best bud a couple days ago and found a georgia o’keefe print for me and a nice print for my bestie. I asked the store guy if they had some cardboard, when he came out he was so excited and thanked me…… he had found a perfect $2 dollar bill in the cardboard. He collects $2 bills.


    • I was out treasure hunting again, it’s a bit of an obsession. I found some late 40’s postcards with personal writing on the back. Beautiful cursive handwriting on one. A GW penny stamp on another. A peek into the private lives of the Rolfe family.


    • Due to the high volume of snow here in Kalispell Montana. I haven’t been able to use any of my metal detectors . Although it is a good time to clean them up, change the batteries, and make sure everything is working good. Thrift stores and garage sales are unfortunately the basic treasure hunting you have as an option here in the winter. You need to go early or it gets picked over pretty fast . Those of you that live in a milder climate are fortunate to be able to treasure hunt more often. Unfortunately when it does get warmer most of us will be playing catch-up on everything that’s been covered with snow and ice. We usually take a road trip to a warmer climate during the winter months but was unable to do so this year. Chomping on the bit so to speak and can’t wait to go treasure hunting soon. Summer says forrest. There is a lot of wisdom in his comment!!!


      • Metal detectors are great. I have only found change so far, my luck is far better junking. It’s nice to hear from you WB. I was wondering if anyone is out there. Jake has been gone since the Christmas. I don’t know if I’m going or not Knowing you were first to solve and were the closest to it, would satisfy me.


        • Why thank you ! Kedar’s Mom . i have been very successful @ treasure hunting and have a nice portfolio to show for it. It takes time to get past your learning curve and each detector is a little different. The main thing is Time. Having the time and spending thousands of hours at it is the ticket. Lots of research and the right breaks one of those getting permission, Also figuring out the places to be able to hunt is another. Accessable !


          • Tbh, the chase changes you. It would be nice to meet all you nice folks out there. If I’m not allowed to go this year, I think I will find someone I can trust to get it or give the solve away and watch what happens. I’m headed out junking tomorrow, wish me luck.


          • Hello, WoodyBogg and Kedar’s Mom.

            All the talk about metal detecting is making me antsy. I had to get out a couple of detectors and oil up the coils…so the treasure signals will slide in faster…when I finally have a chance to get out. 🙂

            And Good Luck junking tomorrow, Kedar’s Mom.

            *raising a stein*

            Here’s to you finding an old “junk” frame…with a print of those dogs playing poker…and a Dunlap Broadside behind it! 🙂


          • JC1117,
            That would be a great picture to find. I’m on the hunt for A Woman in White by wilkie collins, at a give me price. I hope you find some gold out there! Rings, nuggets, etc. Hey, if you guys are near mt desert island someday, (fandango golden key) I think it’s hidden at the bar harbor lighthouse. I imagine if you search throughly you would find it, just don’t disturb the private residence. Check by the gazebo.


          • JC1117,
            Got lucky today! 1952 full color currier & ives litho book, only 54 cents.


          • Sounds like a score, Kedar’s Mom.

            Currier and Ives’ America?

            That’s a steal at 54 cents.


  5. Hi everybody. I’m new to this website, so forgive me if this isn’t the right place to post this. I am curious about the “editions” of TTOTC. When I went online to purchase the book, I noticed that places like amazon, ebay, and a couple other site were charging $65 or more for the book. I thought it was strange because I knew that the book cost $35. So I read a little more into it and realized that the more expensive ones were “1st Edition”. Just out of curiosity, why were other editions created, and also, has anybody done a side-by-side comparison to see if there are any differences/variations between the editions. I believe there is 3 editions?

    The reason I ask this, is because I FIRMLY believe that I have solved the poem (I know, I know…so does everybody else). I heard about this treasure some time back, and have deliberately avoided reading solutions/interpretations by other people until I had time to look into it myself. I did this intentionally to prevent my thought process of the poem being influenced by things that I read from others. After using the poem, the internet, and maps, I came to my conclusion. Which is funny because after I did that, that’s when I really started digging into all the literature that has been put out, and the comments made by Forrest. That’s when I read that Forrest himself said that all you need to find the treasure is the poem, google earth, and a good map, and to keep it simple, which is exactly what I did. However, he also said that the book contains hints to help with the clues in the poem, and that is why I’m trying to track down the book and the answers to the questions above. I have also heard what a great book it is as well, so there’s that too. If anybody has the answer to the reason for multiple editions, and if there are any differences, I would greatly appreciate it.


    • That’s an interesting question, Rod.

      I wish I could help with details…but I really don’t know the answer. I know I haven’t seen any discussion about differences between the editions of The Thrill of the Chase…and I’m pretty sure that would have been a hot topic for discussion on all the Forrest Fenn Treasure blogs. I can’t recall seeing that particular topic.

      It would be cool to have copies of the 3 Editions you mention…to compare and contrast…and see if any slight differences might dovetail into a final message somehow. That would be incredible to see…but would take a lot of time.

      However…it might be worth a look. I’ve learned…over time…not to put anything past Forrest Fenn. When…through extensive research…you’ve learned enough about him to be highly impressed…then you’ve only scratched the surface. Anyone who knows him…or thinks they know him…will tell you the same.

      I wish I could help more with your query…but my copy of TTOTC is just a fourth edition.


  6. Lisa Cesari:
    Anna – I am always planning a trip to Cabin Creek to search. It is only about 4.5 hours away from where I live. I am always tempted to go. Even now. Because the roads are clear with so little snow in the Rockies.

    Please be careful Lisa. Don’t hike alone, and be ‘bear aware’ as they are out in February if the weather is nice. And…they are hungrvvvvy!


  7. Lisa Cesari:
    JC1117 – Here is a picture taken just yesterday of a snow scene just beyond the Galena Summit Overlook:

    We could use more snow in Idaho also….

    Thanks for sharing that photo, Lisa.

    That’s a beautiful sight. Like you wrote…more snow would make it more beautiful. Hopefully soon.


        • I’m happy you liked them, Lisa.

          I like the sculpture too. My first thought however was that the cowboy looks very young…or maybe just jockey-size… 🙂

          …or maybe that bucking bronc is just YUGE…aka huge…to people who know how to pronounce the letter H.


      • Hey wait a minute!!! I’m the only one here who can be a Bur under anyone’s saddle. Guess it’s time to stick my two cents on this tombstone or are they nickels. Let’s see at first I need to get out of the lounge and maybe over to the News.

        Kerdar’s mom you wanted more chatter about Forrest Six Questions then go over to the news.


        • Thanks for the heads up Bur. My barstool is warm here and the company is good. Here I can have a ‘figurative’ drink and think about the most important things in life. Kedar’s friend Dixie passed today, she wss a great mare.


          • Yep Lisa, I had to chime in on that comment LOL. I don’t always post but try to read comments here. Glad to see you back posting, you disappeared for a bit too.


      • Hello All, glad to see the gang here is providing Wednesday afternoon entertainment…bar room brawls and all. It helps pass time waiting… waiting…waiting at the doctor.

        How about that stellar message from Forrest!? Personally, I found it all helpful. “to just contemplate and remember” could mean remember to justify and contemplate the template.
        Early days in Temple with Bessie & Silver… well, who wouldn’t place Silver and the Lone Ranger into his treasure hunt. A great horse can always be trusted to keep secrets.

        JC1117, strap on your snow gators and get outdoors with the kids. How is Utah’s ski season stacking up? Enough snow?


        • Hello, Anna.

          I couldn’t agree more. Forrest’s answer(s) were quite the stunner. I wonder how long it will take a reporter “on the outside” to pick up on his comment. Any reporter worth their paycheck would realize a story worth sharing…that doesn’t need to be spun.

          Regarding Utah’s ski season…well…the resorts are running. :/ It’s been cold enough to make snow…but the real stuff just hasn’t been coming down. The Greatest Snow on Earth has been dumping in Idaho. Seriously. Jackson has been getting all of our snow this year.

          The eastern Utah slopes that will feed the Green River are over 100% of average snowfall…while central Utah and all the Resorts out of SLC and Park City are hovering around 40% of average for this time of year.

          Not good. The jetstream that causes snowfall has shifted just north of us this year. Hopefully it changes…soon.

          There was only one good storm at my house this winter.


          • JC1117 – thanks for the snow report. We have plans to be in Colorado skiing in about a week – they’ve had a scant year of fluff as well. Looks like a great ski season for Montana, Wyo & Idaho.
            BTW – I’m still laughing about the movie Ratatouille. Very timely with rodents looking to get out of the cold into warm attic space.

            Lisa, your personal photos are beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I don’t regularly follow Mindy or even Dal’s blog much. At some point the massive amount of posts became exhausting to plow through. Right or wrong, my solutions are my own adaptations of the poem. It’s more fun that way. I appreciate the freedom and FUN expressed here.


          • Anna – I am always planning a trip to Cabin Creek to search. It is only about 4.5 hours away from where I live. I am always tempted to go. Even now. Because the roads are clear with so little snow in the Rockies.


  8. bob:
    Tom H- what Woody means by lack of knowledge and jumping to conclusions is this….
    you used the word treasure in your comment.the treasure woody refers to is the great outdoors. not the bronze box. Woody should have clarified this for you but he didnt. much like Forrest fenn, Woody and the rest of us are on a different wavelength. like a lot of conversations, is a matter of miscommunication. which is exactly why no one but me has found THE chest.

    Thanks Bob! Certainly no hard feelings. Everybody is passionate about their solves and I get that. I hope to change your mind some day. In the meantime , I hope to return to my solve and retrieve soil for sampling. I believe there may be traces of the contents. I am Forrest’s worst nightmare.


  9. WoodyBogg:
    Tom H Once again- Your lack of knowledge . compels you tojump to conclusions!

    And once again to you…….do you have the treasure? You still haven’t answered that question. As I said, I am not here to argue so if you are attempting to do battle you may want to engage with someone else.


  10. WoodyBogg:
    Your lack of knowledgeis really showing in your comment!!

    I’m not here to argue with you or anyone else. Just expressing my feelings like everyone else. It appears as though you, like many others can’t bear the thought that Forrest may not be the fuzzy grandpa everyone portrays him as and the possibility that continued searching will never result in finding the treasure.


      • Tom H- what Woody means by lack of knowledge and jumping to conclusions is this….
        you used the word treasure in your comment. the treasure woody refers to is the great outdoors. not the bronze box. Woody should have clarified this for you but he didnt. much like Forrest fenn, Woody and the rest of us are on a different wavelength. like a lot of conversations, is a matter of miscommunication. which is exactly why no one but me has found THE chest.


  11. w:
    TomH What are you talking about. Jumping to conclusions again!! For yourinformationForrest has more Integrity in his little finger than most people will ever have! Just because he doesn’t fit your narrativeon what you think isyour solveor your agendado you fill compelled to call him a lier. Shame on you andlots of others. Go hang out at chase chat that probably is more suited foryou!

    And you believe it too. Perfect!


    • Tom H What are you talking about. Jumping to conclusions again!! For your information Forrest has more Integrity in his little finger than most people will ever have! Just because he doesn’t fit your narrative on what you think is your solve or your agenda do you fill compelled to call him a lier. Shame on you and lots of others. Go hang out at chase chat that probably is more suited for you!


  12. It’s So Quiet here I could hear two pins drop! You’d think Jenney’s Questions and Forrest’s answers would of started a blog frenzie of comments!!


      • JC1117 I thought you were taking off with your snowshoes the comment you made on MW. Time waits for no one “i’m sure” ! Although common sense tells most of us not to go rushing off in the ice and snow. Are you going to be ready when the time comes ? Can you leave to go on a treasure hunt on little or no notice? I think I’ll wait for the right time to go!!


        • Hi, WoodyBogg.

          I was just kidding about taking off with snowshoes. If it’s best to drink hot chocolate when a snowmobile is required…then snowshoes are no exception…although I have been known to do some crazy things. 🙂

          This Friday I might be going with my brothers to do some overnight fishing on the ice in Wyoming. We’ll just sleep in our ice shelters. It sounds like fun…and the only thing that might make that miserable is this rotten head cold I’ve had for a few weeks.

          As far as searching for Indulgence…I reckon I’ll just stay home and think about Her.

          Besides…I’ve got a hellish workload coming up soon. The fact that I’m not working now will only make it worse starting in a few weeks. There are 3 jobsites…all with many weeks of work…and all will start at the same time. :/

          To that end…it was nice to read Forrest’s answers yesterday… because it takes my mind off all that.

          I’ve never seen him make a statement like that before.


    • Hi Kedars mom & JC1117 – thanks for the heads up on 6 new questions with Forrest.

      FF was most generous with answers. I’ll have to “study” what He said when I can this week.
      Loved hearing more about his early days in Temple; MIIAIIIIIW sequencing of 1st letters is of interest…only one A, time waits for no. one/#1.

      Fun to learn how much he loves golf. I’ll bet he has a nice putting green in the yard to practice putting one in the tin can…maybe a sand trap to eat pimento cheese sandwedges. 🙂


  13. Kedar’s Mom:
    I care more about being first to solve over first to retrieve,but there’s no way to know ifyou are right if you can’t retrieve it. The lounge is a fun place to be I’m a night owl and I like a good game of pool, have my own cue, but I need more practice.

    Don’t retrieve it or can’t retrieve it are two different things!!!


    • I agree WoodyBogg.
      Bob, I’m not sure what you solved, I only know what I solved and I think I was first. Ps. You need your own cue. ; )


  14. bob:
    Mom- i never owned my own pool cue. i always use the bar cues. the worse looking ones the better. gave me a psychological advantage over my opponent. i let em beat me until we played for money too. I ask dumb questions about the rules too.

    hey! leave me alone. just tryin to survive. i cant help it.
    who needs one? im buyin.

    Bob, you sound like quite the character. Did you ever win a 22 row bracelet in a game of pool? I’d love a glass of Champaign or Chateau Valendraud if you are buying!


    • I’d have to turn my hearing aid up to hear a pin drop. Hello Kedar’s Mom . Just trying to get past the short days the cold and lots of snow. We are finally starting to melt off . Hunker down most of us here in Montana this winter!


      • Hello WoodyBogg,
        At least the days are getting longer and today the sun is peeking out. I’m so ready for t shirt weather and trail rides.


      • JC1117,
        Hellllloo, we are getting an update from f on Feb. 4! I hope he spills the beans on how close someone was to the treasure chest since 2016.


        • Mom- kids drove you to drink? why you always in the lounge. who cares how close someone has been. not me.
          i have touched the treasure.
          i have touched the chest.
          thats how close i have been although FF will never admit it.
          and dont be confused by my claims…i have NOT touched the bronze box….yet.


          • I care more about being first to solve over first to retrieve, but there’s no way to know if you are right if you can’t retrieve it. The lounge is a fun place to be I’m a night owl and I like a good game of pool, have my own cue, but I need more practice.


          • Mom- i never owned my own pool cue. i always use the bar cues. the worse looking ones the better. gave me a psychological advantage over my opponent. i let em beat me until we played for money too. I ask dumb questions about the rules too.

            hey! leave me alone. just tryin to survive. i cant help it.
            who needs one? im buyin.


        • Hello, Kedar’s Mom and Bob.

          Whew! Long work day. I’m tired. Of course…it doesn’t help that I got out of bed early. I figured it wasn’t much use just laying there if I couldn’t sleep.

          I’m glad I got up too. I saw the near-full moon before sunrise…and it was a beautiful sight. The sky was overcast here during the eclipse…so I didn’t get a chance to see the Super Blue Blood Moon in all It’s Glory.

          Did you know that the last time these 3 lunar events happened was in 1866?

          Thank you both for word of the update. I saw fellow chasers saying it was going to happen because they saw something posted at Mysterious Writings. I went there and didn’t see anything…so I’m happy to hear it from you.

          I’m very curious to see if She made any more advancements on The Chase. She seems to have my tail whooped.

          Bob…I’ll have a non-alcoholic brewski. Any kind will do. Thank you kindly…my Friend.


  15. Kedar's Mom:
    What date and time did you look quickly down and find its location Anna, mine was February 13, 2016 at 1:03 pm. It took me 400 hours to locate. An exact location with no searching involved. I too have my own issues with retrieval.
    Bob, you are curious to me. As are many of the searchers of fenn’s gold. Treasure is all around us.

    Happy for you Kedars Mom! You are much smarter than I am. Warmest wishes!

    I believe some names on the blogs are actually Forrest having fun. I personally believe he designed the thrill of the chase for three primary purposes…

    1. Personal entertainment- play chess with chasers and surveil them until he dies.

    2. Get people off the couch and outdoors.

    3. Teach others his philosophy thru interaction on blogs….chiefly conservation/preservation & no more nukes/bombs/wars.


        • Kedar, here’s my “hunch” or guess on any report from Fenn…
          If one sent him the puzzle fully solved to the correct location but hadnt retrieved for whatever reason, ff will report nope, no one was close. I doubt he’ll admit one has it solved. If he shrugs it off in customary Fennian style, the legend lives on.


          • Well if someone knows, I wonder how long they are willing to keep it secret before they don’t care and spill the beans? Thanks for your thoughts Anna and have a drink while you’re here.


          • Good question, Kedar’s Mom.

            But who in there right mind would ever spill the beans?

            No pun intendid.


          • JC1117, that is a good question eh?
            Someone who wants to be the first to have the correct solve and is unable to go back and retrieve it and they could be tired of waiting.


  16. I guess I’ll take a seat here and wait for the six questions in January 2018. I don’t expect he will update how close anyone was to the treasure chest in 16/17. You never know….


    • Oh yeah! Thanks for the reminder, Kedar’s Mom.

      I forgot about that. Now I have something elso to look forward to.

      I just opened up a tab at the bar. Y’all are welcome to order what you like…and relax…while we wait for it…


    • Kedars mom, managed expectations leave less dissapointment on the proverbial table/Mesa.

      I expect Nothing helpful forthcoming from mr. Fenn, but would love to be wrong about that.


      • I don’t expect to hear anything. I’m not sure why it would be bad to say it (the poem) has been solved and the location of the chest found. …but not retrieved. Or just say no one has been within 200 feet since he said 200 feet comment.


        • His silence since spring & wearing a hat he said he never would speaks volumes in his interactions with the searchers.

          Don’t expect much from him anymore.
          Some are too close for comfort & he doesn’t feel the need to water the seeds anymore.

          Hiccup, give me another one just like the other one.


        • Right JC1117. He’s commented over the years – not sure the sum of his comments would total “a lot” but his memoirs are substantial, and enough for an imaginative puzzle solver to work with.

          However, when Forrest remains “closed” to interaction with ttotc searchers, it speaks LOUDLY of his desire for his Romanesque treasure box and contents ff advertised in his memoirs to never be found. If one follows this logic pathway…[Forrest not wanting his treasure found] in my opinion, that indicates he never planned for it to be found; furthermore planned to take it with him as he states. He did accomplish “his primary goal” to get people off the couch and enjoy searching.

          Perhaps this one of Bob’s opinions are correct: The poem takes you to Forrest’s treasure which is the great outdoors.

          I know the poem takes you to Forrest’s “pa pads”…family homes, homesteads, camping spots, recreational favorites and also Eric Sloanes homes. All his treasured places (gold for searchers not at those places).

          Hope all of the above makes sense. I reason through logical path’s soundly, but I’m not great at articulating some of my thoughts.

          Lastly, after a hellish week with very ill relatives and all consuming house issues, I am reminded that Forrest has lost his sense of reality with regard to how much time normal people who love the great outdoors can spend in solving his puzzle.

          Frankly, after investing thousands of hours to solve tttoc myself, I’m convinced that only wealthy people who don’t have to work and have no others that they must care for could spend enough time. That said, I believe ff knows that I am perhaps the only one who has truly solved the poem. (I won’t talk about my solution or why I haven’t even attempted retrieval.) don’t waste time asking.


  17. To all,

    Well it might get down to 72 degrees Christmas Day here in Tampa so I’m getting ready for the chill LOL. Hope all of you have a “Merry Christmas” and your able to enjoy this time with peace in your hearts. So take a break away from the chase and wish someone who looks like they need it a Merry Christmas and you just might get one back. I raise my glass and say God Bless to all, yes even to you Bob (chestnut ??)
    Until next time,


    • Bur – I raise my glass of Holiday Cheer to you! This time it is a Tom & Jerry, which was actually served to guests attending Ted Waddell’s “My Montana” book signing at the Gail Severn Gallery this past Sunday night. His grandfather knew Charlie Russell, and there is a great group photo with him in it in the book.

      Tom and Jerry

      It will be down to 10 degrees here in Sun Valley tomorrow night, but it is worth the cold to enjoy the seasonal beauty here:


  18. I’m buying what Cynthia is selling.
    She is very credible & should be taken very serious about her interactions with Forrest & her searches. I think she is now an A Team member seeing her search area is no longer NM but MT.

    HOB is not associated with a structure & maybe all 9 clues are not associated with a structure.

    I’m going to say HOB is: “Oh, give me a home where the Buffalo roam Where the Deer and the Antelope play;”
    Where did Forrest see Buffalo smoke???

    The Madison, somewhere near those structures of Bakers, Burnt & Brown holes.


        • Jake – Where Highway 191 crosses over the Madison River, downstream from Baker’s Hole aka Brown’s Camp. And just outside and below the YNP boundary, so could be below that.hoB, meaning Brown bears, because grizzes are protected there.


          • Almost every visit to YNP, I drive to that crossing at dusk to look for moose.
            (not sure how to share photos, I caught a cool shot in Oct)


    • Do any of you feel like the area close by around Baker’s Hole is NOT that spectacular enough to wish to have one’s remains left there, compared to many other areas along the Madison, and/or its tributaries?


      • After visiting there in 2015 I found it very vanilla & non interesting to rest my bones.

        On my trip from West Yellowstone to Boze along the Gallatin I said to myself, this is where I would like to rest my bones.
        Much less crowded, much more beautiful & saw more animals than people when driving FS roads into the Madison’s.

        I see you have been around Ojo Caliente.
        I see this as the 1st clue BIWWWH.

        What’s the 5th line in the poem?
        What chapter is “River Bathing is Best” ?


    • Jake – i agree, Cynthia is A-team material. her, Dal can become the new A-team because the old one is gone. searchers like them will never be clumsy or awkward enough to join F-troop.
      (thank god)


  19. Before you have too many drinks…. Why did Forrest not give an update on how close someone was to the treasure in 2016? What are your thoughts?


      • Not so quick, Bob.

        None of us KNOW what it means for sure…unless that’s the REAL Forrest Fenn that posts here. Then he knows…I reckon.

        So for now…it’s not as much a load of hooey as it is a load of who-ey knew-ey…

        …or even Huey, Dewey and Louie…

        …or what about Huey Lewis-y and the News-y?
        Try sayin’ that 5 times really fast! That’s a duesy. 🙂

        I gotta get back to work. That’s the power of bills to pay. :/


      • Hooey? Lol… that would have to define how long it takes for my posts to show up at hod, eight hours and counting. Same question was posted over there.
        2016, the year of no update and no more clues.


        • Mom- the only thing that Forrest ever said that i pay attention to is this…”all you need is the poem and book.”

          nothing else matters because he doesnt want the chest to be found until after he dies. there is a plan here in his ruse, and many are involved in seeing it through.


          • Bob, Doesn’t want it found? Or doesn’t want it retrieved? Two different things. I think its been found, but it waits to be retrieved. The treasure comes with lots of baggage, good and bad, it’s a case of be careful what you wish for. Well, thanks for the discussion.


          • Mom- im talking about chest and you are talking treasure. two different things. read my post again with the knowledge that the chest and the treasure are two different things. then we will discuss.


          • Bob, I’m aware you think the treasure and the chest are two different things. There are lots of ideas out there about this chase. I’ve read most all of them. It’s a game, are you all in or just watching?


          • Mom- i am definitely not all in to the extent of Randy B. and Paris W. they went all in and subsequently over n out. im here trying to keep folks from suffering the same fate.

            find the chest of the poem.

            many have found the treasure, even Randy and Paris and didnt know it.

            find the chest.

            hint: its the photo on Bob’s thoughts.


  20. Not Forrest Fenn and Marvel the Horse –

    “….and the horse you.rode in on.”

    I just want to enjoy my beer.

    A Fistful of Dollars
    High Plains Drifter

    Are you getting my ‘drift’ now????

    And I would know Clint, if he showed up on this blog, also. But then again, I have met him here in person, and I recognized his voice, before I even gazed up into his face.

    Impersonators of someone like Forrest, who we have all come to know and love on The Chase, will not be tolerated here. At least not by me. And I can be relentless.


      • Hello, Jake and Lisa.

        I would love to find a Teepee Ring while out hiking around. I’d probably sit in the middle…and close my eyes…and think about those who built it…and wonder if maybe their spirits were still around and sitting inside the teepee with me.

        I certainly wouldn’t disturb it…or move any of the rocks.

        Speaking of disturbing…did either of you see over on Chase Chat that Tesuque might be buried in a pet cemetery near Forrest’s home…and now that the location of burial is known (?) that some “mentally compromised person” might go dig Tesuque up?

        That’s messed up.

        But maybe Forrest buried Tesuque in a pet cemetery for a reason. Just conjuring…I mean speculating…


  21. Hello, A-Team.

    Forrest’s new pup, Willie…cute name, eh?…reminds us all to remain alert at all times when outdoors.

    I don’t mean to make light of more serious dangers…of which there are a plenty…just a reminder to stay vigilant when out in nature…especially in the winter.

    I shared this thought over at Dal’s…that I get the feeling that Willie was reenacting this famous scene…whilst hinting at the home of Brown…on the prairie…


    • JC1117 – I loved that post at Dal’s and your Little home of Brown on the Prairie reference. Not only did the little girl Take a Tumble, but there was a little dog running ahead at the very beginning of the scene in the meadow. Soooo cute!!!!

      I don’t think you drink, but can you pour me something Strong, because I’ve got a headache from this Janet person that jumped on the SB 32 blog thread… Only because she thinks Forrest is hanging out here. Which we all know he is not.


      • JC1117 – That’s better. Now I can relax.

        I took a drive 25 miles North to find snow I could hike on today, where I wouldn’t Take a Tumble.. But the Cowboy Cabin Trail up at Galena Lodge was lovely. My best male friend here did Take a Tumble, walking home from work last night, while descending a slight downhill in the snow on a shortcut. His body twisted and he ended up doing a backflip before he came to a stop. So your Winter warning was very appropriate today. Thank you.


    • Hello JC1117 and…
      Thank you for posting Forrest’s video. I must have watched it 6 times, chuckling with glee each time Willie dove through the leaves. He knows how to “live like someone left the gate open” Simply adorable.


    • Hello, Anna and Lisa…and A-Team.

      Happy Thanksgiving! I have much to be thankful for.

      Where I am it’s bedtime…or past. If I was further north I’d just be waking up from a turkey-induced nap right about now…and wondering who put the pies away. 🙂

      That’s a very cute puppy. I hope Mike…and Dal…don’t mind me posting a link to the picture.

      That’s way too cute to not post here for anybody that passes this way to see.

      So…to clarify…is the new pup a Bichon-oodle? Or a Frisee-oodle? Or a Bichon Frisoodle? 🙂

      Be careful not to pronounce any of those names while ordering food in certain countries. You might be quite surprised what they bring to your table. :/

      Happy Thanksgiving! I hope I didn’t ruin any of your appetites. 🙂


      • Btw, I have a cute little white pup/dog who looks very similar to Forrest’s.

        He’s a Shih-tzu and Maltese mix. He’s 9 years old and still cute…and probably 10 pounds soaking wet. He’s currently guarding the house and does a great job of it.

        His name is Benny…aka Benito.


  22. Kedar’s Mom:
    I’m just going to train my dog to sniff out bronze and gold. She will be able to find it easier than me ,lol, camouflaged or hidden for sure. It will be a more interesting end to the chase if a dog finds it, don’t you think.Her first road trip was four months old for ttotc. Plus she’d be great in Alaska to find gold.

    Kedar’s Mom: LINKS

    Hi Kedar’s Mom,

    Dogs are always, ok almost always, willing to learn new tricks. I once had a dog that loved fresh picked orange juice. I had lived by a orange grove and would go over to a tree and pick a orange and “Tuffy” would go crazy waiting for me to squeeze it open so he could lap that juice. He also loved beer, but then he would dance and chase squirrels after a few of them.

    So why not have yours learn to sniff out bronze and gold, hey if he (she) does a good job at that, maybe I can hire him (her) to check my area ( save me some time looking)? You know Kedar’s Mom I believe there’s gold stashed every where out west in the Rockies so you might become really rich just taking you dog for a walk.
    Good luck,

    P.S. I think Bob might be looking for you. Someone might have told him you had helped rack up his credit line here in the lounge. If you hear from him put the blame on Lisa because I think he has a soft spot for her, he bought her some perfume called ” Off “. Not sure if Chanel or Procter & Gamble make it.


    • Bur – I wished I was wearing.that “Off” at coffee this morning. I was happily posting on the blogs, when a group of three men sat down nearby on the couches in front of the fireplace. One said I had such a conspiratorial smile on my face, that I must be searching porn. Yeah, I shut him down right quick. Maybe they would be interested in taking lessons from you or Bob about how to make advances?


      • Lisa,

        I wish I had Bob’s talent for attracting ladies. I think it’s because he’s taller then me. The only thing we have in common is we both know something about Forrest that not to many know.

        Lisa, if you have anymore issues with guys again just tell them your friends with “Bur” and they should crawl away apologizing.



          • Hello, Lisa and Bur.

            That is VERY true. Count me in. Just tell me who…and when…and where. I’ll be there.

            Some people are total jerks. They’ll get what’s coming…eventually. It’s Eternal Law…written in stone.

            And Yes! The A-Team always sticks together.

            There’s always candy in the A-Team van…

            …not like some of those other vans…



          • JC1117 – Thank you for your kind offer.

            I don’t know if you remember the story of that 2.67 carat diamond I found. Well, two days prior, I had said to my 6’2″ and totally buff best male friend the following, in regards to some former landlord jerks, who had made his life totally miserable:

            “I wish for you diamonds, and I wish for them spades.”

            I gave him a large chunk of the cash from that sale, even though the Universe delivered that diamond to me instead.

            And since he’s local here, I can always text him to come right over, if those rude guys show up again. I didn’t tell him that story.


    • Good morning Bur, it’s nice to have you and Lisa to chat with. Otherwise, the chase would be pretty solitary for me. I do find the others search stories interesting. I always wonder why they think all these crazy things. When I couldn’t figure out wwwh, I moved on to another clue, forrest said they get easier as you go. Made perfect sense to me, but finding is not retrieving. That’s the hard part.
      I was just getting ready to order another round for us all, the heck with the bar tab! Let’s toast to summer, my favorite time of year.
      Dogs are so smart, its people that are dumb. I got really lucky with Diesel, she is smart and pretty. She can find her frisbee in the dark, me when I hide from her and the cat. Her dad could find a single rock thrown out in the woods. I have a piece of gold to use, but no bronze yet. If she could find gold anywhere, that would be awesome.

      Lisa, I like Doug Preston books too. I found an advanced reading copy of who is gideon crew in paper back this summer and a 1st edition hb the wheel of darkness. Both brand new.

      Well guys, I’m out of here for a bit, there’s dishes and dog training to do.


      • Kedar’s Mom – sounds like you just might be looking for the wrong WWWHalt. Most think hot springs but just maybe that’s not the true answer.
        As far as finding other clues solves first, well unless your a very good guesser that might be impossible in leading you to indulgence.
        You have the TTOTC book right, well there is a picture in it that could help.

        Ok I see your toasting to summer, well salud and wishing you and all others the best in searching.

        Oh by the way Kedar’s Mom I trained my pin-point metal detector to find bronze. I have a little 4X6X2″ bronze box it learned on. As for it picking up gold the ring on my finger works for that, but all it seems to find is old metal beer cans. It did find a very unique item when I was searching with Bob one time ( still not sure what it is). So if your ever in Florida before next summer I can let you borrow the bronze box for your dog to train on.



        • Hi Bur,
          Believe it or not…lol…
          I found hints to the middle clue, that’s how I solved it first. I was about to give up on the whole chase, and decided to try one more time, one more definition and that’s when that middle clue just clicked.
          The chase is interesting. I can’t decide if its one of those be careful what you wish for things or not.
          Why do you think forrest will not update how close has anyone been?


          • Kedar’s Mom,
            The reason I believe Forrest has stopped posting how close searchers have been is because there must be a “couple” – searchers close to the final solve. Look at the scrapbook 169 he talks about bingo – “There were three winners in the first game and I was one of them.” To me he was letting us know there are “two winners” that know or are really close to indulgence and that he is a winner also because he already knows where he hid it. Just remember bingo in a one winner game not three especially.
            Someone ( searching couple) sent him a correct solve or is real close and maybe they have not acted on it yet.
            There are other hints about being close in other newer SB’s and maybe a hint or two of the location. Forrest will keep repeating “several have solve the first two clues” because that is what he has stated over the years, but you never hear him repeat “someone might have solved 3 or 4 but he was not sure”.
            First how are you not sure – well maybe because they gave the area points of interest but did not say they were clue solves, even though they were. There is more I see as far hints given for the final clue solves in Forrest comments in recent SB’s.

            We all interpret statements differently but when you have a firm solve you just look for things that help confirm your area.

            Ok my thoughts, but…..there’s more to this.



          • I just don’t see the harm in updating. Maybe the person who knows needs that update to convince someone, so they can go. Take care, I’m off to feed Kedar.


  23. Just sitting here thinking about that owl that paid me a visit Wednesday evening. We were playing frisbee with Diesel and it flew between us and landed on the power wires. Just sat there while we shined the light on him/her and watched the frisbee go by. It was so cool, I’ve never seen a wild owl that close.


  24. Morning everybody. I was just sitting here with my morning coffee and the chase popped in my head. I remembered I got a call from Doug Preston. We were chatting about something and I told him I really thought I knew where that chest waits. I wish I could remember more of what he said, but you know how dreams go. Lol, have a good one, maybe I will see ya here later.


    • Kedar’s Mom – Excellent! I believe in the messages contained in dreams. Let me know if you.resume that dream call with Doug Preston in it tonight, or if you.remember the details. Cheers!


      • I did remember that the caller id on the phone said Eric Sloan, I was thinking, ha ha, I’m gonna ask who this anyways. Then I was talking to Doug.. he just said something like. . you really think you know. .. and I said ..ya, I really think I know, and that was it.
        I’ve seen the chest on my kitchen table too, we just sat there staring at it, then remembered we could open it. What a tease.


        • Kedar’s Mom- I think Forrest Fenn is to Doug Preston as Eric Sloane was to Forrest Fenn. Forrest was 55 years old in 1985, when his great friend, Eric, passed away at almost 80. Doug was born in 1956, so that made him 54 when Forrest turned 80 in 2010, and he considers Forrest to be a close friend and mentor. And Doug was not yet a successful writer when he first.metForrezt, just like Forrest was not, when he met Eric Sloane.

          But then again, I channeled Eric to draw this cartoon for the new book contest:

          I cannot draw…at all!

          And was that you and Doug sitting at the kitchen table with the bronze chest?


          • Yes, let’s have a drink, I’m always up for a cinnamon whiskey. We shall toast the thrill of the chase. It was my husband sitting with me at the table and when we finally looked inside it was toy money and toys, lol. I was digging to the bottom looking for the frog.


          • Kedar’s Mom – It’s all toys and toy money here on The Chase aka Life, isn’t it? Here’s to The Chase! And I’ll give you that frog, if I am ever able to retrieve the bronze chest. I will distract Forrest with the Silver and Turquoise bracelet, when I return it to him, so he won’t remember it was in there. But I think Doug Preston will miss that Tairona frog. I am reading his book now, and I’m at the part where the 1994 discovery of the Cave of the Glowing Skulls in the Agalta Mountains is mentioned. Lots of pre -Columbian artifacts in those caverns.


  25. WoodyBogg:
    Bur. I don’t know but you seem real familiar ?Have we ever met?

    Woody – we have chatted before, i don’t post a lot anymore. I was more chattful here on Mike’s in the beginning and few comments on Dal’s from time to time throughout. I’ve been searching since early 2011. So yes we’re old timers in the chase. Hopefully we can share thoughts here but now for the most part I’m looking for “new” info that can help lead one to “indulgence” there is always repeat conversations on most of the blogs. At least we can have some fun here on Mike’s without being put in moderation or like Jake & Bob nuked. We’ll talk later.


  26. Dang, go to the restroom to get rid of some bad atmosphere and everybody shows up.
    Inthechaseto,I’m glad to hear from you and to hear your still searching. You say the chest can’t be burn’t – I think that too, on how the way Forrest hid it.
    Kedar’s Mom, I would love to here where you search but I know we are all hush hush until that bronze box is found.

    Lisa, I know we are not close in our areas but you said “double omegas” Cha – Ching your headed to the wheel of fortune. There are two in my solve.

    Hey Jake, those rabbit holes are humdingers aren’t they. It seems on all my past solves I was popping my head out of them trying to make all the clues fit. You are right about the poem a good map but knowing mister Fenn some helps. I will talk more on this later.

    JC1117 if your leaving the lounge soon to head to S.A be careful my friend. When you get back I need more about the book. Thanks.

    Well Bob’s credit has run out folks so I going to go and put my body on the streets and see how much I can get. Last offer was a buck fifty but I’m willing to stand on my head for a quarter more. Not sure if winter has killed my chance, especially if I know rightwhere to go.

    Got to go Bob’s calling me, ( hope it’s not about the bill you guys racked up )


        • Bingo- Hear me all ?
          Isn’t that where Forrest said he won some money and there were other winners. ( thought there is only one winner per game )
          Bet those other winners are the ones who got three or four clues right but Forrest was not sure. Oh come on Forrest how can you not be sure if you say they had three or four?


    • Will do, Bur.

      I’ll bring the book with me. I should be able to communicate a bit from S.A.

      Btw…as an aside/interesting curiosity…your abbreviation…S.A…made me think of Christopher the Admiral’s signature which has mystified many over the years. His signature started with S., S.A.S.

      There are some very interesting speculations regarding such…

      And…sorry Bob. Those 3 Shirley Temples on the bar tab were mine. :/

      Yes. I’m serious.

      And don’t call me Shirley.


    • Bur – about the chest – is not how he hid it – it’s where he hid it – that will almost guarantee that it will not be burned. In my little mind – he said he thought of everything and I think indeed he did. Think about it – it’s a huge clue ……..not where it can possibly be burned …….within about a 95 percent chance. Narrows down a great deal of area. Not only for my solve – but everyone’s solve.


      • Well Inthechase -now you got me thinking what you know. My thoughts were that he built like a shrine around the chest, like the girl did that buried her ugly pot of her ex boyfriend at San Lazero. Stacking surrounding rocks on top of it.
        (So whisper in my ear what you found out)


    • Bur – Abiut those Double Omegas. I am still reading Doug Preston’s Lost City of the Monkey God. Here is one of the pictures from the center section, depicting the T1 site in Mosquitia, Honduras:

      I still believe this book and others by Doug Preston had an affect on Forrest writing the Poem, as well as his use of those double omegas in The Thrill of the Chase. Forrest mentioned Cities of Gold specifically at the book signing on November 2nd.


      • Well thank you Kedar’s Mom. I try and post hints for my solve area when I’m posting seriously, but what’s the fun in being serious.

        I might just know who that person is that Forrest said “two can keep a secret if one is dead” but for now I’ll hold on to that.

        Well it’s a long weekend for me (4days) so think I’ll leave the “lounge” and enjoy some time with family.


  27. Mike,

    Is this place still open for business(?) or did Bob empty the cooler all that time he was talking to himself. Hey Bob, you still checking in or do I have to message you. Is it time to get the Fantastic Four ( Zelda, Luckydog, Bob & Bur) back over to Chili’s for some winter refreshments and if so could you bring the Fenn’s holy glass grail?
    Zeldasings (C) are you still planning on getting the boots you liked in Mexico if you find the chest?
    Luckydog, I know the reason Forrest chose the parking lot of The Museum of Nature and Science. Think you do too.

    Ok Mike , line um up and grab one for yourself and anyone else here for a visit, it’s been a long hot summer. (In a low voice- put all this on Bob’s tab)

    Ok let see what “Once Upon a While” book conversations gets us talking about.
    (Raising my drink) – Here’s to everyone….


    • Bur – Cheers! I used to drink Margaritas when I worked in the restaurant business and was under age at Chili’s in Cupertino, CA. One of my best friends had been ill, but met me for a drink anyway. He had forgotten that he had taken a prescription, and two Margaritas sent him through the roof. I secretly had a crush on him for a long time prior, so it was tempting to take advantage of him, but I drove him home instead.


      • Well his loss that you didn’t from pic’s I’ve seen of you. Lisa I’m at the point in my life that I just want to enjoy. I’ve let my hair grow back long again (Bob it gives yours some competition). I had my hair down to my belt line in my late teens early twenties, but now it is just half way there and white. Things don’t piss me off as much anymore unless people turn into a__ho_es around me.LOL

        Anyway the chase is just something I can’t let go… Believe me i’ved tried but it draws you back.
        But anyway Lisa you seem to be a mello person -(except when someone claims your shadow 🙂 ) with a lot of energy, and in my book that’s a good thing.
        So salud (Spanish) and enjoy life.


  28. So Forrest said I should read the poem normal then read it’s slowly so I I took 45 minutes reading it sssslllloooowwwwlllllyyyyyy, I don’t think it helped but it suddenly started raining and two guys in orange robes walked by. 🙂


    • Hello, Lisa…Jake…Bur…Kedar’s Mom…Mike…49Dollers.

      I enjoy reading what Y’all are sharing…when I’m not working. I just want to say…Thanks.

      I also enjoy reading The Poem sslloowwllyy. 🙂

      (Sometimes it’s the only way I know how.)

      It also helps to read it while ringing a bell.

      Like this guy…


      • Hey JC1117, do you happen to have Forrest new book? If so could you share anything in that “sticks out” so I can get out of this “lounge” and back to seeing if there is anything that might influence my mind set. I see the chapters and already had some ideas on them way back but I hear there are changes in some and of course Forrest comments at the end of them. There also seems to be a couple of new ones altogether. So anything you can share would be nice,

        I’m starting to get a hangover here in the lounge from four shots of stagnant air.


        • Hello, Bur.

          I’m running around like crazy these days. I’m trying to get a family of 5 to Brazil in a few days. We’ve had the trip planned for a year and a half since the last trip…and tickets purchased for six months or so. But it seems the timing is good…sadly. My wife’s father has been in the hospital for most of the last month…so it will be good to see him…as he may soon be passing to The Other Side. We will be there for a couple of weeks.

          Yes. I got a copy of Forrest’s new book. I have only thumbed through it. :/ I think I’ll bring it to Brazil and try to digest it…along with Brazilian barbeque.

          I saw Douglas say there are clues in the new book…and Forrest didn’t give him any dirty looks…not even a sideways glance. 🙂 From my brief perusal I have seen several things already that grab my attension…

          …not the least of which is the number of chapters in the book. Forrest says there were originally 40 chapters in the book…but one chapter was about his writing style (i.e. about him?) so he pulled it in the final moments. Rather than replace that chapter he (the team?) just left the book with 39 chapters. Hmmm…

          I don’t know if I buy that story as told. Forrest says he doesn’t have to tell but 85% of the truth. 🙂

          So…I got to researching “39 chapters” and I found something that maybe others have found also…but I honestly haven’t seen it anywhere else.

          There’s an old Alfred Hitchcock movie from 1935 called, “The 39 Steps”. I found this synopsis on Google…

          While on vacation in London, Canadian Richard Hannay (Robert Donat) becomes embroiled in an international spy ring related to the mysterious “39 steps.” Then he meets agent Annabella Smith (Lucie Mannheim), who is soon killed in his apartment. He must elude the police, who are hunting him for murder, while he tries to stop Professor Jordan (Godfrey Tearle) from sending secrets out of the country. Hannay is assisted by Pamela (Madeleine Carroll), an unwilling accomplice who discovers the truth.
          Release date: August 1, 1935 (USA)
          Director: Alfred Hitchcock

          You can watch the entire movie here… (Thanks, YouTube!)

          Is it just a coincidence that there was a fellow at the book signing who wanted to make his Canadian-ishness clearly known to everyone?!!!

          I think not…meaning…I think there is a definite correlation between the Alfred Hitchcock movie and the lead actor…being a Canadian spy…and the Canadian gentleman at the book signing…who may or may not actually be from Canada. I think the jury is still out on that one.

          ALSO…not to be overlooked is Douglas Preston…at the book signing…making a strong statement that The Thrill of the Chase really should be made into a movie one day.

          Recalling that statement was a total shock to me when I found The 39 Steps movie and recalled that there was a “Canadian gentleman” at the book signing.

          Now I need to go watch the book signing video again.


          • JC,
            Thanks for checking in and giving me something to research. I don’t have any of Fenn’s books so I rely on others to feed info. I noticed the same things you did watching the book signing.

            Planning trips especially to South America it is always better and cheaper to do it 6 to 8 months in advance. My family is in Peru and my mother in law passed before we could get down there so make sure you get a early start if your father isn’t doing well.

            Okay now to reread your post and investigate.
            Thanks Bur


          • Hello, Bur.

            Thank you. My Wife and I have been quite stressed for the last month. It seems like all we could do for her Father was pray…so we’ve been doing a lot of that.

            God-willing…our prayers will continue to be answered and her father will continue to heal from the ailments that put him in the hospital. He’s now home as of 2 days ago. A hospital is no place to stay…if you want to make it out alive.

            Hopefully our prayers will be answered Greatly and her father will live many more years yet.

            It has really taken a toll on my wife…being so far away and not being able to be with her dad. You know how dads are with their daughters.

            It has been heartbreaking for me see my wife go through that.

            Of course…I want her to see her family as much as can…and as difficult as it is for me to afford it.

            It’s all worth it in the end…I reckon.


      • Hello JC1117,
        Glad to keep you entertained. I guess I will join you in the lounge for a while, a double cinnamon whiskey please. It’s going to be a long winter.


        • Hi Kedar’s Mom,
          I’m waiting on JC1117 too. You can pull up a chair at the bar with me and I’ll buy a round. (Of course I’m still putting everything on Bob’s tab.) I was hoping that others would start to showing up like Chris Yates, Woody, Wolf. Into, Deb, Zelda, Lucky, Mike, VG Boss, Lisa, Jake, and a few others to get this place rockin and talkin but they must all be out searchin. I think I can hang for awhile (until Bob’s credit runs dry) then maybe I’ll move to the “couch”.

          Kedar’s Mom- I know you have been on a few searches, so have I. If there anything I can help you with I will try to.
          You have any quarters for the jukebox , I’m ready to dance, wait not sure if I know how.
          Ok “A” Team where are you hiding? Kedar’s Mom wants to talk.



          • Bur its nice to meet you. Botg was very interesting both times. I took two different approaches to the location I was going to. The first time was an adventurous hike, the second time we took the short cut. Tbh, I have spent more time thinking of how it’s hidden and how can I go there again, than it ever took to figure out where I needed to go. Well, now i need the bartender.


          • Hey Bur – how the heck are you?

            I would love to add to Bob’s bar tab – so I will have an Irish Coffee please.

            Have been out and working on the chase. OH MY – you won’t believe what I found. I found how the TC will never burn. Well, most likely will never burn. Dang that FF is brilliant.

            Hi Kadar’s Mom, So glad to see you out and about – I too have a spot with two entries. One short and one long. Hope your not in my spot. LOL


          • Is this seat taken?
            I’ll have a quadruple Rabbit Hole on the rocks & hold everything that’s not alcohol.

            Sure to get a hangover. Thanks Bob & Bur.
            The chest is under a hangover & the blaze will tell you so if you drink enough of it.

            Hey, how u doin JC, Bur, KM, Lisa, Into?

            Few more drinks & I’ll be dancing with the stars.

            “A” is for Alpha


          • The lounge has comfortable chairs, good company and the drinks are flowing. Inthechaseto, maybe someday I can tell the whole story of my amazing adventures and the location where I think it waits.
            Jake..the rabbit holes are real, just don’t step in them.


          • Jake – I will take a Double Omega on the rocks on bob’s tab. And I can’t wait for you, Kedar’s mom, to meet bob and the rest of the A-team. Glad to see some of you gathering here. I especially want you to meet The Wolf, who should be showing up here at the Lounge from Canada anytime now.




          • I – da – ho
            My X said that way back LOL.
            I hope this is not what F meant by putting an X on a map.

            OK, shut me off. Almost time for a nap on the couch.

            I think I read a post or few by Wolf & the other crazy wolf.
            I like to read old posts & comments by veterans that have been involved since the beginning except for squeaker.


  29. Hi,

    I”m putting this out on all the TTOTC websites so other people don’t waste their time searching for something that has already been found. I have informed Mr Fenn that it has gone but received no response and have posted about it on Dal’s website but that was removed maybe he wanted to keep the partial clues I gave to himself I don’t know. So here is the complete solution, something I did not want to do but I guess its the only way to prove that the chest is no longer out there.

    ‘Kitchen Sink Rapids’ in Montana is warm water halts.
    On the road Buzeman-Norris next to the river is a Brown house, shed and green house.
    Up stream 1.5 miles on the left is a creek, take the left fork on the creek this takes you to the Blaze
    The Blaze is the face of an Owl 200m by 125m approximately ‘very old’. Its mainly on the Flying D Ranch part of Turner Enterprises, no access allowed. A small section is accessible, stand there and look down 250m there you will find a large pine tree and rock outcrop. Here there is a camp fire used for many years. Hidden below a thin layer of rock was the evidence of long use.

    25m down left of the pine tree was a part burnt piece of wood 12? long like a hand pointing out.
    30m to the right going out at a angle of 45 degrees are two stone alignments, of two white stones each.
    One is a park boundary the other is offset 30 degrees.
    On the boundary alignment a further 20m was a rope, 90 degrees right at a distance of about 7m is another piece of rope.
    90 degrees left at approximately 7m is another piece of burnt wood 15? long pointing too.
    The two piece of wood the offset stone alignment converge at a single point next to a small animal track at about 5000ft
    This is where the chest was I guess but no more. The total search area is less than 1000m sq which I searched several times.

    I was aware that some one may have beaten me to the chest early on as I found sound thing they left behind in a place no one would go unless they were searching for the chest.

    The ropes were not placed recently, the one that I left is next to a natural stone bench near a large pine tree which is 1m inside the park boundary.
    The wood was placed, one was lodge in between rocks, it broke when I tried to remove it. The other I moved about 0.5m an is now to the side of rock.

    The poem break down, last verse is a warning, the clues are in verses 2,3,4. Main point of the poem is “Tarry Scant”.

    Well that’s it now you know.



    • LOL, Bob. Ahhhhh…the ol’ problem/solution game.

      So THIS is the place for boys to be boys? I suppose it’s better late than never to learn such a thing.

      I swear I’m going to show up to the judgment bar one day and I’m going to be the only one who’s not laughing.

      Now I see the problem. I need to stay AWAY from The Judgement Bar completely…and just hang out here in The Nonjudgmental Lounge with YOU, Bob.

      Cheers! 🙂


        • You’ll do just fine, Bob. I really hope to see you there. I’m not 100% positive I’ll be able to make it. I sure hope I can.

          If I do go, I promise not to bring any custom, homade puzzle cubes. 🙂

          That was out of line and I must apologize…again. It’s hard being me. I have to apologize a LOT.

          If I can make it to Fennboree then I WILL bring the jello shots…a Utah original! After consuming about ten of the jello shots you’ll turn to me and say, “Hey, what’s in these things? They don’t seem to be working…and they’re not very FUN…if you know what I mean (wink wink)”

          I reply, “The secret ingredient is shredded carrots! Would you like some more?” 🙂

          Personally, I’m kinda looking forward to jello with shredded carrots instead of jello with crow feathers.


          • Well….let me rephrase that…since I’m not able to edit my posts. I rarely need to apologize for anything I’ve said since in reality I’m a fairly quiet guy.

            It’s quite easy to type things while being sheltered behind anonymity on a blog. Things are easily said/typed which might never be expressed otherwise. Alter-egos and multiple personalities can easily make their appearance.

            For example, I would never make a comment about a “Fubix Cube” in the physical presence of most people…but if I was out with a friend or two fishing on the river it might make for a good chuckle.

            Then again…I might be the only one laughing at my jokes. Nobody laughs at my jokes like I do.

            I’m funny that way. 🙂

            Just ask me.


  30. i was as close as anyone can be to hunch.
    like brothers.
    he had that Indiana Jones spirit for sure, sometimes a wee bit much.
    some say not a clue
    some say a bad idea
    I say he just tried too hard to please everyone, spread himself too thin and never really taken seriously.
    and what now? without hunch what do we have.
    a premonition? possibly.
    what to do with information presented.
    without hunch it goes straight to fact.
    so-long hunch.


  31. To reveal or not to reveal – that is the question.
    Have you ever really considered what you would do if you found the treasure? Sure many searchers including myself would want to tell the world, the ego inside wants to blurt out to the world that you were the one to solve this five year puzzle. Even Mr Fenn predicts the type of person to find it won’t be able to keep their mouth shut.

    However after that individual has their 15 minutes of fame is that the right decision? Even Dal has said he is not sure if he would reveal it or not.

    There are many other factors to consider. What if it is on private land and you signed a non-disclosure agreement with the owner prior to searching? You risk loosing the chest if you disclose. Maybe the owner of the land doesn’t want all attention and those that will flock to the area to see for themselves.

    One could maximize the value of the chest by making it public and promoting the find. But as Mr Fenn will attest there are negatives to being a public figure and not all of us are equipped to handle it.

    Maybe the finder wants to just keep it and not sell it. One thing I have observed: it is human nature to take away what others have earned. One will have to be ready to defend their find and that costs money. Court battles, surveillance and security. The chase has brought out its share of nut cases, and many have threatened Mr Fenn’s life and tried to break into his home. Can you afford that kind of protection? Can you handle threats to your life? All things to consider.

    Of course keeping it quiet seems unfair; do not the other searchers deserve to know the answer? Is that right to keep them in the blind, continuing to search for a treasure that is no longer out there?

    We all know one can’t claim they found the chest because everyone will demand proof so some say they will just send the bracelet to Mr Fenn. But that may mean he will reveal the location and that may still end up singling you out if you have not covered your tracks.

    I know I have gone back and forth on what I would do and I wondered if there was another way to reveal but not reveal, a compromise so to speak. One of the options I reserved was to not reveal to Mr. Fenn or anyone I found the treasure but tell everyone the solution but leave it for each searcher to decide. Surely if the correct solution was provided they would be able to figure it out – or would they? Just an adventure story which explains in detail the correct solution and lets the searchers decide for themselves. With out physical proof Mr. Fenn will not be able reveal whether it has been found either – maybe those who have been within 200 feet already have the chest and made it appear to Mr. Fenn in their email that they had no clue they were so close. Something to consider…


    • Hi Wolf –

      Interesting thoughts you have there……

      First, if one was to never reveal that they had found the treasure …. where is the fun in that? I would think you would just get bored sitting and looking at it. You might be able to sell some of the coins….without anyone knowing – but where is the accomplishment in that? I think the most value in the treasure would be to keep it in tact. You would also be passing up all kinds of deals to be made.

      I really don’t see a person – breaking into ones house to steal it…….. just tell everyone it is in a safety deposit box.

      I believe Mike had the very best suggestion – and that would be to place it in a hotel in Las Vegas.

      When I find the treasure – I will hire an agency and work with them to have certain hotels bid on it…….along with the story. Of course they would have to insure it and pay a nice monthly fee… with a guarantee. Can’t you just see Treasure Island saying – we’ve got to have that.

      This way you have instant money up front, a monthly income and have not sold the treasure.

      As far as letting the other searchers know it was found – that would be a priority that I would talk to Forrest about – as only he can make that announcement – and have it believed by everyone.
      And of course, I would return his bracelet to him.

      So, that’s my thinking on the matter and wonder what others would do.


      • What the finder should do with the chest is all very cool to think about. Somebody has to find it first…which is obviously NOT easy to do.

        I think whoever finds it should contact Forrest first. I really hope and pray he’s around for a long while yet. He said that he thought of everything…so that has to include what the finder should do.

        I read about Mike’s idea a while back. Didn’t some hotel casino rent a boxing punching bag for something like 20 grand a month? It was some crazy amount like that. That is amazing! Maybe the finder could even have a luxury suite included in their “deal” for as long as the hotel wants to pay for the publicity draw. I’m sure it would attract a lot of free media advertising. That is way too cool to even think about. As if finding Forrest Fenn’s Treasure wasn’t cool enough already. Seriously!

        But, frankly, I find it hard to think about …because I have to go back to working construction tomorrow …again …without knowing where the treasure is. If I did know I’d go get it. I’m sure we’re all in the same boat. That goes without saying.

        Anyway, my 2 cents is…which is about all the cents I possess…is for whoever finds it to contact Forrest. I think that’s the wisest thing to do.

        It would be really hard to argue against that…right?


  32. Merry Christmas, Everyone!

    The most powerful…and yet the most gentle and loving King ever born.

    Long Live THE King…and Happy Birthday to You, Sir!


      • merry christmas lucky dog and a-team!!!

        present for all here….the key is in the box and is not locked. the key is out of the box thinking. you dont need a key to get IN.
        just so happens im in the keys today. 7 Mile Grill. bottom fishing on the Sea Dog. i hope its not a marathon. i only got eight lights. seeing dolphins colts sunday. hope the baby horsies cant find the end.

        happy holidays all
        full of xmas cheer, bob


  33. Purely hypothetical question on a rainy day:

    If Forrest told you that he worked for an alphabet agency for many years, would that change how you feel about this treasure hunt?


  34. What a day… late planes no trains….switch back and forth trice….I can use a nice cold blue moon and a smoke not a toke… I live in the airport for the day.

    Many think I am crazy. I was horse crazy before.


    • Ok, i have posted a ton of information for all of you some of it is great stuff, I hope it can help someone to put together the find you ask why? I say because the answers i already know! and if it helps you great! I have my title so if one of you find the real title form it great!


    • The Wolf – Hey,…is Spot available to go out out to my spot with me? The bigger one,…near the end,…looks like it would be perfectly capable to handle a Grizz encounter (they seemed to endure those kicks pretty well, anyway). And it would be so nice to have Spot carry the 42lbs for me. The first one kind of walked like an Elk,…while the second one reminded me of the movements of a Buffalo. And if anyone encounters one of those Spots “in the wood”,…Forrest did say that bear spray works on all kinds of creatures,…in that video caption with the Elk attacking the photographer. 🙂


  35. After months of renovations, the Lounge is now open. Our specialty today is Shiley Temple (for those who don’t drink but want a good time). So post your funnies here!


  36. Hi everyone! Still out here, waiting until I can make a final trip West. I have trouble posting on here for some reason. Hope you are all doing fine.
    I have my beverage mixed and I’m ready for my Super Bowl pick. I got it right last year. Remember my quote? Defense wins Super Bowls! My brother lives in Seattle and I have to support him and his team, so Seahawks win again!
    It’s hard to bet against the Patriots with two weeks to prepare. I respect their coach and quarterback. It’s a blood thing! Go Hawks!


  37. Thanks for the nice comments IWGOLF –

    I can’t remember what scrapbook number it was that Forrest posted his touchdown football – but it was pretty cool along with the story.

    I don’t know yet who I am selecting for this weekend as my hubby took my dart board.

    Here is the football line-up for next weekend –

    Saturday 1/10

    4.35ET Ravens at Patriots

    8:15ET Panthers at Seahawks

    Sunday 1/11

    1:00ET Cowboys at Packers

    4:40ET Colts at Broncos

    Ya all play now – post your favorite name.


  38. 🙂 ,

    Scores so far:

    IWGOLF 2 -2
    ASTREE 1-1
    INTHECHASETWO 3-1 ******* LEADER****** Congrats -U R A PEARL
    VGBOSS ?-?

    Make your picks TTOTC,

    RAVENS C ODE Ancient Secret.
    C HAWKS in a plane fly like a bird Top Gun.
    COWBOYS rope that Buffalo.
    COLTS youth in kids as in horses, pony pictures.

    Those are my picks for round playoff #2

    TTOTC possibilities,
    New England Veteran Soldiers of War !!!
    Carolina cats traverse the Rocky terrain among the mountains, got milk ?????
    Green Bay don’t forget all those guided Yellowstone fishing trips Pack Light sandwich.
    Denver is a unbroken wild horse like Donnie’s bronco with only 1 stirrup,
    ..UU….UU… though Orange Crush soda was only a dime at a time.

    Welcome any picks from anyone NEW and OLD, who can challenge N CHASE 2 lead !
    Time gives a whole weeeek for this entry, Open to ALL. How about it “LIA” ??
    🙂 Golf C & C S

    N chase 2 🙂 , LEADER 🙂
    Thanks for your kind contributions, as i type this out my under wood.
    Can we hear another Yahoo, cost a nickel, from RV Champion round #1 !!
    What Wisdom Will your round # 2 picks be ? per chance another Cowboy victory ?
    Like Golf 4 rounds, 1 @ END to claim Crown / Tiara trophy peace.

    **E** :),
    Love that Photo U took, your Skills and the use Lighted Letters is *E*Xcellent **E**
    BROWNstones, a nice place for a sandwich lunch
    I am touched by *E* Greeting Kindness, but alas CIA no pay $$$$ for Kryptos work.
    Make your picks, as we all love the research photo video Knowledge of your Posts.

    VGBOSS 🙂 , impartial
    Thank you for Steel Curtain video,
    I recall that treasure chest flying thru the air photo of Colt # 1 2, Luck in the first two pass clues.

    ASTREE :),

    A favorite of your’s Texas “Hook’m”

    🙂 GC&CS 🙂


  39. 🙂 ,

    Playoff Picks: for 2015

    Cardinals – DO NOT TOUCH
    Ravens – C ODE
    Colts -Lightning Blaze
    Lions -ff fondness of exotic pets – UPSET special pick

    Based on ff TTOTC

    Cowboys -references also possible – favorite pick

    Hey Bartender,
    How about some old music ?

    OK, get U’r picks in before game time,
    How about NTHECHASE2, the football rv fanatic ?
    How about VGBOSS,
    What happened to your (U’r) Great Graphics !!
    & ALL the rest, LUCKYDOG & BOB & OTHERS



    Open for anyone, including the Canadian Wolf !!

    🙂 TGC&CS

    Mike, please remove duplicate first post please, the one awaiting moderation, sorry my error. Thanks


      • 🙂 Astree,

        Happy Holidays 🙂

        So your going with the Cardinals,
        Any thoughts on the other games for Picks?

        So U like 1st 2 Clues [12] = “Y” for Column 9 “KE” [14 13]

        BLACK & WHITE
        BLUE PRINT

        Well it is now going to be “COLD”,
        & “FIRE” Wood, may be required
        to secure that Golden Title.

        🙂 Match, Strike, Spark, Blaze, Fire, Light
        🙂 TGC&CS


    • IWGOLF –

      Thanks for your posting!

      Yahoo – football time again !

      Carrie Underwood – is tops. Oh and Underwood is a typewritter too – but not the one you should be looking for.

      Now as for the playoffs –

      I am picking the Ravens, Colts, Cowboys, and Cardinals.

      Love my Cowboys –


      • Inthechase, I hope your Cowboys pull off a win. I’m from Wyoming and since we don’t have a pro team I picked the Cowboys as my team, and some years the Broncos. But I’ve always thought the Seahawks had the best logo. I’m hitting the slopes a bit later today; enjoying family time. Best to your Boys!


      • Hello, E*. I don’t think a football stadium will help anyone solve Kryptos 4, but a baseball field…hmmm…

        Don’t ask me. I’ve never watched a single baseball game all the way through, and it’s a rare occasion when I’ll watch The Super Bowl from beginning to end. I’m weird like that. I’ve never been to a pro football game, and I’ve only been to 3 college games…including one bowl game in San Diego MANY moons ago. 🙂

        However, working construction I’m surrounded by guys who are very passionate about “their” teams. I say GREAT! If basking in reflected glory improves their self-esteems…then who am I to poop on the party?

        See? I told you I’m weird.


      • **E** 🙂 ,

        🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

        My other post didn’t give the proper Smile acknowledgement, so here is a couple Smiles 4U !

        🙂 Golf C & C S 🙂


  40. 🙂 ,

    Playoff Picks: for 2015

    Cardinals – DO NOT TOUCH
    Ravens – C ODE
    Colts -Lightning Blaze
    Lions -ff fondness of exotic pets – UPSET special pick

    Based on ff TTOTC

    Cowboys -references also possible – favorite pick

    Hey Bartender,
    How about some old music ?

    OK, get U’r picks in before game time,
    How about NTHECHASE2, the football rv fanatic ?
    How about VGBOSS,
    What happened to your (U’r) Great Graphics !!
    & ALL the rest, LUCKYDOG & BOB & OTHERS



    Open for anyone, including the Canadian Wolf !!

    🙂 TGC&CS


  41. World Hockey Juniors update – The battle for first place in the round robin Junior Hockey tournament in Montreal.

    Canada 2 – USA 0 midway through the second period

    Let the New Years celebration begin early!

    The Wolf


  42. Not much talk in the lounge these days. It used to be vibrant and full of spirited talk as we tossed back a few.

    I was wondering what part of the woods do all of you searchers reside? I live hours east of Toronto. I think E* lives near the Sawtooth Range in Idaho (just going from memory).

    Tis the season for celebration and relaxation. I just started my holidays and I have a party to attend to tonight, so time to warm up and get ready!

    Let us all gather around and raise our spirits in a toast.
    I propose a toast to all you hard working and dedicated treasure seekers out there. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and may your searching adventures in 2015 be enjoyable and successful as you live the thrill of the chase! And finally a toast to Forrest Fenn for bringing us all together with a common goal. Enjoy the outdoors, the mountains and especially your family and friends.


    The Wolf


    • The Wolf – I like my martini dirty,…with two Spanish olives,…shaken and not stirred,…and made with Blue Ice Vodka,…made from Idaho potatoes:

      Cheers and Happy Holidays! 🙂


    • This toast goes out to E* – the most comprehensive researcher in the chase! And there are a lot of good ones out there!

      Please raise your glasses – to E*


    • Where is Lynn D?

      Please stand up Lynn D and be recognized. I really appreciate what you did at the Vietnam War Memorial. A true patriot, a beautiful heart!

      Everyone please raise your glasses – a toast to Lynn D!


    • What a great toast, E*. I’ll drink to that. (Glass held high…with hat tip to all the searchers and Forrest – The Creator.) I’ll also second the Merry Christmas wishes to all!


    • Deb stand up and be recognized!

      Everyone gather around, raise you glasses to the true sprit of giving, The Thrill of The Chase’s Stalwart – the kind heart who donated her time and resources, made beautiful TTOTC bracelets and raised money so those who could not afford Forrest’s book – could have one.

      To Deb – Cheers!!!!


      • I would toast to Everyone to has dared to dream, pushed past their comfort zone, and expanded their horizons with the Chase. Every person who dreams, if they post or not. We all are family, even the black sheep. Much love to all!


      • Another worthy toast…to Deb! My wife absolutely LOVES her bracelet. You are very creative and have a keen eye for beauty. She will cherish her bracelet always.

        Thank you! Merry Christmas to you and all! 🙂


    • Everyone gather around and raise your glass to Pamela Shetron, the lady who stood by her conviction. The one who uncovered the “ever drawing” clue and who ran the gauntlet of criticism and yet stood by Forrest through it all. To Pam the warrior!


    • To a man with the biggest heart in the chase. He was so saddened by his 9 and 11 year old’s response to not finding the treasure that he had a real life treasure chest made of bronze (I am sure cost several thousand dollars) and filled it with his wife’s jewellery and dollar coins to place in the search area the next time his family returned!

      Everyone please raise your glasses to toast a seeker with a big heart – Jason!



  43. Everyone – And why have we all forgotten to hang out in The Lounge???

    I wanted to share my little miracle,…which happened yesterday. One of my favorite activities,…a few days after getting some great new snow,…is to go out hiking in it,…after the trails are packed down a bit. I drove to my easily accessible local spot,…walked a little ways,…then soon realized I would slip with every step,…as I went up and down the hills. My Salomon Snow Clogs,…which I had purchased from the local thrift store,…in new condition,…for only $12,…four years ago,…were completely worn through on the bottom! I returned to the car,…dejected. But then,…I drove right to that same thrift store,…and checked the shoe display,…where I found ANOTHER previously owned pair,…in my size,…with a few minor scuffs,…and what looked like no wear on the bottoms,…for ONLY $6. I was told by the local stores that they don’t make that shoe anymore,…that they hadn’t for a few years. To me,…THAT was a miracle!


  44. My gosh, I have not posted on here forever and I am completely out of the loop on the TTOTC. Any big developments? I hope everyone is doing well! CHC


  45. Hi all,
    It’s Friday and I just cracked the first cold one!
    I just wanted to let my friends on this great blog, know that I am still around and haven’t given up. I wish I had more time to participate.
    I also want to wish you all a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


  46. It seems like it’s about time for a “Lounge 2”. This page takes a long time to load…but seeing as how this is the place to share things that are “out of place” I better post this topic here.

    It took a little while for my wife and I to notice that our 7-year-old son is colorblind…but knowing that both of her brothers are colorblind…as well as numerous male cousins…it came as no surprise. However, within the last little while we’ve noticed that our almost 3-year-old daughter is also color-blind…which is not very common. It’s weird because neither my wife nor myself are color-blind.

    In their eyes, green and red are the same. Even deep red and black are the same…as well as all equivalent shades…like pink and gray. For example, my wife’s brother would ask my wife to tell him if the shirt he wanted to buy was, in fact, gray…because he didn’t want to wear a pink shirt. I wonder if I could even tell the difference between red, black and green tea. Probably not. 🙂

    I did a little research and found this…


  47. Have you ever wondered what to make of the contradiction between FF’s statements ”
    ‘All you need is the poem’ and ‘good research materials are the TTOTC and google earth and or a good map?

    I mean if all I need is the poem, then why is it that I need a map, GE and especially TTOTC. There are many who are ‘poem purists’ and many use the TTOTC like it is the Fenn Bible.

    My take on this dilemma is that the poem is all you need to solve the poem but one needs a map and or GE to make sense of the route to the trove. Where I think that the TTOTC comes in is after one uses the poem to solve the puzzle. There are subtle instances in the book that no one can make sense of if you read them or prioritize them over the poem. In fact one is more likely to find themselves being taken off track as the likelihood of picking all the red herrings over the correct hints is quite high.

    However, if one was too solve the poem first, then those very subtle hints in the book, will suddenly stick out like a sore thumb and will build the confidence necessary to walk to the trove with a smile on their face.

    So maybe those two statements do not contradict themselves after all.
    The Wolf


    • We will never know until the treasure is found.

      If you look at the way the book is written it may lead you places . Maybe the treasure has more to do with those places than we realize.

      I read a lot of mysteries, maybe that’s why I look to the book and others don’t. Sure the poem leads you to the treasure but how do you find the treasure without using his words to guide you? Why would I not take advantage of his words while he is still around to give them ? All the things he has been writing lately should also be considered. I don’t buy the theory he is out to trick us. He hid it well and is doing his best to help everyone when he posts. Thank you FORREST if you are reading this.


    • The Wolf – I totally agree with your fine assessment. I liked the “like a sore thumb” part the best. Walking to the trove with a smile on my face? Well,…that all depends on whether or not My Grizz is in a good mood… 🙂


  48. I saw this video for the first time today and after wiping away tears (from laughing so hard) I thought to myself, “Self, that’s kinda like you and Forrest Fenn! Just TRY to wash that chase out of your hair! HELP!!!!”

    LOL! 🙂

    But then there really IS that whole “Bridge on the River Kwai” thing goin’ on. i.e. MADNESS!!! …so it’s good to laugh now and then.


      • Hello, E*. I know, right? Was it really necessary to blow the bridge to smithereens? It depends who you ask, I suppose. It’s kind of hard to…TRAIN…for a situation like that. 🙂

        To be clear, some bridges should be blown to smithereens…if only to stop invaders from killing innocent people.


        • JC1117 – Yes,…invaders that kill innocent people,…but I don’t think the Grizz uses that make-shift log bridge to cross the creek, though. So no need to blow it up. 😉


  49. I will be on the History channels “Pawnography” on July 31. So watch and have a laugh at my expense. If I cant find ff gold maybe I can win some here?
    ps – Yes I am smarter than Chumlee!


    • mdc777 –

      That’s so very cool that you are going to be on that show. I watched it last night for the very first time. Please post a reminder for me – just before the date so I don’t forget to watch. Thanks!


  50. A friend shared this page on Facebook this morning. I found it interesting and thought I’d share it, too…but, being a skeptic, I don’t believe the storyline that a dynamic duo sneeks into a cllassroom and creates art overnight. Since all the chalkboards are the same…and easily disassembled and reassembled…it would be much easier to take as much time as necessary to finish each one…on the same chalkboard…and then just swap it out during the night. I may be wrong, but it seems to me that the storyline is embellished a bit. They obviously think people will be more intrigued by it. I could be wrong, but I’m not buying it.


    • I guess this might be a good place to post this since many of you bloggers are contributors over at Stephanie’s. I’m not registered there…for no real reason…but I do enjoy lurking there and everywhere whenever I can.

      I was just noticing last night that the main page is not updating the latest posts. It’s showing the last posts there…on the main page…as being on July 13th, but if I click on an individual topic it will show later posts. I noticed this because I like to find the latest posts and threads to read.

      Thank you to anyone who can address this over there…and Thank You Forrest Fenn. I just thought I’d throw that in there in case he stops by.


  51. E*:
    Astree – And the Lord sayeth, “GO TEAM E”,…which He foundeth,…by using the anagram “ETAME”,…which was “Right Out” for the likes of E*,…and the path “FORTH”,…”2ADVENTURE” (which is, of course, “no place for the meek” bunny).

    And the Lord did grin. And the people did feast upon the lambs, and sloths, and carp, and anchovies, and orangutans, and breakfast cereals, and fruit bats, and large chu…

    It’s going to be a Heck of a Chase Victory Party,…there in Ranger Reid’s Yellowstone Park,…don’t ya think?

    Note: I said “Heck” and not “Hell” in the presence of Our Lord.

    We are going to have a victory party in Yellowstone, even if its not in Yellowstone ? 🙂


    • Astree – Perhaps…..

      The collagen analysed was collected from a T. rex bone found in Montana. “What makes it possible is that it’s exceptionally well preserved,” says Asara. “You can’t walk into a museum and take a bone off a T. rex and get sequence data.”

      I hope you can get a good night’s rest,…there in your tent,…in Montana. 🙂


      • Astree – And since we are discussing Grizzes,…and that link mentions that a Mastodon bone was also used to do the collagen anaysis,…I thought I would mention that Grizzes tend to like open areas,…while Black Bears prefer the trees (but My Grizz likes to use the convenient tree lined trail to get to the camp for overnight raids). This environmental preference is not unlike how Mammoths preferred the plains areas and Mastodons preferred the Forest:

        Mammoths tended to live in wide open plains, as demonstrated by their very elephant-like molars, each of which looked like a bony cheese-grater and was built to grind up tough grasses. Conversely, the word “Mastodon” literally means “nipple tooth.” This is because the grooves in their chompers reminded some 18th Century paleontologists of human breasts. High-crowned teeth like this are better suited for mashing leaves and twigs, and, appropriately, Mastodon remains are usually found in forested environments.

        And I noted this detail,…mentioned in the following link,…which made me think of how you can tell if a Grizz is a Grizz,…from quite far away,…because of their flatter face and distinctive hump:

        While similar in size and stature, fossil evidence shows that mastodons were slightly smaller than mammoths, with shorter legs and lower, flatter heads. Both species stood between 7 and 14 feet (2 meters to 4 meters) tall, and were covered in long, shaggy hair that protected them from the harsh conditions of their respective environments.

        But mammoths also possessed fatty humps on their backs that provided them with the additional nutrients necessary in their more northerly, ice-covered habitats.


    • Why do I always have to make coffee? I’m WORKING on the treasure hunt!!!!

      A man and his wife were having an argument about who should brew the coffee each morning.

      The wife said, ‘You should do it because you get up first, and then we don’t have to wait as long to get our coffee.

      The husband said, ‘You are in charge of cooking around here and you should do it, because that is your job and I can just wait for my coffee.’

      Wife replies, ‘No, you should do it, and besides, it’s in the Bible that the man should do the coffee…’

      Husband replies, ‘I can’t believe that, show me.’

      So she fetched the Bible, and opened the New Testament and showed him at the top of several pages that it indeed says ‘HEBREWS’


    • If you “feel bad” about drinking beer in the morning there’s a “feel good” alternative to be found in Fisherman’s Coffee or Irish Coffee. If you’re going to be operating heavy machinery (around coworkers you dislike) you should probably stick to decaf…without the booze.

      Poor little chickens, anyways… 🙂


          • .
            SI…thanks much, E*. My distance visoon isnt always up to snuff.

            Just resd about yout search trip @ Tea with Olga. Sorry it didnt go as smoothly as possible, but created some memories, yeah? And you recovered quickly. Great to get out on the road like that..



          • Yeah, thanks, E*. I was having a really difficult time trying to locate the cover that Astree pointed to. (preposition) I have to admit that following Astree can be challenge much of the time.

            Now that I can see it, Astree, I assume you’re talking about the very red and black cover with Trout wearing an Angels hat and “too many men on the ice” mentioned in the upper right corner of the area. Of course, “BEYOND A SHADOW OF A TROUT” stands out in very BOLD lettering. I see that very clearly. Who could possibly miss THAT? A nods as good as a wink to a blind bat! 🙂


          • Astree – Yes,…thank you for your comment,…I was pretty depressed yesterday morning,…feeling more disappointed in myself than ever. I just wanted to crawl under a rock and die. Everything in me said THIS was the moment in time,…and ONLY this. I felt the same despondency late last night,…but a certain thrill, too. I think I was right there,…where they filmed the last scene of “A River Runs Through It”,…in the Red Rocks area,…just off Hwy 191,…as I drove along the Gallantin River. And I saw lots of other drainages I had been scoping out for more than a year. Everything was truly, surrealistically beautiful. And I will always treasure everything I saw yesterday. But there is one more beautiful and special place,…that I will someday go….

            p.s. It was also nice that the Idaho Highway Patrol just flashed their “I Got You” lights,…while they were going in the opposite direction,…while I was on the Mesa Falls Byway (probably going about 55mph in a 45mph zone). I was in such an exhausted state,…I didn’t know I was exceeding the speed limit. But I pray to Archangel Michael a lot,…so he probably had something to do with that (he is the Patron Saint of policemen). At least he didn’t have to spend all afternoon protecting me from My Grizz, right? 🙂


          • JC1117 – And as to your, “BEYOND A SHADOW OF A TROUT”, comment,…did I mention that I drove a ways,…just outside of town, here,…on the only cool, cloudy day this week,…to FINALLY read more of “The River Why”,…in my quiet car,…with the windows open,…on a bluff,…overlooking a beautiful river bottom? I read a few more chapters,…but the one I liked best was about Gus putting his little brother, Bill Bob,…to bed,…with a nightly ritual of Bill Bob telling Gus stories until Bill Bob fell asleep. In my mind,…that chapter,…when Bill Bob tells about his pre-birth memories of what our Shadows really are,…was revealing. It actually moved me to tears. I highly recommend this book (some of the reviews are in this link):



          • JC1117 ,

            Yes, A Challenge. But you caught the ref to 42 ?

            E even more memories…disappointment is part of the learning / game it seems…Rocky said it’s about getting back up.


          • Astree – Yes,…getting back up,…and then RUNNING TO THE TOP OF THE STAIRS,…and then onward,…to victory! I always liked that “Rocky” movie,…thank you! And it is truly amazing what a good night of sleep, a hot shower, a car wash, and the kindness of a detail crew can do,…to adjust one’s attitude. I tend to be obsessive about my car,…especially right now,…because I may be required to sell it.

            And I certainly got the “Strike Zone” and the “42” and the “A” and the “Red Black” references,…wink, wink,…nudge, nudge,…say no more. 😉


          • .
            And, then several hours later, wikipedia updated its main page, with the first entry

            Did you know…

            From Wikipedia’s new and recently improved content:

            … that the Trout Inn (pictured) in Lechlade was originally a 13th-century almshouse?



            E*, in reference to your “wink”, check this out, Forrest skip 3 ..

            I’ve done it tired and … N(ow) I(‘m) W(ea)K



          • Astree

            you are the first person ive seen put that together online. well done if i may say so

            this is the line i believe f was referring to when he said, It is fun to arrange words in such a way that you have to smile at the end of a sentence

            fenns hints, well, he never makes them that easy.he isnt going to tell us ‘wink’ is at the end of a line, because this is an important hint, we have to figure this stuff out for ourselves

            there is a very strong smile/wink connection in this puzzle and thats why the HL Mencken is mentioned in the book and he substitutes Smile for Wink

            so in this line , ‘and now im weak’, he hints at WINK as you pointed out, and in his hint he says SMILE at the end of the sentence. a hint substitution, but the connection is there if you can SEE it (or maybe sometimes you can’t see it because you had to close one eye because someones aim was a little off and splashed some milk in it)


          • .
            Thanks, Chris. I know that you are one of the few looking at these things, re: posts of yours like “STOUT HEARTED MEN”

            I was wondering why he didn’t arrange it something like … “ at the end of the sentence, you have “to smile” .. which opportunity for entendre he often takes.

            And, in the attached image, there’s a “LECHE (milk) IN “I”” ( = EACH LINE ) in the bottom right corner.

            I’m going to step off into the ether for a moment, and since this discussion is repeating TROUT, to make an even more tenuous connection, related to certain architecture.

            I’ve done it tired and NOW I’m WOrN

            The following is p. 30 from a puzzle called “Maranatha – Et in Arcadia Ego”. It is encoded in a simple substitution cypher called Pig Pen (although a Freemason cipher can also be used in places).
            TROUT – RT OUT.

            Skip THREE from the ETHER. At the start (upper left) SKIP 3rd letter, to get WINK ( analogous to the end of the Fenn line, when using the SKIP 3 ELS).

            a YATES message there too




          • Astree – When you said “TROUT – RT OUT”,…that made me think of this scene,…and that the letter E is the fifth letter of the alphabet (but Holy Hand Grenades only work for obliterating enemies like that terrible meek bunny,…and “Five is right out”,…certainly doesn’t apply to me, anymore):


            WINK 😉


          • Astree – And the Lord sayeth, “GO TEAM E”,…which He foundeth,…by using the anagram “ETAME”,…which was “Right Out” for the likes of E*,…and the path “FORTH”,…”2ADVENTURE” (which is, of course, “no place for the meek” bunny).

            And the Lord did grin. And the people did feast upon the lambs, and sloths, and carp, and anchovies, and orangutans, and breakfast cereals, and fruit bats, and large chu…

            It’s going to be a Heck of a Chase Victory Party,…there in Ranger Reid’s Yellowstone Park,…don’t ya think? 😉

            Note: I said “Heck” and not “Hell” in the presence of Our Lord.


          • That’s funny, E*. Just tonight I was driving the family home from a “night on the town”…i.e. eating burritos…when the six-year-old saw something out the window and said, “What the?” (short pause) to which the 2-year-old quickly blurted out, “HECK!”


            Where do they learn this stuff? I don’t think it’s from me because the 2-year-old would have blurted out, “FRICK!” …or the like…whether my wife likes it or not. 🙂


  52. Here We Go!!!

    It will be difficult for the USA Soccer Team to defeat Germany’s Soccer Team but it’s not impossible. GOAL GOAL GOAL GOAL GOAL GOAL GOAL GOAL GOAL!!!!


      • Hi E*,

        I love the comment that Ronaldo (of Brazil) made about Suarez.

        “Why do you want my opinion on Suárez?” he said in Portuguese. “I never bit anyone!”

        It’s awesome when video cameras can capture such disgraceful conduct, isn’t it? That bite will cost Suarez a whole lot more than $100,000 in the long run. Will the real Suarez please stand up? Oh! It looks like he already did. 🙂


        • I’ve always wanted to go to Brazil – especially Rio. Wonder if there are any cruises out of there – Yes, Mike – I’m getting closer. Also wondering why someone else, buried in the Chase went there.

          Isn’t Ronaldo smart too !!! 🙂 Oh my! Oh my!


          • inthechaseto – Yes,…as Deb said,…smart men,…like Christiano Ronaldo,…are perfectly capable of locating and retrieving Forrest Fenn’s treasure,…without having to debase or objectify themselves,…with any women like us,…to do so. I certainly would never disrespect him,…if he were to agree to be my partner,…on “The Chase”! Ojalá que Si! 🙂


        • Hi Inthechaseto,

          I went to Rio…once. What a memorable trip that was!!! I’ll remember it for the rest of my life. Now if only I could get back there…someday. I almost feel like I left something there. You have to be “wise”…in Rio, though. You know the old song “I left my heart in San Francisco”? Yeah, well…a lot of people wind up leaving their wallets in Rio…and not by their own choosing. There are a lot of “distractions” in Rio. I recommend a man keep his wallet in his front pocket.

          I thought my wallet was stolen in Rio once. It took almost a week to realize I’d just misplaced it. Lucky me. Of course, I still had to go all the way back to where I accidentally misplaced it…which was not easy. Some very kind people called to tell me they found my wallet. There are good people all over the world, you know?

          I should learn to be more attentive. My wallet is now on a chain…so I MIGHT be a redneck. 🙂


    • It’s Friday! I’ll take a drink….. I mean I’ll have another drink, please.
      Thanks! TGIF
      Happy Summer Solstice everyone! 🙂


      • Hello E*,

        A Mechanical Bison riding contest sounds great! You’ll have to let me know if somebody finds the chest while I’m away. Then, at least, I can come to the Chase Victory Party! That would be so awesome. I hope it happens within the next 20 years so Forrest can be there in person…instead of just taxidermied and standing in the corner. If that’s the case, I might not go to the party. Awkward! 🙂

        Sorry, I’ve been really busy today packing for another out-of-town business trip. I leave in the morning. If my presentation goes smoothly I should be able to head back home quicker on this trip. I already made contact with the board of directors this go ’round, so I feel a bit better this time. What shall be, shall be…they tell me.

        T Minus Nine…


        • JC1117 – Go with confidence today! I am sure you’ll do great with your presentation. And when you said “within the next 20 years”,…I thought of that cartoon,…on the Old Santa Fe Trading Company Resource Page,…showing the skeleton sitting in front of the computer,…107 years later (scroll to the bottom):

          Then I thought of mummification,…as being the best and most appropriate way,…to preserve Forrest’s remains,…considering his interest in archaeology,…and then maybe he could join us for the Chase Victory Party?:


          • Thanks, E*. Thank you very much!

            Just when you think the mummy is only dust…that’s gone with the wind…or under the rug…IT RETURNS! I hate when that happens. 🙂

            Wow. Long day. I better get some rest for my presentation tomorrow. I’ll need a quick mind so I don’t turn all the board members into totally, bored members. I’ll need them all to listen good.


    • I think I used to watch that. lol Cant remember the name of it but it was during the years when that Grizzly Adams program was around. 🙂


  53. Today is a good day. No cancer in my biopsy. Yay! Didnt know how I would be of use to my daughter if I had cancer.

    Megs surgery has been scheduled for July 7th. The surgical oncologist will be teaching the general surgeon his procedure to save legs. So relieved to hear that. 🙂 So not only will my daughter have a better chance but so will other people. The oncologist specializes in preserving and restoring legs.

    So life moves on, as it should. 🙂 Its a good day! 🙂


  54. Hi folks, I have a 4 question survey where you can voice your opinion on who, where and when the trove will be found that I need to finish up before I can publish the results. I need 50 more responses and then I can let everyone see the results. I would appreciate it if you can take 10 seconds to complete the survey. Thank you


  55. deb: What if the solve combines many different parts of many different pictur

    Well. FF told us all you need is the Poem. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Yeah, I have the book, but I don’t (never) add anything to the poem.



  56. Has anyone ever considered the fact that the chest is not actually “in the mountains”? I have a solve that is so perfect, the chest has to be there. However, it is not technically in the mountains.

    By the way – Astree would be very impressed with the location. It is so simple and there is nothing else that fits (NM, CO, WY, MT). Might as well put a sticky-note on the map.


    • That’s the kind of thinking that Forrest expects of all of us. I’ve had an idea all along that the treasure is not in the mountains at all! It’s in a lake…and not just any lake.

      Furthermore, there’s a chance that not only will a very lucky person stumble upon the treasure there, but The Lady of the Lake might just appear and hand that person Excaliber! You don’t believe me? Stranger things have happened, my friend. …Now where did I leave my bowl of Cocoa Puffs?

      And once that person has Excaliber in their possession just think how much BETTER that person will feel about himself or herself…like in a class of their own.


      • Uhh guess I better not reveal my solve to you then.
        There are some archaic word definitions that may suggest that things are not as they appear. Does that make me crazy?

        Maybe it does! Or maybe it makes me someone who thinks differently than most?

        My solve is anything but average. If I told you the trail I have followed, you would not believe it.
        What if the solve combines many different parts of many different pictures that are interwoven to form a bigger picture based on many of the things that Forrest has valued and cherished in his life?
        Would you even give that thought a chance? What if thats where the imagination comes in? The ability to see a pattern and tie it to a physical place? 🙂

        Maybe I am crazy! LOL


        • Mmmm…Cocoa Puffs. And all that cocoa is good for the Yang. Just ask Moctezuma

          …which is somewhat fitting on this Cinco De Mayo…except the Spanish Conquistadores were the captors instead of the French.

          The soundtrack to the Excalibur video above is from another favorite band of mine, Juno Reactor. You can look up another song of theirs, “Pistolero”. Which is also fitting today…and when on The Chase…and being chaste…I mean chased.

          The choir lyrics from “Navras” which are in Sanskrit and are translated here:

          Talk about cuckoo. It’s all fun and games…until someone loses their third eye. 🙂


          • JC1117 – I always eat my Cocoa Puffs,…with that chocolaty milk,…out of a golden cup,…doesn’t everyone? And where was Fox Mulder,…to say, “Trust no one”,…when Cortez arrived on the scene?

            And I didn’t realize that the “Navras” music was from the sound track of, “The Matrix Reloaded”,…which is a video I must now post:


            In order to illustrate this point;

            The Oracle: What about the others?
            The Architect: …What others?
            The Oracle: The ones that want out.
            The Architect: Obviously they will be freed.
            The Oracle: I have your word?
            The Architect: What do you think I am? Human?

            I don’t think any of us are going to be allowed to leave “The Chase”. 🙂


      • I noticed that the choices weren’t “all inclusive” as well. I left a few of the questions blank because I didn’t totally agree with any of the choices given. Therefore, not a super high score. I guess I’m not a very deep thinker. Whew! That’s a relief. That takes a heavy load off MY mind. LOL!


  57. Beets are very good for your liver. I contracted hep A from one of my kids, ended up on a transplant list before my liver woke back up.( Thank you public schools for protecting the privacy of the other student who came to school sick.)

    Beets took away the pain very quickly. So if you know anyone with a liver problem you may want to suggest beets to them.
    I like them baked. 🙂


  58. E*:
    Astree – OK,…per your request,…I will now divulge my secret treasure,…THE restaurant,…with this photo hint:!/photo.php?fbid=452196081466825&set=a.452195758133524.105672.452185234801243&ammp;theater

    I LOVE pizza from a wood fired oven. You have excellent taste! My wife’s uncle and aunt have a large coffee farm in Caconde, Brazil. They cook pizza “old school” style in Brazil. I love it.


    • Pizza Na Rosa basically translates to Pizza in the Country…which sounds better than Pizza on the Farm.

      They have a different interpretation of pizza in Brazil. You’ll see the first pizza has broccoli and bacon on it. The second looks like a really good pepperoni. And the third looks like something I wouldn’t want to eat. 🙂

      I’m sure THE restaurant must totally rock.


      • JC1117 – I had that, “I’ll have what she’s having”, experience,… the other night,…at THE restaurant,…when the customer next to me,…sitting at the bar,…saw that I had ordered that night’s Special Pizza: Roasted Beets, Guanciale (like jowl bacon), Goat Cheese, and Carmelized Onions. That is probably my favorite. They also offer fresh arugula,…to enjoy on top of any pizza ordered. There are a lot of Italian immigrants,…who relocated to South American countries,…like Brazil,…so I am not surprised,…that they know how to make pizza (See: the eruption of Vesuvius,…near Naples):


        • They go crazy for arugula in Brazil. And THE restaurant sounds REALLY delicious…and the Special Pizza sounds good, too…except for the roasted beets, imo. I’d have to replace those with some roasted artichoke hearts or something.


          • JC1117 – May I recommend a substitution of broccolini or brussels sprouts? They are both offered,…as popular side dishes,…at THE restaurant (the brussels sprouts are prepared with bacon,…then topped with goat cheese).


          • Very good suggestions, E*. I’m a huge fan of broccoli and broccolini and brussels sprouts especially with cheese and bacon. I eat most anything including beet tops, but I’ve never grown to like beets for some reason.


  59. azuredeb:
    Thats very cool. A piece of history.
    Btw,my grandson is named after him. I tried to get them to name him Lincoln, but they went with Abraham.Now you know the kids will call him Ham! lol

    If they call him Ham just tell him to respond that he’s related to Sir Francis Bacon. Voila! Instant Respect! Everyone loves Bacon. (Ham…Bacon. See what I did there?)

    And speaking of Abraham…and folks who can’t eat ham OR bacon.

    God said to Abraham, “But for me, you would not be here.”
    “I know that, Lord,” Abraham answered, “but were I not here, there would be no one to think about you.”
    – Traditional Jewish Tale


  60. I wonder E* do you live in Las Vegas by chance all the references to “THE” everything? I always loved how they put all those little stickers on everything including” The T.P.”.

    If thats the case, I would advise going outside for some fresh air. I hear all that 2nd hand smoke is THE worst.

    Yep, not my choice that the adult kids made that choice. Now she is paying for it. Thanks for the laughs. I needed that.


      • I think that of those people were interviewed by Linda Moulton Howe and broadcast on Coast to Coast AM. I love listening to that show when I have time. I used to listen a lot many years ago. I haven’t listened for about 5 years or so. I haven’t even listened to Art Bell since he came back from Manila.
        There are many “out there” subjects that I really enjoy…like Squawsnatch, for example…or Sasquatch…I forget. Does it really exist? And is it as hairy as those who have seen it claim that it is? Inquiring minds want to know. 🙂


        • JC1117:

          I think that of those people

          There are many “out there” subjects that I really enjoy…like Squawsnatch, for example…or Sasquatch…I forget.Does it really exist?And is it as hairy as those who have seen it claim that it is?

          Yes, there are other names too, like AbdominalSnowman.

          As far as UFO’s, I think that there’s quite a bit of confused / wishful / fearful thinking going on.

          The conspiracy angle says that it’s government cover-up for military aircraft, and maybe that makes some sense, but is it really fooling the intended audience ? ( the intelligence agencies of the enemy ). I try to keep an open, but critical, mind on the subject.


          and hoping that Forrest isn’t using this trick.



          • Astree – I loved that “Spy Vs. Spy” cartoon video,…and when you said “trick”,…it made me me think of Magicians’ terms,…especially this one:


            Misdirection is the process of making an audience look elsewhere while you perform a secret move. Misdirection can come in many forms. Perhaps best known is an action, object or event that draws spectators’ attention away from something that the magician doesn’t want spectators to see.


      • JC1117 – I think I saw that “Unsolved Mysteries” episode years ago,…that is one of my favorite shows. Did you see this one?:

        I really like this show, too,…and they covered the same topic recently:

        And what did you mean,…about those triangles,…being “highly strange”? ???????! ?


        • Hello E*,

          If you’ll go to that link I posted and scroll down a little to “AERIAL TRIANGLES OF HIGH STRANGENESS” and read a bit I think you’ll see what I mean…especially the second and third paragraphs.

          What I gleaned from it is there are certainly flying objects that are not from around here…and unidentified. You know what I mean? Isn’t life strange? I’d like to ask that guy what he thinks that weird craft was doing. Highly strange, indeed.


        • That’s fascinating history about Abraham Lincoln. I know a lady who inherited a really big 34 star American flag from her father. It’s about 8 feet by 12 feet. The 34th star was sewn on later. There’s also a large eagle painted on the flag in solid black. Some people think the black eagle was painted there to mourn Abraham Lincoln’s assassination. I wonder if Forrest would care to see it. I haven’t even seen it. She described it to me over the phone just a few days ago.


  61. Well, I have reduced my 100% solve to – 85% – after finding more clues. I have to relax for awhile and regroup.

    So, I am going to watch the CMA Awards tonight and hope George Strait wins Entertainer of the Year. Come on George – WIN.

    PS – I wonder if he jumps that horse of his?


  62. My wife posted this:

    Which reminded me of this:

    No Man Is An Island

    No man is an island,
    Entire of itself,
    Every man is a piece of the continent,
    A part of the main.
    If a clod be washed away by the sea,
    Europe is the less.
    As well as if a promontory were.
    As well as if a manor of thy friend’s
    Or of thine own were:
    Any man’s death diminishes me,
    Because I am involved in mankind,
    And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls;
    It tolls for thee.

    John Donne


    • JC1117 ,
      This is probably one of my favorite poems , ever since I read Hemingway’s “For Whom The Bell Tolls ” . I lived in England for 19 years , and read a lot of John Donne’s love poetry .
      Thanks for posting this poem .



    • JC1117:

      No Man Is An Island

      No, man is an island ?

      which seems to be addressed by another:

      What is this thing called, Love ?


      I think Forrest is extremely crafty in his phrasing, and interpretation – commas, captial letters, periods and all the rest.

      Great ending to the Brazil video. What caught me the most in it, was that he was focusing his mind, writing, even amidst his condition.



  63. E*:
    Geydelkon – I loved that movie,…and Sean Connery in it,…but no,…I have not seen it discussed on Dal’s blog or this one. If you liked that submarine movie,…you may also want to rent this one:

    Here is a quote from the movie:
    You’re blaming yourself, Captain.
    It was an accident.
    You’ll feel better
    when we put in.
    Put in?
    Well, to base, Captain.


    • All this talk about “Put in”? Whatever you do, DON’T do a search for “Putin’s flexible girlfriend”. It really makes me question why the most powerful man in the world would bother telling Putin he could be “more flexible” during his second term. What was that all about? Do they think they’re playing a game? Talk about a wolf in sheep’s clothing…except both of those wolves have launch codes.

      I also must apologize…again…because the dialogue above…with the Captain…reminded me of this.

      “How long is it”, you ask? ….it’s only about 3 minutes.


  64. How time flies by….today marks my one year on the chase. Got a phone call from my mom and she told me about it. I started looking at the so called running man and f carved into the trees. I don’t see it. I see something else. Have a great day.


  65. Bartender! Drinks for everyone, make mine buttermilk! LOL

    Yes I said buttermilk, no excuses its Forrests favorite. Mine too by the way. 🙂 Drank lots of it with my grandparents who were from Texas.

    I am celebrating that my daughters tests show no signs of cancer! Woohoo! There is nothing worse than feeling there is nothing you can do to help someone you love.

    Have a drink everyone, and enjoy the day! 🙂


  66. Happy Birthday to all.

    Deb, the bracelets are great.

    VG, come on, post your search story. You have put a lot of time into it, and we are all looking forward to it. Please don’t let us down.

    Still around, just too busy,


  67. Yesterday I was ready to give up. The online abuse got to me. Today, Im ready to kick some butt and give as good as I get. 🙂
    Part of that was stress, the rest just anger . Heaven knows I know better than to give in to that weakness. It solves nothing . I learned that long ago. 🙂

    I finished the bracelets if anyone wants one please Email me at :

    I will try and get some pics up at my wordpress blog so you have an idea of what they look like. Then you can tell me what you think its worth.

    I got the idea when. Dal emailed me asking if I could meet someone in my town who had cancer and couldnt afford his own
    book. The problem was I have written all through my book. So I
    contacted Stephanie and she handled him getting the book.
    She has purchased books for others, I have also. I just thought if I could do this with your help we could make a difference for others.
    I did ask Forrests permission before I did this. If I cant sell them I will just donate them to him to hand out to searchers.

    Email me if interested.


    • Hey deb ,
      Please don’t give up . You are one of the people who I find most interesting on the blogs , and often you are the main voice of reason .
      So hang in there please . You would probably miss us if you left .


      • Thank you. I thought about the poem, the book and what it could be represented as.There is room on each one to add more charms or beads. I wanted them to represent the chase.

        People can talk to me about what is fair, I am flexible . 🙂


  68. vgboss:
    Ego? Me, vgboss?
    Take that back inthechaseto or else I won’t be nice in posting my search story and I will just go in peace. Now I see why the majority elect to remain lurkers.

    What in the heck is wrong with a big ego? It helps you continue – it helps push you along. If you can’t see the forest for the trees – so be it. I guess I’ll have to spell it out.
    I think you are great – in your contributions to this website – but as a treasure hunter – how do I know? We will figure that out in the end. 🙂


    • Hi inthechaseto,
      I’m o.k. with the comments , because I know who I am , and am comfortable with myself . You haven’t offended me.

      It’s snowing in North Georgia people . Nothing serious , but snowflakes all the same . Maybe I will have a white birthday tomorrow ( 71 years young ) . Now don’t everyone rush out to buy me pressies . lol

      I have attached a pic of me catching “40” winks , on one of my trips to search for the “Fenn” treasure . Here is a little about me . I live in North Georgia . I am married , and have three daughters , nine grandchildren , and two great grandchildren . My health has now reached the point that I probably won’t do much if any more physical searches . Too many things wrong to mention , but especially heart and lung problems and the altitude of the ” Rockies” don’t play well together . lol

      Wishing everyone the best of luck and good fortune as you continue in your quest for the “Fenn” treasure .