Poem 4:3

But tarry scant with marvel gaze,

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  1. Tarry Scant – is an odd use of words. It’s an old saying – used around the turn of the century.

    Once you “find” tarry scant – you will know you are on the right path – it’s really thrilling as the story that goes with it is fantastic…..

    Where is it? It’s there…..just waiting. Can it be found from home? Yes

    The entire poem should be solved from home.

    Every word in the poem is to be used just as it is written – don’t mess with the poem.


    • inthechaseto- to me, this line means to stay short and with wonder look. which describes what we do at a museum as we move from display to display. Forrest tries to show by example in the book TFTW the chapter “my prehistoric friends” the cave man family stays short and with wonder watches Forrest and his buddy look for artifacts. kind of a mirror image of the museum* display im always talking about.

      * Draper Museum of Natural History

      YAWN……my goodness


  2. Omg…what is all the talk on otherwise blogs. I must of missed the train. Anyway, this line also has no association to Rocky mountains or any of the state’s north of Santa Fe…..IMO….


  3. Has it ever been suggested before that this line of the poem could be referring to the old practice of tar and feathering someone to make a spectacle of them?
    I found this in a plot summary of a movie from 1936 entitled “The Plainsman” starring Gary Cooper, Jean Arthur, James Ellison, Charles Bickford.

    The Plainsman is a lot of history condensed into a 113 minute movie. In other words facts arranged incorrectly.

    It features Wild Bill Hickock, Calamity Jane, Buffalo Bill Cody, Louisa Cody, and others from the Wild West just after the civil war. Forrest would have been about 8 or 9 years old when it came out.


    • ,
      My daughter told me that her geometry teacher was explaning flat surfaces, and said that the sky was not a plane, and one of the students said, “Yeah, but there are planes in the sky”. I think Forrest was too young to be included at that time as a Planesman.

      Closest I could come, with the poem, is

      “As I have gone alone in the-ere (air)”

      By the way, did Forrest ever have a hospital event when he was admitted to the E.R. ?



  4. Hello fellow searchers ,
    In hindsight I feel like I did not tarry scant long enough . lol
    Mr. Fenn says that you have to know where to start .
    IMO , I think that stanza 4 , line 3 might be the place to start . I can’t give you all the reasons why I believe this because it would reveal too much information . However, hope this might help someone to get on the right path . Just one man’s opinion .
    Good luck to everyone searching .


    • Astree – You said, “BUT TARRY SCANT WITH MARVEL GAZE”,… which means I can use your comment,…for my reply,…to someone’s post,…somewhere,…about Marvel’s “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”,…and the opening date of 4-14-2014. Well,…I saw it last night,… and LOVED it! And this was my favorite quote,…said by Captain America’s wingman,…Sam Wilson,…the Falcon: “Don’t look at me. I do what he does – just slower.” Has anyone else seen this movie? 🙂


      • I would love to go see that movie…hopefully soon. E*, in regard to your comment, “I do what he does – just slower” it reminds of this. Enough to make a man cringe. Youth is always wasted on the young. It’s sad that I’m old enough to say that.

        Young AND dumb? What are the odds?

        I think it ties in with “The Chase” (for single guys) quite nicely.



      • Astree and JC1117 – Just one more great quote,…from “Captain America: Winter Soldier”,…said by Scarlett Johansson’s red-headed character, Natasha:

        “Can anyone direct me to the Smithsonian? I’m looking for an old fossil…”

        That reminded me of Forrest,…digging for fossils,…at his San Lazaro pueblo.

        Ok,…one more,…a good come-back,…for anything,…anytime,…from Captain America himself:

        “Before we get started, does anyone want to get out?”


      • Astree – So Mr. E was one of “The Twelve”,…and so are you, apparently! But ‘the more pressing’ thing is,…today is 3-22,…which is one of my favorite days of the month. Happy Spring! I am getting so excited about going out on a non-virtual chase,…in a few months. I have never been cryogenically preserved,…like Mr. E was,…from WWII until the 80s,…but if I got stuck,…”alone in there”,…in the snow,…at my very cold spot,…right now,…I might be preserved for posterity,…kinda like those Woolly Mammoths were.

        ENOSE > Seth (Now I am thinking of the “waters high” of the Desolation Wilderness,…near Lake Tahoe,…again,…where the movie, “City of Angels”, was filmed):


        And “What does the fox say”? Let’s ask Morgan Freeman,…shall we? Weirdly,…I think the host mentions Mount Rushmore,…just before Morgan Freeman starts reading:



      • Astree – More on Mount Rushmore,…and those presidential nose shadows,…and another “Preamble”:

        We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

        I will re-explore the possible Masonic connections to the number 42 later. I know they really liked the number 33, though. I am also thinking about the Liberty Bell connection,…and Benjamin Franklin. What was that, Ben?… 🙂


    • .

      Astree – Thank you for all of that STRIX wisdom. Did you know that people who claim they have been abducted by aliens often say they have memories of seeing an owl? And here is an interesting Latin GT translation:

      strix > cubavit lamia > the ogress


      This may go a bit off-topic (unlike previous posts, lol) – I will post a picture from the fox (Fandango) puzzle and try to get to the remainder of your post later (quite a few activities going on here at the moment)


      ( in the link below) Take the E in border “E-YES”, connect to “T” in TIME (I’M lost in T-IM-E). Line segment will pass through Bell (recall Forrest’s bells). Look closely (this relates back to post several hours ago of Woot microscope, “BE” and look closer). You will see Moon-Earth (ME), resolution should be good enough for you to see it. There is much buried in these puzzles, due to what they tap into. This our DES-TINY, per the non-white frame letters.

      Not generally needed for pragmatic solve.




      • Astree – I see the faces of a wolf and a cougar,…in the black clouds of smoke,…above the flames. Or is the one on the left, actually the face of Prometheus? And isn’t that the Liberty Bell? The actual one has the inscription, “Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof.” (re: the ‘BE’ in the word ‘Liberty’ on the “tight focus” coin). I didn’t see a crack, though,…so whoever made the bronze one in the picture got the copper and tin ingredients right (and wasn’t cheap!). I will think more on that picture later,…about the symbolic significance,…and especially about how it reminds me of some of the final scenes of the movie, “Knowing”.


      • astree:


        Thismay go a bit off-topic (unlike previous posts, lol) – I will post a picture from the fox (Fandango) puzzle and try to get to the remainder of your post later (quite a few activities going on here at the moment)


        ( in the link below) Take the E in border “E-YES”, connect to “T” in TIME


        Another “look-closely” : in that linked image, the cherub looking down, at a small white mark just above the foxes back. Showing zoom on that image, shadowed profile (gargoyle-like). I thought this was a feature of the image as intended, but looking closer, found that it looked like a glue-related tear, where the pp. 34-35 stuck together when the book was opened. I checked with another puzzler, who did not have that mark in their book.


        Thus looking to the border word (recall Forrest’s “Border”) NIGHTMARE.

        “IM, Lost in T-IM-E. IM ET”. The Owl, the creature of the NIGHT.


      • .
        E* said “STRIX wisdom” (above, this thread)


        “Sorry I forgot to add each also has stars and an owl”

        Time and information are not always linear, like we have been taught. Like wise, the puzzle.

        The treasure has been recovered, each year, since the beginning of the puzzle.

        This year, I believe it will be different, and so E*, just a direct question, to answer to the degree you feel comfortable: How far are you from understanding the puzzle solution?



        • Astree – I did see another face in the black smoke,…on this larger screen,…on the upper right,…so THAT must be Prometheus! And did you see the key,…on the block stone,…along the path,…that the not-so-meek-and-probably-naughty-but-don’t underestimate-him bunny is seemingly guarding? And those gates look familiar,…from another epic and well-illustrated Renaissance love story I read,…which I think might help you in your solve. But I just tried to mind my reference,…but couldn’t.


        • E*: Astree – Yours, about Fandango,…or Forrest’s, about “The Chase”?

          Forrest’s. Here is an example of progress by someone who is working the puzzle, and looking for that ‘exact’ solution – no hours and days of searching.

          Similar to the old axiom “Don’t confuse activity with accomplishment”…. And I say it with all due respect and humility to those who have toiled away at this for lo these 3 long years. I do believe I will get a solve that will take me exactly to the treasure and there will be no second trip. …I’m working on legal pad number 2 right now. Took me about 6 to solve the ATT hunt. Best of luck

          Like that.



    • Astree – The Washington Monument is 555ft tall,…that’s DLV in Roman. Does that have anything to do with the 500ft discrepancy that searchers are encountering? Maybe it’s LV or ‘leave’ at 55ft,…then follow an obelisk-like sundial shadow,…at the right time of day,…another 500ft? Maybe a Golden Gnomon forms that shadow?


      • E*: Astree – The Washington Monument is 555ft tall,…that’s DLV in Roman. Does that have anything to do with the 500ft discrepancy that searchers are encountering? Maybe it’s LV or ‘leave’ at 55ft,…then follow an obelisk-like sundial shadow,…at the right time of day,…another 500ft?

        Not that I’m aware of.


    • Astree – You said, “a LV = a 55 Roman”,…which made me think of Julius Caesar’s invasion of Great Britain in 55BC. I hoted in the link below,…that Great Britain was the source for tin (‘Britain’=’Land of Tin’),…which is needed to combine with copper,…to make bronze (re: the composition of TC). Also See: that the Iron Age in Great Britain is mentioned,…as the time Julius Caesar ruled,…which is when you abandoned the Earth the first time 😉 :



  5. .


    TAR, something dark, like a cave
    RYS, old English for “branch”
    CANT, several relevant meanings, including “code talk”



  6. the poem gives hints to clues within itself

    there are some major clues within, and the poem itself hints at those clues before it gets to them

    in some cases it is repeating itself because the understanding of why it is doing so will help pinpoint the location of the treasure

    one example, tarry scant with marvel gaze

    what is tarry scant, it is dont wait long, in other words hurry up, whatever you’re doing, do it quickly

    what is marvel gaze, it is looking at something

    tarry scant = quickly and marvel gaze = look

    the poem says look quickly

    then it says tarry scant with marvel gaze, it is saying again to look quickly

    marvel gazing maybe gazing at the stars or the moon

    so should we be looking quickly up right after we looked quickly down?



  7. .

    For those not aware, the initials “ff” mean “folios”, used to denote “the following pages”

    “But tarry scant with marvel gaze,”

    The word “terrier” is oft abbreviated as “terrie”

    “terrie” means

    “a book or document in which are described the site, boundaries, acreage, tenants, etc., of certain lands. ”




  8. Hey Notsowise, nice to see you posting again. If we all worried about what others thought, nobody would post anything would they? Been following along?

    Im not going to post what I have come up with yet, because I am still working on some theories.

    Wouldnt suprise me what anyone comes up with. There are reasons for that, it has to do with how the book is written. Each of us has our own way of seeing things that influences how we interpret things. I hope you didnt give up on it?


  9. It is “nice” and pink 1.5 clocks in a day ago. This is my riparian end where it all begins. I see all around me as I put the chest in. From here and to there for “weir” it falls.

    Ok, I have given so many hints to my spot. I am not sure if I can give out anymore. When I say I am a Indian Scout and Saint take heed to my thoughts. I have solved my feelings. Helping everyone in some ways but sent you also on a chase as well. The pose is written from where I will stand with only a few in my sight. The night falls where I can’t go no longer to be safe but the prisoners once held there march to make there way. So come back and think of my words, it will bath you with wonder from a long time ago. I can hook with my dad at this place but it is all but gone.

    For I am an Indian Scout and a Saint.

    That’s all I have to say. I met a lady near FF home about a month ago. We talked and she was smart. She told me FF was whacked and knew him personally. Why would she say that? Then I knew where they were once held. From whom FF found his home from the old biddies I presume.
    I can see this can get me in trouble…think copyright and see how much you can change the rules by 40%, I can do the same because I can make my own rules a well.

    No FF, I am dangerous.
    Good night and goodbye all.


    • To each their own opinion. Forrest is anything but whacked, he is brilliant. You have followed a trail but was it the right trail?

      Its was nice talking with you. Good luck saintly indian scout….


    • Interesting post Geydelkon…
      Not sure if you know who I am, or even if you intend to come back to read any responses to your last (?) post, but I used to post here a while back ago. I kept finding things that didn’t sit too well with me. When I posted my findings, others couldn’t see how I could think that way. Obviously they weren’t researching the same ‘canyon down’ research as I was, but you say “you have solved your feelings”… That sounds to me like you are thinking what I have now, for months & months. If I’m right about how to interpret your post, it makes me feel that maybe I’m not as crazy as everyone thinks! I wish I knew what you had found because NO ONE will believe what I have found!


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