Poem 3:3

There’ll be no paddle up your creek,

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  1. in this line of the poem i believe this was hidden intentionally


    a reference to hawaiian president sanford dole

    you can find it by counting every 4 letters, one is backwards and one is forwards

    you can see it easier in a 4 letter chart of the poem


    i dont think its coincidence that f mentioned sandwich (hawaii was named the sandwich islands at one time)

    and that all the contracted letters of the poem give you “hawaii ha”


    • Chris Yates – Excellent! I am going to add pineapple to my pimiento cheese sandwich in your honor. That would be really good, by the way! Forrest was 11 years old on December 7th 1941, when Pearl Harbor was struck, and he decided to become a fighter pilot later in life. I think that is also significant. I have wondered if this line in the Poem is a reference to a phrase fighter pilots use, when they’re going in for a Kamikaze move in battle.


  2. There’ll be no paddle up your creek, it sounds like something righteous, no punishment and the use of the word your . Could your be used as a ruler like in your highness or your honor?


      • 49 –

        I like that idea – and he did use the word “your” twice. I do believe a few judges are part of the chase in the way of history – but not in the final solve. Perhaps I’m wrong on that ….I’m going to take another look because I want to use one judge and ended up not doing that.


        • Inthechase ,
          Fireworks, another thing to check. But have you considered the “running man” there is a reason why Forrest saved the image from his dead Aspen tree. Bur


          • My thoughts on the running man which I have shared on the blog’s which ties into the line NFBTFTW is that it represents the distance of a marathon 26.2 mikes or not far which could be a half marathon 13.1 miles, which might be confirmed with his links and chains comment as chainage is a surveyors lingo for running distance.


          • 49 dollars,
            You know when FF first game the distance it was 66,000 links (coincidentally similar to number of seekers). I think the use of links is important in more ways than one, but lets take distance: 66000 links = 8.25 miles, this is what he is now calling it (with one aberration to bring attention at 8.5 miles). Some intitially thought the .25 was significant to the border of Santa Fe, but he then changed that to northern city limits from centre. This eliminates that theory IMO. So what can the significance of using a 0.25 mile,since rounding up is the common sense thing to do when we are talking large distances to the Canadian border? The marathon is 26.219 miles. So is this what we are hinting at, a marathon is too far to walk? I like the marathon concept since my hero Terry Fox ran a marathon a day (raising cancer research awareness) – of which he called the Marathon of “Hope”. Read more www.findingfenn.com/#!Terry-Fox-Canadas-Greatest-Hero/cam/5712475b0cf20ee5e3c554d8

            Funny how FF compared his Sloane yellow diamond to the “Hope” Diamond.


    • 49 dollers,
      Have you thought about “no paddle up”your”creek” as maybe a creek that starts above ground and then goes under ground and then back above ground in the solve area so no paddle up that creek. And “your” creek is because it is on public land you pay taxes for, so basically your land. Bur


      • Yes I have thought of it but with global warming, drought , even colder and wetter years I didn’t think they could stand the test of time, I have looked at Periodic Spring in Star Valley, Wy. And yes I have tossed around the thought of “your” representing public land.
        And simply the creek you take as opposed to the one that has a paddle.


        • 49 dollers,
          Well the creek I’m referring to is a constant flow but not a big flow unless there is a tremendous snowfall but then because of it’s location the flow wouldn’t be something you coundn’t cross if you had to. And the land ownership is key if you find the chest so that there are no legal issues. Maybe I’ll explain later. Bur


  3. I need to jump back into the chase and help out a little. I have decided not to go back to my favorite spot until next year. There is no way it will be found by then. I have to much on my plate right now. I need to WASH off a few things.


    • Hey Geydelkon,
      I’m kind of in your boat, not sure when I can get back out to my solve area. And too believe it is safe because one line in the poem is not able to be solved from sitting at the computer. So going with complete confidence from India ain’t happening. BOTG is needed to complete a clue solve. The trail less traveled. Bur


  4. E*:
    Deb – And I always like to hike naked,…so Forrest having a “tight focus” on me is a little disturbing. He said that we only need a flashlight and a sandwich, right? He didn’t say anything about wearing clothes, did he?

    ROFL!!! Now that is a funny thought.


  5. E*:
    anna – My strategy is to scare My Grizz,…with my soon-to-be-tight-everywhere body,…that hasn’t seen ANY sun all Winter. The glare of THAT blaze should blind him but good! And he will see there is hardly any meat left on my bones,…so he will chase one of my competitors instead. It’s good to have a plan.

    E* my partner and I could sure use another set of eyes to watch for Grizz. The men folk in our lives aren’t available. I’m guessing you are a good shot with bear spray if your hands are as quick as your mind and mouth. If you cant join us ladies I’m thinking of inviting Dal. He’s good with that ice axe thingy and sleeps outdoors in grizzly country. I wonder if Dals spring wanderlust has kicked Esmerelda in the tires to get her rolling yet? Certainly Forrest must give him a few breaks from writing f’s biography to slide down the fire scape into the Madison country.


    • anna – I would choose Dal,…if I were you. I am sure you can run faster than him,…but faster than me?,…not so much. Not after the “tight focus” I plan to have all Spring,…on taking every ounce of fat from my body,…and on aggressively hiking the same altitudes or higher,…where I believe the Bronze Chest to be,…to increase my stamina. And if we were search buddies,…we would die laughing,…before My Grizz even had a chance to get his four-inch claws into what is left of me. I am sure of it. 🙂



  6. Everyone – Maybe Forrest went for my/his Plan B Solve,…and decided NOT to face My Grizz,…because he didn’t catch any Golden trout again,…up at that Avalanche Lake?:


    frank on April 26, 2015 at 9:01 am said:omo – there’ll be no paddle up your creek – I think that line is saying – there’ll be no paddle or a creek just a thought.

    E on April 26, 2015 at 11:46 am said:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    frank – In my Forrest’s Plan B solve,…it means DON’T travel up that creek,…that you see,…right there in front of you,…because there is a VERY LARGE MALE GRIZZ going up and down it,…all the time (and there are “heavy loads” there,…like the 1959 Earthquake slide debris,…and frequent and intense Lightning Storms,…and “water high”,…like lots of Glacial Springs melting,…especially during the “Old Muddy”-generating Spring run-off). Look for the “wise” blaze instead,…then look “quickly down”,…from your “brave and in the wood” canoe on the river.


    • Everyone – And in my Forrest’s Plan A solve,…he drives his Jeep Grand Cherokee along a certain forrest service road,…that follows a certain creek,…that leads to the parking area,…just beyond where there is an old, rentable forrest service cabin (which used to be a Ranger Station by the same name as that very creek). When I saw the name,…I thought of that animal’s tail,…which it used as an effective paddle in that creek. If there WERE any beavers there,…back when Osborne Russell and Joe Meek were trying desperately to find them (because I thought of this line as a historical reference,…in this solve). Which there may not have been. Hence, “There’ll be bo paddle up your creek”.


      The trail head right there is the same one Forrest would have used,…to reach Avalanche Lake, to fish for Golden trout, btw.

      And Potomogeton means, “Pond Weed”,…which is the favorite food of Otters,…who live symbioticly with Beavers,…who live in ponds,…just like that one there (where they may ACTUALLY live!). 🙂


      • E- i like those ideas you’ve presented here today.very generous of you to share. i looked at the topo map via the link you provided. Timber creek, Beaver creek, it all makes sense. i actually saw a beaver fell a tree once. he shouted “TIMBER!” just as it was falling but i dont speak beaver, im just assuming that was the word he used because nobody got hit by the tree.


    • E* I would not like to face your Grizz either. Do you think Forrest is watching a forest service type bear camera and can see a big mail Grizz sitting right next to the chest? Or just hunting in your creek 200 ft away?? LOL 🙂


      • anna – If he somehow has access to the images from the USFS trail cameras Dal photographed,…attached to that tree,…that he posted in his story, “The British are Coming”,…then, yes. Or,…maybe Forrest owns a trout-shaped area,…in between all those boundary lines I pointed out,…on another topo map I posted? Then he would have his own cameras. And he could see My Grizz digging up all those buried Mason Jars filled with honey,…that he buried surrounding the Bronze Chest (to keep My Grizz there as a sentinel,…just like Jesse James did). There is a snakey s’s area in the creek,…next to the trail,…that I believe is a marker, btw. That helps me get oriented when I connect to mytopo.com.


        • anna – And if I EVER make it out to my spot,…like with Brad and Bart the Bear II as my search buddies,…then I will pace out the distance from my s’s in the creek,…next to the trail,…to my spot. It kinda looks like about 200 ft. 😉


        • Oh nobody believes it when some of us say he has access to some trailcams. They dont want to think in terms of “sharp focus” having more than one meaning? lol

          That might give them a little too much to think about…


          • Deb – And I always like to hike naked,…so Forrest having a “tight focus” on me is a little disturbing. He said that we only need a flashlight and a sandwich, right? He didn’t say anything about wearing clothes, did he? 😉


          • Deb, E*
            Since there is nothing about my physique still tight enough for f to focus on… No streaking while looking for that infamous white streak blaze!


          • anna – My strategy is to scare My Grizz,…with my soon-to-be-tight-everywhere body,…that hasn’t seen ANY sun all Winter. The glare of THAT blaze should blind him but good! And he will see there is hardly any meat left on my bones,…so he will chase one of my competitors instead. It’s good to have a plan. 😉


  7. .

    I’ve been having trouble getting my posts to stick, so trying again.

    Congratulations on your recent union, and safe and happy travels.







  8. .
    First a remote comment – Last night having taken the girls to “Ruby” Tuesday’s for dinner, and the 9-year old got a PINK crayon, and for some reason carefully removed the word “pink” from the paper crayon wrapping, then that song by “Pink” ( Just Give Me a Reason ) synchronized to begin playing, even as she showed it to me.

    Now, I punched the link to this 3:3 and see that the divider bars are now showing up as PINK


    Astree – Rover looks to be about the same size as my Giant Ball of String,…perhaps I can use that as a weapon to bowl over other Chasers?! I will start the GBOS training and programming now.

    Your “G”BOS has inspired me a bit, as for some reason with the phrase “no paddle up your creek” I am getting an image of


    and noticing that it can be arranged to

    ORANDE, OR+E = ORE ( heavy loads ), but that also there is a relationship between


    which can produce




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