Stanza 3

From there it’s no place for the meek,
The end is ever drawing nigh;
There’ll be no paddle up your creek,
Just heavy loads and water high.

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  1. Jake- im answering your question over here on stanza three because i think you must read the entire stanza in order to understand heavy loads and water high.
    stanza three follows the last line of stanza two which instructs to put in below the home of brown. and, precedes the final instructions of stanza four…find the blaze and take the chest.
    so, i believe all of stanza three describes the journey, the place you are at from home of brown to the blaze. so we get no place for the meek (its scary), end drawing nigh (its close), no paddle up creek (its shallow), and heavy loads water high (its rugged).
    and that describes the Draper museum perfectly from home of brown to the blaze.
    it also works for those of you tromping around in the woods. where ever you may be.
    i think.
    next question Jake.


      • Tom- happy new year to you too!
        hey i went to the dolphins game in Miami new years eve. they lost to Buffalo. but thats ok i just enjoy goin to the game in Miami. it was 70 degrees that day what fun. i always get my tickets from scalpers and this time i found lower level for 60$ wow! the face value was 170$, had a great time. thats the first time i have sat lower level. its the best. the game ended at 8:30 pm so the bus didnt get back to home base until 12:30am. we celebrated midnite on the bus and watched fireworks while travelling I-95 north.
        im picking the Dolphins over the Browns in the stupid bowl final score of 3-2.


    • Thanks for the LOL bob.
      I will wait to you see reality at Draper this summer.
      Everyone should keep it simple unlike 80% of all including you.


  2. Stanza 3 is all about guilt, taking responsibility for your actions and dealing with the aftermath. Maybe the individual in the poem should wear a scarlet “T” on their forhead as a target for all the cody bulls*** that has been coming their way. Give the ring back, do the test with the imposter, share the results and move on. Ed’s son has a special mission. God is forgiving and if you asked for forgiveness and have confessed your sins and you believe in Jesus it should be a done deal. Why should anyone person be tortured in this way? Murder, adultery, addiction and suicide happen every day. These people need prayer and encouragement to help them, not misdirected nonsense that is ever so hurtful. The things going on for the people in tight focus is not a joke and you all (E* and Bob especially) know what I am talking about. Deny it if you wish, but in the end the Truth will be there.


      • Uriel – For your future “Uriel” blog:

        Uriel is known as the angel of wisdom. He shines the light of God’s truth into the darkness of confusion. People sometimes ask for Uriel’s help to: seek God’s will before making decisions, come up with fresh creative ideas, learn new information, solve problems, resolve conflicts, let go of destructive emotions such as anxiety and anger that can prevent them from discerning wisdom, and recognize dangerous situations so they can try to avoid them.


        • Thank you E*, I have always enjoyed your insight and contributions to the blogs. Just let me know when we wii be seeing your sins displayed to the world with a spotlight on you, and we will give everyone a magnifying glass for good measure! Have a blessed life


      • I accept! Maybe you could get a picture of me and the Imposter I married with a scarlet “T” on my head ! Yipeee! We could show the results of the test, some of that treasure in my hand and of course the ring! Two lovers contributed to it ya know. Meow.


          • Nope, not the right one E*. Mine’s much more handsome. We need some black kitty action. I probably would look more like the wicked witch of the west playing monopoly with my flying monkeys- according to unknown sources anyway.


          • Did I say flying monkeys? ha, ha, I meant playing with Forrest’s ball of string! Since I don’t have much time left on this earth, I am going to end the banter now and enjoy whatI precious moments remain- Enjoy the play of the chase people


    • Uriel- Bob especially here, no I don’t know what you are talking about. I’m going to change the subject back to the thrill of the chase, the purpose of this blog. On my trip to Colorado last week I found this piece of weathered leather. It was stitched along the edges but the threads have dissolved long ago. The tiny holes for thread are still there. Also there are larger holes for rivets. Two rivets remain intact. It appears they were placed by hand, not a machine as the swedge marks are irregular. One of the rivets has a small raised triangle on the head. The other rivet is smooth. Both have a greenish corrosion indicating copper content. I have researched the rivet with no results. Anybody recognize it? It may have been part of a horse bridle, the nose strap. Or maybe a harness of some sort.


  3. Marion- thank you. I’ve described the journey thus far as put in below the home of brown as the mud palace former residence of Dennis hopper. Our friend Marion obviously agrees, wholeheartedly. I believe stanza three continues the journey, leaving Taos. No place for the meek is Carson national forest. Ever drawing nigh is a left turn now heading east. No paddle up creek is Taos creek as it is dry most of the time and very rugged. Kit Carson road as it leaves Taos twists and turns with speeds averaging 35 mph all the way up the mountain. Indeed there are heavy loads and water high on the mountain tops, not in the creek. After reaching the summit, again twists and sharp turns coming back down. On the way to Angel Fire.

    Marion….if you will….


  4. the best time to read the poem is right after your poop slides out and then right after you wipe read it again then reach down and stick your hand in it and move it around as you read it even once more; you will be surprized when you pull your hand out and smell it; HOW your thoughts about the poem will become more clear. THANKYOU, no applause is nescarry.


      • I agree, Deb. Hey, Marion, what the crap? No pun intended. I’m sure Forrest wouldn’t be happy to read some of the disrespectful comments you’ve made recently. On the flip-side, I know Forrest wouldn’t say anything or tell you to stop. I’d bet money that Forrest likes to go out in public and watch people…and it’s a “good day” when someone like Marion is around. 🙂 I know I feel much better about myself after a good people-watching session.


    • DEB – I think Marion is just trying to impress us,…and he seems to be the ultimate authority on all things “home of Brown”. 😉

      Or perhaps he is just expressing his frustration with his inability to connect to his own email,…because of recent account/password issues?


  5. Something I just posted at Dal’s, and thought to post here as well.

    Couple of days ago I had this image crossing my mind:

    Somebody, when entering a body of water that is chest high, would carry his/her gear lifted above their heads.
    i.e. “heavy loads and water high”

    Why do that? because there is no canoe/boat and therefore no paddle either.
    i.e. “there will be no paddle up yout creek”

    To summarize, one possible interpretation of this stanza is that we have to go up a creek where portage is not possible, and then we have get in a body of water (our creek or maybe a lake), either to cross it or to look for the blaze.

    (of course I wouldn’t describe” a flashlight and a sandwich” as heavy loads) 🙂


  6. Astree – On Colorado,…and Cold Ore,…and Silver Mining:

    Lots of old mining towns and history throughout the search areas.
    Many of those old towns are now privately owned.


    • .
      Thanks, deb. I had been looking at quite a few, including the “coaled” mines ( as coal is in the wood ). Separately, this morning, I am exploring places to find gold in the Washington DC area – some of the older maps include old, closed mines.

      ( also, thought the “YOUR” used by Forrest, vs “MINE” was an interesting contrast )


  7. astree:

    ( Constantine’s “in hoc signo vin-CES” on a blaze )

    Here I see some water high

    I believe this illustrates just a part of Forrest’s genius, in constructing his poem. For in addition to the logistics imbedded to lead to the physical chest, he also created a metaphor for the circle of Life. In this verse:

    From there it’s no place for the meek
    ……… Life on Earth (the meek have not yet inherited)

    The end is ever drawing nigh
    …. …. each one has an end to life on Earth

    There’ll be no paddle up your creek
    ………. no punishment

    Just heavy loads and water high
    ……… to the “clouds” and “lodes”


  8. I have been thinking about the possible maritime suggestions in stanza 3.
    Just heavy loads and water high .
    Ships that carry heavy loads , sometimes have markings along the hull showing whether they are heavy or lightly loaded .
    Just not sure how this could apply to the Rocky Mountains .
    Then there is the reference to no paddle up your creek . Trying to make something useful out of these ideas .


    • Rebel, I give it a shot…the line “just heavy loads and water high” – cargo and fountain.
      Follows the line about “your creek” so whatever name can be made from cargo fountain is the name of your creek which cannot be paddled.

      Think Rebel Think!!!


      • I’m trying to think Bob , but sometimes my thinking is slow . I do eventually get there . lol
        I enjoy following your way of working things out , Bob . You usually give me plenty to think about .


      • Hey Bob , as an ex resident of Normandy Isle , Miami Beach , now living in North Georgia , I am envious of you and the Florida crew for escaping the recent freeze . Maybe that has slowed my thought processes .
        Stay warm !


  9. .
    The end is always drawing near
    There’ll be no paddle up your creek

    .. Does anyone have the reference where Forrest mentions the paddle, and then the end of the oar ?



  10. “There’ll be no paddle up your creek,
    Just heavy loads and water high.”

    Just throwing in another possibility
    (don’t know if it was floated around before).
    You won’t be able to paddle up the creek, but you’ll have to portage for a while (heavy loads), up to a lake/reservoir (water high) that is not accessible by car.
    Or maybe it is, and Forrest speaks figuratively; he says “heavy loads” just as a clue to the necessity of a canoe.
    That’s where you’ll need the canoe to reach a remote island.

    Being in the wood could allude to a canoe (possibly).


  11. .
    Here is an example of a simple code

    From there it’s no place for the meek

    …… He is now also referring to night, a place of darkness
    …… This is confirmed in other coding (not shown here)

    The end is EVE, R drawing nigh

    ….. where EVE is another name for NIGHT
    ….. the”R” is from “theRe” and is initially close and drawing to the left


    …….NIGH is on the “R” or THE RE (“right end”)
    …… As well, the Meek brothers were not for the E (east) but went West ( from therE, it’s no place for the …… Meek, the E is no place for the Meek )
    ….. understanding “R” to be an abbreviation for both “right” and “river”
    …….(“creek” next line)

    From the “reits” (rights) no place for the meek

    ….. more in various codes

    The end I sever drawing night (eve), here’ll be no paddle up your creek

    …. As combining the end of one line and beginning of the next




  12. Been rolling a snowball down the hill a little , but don’t want it to turn into an avalanche , because that would turn into dangerous intel , and no one likes avalanches either because they are so dangerous too .

    So now it’s time to zip up tight , and become a spectator on “The Thrill of the Chase .” Good luck to all searchers .



  13. “The end is ever drawing nigh ,”
    The end is Constantly Coming Closer .

    Nigh is both near and left

    C C C
    Confirmation …your quest to cease
    your quest to C’S

    Civilian Conservation Corps.
    Built facilities in area 1934-1935

    Just some more thoughts on Stanza 3
    And no…I still don’t have the TC .


  14. “There’ll be no paddle up your creek ,”

    I think of a pantomime of rowing a canoe .
    To AIR ROW .

    Maybe an arrow marking a trail .

    Or an ARROW HEAD sign .
    Collecting an arrow head was what started ff on a lifetime of collecting .

    I know of an area where both of those things exist in different parts of the area , but close together .

    No , I do not have the TC . Good luck to all searchers .



  15. .
    ” your f (for) t will be worth the cold ”
    your feet will be worth the cold

    ” not far but too far to walk ”



  16. inthechaseto:
    What? – they are different?

    I don’t have the book.So I am referring to the one on his website.I’ll order the book now.I don’t think you’d know which is correct until you were on the spot and could compare.

    There are 2 pictures of the night time with the stumps, one is at the beginning of the chapter on page 145 smaller with less stumps, and the large one on page146, with 2 more stumps.

    In regards to other starry nite photos, yes there are other night time illustrations.


  17. Chris Yates:
    do you mean the free excerpt (pdf file) that you can download off his website?

    there are 3 starry night pictures in there

    Yes, I was talking about the two different ones – , one large and one small. not the one with the gypsies.


  18. inthechaseto:
    What? – they are different?

    I don’t have the book.So I am referring to the one on his website.I’ll order the book now.I don’t think you’d know which is correct until you were on the spot and could compare.

    you are referring to the last picture then

    there is something in that picture, that you can see on a map, i have never revealed this info before, but you got it out of me lol

    sounds like you are talking about something else if you are saying u need to be on the ground


    • That sneeky lil darlin of a Forrest Fenn. I’m going to kiss him when I meet him.

      This just confirmed my spot, again.

      There are two pictures on his website. I don’t know if I should say what I’ve found . I don’t understand what you see on a map.


      • Had it not been for you, Chris – I would have been up a creek without a paddle. So,, if I find it – I will kiss you too. (with some treasure) LOL

        Also – whoever anagramed – starry nights – deserves alot too. I know I don’t have it yet – so relax. All is good.


  19. Stanza 3 I think is the most misinterpreted stanza in the poem

    The key to the whole stanza is that it is establishing where you are, it is not telling you to go anywhere

    FF has talked about the searchers who got the first 2 clues right, at the end of the first 2 clues, you are at the place stanza 3 is talking about. When the searchers reach the end of the 2nd clue, they are also in the correct place for all of stanza 3 whether they realize it or not. If they then misinterpret stanza 3 and go off somewhere along a creek or towards water high, then they will go off to the wrong place and past the chest.

    I will mention some of the clues that confirm this interpretation.

    Understand though that one of them is tied very strongly to the actual NAME of the canyon down, so I cannot talk about that one, but it is an addt’l clue that if you find it, you will see that it is a clue that is referring to the name of the canyon down, and that you stop and rest when you reach the end of it. I will say that much about it.

    The poem follows a pattern where as you travel along its path, there is A B and C, as in , A is the start, B is the middle and C is the end. It was written as C , A , B, C, A, B … so that if you take the first stanza and moved it to the end, so that the first becomes the last, it would be in perfect order and repeat itself once ..A, B, C , A, B C

    The two A stanzas are both about the A location, both B stanzas about the B location and on

    The first A.B and C stanzas, I will call the main stanzas, they are the ones where the surface meaning of the text is basically leading you along a path. The First “A main” stanza is the 2nd stanza “Begin it where warm waters halt ..”, and “B main” stanza is the next stanza, and “C main” the next one

    A MAIN

    Begin it where warm waters halt
    And take it in the canyon down,
    Not far, but too far to walk.
    Put in below the home of Brown


    So why is it that I must go
    And leave my trove for all to seek?
    The answers I already know
    I’ve done it tired, and now I’m weak.

    B MAIN

    From there it’s no place for the meek,
    The end is ever drawing nigh;
    There’ll be no paddle up your creek,
    Just heavy loads and water high.


    So hear me all and listen good,
    Your effort will be worth the cold.
    If you are brave and in the wood
    I give you title to the gold.

    C Main

    If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,
    Look quickly down, your quest to cease
    But tarry scant with marvel gaze,
    Just take the chest and go in peace.


    As I have gone alone in there
    And with my treasures bold,
    I can keep my secret where,
    And hint of riches new and old.

    The main stanzas have hidden clues related to that area, which that stanza is talking about, but there are addt’l hidden clues for this same area found in its sister stanza. Each main stanza is like this.

    Read B main stanza above, and read B sister stanza, both of those stanzas are all talking about the same place, and they both have one line, the 2nd line, that is a future tense hint of where you will need to be looking for the area of the C stanzas.

    Sister stanzas A and C both have a form of the word GO in them. Sister stanza B does not, this is one of the hidden clues that in the B stanzas, you are not GOing anywhere.

    On an unrelated subject, you will notice that in the sister stanzas the tense of the word GO in the 1st lines is the same tense of the 1st lines from the main stanzas

    In the A MAIN stanza, you are starting at WWWH and then going to the end of a canyon down. Notice in the addt’l clues in its sister stanza, the last line says, and “now I’m weak”. This is because when you reach the end of the canyon down, you are now at B location and you are now tired and weak, and what do you do when you’re weak? You rest. So you are now resting. you are stopped for a little bit at the location of the B stanzas. While you are there check out what’s around you, FF is going to tell you what you see “From There”. do you see all these things from there? read all of B Main and Sister stanzas, these are all the things that are there and around you. You do? Great, you’re at the right place, now all you need to know is that the C stanza is nigh (near and to your left on the map).

    Can you see now why searchers, after only getting 2clues right, can go right past the chest?

    Here is another subtle clue , B Main stanza line 3 says “there’ll be no paddle up your creek”

    There is only one place in the book that FF uses the word paddle, page 40, it says

    “SO I’D JUST STAND THERE AND WAIT for my turn at the paddle”

    The line itself “there’ll be no paddle up your creek” I think is a hidden clue that something is not up, but down, and it is not a creek, but also don’t paddle up the creek could be an addt’l clue you are not moving.

    And there is another huge clue that I cannot share, wish I could, because it really ties it all together.


    • I like the way your mind works Chris.
      I also appreciate your knowledge, expertise and discretion.
      Maybe the no paddle saying “not up” is mirrored, making it down….


    • Chris Chris Chris –

      I never got heavy loads and water high until right now. Thank you – it may not be the same as yours, but it’s certainly fits my spot. Don’t know how you did that – but it is a huge clue. Thank you. No – you didn’t divulge it. I agree with your sister assessments of the stanzas.


        • before i respond to you, there are multiple starry night pictures in the book, to which are you referring?

          the last 2 are essentially the same except the one has 21 stumps and the other 23


          • What? – they are different?

            I don’t have the book. So I am referring to the one on his website. I’ll order the book now. I don’t think you’d know which is correct until you were on the spot and could compare.


    • My unsolicited suggestion:

      Spend some time on the “cons” column of your solution. Your list of “pros” for your solution is full. But you’ve re-arranged stanzas, inverted meanings of lines, and who knows what else, to get there.

      I think you need to spend some time playing Devil’s Advocate on yourself, without adding anything else to the ‘pros’ column. Stay focused on the cons, and see what the list looks like when you’re done.


    • This is one helluva post. You’ve done a great job of mashing up the poem so it’s easier to digest, I wish I had it six months ago when I started trying to figure this all out. I’ll bet this fits the actual solution better than the original poem.

      Would love to know this other huge clue..


  20. Wonder if theres anything to this…… Atomic Engery stuff…. Heavy Loads and so on….. found this on Wiki:
    Heavy water is not radioactive. In its pure form, it has a density about 11% greater than water, but otherwise, is physically and chemically similar.


  21. “The end is ever drawing nigh;”

    Ever means always or at all times so this line of the poem says the end will never arrive–it is forever drawing near. It can also be read to mean the end is always on the left. If the end is always drawing to the left, again it means the end is never reached. Is everyone just glossing over this little nugget?


    • Hi Ava,

      Not glossed at all.

      As posted several months ago, “not far but too far to walk” contains both meanings of “nigh”. That’s one meaning.



      • Question:
        “The end is ever drawing nigh;”

        Could this not be the “Evening Star”? When the Evening Star appears, it is a sign that the end of day is drawing nigh. This occurs everyday…..”ever drawing nigh”.

        In the Poem, it could mean;
        (1) when you actually see the star, from a particular location
        OR (more likely in my opinion)
        (2) when you arrive at a location named “Evening Star”……..




    • Well Ava, that makes perfect sense to me… Earth, the “Living Planet” and, In my knowledge gained in ttotc research has made me truly believe the end IS ever drawing nigh…


      • Since we are brainstorming. ….. I threw out the ” question mark”.

        “The end”
        End of a line in poem.
        Draw a question mark…. The end is open to the left. There is, one line that ends with a question mark. Connection?


    • Remember the part in Indiana Jones, The Last Crusade where Indy has to duck to avoid the blades?

      James 4:8-10 reads..

      “Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye double minded. Be afflicted, and mourn, and weep: let your laughter be turned to mourning, and your joy to heaviness. Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he shall lift you up.”

      We may need to humble ourselves and (literally) kneel to find the treasure. Fits right in with his instructions to “look quickly down”.


  22. azuredeb – You’re pretty sharp. Wish you were here so I could pick your brain. I have so many questions that are difficult to ask in writing. Have you ever been to Niagra Falls – up near Buffalo, NY? Well, to cross the Niagra River from the US side over to the Canada side & back, there are cable cars. Water high & heavy loads or water & high heavy loads. Anyway, have you encountered cable cars across a western river? Is there such a thing out there? Must be ski lifts, right? But across a river or a falls? It’s so different here in WV that I’m never quite sure what exists elsewhere.


    • Anyone – My post above was for everyone, not just azuredeb. I’m looking for info about cable cars across a river or falls. Help, please.


      • I thought of a suspension bridge over a river. there is a swinging bridge ,I think over the Rio Grande by Chama and of course the Famous royal Gorge Bridge and slanted cog railway down the side of that canyon.
        There is also a boat tour at Glacier Natl Park in Montana that in order to go on the tour to see the glaciers you have to take 2 boats to get to, while the tour/hike guide speaks while the boat ferries you across one lake to reach the next.


        • I think in the old mining towns also they had buckets on a cable across the river. I think I saw something like that while searching out Bannack area in Montana.


          • Kym – Thanks so much. I like the bucket idea. I was just reading posts on the other blog, & it amazes me that such a great percentage of the searchers have clues that fit the poem. But all their spots are different locations. Many folks are heading out this weekend – each one more confident than the rest. Do you know much about painter Wolfgang Pogzeba whose plane crashed in Taos? The info is in FF’s Scrapbook on Dal’s blog.


          • No Becky can’t say that I do, I think Stephanie was writing something about him after she had been to Taos. I did read one article about he and his wife I believe if it’s even the same artist guy, lol ,and how they had settled there and built a house that now I think is the local Methodist college? something like that, I’d have to look it up again but I need to get my butt in bed, gotta get up early and go to work 🙂 lol at least tomorrow is Friday 🙂


      • found this but FF did say in last clue that it is not in Idaho or Utah, maybe if you started out here and use it as WWWJH?>>>>>>>The Mogur’s Avatar

        Oregon City, Oregon
        Paddling Since: 1972
        Join Date: Mar 2010
        Posts: 325

        Cable Car Hotsprings at French Creek
        “Can anyone here give a report on the hotsprings that are located above the Idaho Salmon River about 4 miles downstream from Carey Creek? There used to be a cable car across the river to get to the 1-mile trail to the hotsprings, but the cable car has been gone for many years. That makes me wonder if the trail is still in usable condition. Does anyone know? ”


        • Astree – Perfect. Thanks. Exactly what I was looking for. Did you see the cable cars (yellow & red) crossing the Niagra River? That’s what I remember. Did you see the pictures in Vancouver, British Columbia? Garibaldi Lake? There ARE cable cars in other places – just like I hoped. OK – moving on now.


    • Sorry, dont know. I dont fish so dont know all things streams.Maybe a NM fisherperson is better equipted to answer your question.


  23. I believe the statement “There’ll be no paddle up your creek” refers to the L&C Expedition. They eventually had to cut their paddle’s up and use them as saddle’s.


  24. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26
    a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y Z
    b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y Z a

    y Z a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x
    Z a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y

    The end ( Z ) is ever drawing nigh;


  25. Ok, to get off the train theory for a bit, and just to show I’m open minded, looking at some different theories…..the religious theory. Heavy loads and waters high refers to mortification of the flesh. The end is drawing nigh could mean death. So in other words you won’t need a paddle just prayer and repentance. If you’ve been wise and seen the blaze….the cross….look quickly down (old term for get on your knees and pray). Maybe these are the new and old treasures FF speaks of….treasures on earth and treasures in heaven. Just a thought


  26. Line 10.
    The end is ever drawing nigh;

    Alphabet end is Z and in with a table / field like blaise or lewis.
    And as you progress down the table of successive alphabets the
    Z is always moving to the left / nigh / near side. So the end of the alphabet letter Z is ever drawing nigh; with the 26/27 alphabet rows that makeup the table. But not missing like the Table of Contents is at the beginning. Begin where?


    • The end is ever drawing nigh;

      Some once said why would he put the chest around the Geyser basins near old Faithful, becasue the Valcano may be due to blow again… RIGHT the end is nigh!! That area is overdue and fits the clue. As does Colture’s Hell, is no place for the meek, they will inherit the earth, not hell..


      • Everything is running great Mike! Just keep figuring out or coming up with ideas as to how to continue to make this blog much more better and more efficient and easy to navigate. You’re doing great…love it!


      • I’ve had a couple but when you clear it out and go back in, it’s fine.


      • I don’t know anything about server errors, being not too computer-literate. Howver, I have received 3 emails from you about spam but haven’t received anything else, should as notifications of posts etc. Should I be receiving anything if I’v subscribed?


        • The only posts I have created lately have been related to spam, so that must be what you got. You can probably change your subscriber settings to recieve every comment.


  27. This is the most important stanza. There are four heavy duty clues here. I believe the entire poem was written around these four lines. ALL of my potential search spots have solid, although different, interpretations that match these clues. If I’m looking at a spot that I can’t match up to these four here exactly, I cross it off the list and look elsewhere.


  28. As I stated in previous Stanza thread:

    The end is (e)(v)(e)(r) (d)(r)(a)wing nigh;

    Reverse the DRA in drawing ARD

    Everard Jean Hinrichs is Eric Sloane’s birth name…Forrest Fenn’s best friend.

    You will also find HINRICHS in the line:
    “And (h)(i)(n)t of (r)(i)(c)(h)e(s) new and old”

    WHAT? no paddle up your creek? Why the word YOUR? I don’t have a creek! Do you have a creek? Why the use of the word YOUR?


      • Exactly Kym! Public land!!! Great job!

        Our creek! That’s the only way it can be “Your” creek not unless some Chaser who finds it owns a creek and Forrest Fenn hid it there in that creek.


        • remember when FF said he’d like to see the rules bent a little where govt land is considered? private land can be leased out to BLM and they manage it


        • Mr F has made it clear that he believes ALL land owned by the Gov. to belong to us/we the people. Therefore…the creek….should be Yours or mine…even if it is in a National Park.

          Suppose…Mr F put the chest in a National Park and if/when it is found it creates A Lot of Controversy over who owns the chest. The Gov. takes something “from the people” that was left “by the people” and then keeps it for the Gov.


          • I would probably get it taken from me because we all know I can’t keep a secret 😉


    • I always thought no paddle up your creek referred to “up a sh#$ creek”….and he seems to talk about dirty pants and laundry alot…..stinking creek??? Also, and not to be crass but it made me take a look at Big Hole in montana…..some interesting facts about that place. It’s off the continental divide and known for its trout fishing…including the graying.


          • Well, VG, you know West Yellowstone has always been my favorite spot…..and the fact that the frog on pg 133 appears to have an M or W on his eye says West yellowstone or Montana to me.


          • when you gave me that pic today of the key VG it triggered something and I found a place with 2 M’s and now can’t find the darn pic, ugh!
            But…. I did find something considering all the O’s on FF’s bracelet he’d like back that you may have fun searching, I’m going through the whole site and lots of these have plenty of history and O’s 🙂


          • That’s great to hear Kym….that my KEY photo as the “running man” triggered something within you. That is the entire purpose of this blog, this whole Chase I believe. Whether I post real dangerous intel photos and hilarious ones they just may help some Chasers out there in their solution, or their quest, or what have you. But again anything and everything that I post are just my opinions and I’m having fun with the Thrill of the Chase. Oh and I love that dangerous intel you posted KYM.


    • If you were in that persons shoes in spirit and then not; is how it would be, don’t mean to confuse you, but i would rather find it, but not so much that i would descieve anyone, i think anyone can tell when i am joking around with strings; THE PUPPAAAAAA, THE PUPPAAAAAAAAA. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


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