Poem 3:1

From there it’s no place for the meek,

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    • jibjabst- thats been discussed at great length not only here on Mikes blog but at Dal’s as well. being new to the chase i realize there’s no way you could know this unless you spend a great deal of time researching the archives.
      I think no place for the meek means a scary place. with all the sights and sounds of wild animals except they cant hurt you. like a zoo.


  1. i just watched the ABC news clip on Forrest.
    i’ll patiently wait for the clips that come out after the chest has been found. and hope i am in a position to tell those idiots, see?
    Not everything is a hoax, like movies….television….music. all created to support an illusion. the industry these idiots work for. but then when you work in a the hoax business, like they do, is it possible to see reality? their wealth has blinded them. lucky for us searchers, Forrest still has great vision at 80+ years. Paint your faces and wear your costumes, overpaid newscasters. Searching for Forrest Fenns treasure is no place for the meek. there are no friendly furry little Disney or Muppet creatures here. go in your studio and say the words and smile. support the real hoax. your wealth has made you weak and meek.

    My worst day fishing was better than my best day at work. and thankfully, that is not newsworthy but a secret known only to fishermen who catch nothing.


  2. Everyone – Just in case Jenny decides to delete yet ANOTHER one of my posts,…I wanted to post the details here,…for when I write the book/script for the Academy Award-winning movie:

    Jenny – Where did your comment about “Bashing Dal” go??? Did you edit yourself in the spirit of honoring free speech???

    April 27, 2015 at 10:21 amReply

    E*- I wanted to take more time on my comment, and so thought I would delete it until I had more time to think of all I wanted to say.

    I probably won’t have more time…….so…..

    In that deleted post, in response to Bruce, I said I feel Dal is a fair guy and will try and do what’s right…or something like that…..I forget what I said exactly……lol ……. I see Bruce’s addition since I said this, and thank you, Bruce, for your respectful reply……it is very appreciated. I understood the frustration, and I was just replying that I feel Dal would work it out best he could.

    But then I did add in response to something more I’ve been noticing going on this site lately and thought I would comment about it………

    I said, for those who missed it, that this isn’t a place to come to and ‘bash Dal’s site’ or talk about others negatively—or complain……and I said I would start editing comments doing so.

    To this I will add:

    Each blog maintains their own rules, guidelines, and purposes……commenting is done with honoring the blog owner’s wishes (NOT your own)…..realizing that a person should hold respect for the site they are on. It’s their ‘house’ so to speak……When I visit someone’s ‘house’, I realize I am guest, and will act as such. I expect the same for the site….

    I don’t mind ‘constructive discussions’, but continuous negativity is not welcomed.

    thanks all…..

    Jenny Kile
    April 27, 2015 at 11:23 amReply .48.

    Jenny – Thank you or that explanation. I just had a problem with your use of the term “Dal Bashing”,…which is a term someone ELSE on this blog had used,…in reference to Helen and me,…very negatively. I thought that term was unwarranted,…in light of the discussion we were having about others who had been moderated off of Dal’s blog, like bhndr said he had (The Wolf and 49 dollers to be exact). I think you realized that, too. And if I was a guest in your house,…I would have been just as honest with you as I am being here. I also don’t believe in allowing “continuous negativity” to proliferate. In fact,…I have zero tolerance for that. Which I pointed out in those other posts,…on the thread about your adventures at San Lazaro,…which you still hold in moderation. And the original negative post is still there,…unedited. Why is that? My contributions to ALL of the blogs have been decidely positive and generous and FUN,…until I was crossed recently,…here and at Dal’s. I don’t back down when someone calls me out for a fight. Sorry.

    April 27, 2015 at 11:46 amReply .


  3. E*:
    Bob – Thanks for that Monty Python classic video selection,…I hadn’t seen it. Yep,…just like “The Chase”,…minus seven years or so:


    Hey,…how about Sardines and Pimientos,…since that castle looked like it could be somewhere near the border of Spain and Portugal? Could be a new sandwich….

    Cheesy fish food ? icky , yucky , yuck…lol


  4. JC1117:
    Hello, E*.You actually sent Forrest your solve?That’s awesome.I hope I can find a solve so awesome that I feel like sending it to Forrest one day.With all the emails he must receive he must feel like a “Kindergarten Cop” on most days.

    I must admit I’ve been feeling down in the dump for a while now.I’m out of dough…and unemployed…with no work…that I’m sure of…in the immediate future.I try to sing and think “happy thoughts” but with “everything” that’s gone on…and on…and goes on still…I’m finding it difficult to dig myself out of this hole.

    I could say that I’ve “seen worse” in my lifetime, but a part of me…deep down…keeps telling me, “No, you really haven’t”…and I just can’t let it go.Do you know what I mean, E*?

    I’ll keep moving along…counting my blessings…and praying…and being grateful.For one thing, I’m grateful that I don’t have to deal with tumors like Deb and Meg.Sorry I kind of sidetracked this discussion, Deb.I’m very happy for you and Meg.

    And another thing, there certainly ain’t no free lunch.

    JC, sidetrack all you want. We all have stuff going on in our lives. If you let it be known we all can give you those prayers and positive thoughts sent out to maybe make your load a little lighter. 🙂 Now we know to do it for you too.


  5. I wanted to share our good news . The tumor was benign!
    It was an extremely rare tumor , only 17 known cases in medical history. Meg is over the moon with happiness. 🙂

    She still has the infection, is seeking help from the wound clinic to see if they can suggest a treatment .

    Life moves on. Out of limbo ! YAY ! Thank you to all of you who kept me from going crazy with worry. You are such good people. 🙂


    • That is great news, Deb…and, like E*, I am a firm believer in the power of Secret Prayer. Sincere Prayer and Faith are inseparable from one another. Prayer is faith in action.


      • Thank you JC, Rebel, Into, E* and anyone who held positive thoughts for our family. 🙂 Life is filled with good people , if we just let them know we need them. Thank you so much.


      • JC- here is what Matthew recorded for us, Jesus instructions:
        Matthew 6:5-8
        “When you pray, don’t be like the hypocrites who love to stand in the synagogues or street corner to be seen by men . Truly, I say to you they have their reward. But you, when you pray, go into your closet and close the door. Pray to god in secret, your god who sees you in secret will reward you. And do not use vain repetitions as the heathen do, they think they will be heard for their many words. God knows what you need , even before you ask.

        And then Matthew continues recording Jesus with verses 9-14 in what has famously become known as The Lords Prayer which incredibly people recite word for word publicly! They ignore the fact that Jesus said not to do that!!
        Also ignored is Jesus was just giving us a guideline for prayer- Matthew 6:9 “and when you pray, pray like this….”
        It’s just a guideline, not to be copied word for word. We are supposed to create our own words to fit a particular circumstance and then go into our closet and talk to god.

        Which, we did for debs daughter.


        • Bob – Beautifully said. But remember,…composing prayer to fit our individual needs may be best,…but just don’t mess with Forrest Fenn’s Poem!!! 😉


          • Bob, I also agree with you and Matthew about how to pray. God doesn’t want to hear the same ol’ same ol’. He wants to hear our heart. What do we REALLY think? And what do we REALLY need? I believe that’s why we’re all here…to show what we’re made of…and to learn how to love unconditionally…or not.

            And, believe me, I’ve tried not to mess with Fenn’s poem…BUT IT KEEPS MESSIN’ WITH ME!!! I’ll just be sitting there minding my own business and the poem will come up from behind and punch me…HARD! Then I’m thinking, “What did I EVER do to deserve THAT?!”

            Personally, I think the poem is full of a whole lot of double-speak…and triple-speak, if you’re asking me.

            “Go in peace”, it says, “Hey, look over there!” (KICK IN THE RIBS!!!)


          • JC1117 – The team from Monty Python will ALWAYS have the ability to cheer me up and make me laugh,…thank you for that video.

            I messed with Forrest’s Poem once,…and created a decidedly Native American sounding result. I was so excited,…I sent it to him to read. Soon after,…I borrowed the TTOTC book,…and was mortified to find my little diddy was based on memorizing the Poem wrongly. Boy was I embarrassed! Forrest was kind to forgive me. I cited that quote he read on the French soldier’s headstone, when he did: “…forgive a sinner…” 🙂


          • Hello, E*. You actually sent Forrest your solve? That’s awesome. I hope I can find a solve so awesome that I feel like sending it to Forrest one day. With all the emails he must receive he must feel like a “Kindergarten Cop” on most days.

            I must admit I’ve been feeling down in the dump for a while now. I’m out of dough…and unemployed…with no work…that I’m sure of…in the immediate future. I try to sing and think “happy thoughts” but with “everything” that’s gone on…and on…and goes on still…I’m finding it difficult to dig myself out of this hole.

            I could say that I’ve “seen worse” in my lifetime, but a part of me…deep down…keeps telling me, “No, you really haven’t”…and I just can’t let it go. Do you know what I mean, E*?

            I’ll keep moving along…counting my blessings…and praying…and being grateful. For one thing, I’m grateful that I don’t have to deal with tumors like Deb and Meg. Sorry I kind of sidetracked this discussion, Deb. I’m very happy for you and Meg.


            And another thing, there certainly ain’t no free lunch. 🙂


          • JC- a Classic Monty Python you tube is “the Olympic hide and seek final”
            Reminds me of FF searchers. Lol
            And notice, the key to success for the guy from Paraguay is a sardine can in the trash. It’s funny I wrote about one in my Lamar valley search.


          • Bob – Thanks for that Monty Python classic video selection,…I hadn’t seen it. Yep,…just like “The Chase”,…minus seven years or so:


            Hey,…how about Sardines and Pimientos,…since that castle looked like it could be somewhere near the border of Spain and Portugal? Could be a new sandwich….


          • JC1117 – Although I haven’t shared the details of my personal story with anyone here on this blog,…I can certainly relate to yours. And I will pray for your prosperity,…and for your strength to stay in gratitude for your blessings,…as I am doing as well. Like today,…because, coincidentally,…there WAS a free lunch,…for me,…because of a mistake at the place I go frequently. Never say never…and stay in FAITH and HOPE! 🙂


          • Thanks, Bob. That’s a game of hide and seek of Olympic proportions! 🙂 I wonder if they’re finished with the tie-breaker yet. It’s really nice when a person can experience that “sardine can” moment. I’ve had a few of those in my day. Y can’t I have one now? Y? YYYYYYYYY?!
            Why is it I must be wise?
            I hope I’m wiser than this:



          • E*:

            But remember,…composing prayer to fit our individual needs may be best,…but just don’t mess with Forrest Fenn’s Poem!!!

            E* –

            Forrest has a hidden reference to THOUGHT in the

            “As I have gone alone in there”

            … and I liken that to prayer.

            Hasn’t it been said, that God knows your prayer before you even utter it ? Makes the process even more wondrous, then … a two-way street.

            “So hear me All, and listen good”

            I think it was already posted,

            I give you title tO thE golD



            I book I picked up last week, but haven’t had time to open yet



            JC1117 …. “Y” ?



            Be Well,



        • Bob – And who else but the ultimate sufferer,…who was inflicted with such terrible wounds,…should we pray to in secret for Deb’s daughter’s wound healing? 🙂


          • They told her she would probably have to have surgery to remove it every three to four years. So prayer sounds like a better solution to me. 🙂


    • Deb ,
      That is good news indeed . So happy for you and your family , and especially for Meg . Hang in there , and may all blessings go with you and your family .


      • I’m floating over my spot, dancing with the high winds,
        flying with the Eagles, laughing with the angels, over my waterfall and out of the mist – a rainbow of colors beam,
        knowing our prayers work miracles in healing.

        To be a part of a collective group of great people
        with treasure on our minds
        exhilarates each,
        to far beyond the gold and the glitter
        with closure of true perfection.

        Today Deb’s, precious daughter
        tomorrow the world.


  6. I wanted to share this with everyone. Based on previous discussion thanks to Deb, about Eric Sloane the painter. Last year Zelda and I examined the possibility that the poem is describing a certain portrait painting. But who? We came up with the famous mathematician (among other talents) Blaise Pascal.

    Stanza one is just describing Forrest’s gallery days.
    WWWH- colored oils drying on canvas, or water colors.
    Canyon down- an art gallery on canyon street in Santa Fe
    HOB- a wooden art frame. Sloane was known for reclaiming barn wood for his frames.
    No place for meek- artists are talented, a special breed.
    No paddle up creek/heavy loads water hi- these two lines reference hydrology and hydro-electric power. Pascal did much research in this field.
    If you’ve been wise- reference to an intelligent person- both Pascal and Sloane are wise. (Not me)
    And found the blaze- Blaise is misspelled.
    Look quickly down- the small metal nameplate affixed to the portrait frame.
    Your quest to cease- it says “Blaise Pascal”
    But tarry scant with marvel gaze- stay short with wonder look.
    Just take chest go in peace- once you find this particular portrait of Pascal, you must email Forrest, tell him of your findings and arrange a meeting. Forrest will arrive with the bronze box and meet you there to present you with the prize.
    (I could be wrong)
    5th stanza- again a reference to Forrest’s gallery days. He really wants us to study art! (I hate art!)
    I’ve done it tired, and now I’m weak- Pascal was sickly his whole life and died at age 39
    Title to the gold is Blaise Pascal.

    So where is this portrait of a Pascal? After much research I found a gallery in Santa Fe actually had an old original for sale. I phoned them to ask about it and was told it was sold many years ago and whereabouts today was unknown.

    The mystery continues….


    • Thank-you, Bob (and Zelda). Very interesting.

      Also noting that

      Blaise Pascal
      > BP

      Put in below the home of Brown
      > PB

      Pascal had experimented with “heavy loads and water high”


      and look at the picture of this chest



      You can also see the “riches old” connection to Cardinal Richelieu


    • Bob and Zelda – Stunning,…just stunning. I hope you have found the final solve,…because it would be the best story EVER(ard)!

      Astree – In my reading about all things Alexandre Dumas,…and the Great Comet of 1680,…I also read about Louis XIII,…and came upon his royal insignia,…which is an L^ (that’s a ‘caret’,…which is the way Forrest spelled ‘carat’,…when referring to that “43 caret” canary yellow diamond that Eric purchased from him (the Hope Diamond was related to his son, Louis XIV, btw). You might enjoy reading about him,…and the connection with Cardinal Richelieu,…and Etienne and Blaise Pascal,…in these links:



      • Awesome solve, Bob. Your mind is truly a wonder of nature. I don’t know how you do it. I mean that sincerely.

        In regard to Blaise Pascal – and his first “computer” – I find this anniversary quite stunning also. It took a LOT of calculating and “counting machines” to pull off this extraordinary event:


        I also see a tie-in to the 43 (42+1) Caret yellow diamond as well…which I hope to reveal one day while we’re ALL still alive. 🙂 I hope the secret doesn’t go with me to my grave.


    • You just blow me away Bob!

      Great Job by you and Zelda. So creative and different. How many more great solves do you have hidden?


      • Inthechaseto- here is another one, the best.
        I can’t post the link, but on youtube watch-
        Soylent Green Euthanasia Poetic Scene

        So, so wonderfully fitting here….have a tissue handy.


        • Bob – I always enjoy being of assistance:


          Sol: [Thorn is seeing the beautiful images shown in Sol’s euthanasia chamber] Can you see it?
          Det. Thorn: [choked up] Yes…
          Sol: Isn’t it beautiful?
          Det. Thorn: Oh, yes…
          Sol: I told you.
          Det. Thorn: [humbly] How could I know? How could I… how could I ever imagine…?



          • E- that scene has it all. The poem and the book all in one. Notice page 132 of TTOTC …”containing nine clues that if followed precisely, will lead to the end of my rainbow AND the treasure.”
            1. The end of my rainbow…soylent green was Edward G. Robinsons last film as Sol he volunteered for assisted suicide .
            2. The treasure, depicted on the screens all around him are the nature scenes which, if poem is taken literally, will lead us to.
            The book leads to the end of Forrest’s rainbow, the epilogue.
            So, E as reader her of the year I need you to find out where that Blaise Pascal portrait is. I’ll send you some new hiking boots and 200 for gas. Go get ’em E!!! And bring home that bronze box for the A team!


          • Bob – But there is that whole Grizz named Winnie in the 100 Akre Wood thing going on,…so I am starting to feel like Gilgamesh vs. the fierce monster, Humbaba,…whose only job was to protect the Cedar Wood from humanity (he never bothered anyone otherwise). So I think accommodating the celebrity riders for Brutus and Bart the Bear II are in order,…especially if My Grizz is a Sow with cubs. I am thinking several slabs of prime beef, lamb and buffalo, piles of huckleberries, a bushel of white bark pine nuts and a small barrel of moth larvae should do it. I am still waiting to hear back from their agents…

            Meanwhile,…I found this great reference to one of Blaise Pascal’s quotes,…while reading the introduction to “Gilgamesh: A New English Version” by Stephen Mitchell today:

            “All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.”
            ? Blaise Pascal, Pensées

            I think this was part of the motivation for Gilgamesh’s restless heart,…and for Forrest’s decision to hide TC,…even after he was cured. Hey,…could that Blaise Pascal portrait be in Forrest’s vault,…where he goes “alone in there” to admire it?

            P.s. Thank you very much for the kind offer,…it did not go unnoticed. 🙂


          • Bob – I think “reader her” works for me, too. Here is another quote from the “Gilgamesh” introduction:

            Then Sîn-l?qi-unninni’s invitation becomes more intimate. “Find the cornerstone,” he tells us.

            and under the copper box
            that is marked with his name. Unlock it. Open the lid.
            Take out the tablet of lapis lazuli. Read
            how Gilgamesh suffered all and accomplished all.

            Hmmm,…sounds kind of familiar,…especially because the tablet of lapis lazuli is the poem “Gilgamesh”,…about a king who reigned in about 2750 BCE,…and Sîn-l?qi-unninni was addressing his Babylonian reader in 1200 BCE. And Forrest thinks TC may not be found for some time….


    • 🙂 ,

      FF attributes a quote about the chase to a joseph duveen, in another fenn contradiction – is the below listed website about blaise pascal, check out in small numbers down the right side #164 of centered #139
      The Last Line Will comment about the chase …..


      A second quote about “blaise” that forrest fire attributes to a different individual, not H L smile to wink 🙂

      🙂 Match, Strike, Spark, Blaise, Fire, Light
      🙂 The Golf Chess & Cheese Society


      • IWGOLF – I just read the Blaise Pascal writings you earmarked on the link you provided,…I think we are both on the same track about the motivation for “The Chase” for Forrest and many of us, too. And I think Pascal was onto something.


        • Genesis 11:1-9
          The Tower of Babel
          Verse 6- The Lord said “if as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them.”

          Pascal and others are rebuilding the Tower of Babel. Slowly but surely….the water boys….

          Archimedes Greece 285-212 bc
          DaVinci Italy 1452-1519
          Simon Stevin Holland 1548-1620
          Francis Bacon England 1561-1626
          Torricelli Italy 1608-1647
          Pascal France 1623-1662
          Issac Newton England 1642-1727
          John Smeaton England 1724-1792
          John Scott Russell Scotland 1808-1882
          Wilhelm Kutter Switzerland 1818-1888
          Nicolai Zhukousky Russia 1847-1921
          Moritz Weber Germany 1871-1951

          Although none of these guys spoke the same language, somehow through the years where warm waters halt is not associated with any dam.
          Amazing isn’t it?


      • IWGOLF:

        check out in small numbers down the right side #164 of centered #139

        The Last Line Will comment about the chase …..


        A second quote about “blaise” that forrest fire attributes to a different individual, not H L

        Interesting quote – original source ?. Thank-you.

        Backing up, to small right-side # 163, and checking the right and left columns

        STOTU FELT ?


        I had e-mailed you a few hours before you posted. Nice !

        sto tu felt ( in JC1117 astral type of way, of course 🙂 )




      • .
        IWGOLF wrote: “A second quote about “blaise” that forrest fire attributes to a different individual, not H L smile to wink ”

        Continuing with the acrostice, Forrest used HL to represent Heavy Loads,



      • IWGOLF: IWGOLF on July 20, 2014 at 2:02 pm said:

        check out in small numbers down the right side #164 of centered #139

        The Last Line Will comment about the chase …..


        Backing up, to small right-side # 163, and checking the right and left columns
        sto tu felt ( in JC1117 astral type of way, of course )


        Backing up one more time, past the # 163 “quest”, to small side # 162, the left (felt)-side acrostic is

        AS I …..

        Beautifully done, IWGOLF. Great link.



    • Hi guys. Yes Blaise is an exciting thought. I was initially attracted to the name of course when we began to work this solve. I also turned on to his “triangle” and mathematical codes. I have used hydrostatics and hydro pressure in several solves for heavy loads and water high, and it became more significant when I discovered that Fenn enterprises focus is on hydrography. I spent 10 days in and north of Santa Fe last July. One of my main focus areas were the many galleries of Canyon. I extensively searched the galleries and talked with individuals about the Blaise painting. He was a fascinating individual.
      I do not have TC but continue to be involved.


  7. yes MDC 777 i have found that anagram and have searched that area extensively since Sunshine Reservoirs both have dams that is no longer my WWWH and the next closest is Thermopolis but you cant take that canyon down . Forrest does state sometimes its wise for the fox to dress like the hound so i will keep that area in the back of my mine, anagrams are tough,acrostics can be tougher, here is one for you i wont say which line its in but here it is ” Gallatin holds someone dear”


  8. E*:
    Astree – I’ll let Mark Twain comment on Sir Francis Bacon and Shakespear and Acrostics:


    Very interesting. Thanks E *. If you watch the most recent bookstore sessions at Collected Works, Forrests author friend says he understood that Forrest had a ghost writer. Of course Forrest ignored it. LOL
    Rewatching those appearances can be eye opening when you think about what his friends are pointing out. 🙂


  9. ok so this was posted sometime ago on another blog and when I read it I thought WOW how can this be a coincidence? So either everybody disregarded it after ff scrapbook 62 or they are keeping it close to the vest. Note ff never uses the word anagram in that scrapbook. Has Forrest ever said no anagrams?

    anyways I post here to get some discussion going, is it a coincidence, intentional red herring or bonafide clue?

    from there its no place for the meek
    fromthereitsnoplaceforthemeek (29 letters)
    anagram to
    meeteetsepitchforkrealmofhorn (29 letters)
    meeteetse pitchfork realm of horn

    ok so what the heck does this mean?
    Meeteetse Wyoming has pitchfork road running through it. Also there is a Pitchfork ranch in the area (google Charles Belden)

    realm of horn? The entire area is in the big horn basin area of Wyoming!
    The first thing I thought of was this is outside the search area. Look at the highlighted area on the TFTW map. right hand side of Wyoming in the highlighted area. BIGHORNS

    realm of horn = BIGHORNS (a realm is composed of more than one in my mind)
    The unintended clue on the map? ff said normally you would not see this clue but if you can find it it’s there (or something to that effect). So unless you solved this anagram BIGHORNS would not mean anything right? am i crazy or seeing what I want to see here?

    This taken with “put in” and “no place” sounds credible to me. I am trying to read the poem on another level (not literally). I am not “messing” with the poem I am following the instructions (precisely?).

    So if ff is drawing our attention to this area is it the starting point for WWWH? I can see no obvious WWWH in this area. The Sunshine reservoirs are there but they would have a dam right? Also interesting is the Brown mountain campground right above the Wood river.
    If ff set up this poem to follow the clues literally AND hide messages (anagrams) well he is a very smart man indeed.

    What do you all think?

    note all letters used and none leftover. (butterfly is really a flutterby)


          • Well im reading ‘put in” below the home of Brown.
            put in
            5. (tr) to devote (time, effort, etc) to a task: he put in three hours overtime last night.

            So looking at the line below home of Brown I see no place for meek / no place for the word meek? If meek is not in the right place then what do we do?

            butterfly = flutterby

            The entire line 29 (letters) can be anagrammed to a specific location in the search area. Now can that mathmatically be a coincidence? I don’t see how that can be.


          • Mdc777- astree is the resident anagrammer here I’m sure astree is preparing a full report for you be patient. The forest two words of the line “from there” would indicate to me that the line prior- “put in below the HOB” is a specific place and that very little movement is required to get to the place where the meek should not go.


          • Put in below the home of Brown to me means make a turn – since there is only one way to turn – it’s a left.

            Then on to the – no place for the meek.

            I think it’s a pretty good find mc777 – a coincidence? Possibly – unless you’re in my spot – in which case you are probably right. Ha Ha LOL


        • Mdc777- ok, I’m bored so I did the anagram thing and got nothing using all the letters but it gave me a partial of….Archer’s Fork, Ohio.



    • mdc777 – I am not good at anagrams,…but I think I get your drift,…especially because I have spent the greater part of the day,…reclining with my feet out the window,…in the shade,…reading, “The River Why”. I just finished this evening with these two quotes from that book:

      (quoted on the title page for Book Four: The Line of Light)

      And from the following title page for Chapter 1: Hemingway:

      …Furiously all up an downe doth swimme
      Th’ insnared fish, til cleane wearied, underneath
      A willow it lyes and pants…
      Wherewith the fisher…takes his line in hand,
      And by degrees gets the fish to land
      – William Browne

      Why do I feel like the fish in both of these quotes???? 🙂


    • spelunker totemic forefather home

      ohio thermometer spelunker affect

      fearful cherokee mentorship totem

      author implements cherokee effort


        • I don’t know, I’ve had that anagram for about a year now and this is what I thought. Meteetse means meeting place or resting place, something you do at a home. Realm of horn and pitchfork sound like Hell. “H” is a silent letter so ell. 2 L’s Double L. In my solve I have a home called the Oxbow located in the Double L Ranch. A location where the ancient Sheepeaters would meet by the river. In this home, first thing you see upon entering is a 10′ tree of horns! Yes , a tree made of horns not antlers. And then in the corner of the breakfast room is a collection of wooden pitchforks! Between the horns and the pitchforks is the joker sitting on some golden painted pinecones on a chest. Across from the chest is a bucolic painting of a river with lots of clouds kind of in the shape of a airplane. Hmm, I wonder if that painting is a Sloane. It is a 5 million dollar home, so it could be! But what do I know?


  10. E*:
    Astree – Ithink JC1117 or vgboss posted this Juno Reactor “Pistolero” video before,…but the lady in the picture sure looks like a Hero to me!:

    Thanks for that … I wasn’t familiar with it, but like it !


    Okay, taking it backwards. IP … Tesla just announced it will allow other companies to use it patents, for free.

    The rest, applies to part of the puzzle. OAR is used when Forrest talks about paddle, and ORE is also used.

    ORE LOTS IP… and someone who KNEW A LOT was WISE ( again, per the poem ). And, KNOWLEDGE has been discussed from time to time.

    See Wikipedia’s Today’s Featured Picture ( use the English part of the picture )…


    ( something buzzing in the ear. Maybe “Now’s the Time” to hear me good)



    From today’s wikipedi


  11. .

    Astree – So I went on a little geographical and poetic journey,…based on your Eion and Thrace references,…and ended up with the Home of a Hero:

    At Sestos Hero dwelt; Hero the fair,
    Whom young Apollo courted for her hair.

    Thanks much for that, E*. So much interesting history.



    HER o


  12. candy bars

    one has nuts, one doesn’t

    does this have something to do with this line in the poem ? yes, to a certain extent, and it is also an overarching theme through a few stanzas of the poem

    no place for the meek = water


      • anyone notice that after the word ‘brave’ …”and in” has all he letters for ‘Indian’ reusing the i

        if you understand what is in TTOTC that literally means ‘wood’ in the original language, it leads you to an indian


        • Chris – OK,…an Indian,…and ‘brave’,…and ‘wood’,… which could mean,…in the “original language”,…’insane’:

          Answer: Crazy Horse

          Or,…’brave’,…and, ‘in the wood’,…like Beowulf was,… when he went down into that pool,…to find Grendel’s mother,…which made me think of this:

          Answer: Geronimo

          Because,…that’s what brave people say,…when they take a leap,…into unknown,…and possibly dangerous,…locations.


        • Chris – Or in another “original language”,…Welsh GT:

          wood > pren > hallt > hillside, slope, wood, wooded slope

          That could apply to ‘in the wood’,…and ‘where warm waters halt’.

          Or in yet another Beowulf-related “original language”,…Norwegian GT (So, ‘in the three’?):

          wood > tre > three

          And if we go way back,…to the “original language” of Biblical times,…’in the wood’ could mean, ‘morally upright’. But I don’t think Noah was an indian. Wait,…in the archaeological sense,…maybe he was!


      • E- my take on brave and in the wood was the Shoshone National Forest.
        Brave-Indian(s)- Shoshone

        Wood- forest.

        It fit my solution for Sinks Canyon (canyon down)


        • Bob – Oh,…OK. Here is how you say, ‘Pine’,…as in a Pine Forest,…or, maybe, ‘in the wood’,…in the Numic “original language”,…of Shoshoni:


          And the Shoshone,…have been in the Wind River Range,…a really long time (since maybe 700-2000BC):




          • Bob – I would really like to see that “High Rise” village (at 10,000ft?),…in the Wind River Range,…that had 60 Shoshone lodges,…and was recently added to the National Register of Historic Places. I wonder how many Grizzes they encountered,…when they were there,… harvesting the Grizzes’ favorite high-altitude food,…the piñon nut?


          • E- maybe that’s why they harvested the piñon nuts…no nuts, no grizzes. It kept the grizzes away. Then, the Shoshone would take the nuts to the camps of their enemies and sprinkle them around like chum. The grizzes would swarm the enemy camp and leave the Shoshone alone.


          • Bob – What a great idea! I will sprinkle piñon nuts, …all along the approach trail,…behind me,…on “The Chase”, …and then I’ll come down that other return trail route. Brilliant! 🙂


  13. E*:
    Astree – I know you are going to notice this,…but I’ll just say it for you:

    East African Rift = EAR = D’EAR

    Hello E*,
    I don’t know about Astree, but I “ear” you loud and clear…perhaps even twice as good as Vincent van Gogh!
    And speaking of “Dear” I’ve had an aquarium ever since I can remember. My favorite (Dear) fish are African RIFT lake cichlids. They are stunningly beautiful and have some very interesting behavior. I have a tank right now with about 20 of them.
    I, personally, can’t envision my home without an aquarium. I’d like to have an aquarium in my home one day that’s several thousand gallons. I’ll just have to make sure there’s no way for my older brother to throw a line in there. 🙂


      • Yes. Look at how Forrest uses negatives and positives.

        He is negating place/meek, so look for the antonyms.

        NO place/the end IS
        NOT far/BUT too far
        NO paddle up/JUST heavy and
        But tarry SCANT/JUST take the

        Or- From there it’s no place for the meek:

        From (somewhere [hoB?]) it’s: (no place) for the meek

        So, the meek have (no place), the meek are without place.

        The meek have no area with boundaries, or room, space, spot, point they’ve reached, role, function, circumstance, rank, status, etc.

        If the meek have no place, what do they have?



        • Halogetter – From Matthew 5:5 (King James Bible):

          Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.

          The meek are happy. The meek are those who quietly submit to God; who can bear insult; are silent, or return a soft answer; who, in their patience, keep possession of their own souls, when they can scarcely keep possession of anything else. These meek ones are happy, even in this world. Meekness promotes wealth, comfort, and safety, even in this world.

          What do the meek have, then? Perhaps,…PEACE ON EARTH. 🙂


          • I love that movie, too.

            Brave Sir Robin…when it absolutely, positively MUST be run away from…overnight…or in the middle of the day.

            Some people might call Sir Robin a coward whilst others might call him a peacekeeper…who “bravely runs away” …when fighting isn’t the smartest thing to do or really even necessary. I know that’s not the point of the movie, but it does make sense in real life…unfortunately it’s painfully clear AFTER the fact most of the time. For example, just ask George Armstrong Custer.


          • JC1117 – On cowardice,…and General George Armstrong Custer:


            “Even if Lieutenant Colonel (General to his men) George Armstrong Custer came back from the grave to tell his side of the story, the controversy would still not die.”


            ”Reno was a yellow streaked coward. Benteen was a disloyal officer openly disobeying his commanding officer’s orders, which he had in his pocket, and a traitor to his comrades and his country.”

            Medal of Honor Recipient Capt. Robert Carter, LBH scholar and friend of surviving officers of LBH.

            “Reno proved incompetent and Benteen showed his indifference – I will not use the uglier words that have often been in my mind. Both failed Custer and he had to fight it out alone.”

            Little Bighorn veteran William Taylor, 20 February 1910. Letter to Litttle Bighorn veteran Edward Godfrey

            “The more I see of movement here (Little Bighorn battlefield), the more I have admiration for Custer, and I am satisfied his like will not be found very soon again.”

            US General-in-chief – Lt General Nelson A. Miles studying the LBH battlefield, 1877.


          • JC and E- one of my favorite movies is Little Big Man with Dustin Hoffman as Jack Crabb. I still have trouble watching the scene when they shoot his Indian wife.
            If you drive interstate 90 across south Dakota, it’s hard to imagine why in late 1800’s there wasn’t enough room for whites and Indians to live side by side. Today you can visit modern ghost towns abandoned by whites along I-90. This must infuriate Indians.


          • JC1117 – Thank you for that really cute video about ‘Radar’. I also remembered,… last night,…that Lt. Col. Henry Blake,…was a fly fisherman,…who had a pretty cute nurse,…who helped him tie his flies (See: Dal’s video,…of Forrest tying flies,…didn’t he use a large-caliber shell,…to do that, too?). Here is a great scene from “M*A*S*H”,… as to why they all called him, ‘Radar’:


            And why he left the show:

            Burghoff was nominated for six Emmy Awards for M*A*S*H in the category of Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series and, of those nominations, he won an Emmy in 1977. The award was accepted on behalf of Burghoff by co-star Alan Alda.

            Burghoff left M*A*S*H after the seventh season because of burnout and a desire to spend more time with his family, though he returned the following year to film a special two-part farewell episode, “Goodbye Radar.” On the subject of his departure, Burghoff said, “Family, to me, became the most important thing… I was not available as a father because of my work. That doesn’t stop when the work stops. Whenever you go out as a family, you’re always torn from family to deal with public recognition.


      • .
        You are both quite funny, this end of a long work-week …. for the brave and meek !

        E* – I had looked at that Milquetoast background this morning.

        I have recently found, that perhaps “DEAR” would appropriately represent MEEK ?



  14. .

    contains letters for MOTHER MOTHER,





  15. 🙂 ,

    If you are doing some HEADHUNTING,
    no place for th

    # place 4th
    4th place #

    1st place = win
    2nd place = place
    3rd place = show
    4th place = number

    🙂 Match, Strike, Spark, Blaze, Fire, Light
    🙂 The Golf C & C S


    • IWGOLF:

      If you are doing some HEADHUNTING,
      no place for th

      # place 4th
      4th place #

      1st place = win
      2nd place = place
      3rd place = show
      4th place = number

      Match, Strike, Spark, Blaze, Fire, LightThe Golf C & C S



      If I look at the first letters in each line, of this, starting with ” (tem)perature “ and working up, it looks like


      Start with the “o” in oz-mium and read down, to get Odens.

      SO END
      S – DONE

      ( just noting, too, that OS is the opposite of “SO” hear me all and listen good )


      p. 132 is poem

      132nd word of poem is “IT”, I think

      begin IT where warm waters halt
      and take IT in the canyon down

      Nice to hear from you, IWGOLF

      Hope you are staying warm 😉



      • 🙂 Astree,

        Thanks :),
        16 hours of snowblowing in 4 days, includes 2x (twice) on monday doing 1000 feet of my road ( by 12 feet wide) at depths of 12″ to 24″ to create a path, some roof ice chipping, hopefully don’t have to shovel roof ( 30 x 60)…time will tell….had the road looking real good and county plow made it worse = narrower. Sweating upon reentry, temps -13 wind chill -39 below winds gusting to 39mph at 3 am or 3pm.
        Very kind of you, i am warm 🙂
        Forcast snow thursday, friday, saturday…local business have
        run out of places to put snow, starting to truck the snow away, drifting was tough on some roads anywhere from 4′ to 8′ completely across making 4 wheel drive suv impossible to travel.

        🙂 Match, Spark, Strike, Blaze, Fire, Light
        🙂 The Golf C & C S


      • .
        My goodness, IW. That’s a tremendous amount of work. I would hope that it’s not nearly that bad every year. Hope it gets much better after those next few days.


  16. .

    …the final resting place.I’m curious if anyone else has found a hidden message at the beginning of each chapter in TTOTC. To be more specific a message associated with his mother.

    I wouldn’t be surprised. But I only found a bit of a buried comment in:

    ” From there it’s no place for the meek ”


    looks like

    MOTHER FRITE, MOTHER FITER, but more like


    Chris, personally I would be more concerned about under-analyzing than over-analyzing anything, using reason, logic and some common sense. Forrest himself made some comments along those lines.

    Good Luck,


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