Poem 3:4

Just heavy loads and water high.

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  1. I was researching humble bees and how they can carry heavy loads when I found this poem. I never knew Lewis Carroll borrowed it, maybe could be why Fenn admires him.

    How doth the little busy bee
    Improve each shining hour,
    And gather honey all the day
    From every opening flower.

    How skilfully she builds her cell;
    How neat she spreads her wax,
    And labors hard to store it well
    With the sweet food she makes.

    In works of labor or of skill,
    I would be busy too;
    For Satan finds some mischief still
    For idle hands to do.

    In books, or work, or healthful play,
    Let my first years be passed;
    That I may give for every day
    Some good account at last.


  2. When the leadsman’s line sank to the two–fathom knot, meaning the boat had a safe twelve feet of water beneath it, he called out, “By the mark, twain!”

    If that is the key it narrows my focus down to 24 feet. Interesting idea. I had considered the fathom because only the phantom knows. A child might perceive them as the same word. 🙂


    • azuredeb – Thanks for the Phantom connection,…I have to remember to think of all those words that sound alike,…but are spelled differently,…too. More on fathom:

      Fathom is from Middle English fadme, from Old English fæthm “outstretched arms.” The Old English and modern English noun also refers to a unit of length used to measure the depth of water. To understand something thoroughly is “to get to the bottom of it.”

      Wouldn’t Forrest’s outstretched arms be a good way to measure where he buried or hid the chest, then? And there was that reference to the teachers with ropes, too, right?


    • azuredeb – On Cassiopeia,…and radio signals,…from aliens?:

      In the 1997 film “Contact” starring Jodie Foster and Matthew McConaughey, Foster’s character Doctor Arroway has the following line of dialogue: “You see that large W-shaped constellation there? That’s Cassiopeia. And Cassiopeia A gives off a whole lot of radio signals. I listen to them a lot. It’s a remnant of a supernova.”

      I hope the aliens don’t come down to pick up TC before I do!


  3. E – the old testament is basically a history of the Jewish people. Jews is a nickname for people descended from one of the sons of Jacob, Judah. Mixed in with them are the descendants of another son, Levi. These two groups combined and are known collectively as Jews. Their message as the old testament shows is clear. Obey god and prosper. Disobey god and be destroyed. The flood story is a manifestation of gods anger with humans. It is repeated over and over in the old testament. Not by floods but in other ways. As a final act of desperation, god sends Jesus. God has not dealt with humans directly, since Jesus. His message is clear, obey god and prosper, disobey god and be destroyed (by fire). So how do we obey god? I’m not going to discuss that. But I do know this after reading Tellinger’s “slave species”. Part of what we are to do is to make offerings to a church. In the form of cash. The church will then use cash to purchase gold and hold it for safekeeping. At some point in the future the gods will return to collect the gold held by the churches. It is a brilliant plan. The gods found a hands off way of controlling humans. Or, to get them to work without having to hear them complain.


    • Bob – I tried to get the book, “Slave Species of god”, by Michael Tellinger, today,…but if the bookstore orders it,…it will cost $25.00. Instead,…I am going to get, “Gilgasmesh: A New English Version”,…for the 50% used book sale price of $3.25,…which was brought in just a few days ago. I have to save my money to travel to my spot,…since I won’t have one of Deb’s bracelets,…to use as a hitchhiking I.D. 🙂


  4. Hey everybody! I’m thinking the water high part of this line could mean the fire extinguishing sprinkler systems inside a building on the ceiling. Wacky huh?


      • Astree – Re: your “I’m seeing 5, not forth” comment,…I thought of the Biblical phrase “Go forth and multiply”,…in reference to “Just heavy loads and waters high.”:

        And you, be ye fruitful and multiply,…. Instead of taking away the lives of men, the great concern should be to multiply them; and this indeed is one reason of the above law, to prevent the decrease and ruin of mankind; and which was peculiarly needful, when there were so few men in the world as only four, and therefore it is repeated in stronger terms:
        bring forth abundantly in the earth, and multiply therein; that the whole earth might be overspread with men, and repeopled sufficiently, as it was by the sons of Noah, see Genesis 9:19.

        Which continues in Genesis:

        18Now the sons of Noah who came out of the ark were Shem and Ham and Japheth; and Ham was the father of Canaan. 19These three were the sons of Noah, and from these the whole earth was populated.

        The movie “Noah” wasn’t playing here last weekend,…but I’ll check the paper today,…to see if it’s coming this weekend.


          • Bob – Another non-wind-making-waves interpretation,…of your “and the spirit of god was moving over the face of the waters”,…for your perusal:

            2 Peter 3:5 and upon the surface of these waters, before they were drained off the earth, “the Spirit of God moved”; which is to be understood not of a wind, as Onkelos, Aben Ezra, and many Jewish writers, as well as Christians, interpret it; since the air, which the wind is a motion of, was not made until the second day. The Targums of Jonathan and Jerusalem call it the spirit of mercies; and by it is meant the Spirit of the Messiah, as many Jewish writers (t) call him; that is, the third Person in the blessed Trinity, who was concerned in the creation of all things, as in the garnishing of the heavens, so in bringing the confused matter of the earth and water into form and order; see Job 26:13. This same Spirit “moved” or brooded (u) upon the face of the waters, to impregnate them, as an hen upon eggs to hatch them, so he to separate the parts which were mixed together, and give them a quickening virtue to produce living creatures in them.


          • E- have you read the book…Slave Species of God. by Michael Tellinger?

            The great flood is probably the most important event in human history.


          • Bob – Thank you for that book recommendation,… that is right up my alley,…and seems to fit in with everything we have been discussing (ie. Sumeria, aliens, Gold, archaeology, Gold, Gold, Gold,…I guess it’s time for me to read the book, huh?). God willing,…I will find it at the library,…so I will not have to make a purchase (due to a certain lack of GOLD,…oops!). Thanks! 🙂


          • E- just google Enki and Enlil … For a quick read. Fascinatingstuff that offers a non biblical account of the flood.


          • Bob – With me,…it never seems to be a quick read,…because I am very curious,…by nature,… but here’s the gist of that Sumerian flood myth story:

            According to Sumerian mythology, Enki also assisted humanity to survive the Deluge designed to kill them. In the later Legend of Atrahasis, Enlil, the king of the gods, sets out to eliminate humanity, whose noise is disturbing his rest. He successively sends drought, famine and plague to eliminate humanity, but Enki thwarts his half-brother’s plans by teaching Atrahasis how to counter these threats. Each time, Atrahasis asks the population to abandon worship of all gods, except the one responsible for the calamity, and this seems to shame them into relenting. Humans, however, proliferate a fourth time. Enraged, Enlil convenes a Council of Deities and gets them to promise not to tell humankind that he plans their total annihilation. Enki does not tell Atrahasis directly, but speaks to him in secret via a reed wall. He instructs Atrahasis to build a boat in order to rescue his family and other living creatures from the coming deluge. After the seven-day Deluge, the flood hero frees a swallow, a raven and a dove in an effort to find if the flood waters have receded. Upon landing, a sacrifice is made to the gods. Enlil is angry his will has been thwarted yet again, and Enki is named as the culprit. Enki explains that Enlil is unfair to punish the guiltless, and the gods institute measures to ensure that humanity does not become too populous in the future. This is one of the oldest of the surviving Middle Eastern Deluge myths.


          • Bob:
            E- from genesis…and the spirit of god was moving over the face of the waters…

            Wind making waves.

            “WAVES” was definitely something I looked at for a while, in response to

            “Heavy loads” and water “hi”

            due to the clues


          • E- on Noah…remember the story in the bible was written by Moses. I’m sure this movie will be based on the biblical version as handed down to Moses. Moses was raised in Egypt by pharoahs daughter. I think it was here in Egypt he was exposed to parchment or paper and writing. Once recorded on paper, the story probably hasn’t changed much. But before that, the oral handing down, through the generations, much was lost. One of these lost tidbits is the “noise” the humans made that disturbed the gods. In Sitchin’s translation of the Sumerian tablets version of the flood it was this noise that caused the gods to want to destroy all humans. This noise was the humans constantly complaining about having to work for the gods as slaves. Of course Moses said god wanted to destroy man because his heart was set on evil continually. Which, could be viewed as the same thing. I know at my job if I’m not making money for my boss at any given moment my activity is “evil”. I could see where the ark, heavy load and the flood or deluge, water high can come into play for a solution.


          • Bob – Thanks for that. To continue,…on why humans were eventually made (See: the strike of the first set of godly workers):

            After six generations of Gods, in the Babylonian “Enuma Elish”, in the seventh generation, (Akkadian “shapattu” or sabath), the younger Igigi Gods, the sons and daughters of Enlil and Ninlil, go on strike and refuse their duties of keeping the creation working. Abzu God of fresh water, co-creator of the cosmos, threatens to destroy the world with his waters, and the Gods gather in terror. Enki promises to help and puts Abzu to sleep, confining him in irrigation canals and places him in the Kur, beneath his city of Eridu. But then, with the universe still threatened, Tiamat, with the imprisonment of her husband and consort Abzu and at the prompting of her son and vizier Kingu, decides to take back the creation herself. The Gods gather again in terror and turn to Enki for help, but Enki who harnessed Abzu, Tiamat’s consort, for irrigation refuses to get involved. The gods then seek help elsewhere, and the patriarchal Enlil, their father, God of Nippur, promises to solve the problem if they make him King of the Gods. In the Babylonian tale, Enlil’s role is taken by Marduk, Enki’s son, and in the Assyrian version it is Asshur. After dispatching Tiamat with the “arrows of his winds” down her throat (similar in some respects to how Elohim moves his breath (ruach) over the “face of the deep” or “Tehom”, in Genesis 1:2) and reconstructing the heavens with the arch of her ribs (i.e. her “life”), Enlil places her tail in the sky as the Milky Way, and her crying eyes become the source of the Tigris and Euphrates. But there is still the problem of “who will keep the cosmos working”. Enki, who might have otherwise come to their aid, is lying in a deep sleep and fails to hear their cries. His mother Nammu (creatrix also of Abzu and Tiamat) “brings the tears of the gods” before Enki and says
            Oh my son, arise from thy bed, from thy (slumber), work what is wise,
            Fashion servants for the Gods, may they produce their (bread?).
            Enki then advises that they create a servant of the Gods, humankind, out of clay and blood.


          • Bob – OK,…on the “Noah” movie I saw last night. It was educational,…and entertaining,… especially after all of our discussions about flood myths,…and the creation story in Genesis,…but it was a little intense and dark,…if you ask me. And “The Watchers” reminded me of a cross between the Ent trees, in “Lord of the Rings”,… and the Transformers robots (only made from volcanic rock). You’ll see what I mean,…if you decide to go see it. If the filmmakers were trying to be historically accurate,…then I will have to read that story,…written by Moses,…again.


          • that specific term “the watchers” i dont believe is in the book of Genesis. it refers to Angels and is used in the book of Enoch and i think Daniel


          • Chris – Right,…Enoch is Noah’s great grandfather. The Genesis part was summarized in the very beginning of the film,…in rapidly changing scene vignettes. The explanation of how The Watchers came to Earth, was explained thereafter. I thought Anthony Hopkins did a great job playing Methuselah, btw.


          • Astree – Noah’s youngest had a pet crow in the movie,…that he sent out to see if it would come back with muddy feet,…because it would have then reached land. I am assuming there were two such crows, then,…since two of all of the animals showed up to travel in the ark.

            And as for your Bible passage,…there was a nice rainbow in the movie, too,…which showed up at just the right time! 🙂


        • E*: Astree – Noah’s youngest had a pet crow in the movie,…… I am assuming there were two such crows,


          So, at least 3 Crowes, including Russel ?

          That was also an attempt to relate the ark to “arco iris”, .

          The origin of the “-el” stories is intriguing.

          ( an aside, saw part of the movie “The Number 23” last night. It reminded me a bit of this puzzle, and the letter “W” – well, maybe not really an aside )


          • Astree – The letter W is the 23rd letter,…but V is the 22nd,…and Two Vs, side by side, look like a W,…which is 22 + 22,…Hmmm. But a “Double U” is actually UU,…or could be a Double Omega ?? (if the two Us are turned upside-down, anyway). And that would be 21 + 21 = 42. What did Douglas Adams say about that number again? 🙂


          • Astree – I liked finding the letters in that picture,…and because you said, “just heavy loads and water hi”,…I thought of the Hebrew letter, ‘Chai’,…which is prounced ‘hi’:


            The article mentions that the Chai symbol means, “to life”,…and it is often worn by Jews with a Star of David. My friend, Father Sean, speaks Hebrew as well as Gaelic. 🙂


          • Astree – And on Tubas ( the one in the picture was a Kaiserbass in B? ),…and George Armstrong Custer,…and the Civil War:

            Around the start of the Civil War, saxhorns manufactured for military use in the USA were commonly wrapped with the bell pointing backwards over the player’s shoulder, and these were known as over-the-shoulder saxhorns, and came in sizes from cornets down to E? basses. However, the E? bass, even though it shared the same tube length as a modern E? tuba, has a narrower bore and as such cannot be called by the name ‘tuba’ except as a convenience when comparing it to other sizes of Saxhorn.

            I wonder if Custer had those instruments in the brass band that played, “Gary Owen”,… before he met his death? I found a copy of Michael Blake’s book, “Marching to Valhalla”,…at the bookstore today. I enjoyed reading that a few years ago. Here is a link about how Brad Pitt was supposed to play Custer in the movie made from that book (Michael also wrote “Dances with Wolves”):



          • Astree – Here are the two symbols that represent Omega:
            The first one looks like a ‘Double U’,… doesn’t it?


          • Astree – So,…if ‘hai’ means ‘twain’ in Vietnamese,…then:

            Just heavy loads and water Twain?:

            When the leadsman’s line sank to the two–fathom knot, meaning the boat had a safe twelve feet of water beneath it, he called out, “By the mark, twain!”

            That fits into my solve. Ands so does this:

            Chi = X in Greek.


          • Astree – And in Vietnamese GT:

            Chi > indicate, show, quote

            That kinda sounds like,…X marks the spot,…doesn’t it?


          • Astree – On Constantine,…and the Chi Rho symbol:


            But,…of course,…I like the IX Monogram ? better:

            IX Monogram [edit]
            An early form of the monogram of Christ, found in early Christian ossuaries in Palestinia, was formed by superimposing the first (capital) letters of the Greek words for Jesus and Christ, i.e. iota ? and chi ?, so that this monogram means “Jesus Christ”.[15]:166 Another more complicated explanation of this monogram was given by Ireneaus[18] and Pachomius: because the numeric value of iota is 10 and the chi is the initial of the word “Christ” (Greek: ???????? [sic]; proper spelling: ???????) which has 8 letters, these early fathers calculate 888 ((10*8)*10)+((10*8)+8) which was a number already known to represent Jesus, being the sum of the value of the letters of the name “Jesus” (IH????) (10+8+200+70+400+200)


          • Astree – And on e,…as a mathematical constant (as you said, “Constant-in-E”):

            In contemporary internet culture, individuals and organizations frequently pay homage to the number e.
            For instance, in the IPO filing for Google in 2004, rather than a typical round-number amount of money, the company announced its intention to raise $2,718,281,828, which is e billion dollars to the nearest dollar. Google was also responsible for a billboard[28] that appeared in the heart of Silicon Valley, and later in Cambridge, Massachusetts; Seattle, Washington; and Austin, Texas. It read “{first 10-digit prime found in consecutive digits of e}.com”. Solving this problem and visiting the advertised (now defunct) web site led to an even more difficult problem to solve, which in turn led to Google Labs where the visitor was invited to submit a resume.[29] The first 10-digit prime in e is 7427466391, which starts at the 99th digit.


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