Poem 4:2

Look quickly down, your quest to cease,

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  1. Everyone – Since JC1117 and I are always kidding about “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”,…I would like to point out that Forrest used the word “quest” in this fourth stanza, second line of The Poem:

    “Look quickly down, your quest to cease,”

    So,…is he pointing to the legends (= “hint of riches new and old”?) surrounding the quest for the grail,…and how it may have been hidden? I remember reading about an alcove in a cave,…where a very small carved agate grail was found. But here is another article I just found:


    Does this help anyone with their solve?


    • E- not me im sticking with my skippy peanut butter jar circa 1973.

      i dont think Jesus would drink from such a cup. not his style.


        • Bob, I’ll go with E* on the grail. The beautiful simplicity of the agate grail is befitting of the humble life Christ led while upon earth.

          E* “your” trout solution just moved ahead of your other horses in your race to the finish. Forrest should have consulted you regarding the right hidey hole. Give that winning solve the name…
          “Tail Waters” even though f said nothing to do with a dam. Wish I was that clever! but hey, then you wouldn’t have loyal fans.
          Has Bart shed his unruly winter coat. Pretty sure that Brutus is trimmed up with a shiny summer coat.


        • E- that agate cup is nothing like the one shown in the link you posted before. the other cup has stones mounted on it. and since jesus was always talking about selling things and giving to the poor, im sure the cups plates and silverware come from a flea market for the last supper. i mean its the LAST SUPPER! their group was breaking up so why use a dinner set? picnic ware is temporary. only the guy or gal who cleaned up after the LAST SUPPER really knows what happened to the holy grail. even Jesus said “this cup” he didnt say holy grail. i bet it was years or even centuries later that the cup became known as the holy grail. nobody knows what happened to it. its just churchy propaganda. folks are always focusing on the object and not the message. now where is that bronze box? i need to focus.


  2. To get back to clue discussion as Christmas is still in the future as I see it.

    This line…”look quickly down, your quest to cease”. Is two syllables of a three syllable word. Look quickly down, could mean hell. I mean consider the saying ” the quick and the dead” or the living and the deceased. So, if the quick look down, we see the deceased, dead or in the grave in which can be hell, or the ground.
    So we have hell for look quickly down. Now, as far as your quest to cease is concerned, what comes to mind? It’s over. Finished. Trails end. Mission accomplished. Done deal. How about arrested? As in copped. Maybe? Of course I’m trying to reverse engineer for the blaze to be the word helicopter. For the solution to the poem to be at the Vietnam veterans memorial at Angel Fire.
    I’ve got look quickly down, for hel.
    Quest to cease, for cop
    And the research I did for the suffix ter produced many results, including this which I don’t understand completely but here goes…..
    The suffix ter is usually added to a third-declension adjective or participle stem to form an adverb of manner.

    So, it seems FF couldn’t come up with a hint to the suffix ter so he just left it out. And why not? Because it helps keep the word helicopter out of the poem. Notice in TTOTC, the helicopter skippy built is drawn at the exact same angle as the helicopter on display at the Vietnam veterans memorial. And not twenty feet from the helicopter is a bronze box.
    Of course, I could be wrong.


    • I really think you’re on to something, Bob. I sometimes hear others saying that about me, also. i.e. “He’s really on something, isn’t he?” ๐Ÿ™‚

      I think your ideas about looking down into hell at the memorial are quite accurate. I’ll bet Forrest would agree with you. So, you’re likely on to something there…not “on something”.

      Now…regarding the suffix “ter” it can also be added to the end of a noun to represent “endearment”. In Russian the suffix “ka” can be added to a noun for the same purpose. For example, voda means water…by adding ka to voda we get vodka…which literally means “dear water”…which some Russians truly love more than actual water…a great many, in fact.

      For an example in English…imagine ancient Egypt where some of the local power players…including The Sphinx…have formed a team in The Egyptian Bowling League. After a great season and a strong finish some of The Sphinx’s good buddies decided to surprise him with his very own bowling shirt with his name embroidered in large, gold letters across the back:


      ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope that example helps.


      • Have you guys ever considered following the money trail? Example: (Lewis and Clark Bill, Ford (halt) , ‘Grant’ (give), double headed (ever drawing nigh) Buffalo Nickel/Sacajawea (brave), Wooden Nickle (wood) , brass (cold) etc? (Or whatever meanings and currency you choose to assign? I don’t want to repeat it if it’s already been discussed prior to my short time being around Look quickly down might just be flipping over that last coin…


  3. In light of Musstag’s search story I wanted to examine the phrase “look quickly down.” if we must be perched upon a high place, such as a knoll and then look quickly down, why quickly? The word quickly in the phrase troubles me about a literal interpretation. The rate of speed in which our gaze is lowered is irrelevant. The bronze box will not magically appear or disappear depending on your definition of quickly. Therefore, the phrase must mean something else entirely. I made a list of words as related to each:
    For Look; see, view, watch,eye,gaze,peek,scan,survey,observe,examine.

    For quickly; rapid, haste,run,swift,fast,speed

    For down; below,under,low,drop,descend,south,sad

    The phrase extracted from these that makes the most sense is “see rapids below” , which would coincide with a blaze or trail marker. Another one might be “eye speed low” which would work if one has found blaze and is scanning a large area. Although it can be argued that “eye speed low” is in direct conflict with “look quickly down”.

    Never mind.

    I’m a big dummy.


    • A searcher ask Forrest what would he see if he looked quickly down, Forrest replied his feet. I believe Bob that quickly is really a distance rather than the speed of looking.


        • William- so quickly means …a very small distance. Thanks, I never thought of that.
          It does relate to my post about the chest being right next to the blaze.
          “if you’ve been wise and found the blaze, look(a short distance) down, your search is over…”

          I like that!


        • So the key to solving the poem and finding the chest is solely dependent upon correctly identifying and finding the blaze. Because the chest is right there.


        • William- following this train of thought, you said a cliff, Musstag was on a knoll.. Then it stands to reason that if we are to look down, whether it be quickly or a short distance… Then we are standing on top of something. The blaze must be something that a person can stand on top of.
          A cliff, knoll, boulder, bridge, dam, etc.


          • Bob I believe the blaze is up high and you as a searcher is in the middle and the chest is lower than where you are. If you are walking on a trail then I think you have to be looking up instead of down and that might be the reason people are walking past the chest with in 300 feet.


      • William- just in case the speed in which one looks down does make a difference, I have duct taped a bowling ball to the top of my head and am exercising my neck muscles by nodding repeatedly. Ttyl….
        One and two and one and two and one and two….


        • I have been practicing with beer, throw one back quickly and then look down until I pass out, seems to be working if I want to see double ๐Ÿ™‚


      • azuredeb – I bookmarked that etymology link,…for future use,…thank you! This part was the most revealing,…for me:

        Also in Middle English used of soft soils, gravel pits, etc. where the ground is shifting and yielding (mid-14c., compare quicksand)…

        So,…”Look quickly down”,…could mean near,…or just South,…of an area,…like the one described above,… right?


  4. .

    Chris Yates:
    A Curious Owl


    Yes, a cross correlation cipher, using this phrase, yields

    “PS, S-(C)-OWL I COPY”

    1) Convert “LOOK QUICKLY” to Pig Pen characters

    2) Re-interpret the Pig-Pen characters, using the Freemason cipher

    using Borders for reference



    ( en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pigpen_cipher )


    • .

      inthechaseto on April 3, 2014 at 10:58 am said:

      Awwww โ€“ so cute โ€“ I like owls.

      Or maybe your saying LOW as in โ€œlook quickly downโ€ ?


      Poem 4:2 for your on-going “42” discussion


    • Astree – Is that a reference to the Masons,…and the A=Alpha,… and then, Z=Omega,…with the Grand Master being the first,…and the last,…in their secret ceremonies?


    • .

      Astree โ€“ Is that a reference to the Masons,โ€ฆand the A=Alpha,โ€ฆ and then, Z=Omega,โ€ฆwith the Grand Master being the first,โ€ฆand the last,โ€ฆin their secret ceremonies?

      A few pieces of that exploration, that are directly known are

      1) The poem starts off with the phonetic AZ
      2) The book ends with the double ‘omega’


      • Astree – OK,…now I am thinking about two “book ends”,…like upย on a shelf,…with a ‘treasured’ story,…laying secretly between them. I think those ‘pieces’ fit nicely. Thanks! ??


  5. .



    This line is the only line that contains “Q”, and it has 2 of them, so suggestive.


    because the cue was to “WEST” and now looking down and to the EAST, viz SE




  6. S4L2

    I believe that the meaning of this line cannot be known unless you’ve already found the correct blaze from the preceding clue solutions that make it possible to see the blaze. This is the nature of contiguous clues. The blaze shows you how this line can help you.

    I recognize several hints in TTOTC that link the blaze to the intent of S4L2.

    Inthe- yes regarding the blaze known ahead of time.

    If a tree falls in the woods and is not heard by any creature, there was movement but not sound. Sound is a characterization and experience of particular kinds of movement that are “audible”. But so what.



    • Humm – some people talk to their plants – thinking they can hear – I’ve never done that and probably why I don’t have a green thumb…..,.

      Halo – you have found the blaze – ?


      • Yes, or I couldn’t have said what I said.

        And, of course, it’s either dead-on right or it’s wrong.

        Talking to plants, or anything else, can’t hurt.



      • inthechaseto:
        Humm โ€“ some people talk to their plants โ€“ thinking they can hear โ€“ Iโ€™ve never done that and probably why I donโ€™t have a green thumbโ€ฆ..,.

        Halo โ€“ you have found the blaze โ€“ ?

        I think he gives a math solution how to find the blaze and its how I found mine. When you going up your creek or how ever you determined that line on page 88 he ( made his first pass 250 degrees into the sun, 200 feet ) so at 250 degrees and 200 feet up should be your blaze and at that point you look quickly down. This explains the story when you buy the big map you get a story about a compass from Forrest. he got shot down at 5:55pm so the sun was in the west. HALO its just IMO please go easy me ๐Ÿ™‚


  7. Musstag:
    itct, yes, actually thats how I did my 1st spot to search from home, with google earth I had a blaze, to me, but the area around me was as flat as a pancake, but then I noticed Hills, and then Mountains, so I planned to go and did goup to the nearest knoll, it was a pretty view from up there, but no chest to be spotted.
    Yes, that sentance FF stated, โ€˜you will go to it in confidenceโ€™ โ€ฆ that weeds out a lot of ideals.

    Yes, it was a very important hint. I don’t think google is the way to go in discovering the blaze – so think about what you can then eliminate and go from there.


  8. inthechaseto:
    Musstag –

    You can of course, believe that if you want โ€“ and it very well may be true โ€“ I think about it differently โ€“ in that the blaze can be, and should be found before leaving home.

    I agree cause Forrest said move with confidence so in order to do so, you need to know the blaze and what tarry scant and marvel gave is, also I am thinking that so hear me all and listen good is a falling tree cause if a tree falls in the woods does it makes a sound.


    • I have not given much thought on the “hear me all and listen good” line because I did not see a clue in it, but then again, It could be with the falling tree theory. As I recall, the falling tree makes vibrations in the air and the ear convertes those vibs into sound. The falling tree and sound are debatable just like the chicken and the egg.
      If this is a clue it’s out of order. FF said to fallow the poem in order. “Hear me all and listen good” is S6L1, way after S4L4 “Just take the chest and go in peace.”


      • This is a thought but what if the 6th stanza is a general area where you should be, cause Forrest said that the poem will lead you right to it. I have not herd a solution that brought you right to a chest, it has always been a general area. Stanza 1 description of the journey, stanza 2-5 the journey, stanza 6 description of the area


  9. inthechaseto:
    William –

    You should take the entire sentence โ€“ sound it out โ€“ but then look again.

    If youโ€™ve been w eyes and found the blaze,

    Look quickly down, Your quest to cease.

    But actually your quest does not cease, the next line in the poem says ( BUT tarry scant with marvel gaze ) there is more action to be done which depends on how you interpid this line. So if you was at the blaze on a hill, cliff or ravine and quick look down now you have to tarry scant which might mean move slowly to something small. But its IMO and I read your blogs on the forum and find alot of insight to what you all say.


        • Obviously that’s a true statement. If you were reading and looked quickly down would you also be directed to go to the bottom of the page?


          • So I would say that on your way to the blaze look quickly down, so at this point you have to be elevated on a road or trail and there has to be a spot lower than you. In TFTW the mountain lion story he is on the top of a ravine and he shoots the lion down and has to climb down to get it. But its a thought


          • William –

            You should take the entire sentence – sound it out – but then look again.

            If you’ve been w eyes and found the blaze,

            Look quickly down, Your quest to cease.


          • William, you posted, ” look quickly down, so at this point you have to be elevated on a road or trail”

            I have also thought about if you really can’t look down from where you find yourself, look around , for the “closest” hill or knoll, from somewhere VERY NEAR you that you CAN look down.


          • Musstag –

            You can of course, believe that if you want – and it very well may be true – I think about it differently – in that the blaze can be, and should be found before leaving home.


          • itct, yes, actually thats how I did my 1st spot to search from home, with google earth I had a blaze, to me, but the area around me was as flat as a pancake, but then I noticed Hills, and then Mountains, so I planned to go and did go up to the nearest knoll, it was a pretty view from up there, but no chest to be spotted.
            Yes, that sentance FF stated, ‘you will go to it in confidence’ … that weeds out a lot of ideals.


      • william- ive been looking for this comment of yours for a long time, finally found it. yes feet are the blaze or trailmarker. feet mark the trail as footprints. now the phrase “boots on the ground ” has new meaning. abbreviated as BOG or BOTG. Forrest’s treasure is truly…right under your toes. lol


        • Hello, Bob et al.

          You’re no doubt familiar with the new film about The Thrill Of The Chase called, “The Lure”.

          Well…I went to YouTube looking for a trailer and discovered there are several movies already produced called, “The Lure”.

          I thought this one was interesting…because it tells the story of one boy’s lure and his unceasing quest to reclaim it…all while looking down…


          I haven’t seen the whole movie so I hope things Look Up for him in the end…and he is able to cease his quest…in peace.


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