Poem 2:3

Not far, but too far to walk.

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      • Mike, et al, perhaps Forrest meant “yell,”OW”

        Satellite photo is just down the road from quake lake on the big bend of the Madison River.

        NOTE the “OW” image with fish hook across from Madison Rivers topo image of outline of India or Africa.

        IMO these are the type of images a pilot references and what folks should be paying attention to. Btw – I’ve mapped this area over ffs poem nicely – but more convinced it’s One place where the treasure “lies/fibs” and it more likely sits in New Mexico not far from Forrest’s current home.

        Since my four years of searching her over, perhaps this perspective will help others .



  1. nOt far but tOO far tO walk

    Look at a train from the side
    Kind of a stretch but the wheel arrangement for trains are categorized by the Whyte notation system one such is the 2-4-2 arrangement , seems to run in line with Dr Peppers 10-2-4


    • But where in the Rockies do such trains run? Most are 2-8-2 (Mikado). Good thought though. Another thought: why does Fenn spell “Navajo” wrong? He spells it with an “HO”. You know he knows better.


      • My thought wasn’t that exact wheel arrangement just a hint to look into trains, maybe narrow gauge 36″ the same as Olga’s bathtub , I like your HO thought , I used to have a Lionel 2 4 2 HO scale train.


    • Thanks for that link to Stephanie’s blog JC, interesting discussion over there. That Jason person is hilarious! (Of course we all know he secretly loves mdavis) such passion in his words! Kind of distracts from the subject at foot doesn’t it?


    • Astree – When I researched Mary Ann Slipper (M.A.S.),…I came up with the Star of David,…which is the intersection of a vertical and a horizontal triangle,…forming a hexagram. It is also said to be a symbol of the male/female,…and another representation of the Yin/Yang symbol.


  2. Musstag:
    Bur … I will probably never figure that out, is that relation to the poem very important ? I would like to get a map of the chase area that has some of what seems to be old historical info on that map.

    Musstag, it relates to the common thread, but understand some words and areas are in Spanish. Then you have to understand why Forrest chose this map and it’s not in the search area to say. Bur inthechaseto that’s nice place to see maps thanks.


  3. Awhile back, I was looking down in southern New Mexico, but I can’t remember why and what pointed me south from what I was reading out of the book. I was born and raised in Tularosa. When ff had his book signing last fall, we jumped down to Alamogordo to visit family. As I was growing up, I have been pretty much on every desert trail in the area. That’s what I enjoyed doing trail blazing in my 76 Ford F100 4×4. Anyway, there is so much history down there. Lots of lost treasures in southern New Mexico. So if anyone has any questions about the area write me at geydelkon at wildstones dot com. Thanks for getting back on the trail.


  4. .

    astree: understanding his playful use of the ” butt fart ” from his poem, Home of Brown, and the “a**-ociated” from this clue

    not far but TOOF ART o WALK
    not far BUTT oo FART o walk

    “put in below the home of B-ROW-N”

    N= 14th row of the poem

    Put in below the row “Look quickly down” and look for the “B” ( ROW-N)

    “But” tarry scant with marvel gaze


    • 🙂 Astree,

      More Headhunting fun is reverse…

      K law otra foot tub raft on…

      Notice foot in step up from line 8 “OF” & line 7 “TO”

      B row N = “F”…… blaise table

      🙂 MSSBFL


          • .
            One of the first things I notice, in addition to the “Fort Fillmore / ff ” pattern, is that it is near the “crosses” (X’s ?) … las Cruces.


          • The other thing about the map is that the stamp on it – resembles the stamp on the book “The Secret”.


        • ,

          I see the “Fort Fillmore” under the “ff” seal (Southern NM), but also Sacramento River, etc. I can’t place in NM.

          I think he is having a bit of hidden code fun with the map, or some other reasons, would be interesting to explore.



          • astree, I found that river, on another map its somewhat near Alamogordo Nm. BUT it is an interesting area, and I like the Longitude numbers of that area, just need a more northern Latitude, unless we are to apply the mirror or reverse theory to “NORTH of Santa Fe”. LOL

            THAT MAP is interesting, wonder where it came from, it has stuff thats not on most other maps, maybe that the ‘brand’ of map that is need for the chase…


          • .
            Thanks musstang. It is a very interesting looking map. Wish I had more time to study it, for its own sake.


          • Hey Astree & Musstag, look at this, Alamogora 105.9605*W and Santa Fe 105.9644*W pretty darn close. The number at the bottom of the map is a course number at a university, get this–#4569 United States Architecture. Wasn’t the poem written like a architect designed it??? But the map does have a hidden meaning that relates to the poem you have to look in the right place. Bur


  5. Okay this line reminds me of the riddle…..why do birds fly south for the winter? You got it – because it’s “to far to walk”. So maybe Forrest had this riddle in mind or maybe not. (South as the bird flies)


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