Stanza 5

So why is it that I must go
And leave my trove for all to seek?
The answers I already know,
I’ve done it tired, and now I’m weak.

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    I have learned so much about so many things I never would have even thought about without the chase.

    Me too, azuredeb.

    ” The answers I already know ”

    Just this morning, following the Level 4 route, finding that Forrest guides past a place containing a saber.

    I thought it was curious, so looked it up.

    “saber” is Spanish for “know”



  2. .
    As mentioned several weeks go, now on the Level 4 decodding process.

    IN general, both the Level 3 and Level 4 lead the hunter on two completely different routes. Each route containing clues that will be assembled to define the final location – sort of like a scavenger hunt.

    Having worked through, and now verifying the 5th stanza, Level 4, a great curiousity. Although the two routes being different, at stanza 5, the routes meet, and the point of where he left “my trove for ALL to seek”. Curious because, he then says, ” the answers I already know “. In Level 3, there was a reason for this, but in Level 4, appears because he had already been to that spot in Level 3.



  3. “The answers I already know,
    I’ve done it tired, and now I’m weak”

    What if he’s thinking about what he just did, and the way he did it?
    Maybe he had to crawl to the final place, with his hands down/touching the ground “tired”.
    As he is crawling away from the chest pondering, his hands again hanging down/in contact with the ground, he’s “weak”.


    • I thought he was tired and weak from digging a hole. I think there is a rock on top of it to just cover it so that we dont need to dig ourselves.


      • Well,
        That’s what I think too as being most likely the case. I posted a couple of days ago just that.
        This here, is just a possibility, as I find it curious that the hieroglyph says “tired” and “weak”, and in the same order.

        I keep thinking about the smell, and that’s what puzzles me.
        Was he going to die where the chest is located now?
        Or there was a change in plan, after he ruined it by staying alive?


  4. .

    chaser said:
    “I sent a email to him about this, before his email on the subject was published on Dal’s blog. His response: “It was an honest mistake, sir. f” ”

    I believe him. Not only because I don’t think he lies, but because I have already solved the part of the poem with the word “answers” in it.”

    Care to add any more comments, hints, etc. about what you found ?




    Chaser: “I believe him. Not only because I don’t think he lies, but because I have already solved the part of the poem with the word “answers” in it.”

    The difference between “answer” and “answers” does not change the 9 clues, his initial instructions for finding them, nor the route he has prescribed for following them.

    ” The answer(s) I alread YKNOW, I’ve done it TIRED ”

    Because JDH brought up the subject of entangelement in “Surviving Myself”, this is a good example that only begins to show the breadth of Forrest’s workings.

    As highlighted in CAPS above, the YKNOW is WONKY in reverse, and WONKY means TIRED.

    Still, this is not part of the solution. It is a tip of the proverbial iceberg.

    Good Luck,


  6. The “Chest” will bring Forrest Fenn and the Finder, who is Wise, and knows where ” it” is or already has found it through the guidance of God….That is WHY he went and left a trove to be seeked, the answers he already knew….

    All that is simply my opinion ofcourse 😉


    • .
      I think it is quite possible that Forrest intended the ” the answer(s) I already know” line to have deeper connotations.

      However, the direct reason that he uses it is because it had already been discussed by that time in the poem.


  7. So why is it that I must go and leave my trove for all to seek?
    The answer (s) I already know.

    So, why did he do this –

    Did he hide his trove because he wanted to be remembered? He said he looked on Google and found very little regarding his father.

    Did he really want to be famous – it comes with a price. Did he just – want us to have fun? Did he do this because as a kid he would have loved a hunt like this.

    Is this important for us to know. The reasons he already knows – and as for me, I want to know what he knows and thinks.

    Is there more to this? Is it also, an exploration of why we are even on this planet and how we take care of it (axeman drawing)? Is it both reasons and where are the answers? Yes, I know in the stories – but what I ‘m also asking is – does religion matter here – what is his idea of religion. He doesn’t go to church – unlike his father.


    • Its the point of the whole book. I think I figured it out, and you will too. If you find it you will realize just how smart this man is. He has done alot of thinking in his lifetime.

      In a way it does have something to do with religion. Forrest does call him self a” recovering baptist”. Its a part of him that he wouldnt want to change. Its like his book of rules he keeps. But his rules are his, not something anyone else taught him, he found his own edges.

      Thats just my opinon. I hope it helps you.


    • I have the same problem with these lines as I do with “not far, but too far to walk” and “the end is ever drawing nigh”. Both are literally not possible. No distance (on earth) is too far to walk, and the end must eventually arrive. It can’t always be nearing. So I think their meaning is metaphorical, as are these lines. (however, always moving leftward is a possibility I have accepted for the “ever drawing nigh” clue)

      If he wrote this stanza 5 when he was diagnosed with cancer, (which he might have) I can understand him feeling he “must go and leave my trove”. However, now that he has recovered from his illness, he doesn’t have to leave his trove. He could donate it, will it to an heir, sell it off. etc. He is choosing to leave it for all to seek. So his statement that he “must go and leave my trove” is false. He could have used the word “choose” instead of “must” but didn’t. I think this stanza is intended to tell us that now WE must go, and leave our current path to seek his trove.

      I think stanza 2 directs us to a clear path where one clue’s solution leads to the obvious next solution and gets us on the correct path. Then stanza 3 serves as a confirmation of where we are after we “put in” and 4 is telling us that even though we may not have realized it, we have been following the blaze and now we need to realize what the blaze is in order to continue on it. Stanza 4 also is giving instructions for later use. But now, at stanza 5 we are told to go and seek the trove… find the next path to it.

      Somehow this next step is not as obvious and we need to get off our current path and seek the new one ( a different path but the same trail the blaze points to) which this stanza also gives clues of with “I’ve done it tired and now I’m weak”. At this point the path is right in front of us but if we don’t know what the blaze is, we will miss it. I think the clue “weak” is indicating the new path and he may be saying we can drive it, from here to the next spot, stanza 6. The overall “theme” of this stanza is also indicative of what the next path is, but again if we don’t know what the blaze is, that we have been following all along, we miss it. It’s like coming to an intersection at a bridge over a river. We can continue on the same road across the bridge, which seems logical, or we can turn and follow a different road along the river, which the blaze is directing us to do. The river is the new path. The road just parallels it, so we can drive it. But not knowing the blaze, we would continue across the bridge.

      And following this new path will take us to where stanza 6 is pointing, the final location… but not the X spot. That is found in stanza 1.

      I also have a problem with Mr. Fenn wanting to take physical possessions with him when he dies which these lines seem to indicate. It seems to me if he is “at peace with all of it” (why we’re here) as stated in his memoir, he would not care so much about material things. So this also tells me that these lines are metaphorical clues, as are the two final lines in the stanza. I think these final two are to show his personal growth or self awareness, to tie into the overall theme of this stanza and the blaze.

      Personally, I really feel the blaze (the marker showing the correct trail) is the whole key. Without it, I have no chance. Without the blaze, I would not be able to make sense of any clues in this stanza…

      but I’m still chestless.


    • Into, you are right about the children. This has everything to with children, even the child inside us all. Yes its about fun, and about learning.

      Its not about him wanting to be famous. How do I know that? Its in the book. You wont find it in the poem alone.


  8. ltj:
    Correct me if I am misleading i.e. he was 79 when he hid it.

    1. Just in case you didn’t know, the news that it took 15 years to write the poem, and he knew where to hide the chest all along, are not new news. But there’s nothing wrong with reading old news and gaining new insight.

    2. He has said that he hid it “two or three years ago.” He specifically doesn’t say exactly when, presumably so nobody can go back and find out where he traveled during that time. That doesn’t mean he didn’t prepare the site beforehand, like you suggest. But he has also repeatedly said it is somewhere an old man put it, so you need not search elsewhere.

    In my opinion, based on my research and actual searches, the chest is not hidden anywhere that “locals” or anyone else may regularly pass by. I’m currently inclined to believe it is in a place that at most perhaps a dozen people a year may see, and even fewer, if any, may approach closely. It’s a very secret, private (also a quote.)


  9. This is just a thought – maybe “dangerous intel”

    But it occurred to me from reading an article posted yesterday here on ttotc that since it took ff 15 years to write the poem (that’s what the article said), AND he knew exactly where is would “hide” it – then anywhere in that 15 years he could have prepared the place. What I believe this could mean is many may pass over a pre 2009 site – believing it has been there before the TC.

    In my mind – this suggests to me he could have been younger possibly a little stronger and has a location overlooked by the locals because it’s was there before he hid the chest. Did he specifically say he was 79 at the time or mite have just created that illusion in our minds.

    Correct me if I am misleading i.e. he was 79 when he hid it.

    If so, I could still be correct in saying – he laid the foundation long before he hid it.


  10. Kym:
    over on Richard Saunier’s site he has a post that says there are more than just the 9 clues or which of all the 24 are the actual clues.
    Have we all agreed as to which ones are the true Fennistic clues?

    So Richard has found the treasure then? Professing certainty about intrinsically uncertain thing is dumb. Fenn knows how many clues there are. If anyone has cracked the poem and found the treasure then that person knows. Everyone else is speculating. Some claims are more plausible than others but absent an explicit solution with the treasure it is all speculation.


      • Kym:
        i have never said that i know where the treasure actually is

        I know that. You were quoting someone else. I’m just saying that when people claim that they KNOW something about where the treasure is (beyond what Fenn has stated explicitly) it is false bravado. It isn’t going to help them find the treasure. It will only lead to them being disappointed when they don’t find it. I’ve searched 10 times and have been rewarded every single time. I have’t found any gold nor been disappointed either. If I ever find a pot of gold while I’m out tromping around I’ll probably mess myself.


        • that would be really kewl if we found another treasure from like the 1800’s even if we didn’t find FF’s. Hopefully I find a diamond, or sapphire or gold while on vaca. lol like that guy in Arkansas.
          I’ve come up bust on our searches besides just getting out and having fun 🙂


      this may stump a lot of people but I have never knowingly tried to mislead or lie to anybody on these sites, I just give info or my own opinion or jokes about this chase for FF’s treasure.


    • John over on Richard Saunier’s site he has a post that says there are more than just the 9 clues or which of all the 24 are the actual clues. 🙂
      Have we all agreed as to which ones are the true Fennistic clues?


    • John
      over on Richard Saunier’s site he has a post that says there are more than just the 9 clues or which of all the 24 are the actual clues. 🙂
      Have we all agreed as to which ones are the true Fennistic clues?


    • I haven’t even gone for my 4th try yet, that comes along with our vacation in 3 weeks 🙂 but I’m only going to look for 2 days then the rest is just exploring and gold panning 🙂


    • “There are clues in Stanza 5”

      So you have the treasure then. In that case I must stop looking


      Not following you, John.

      How does one lead to the other ?


  11. .
    A while ago, the Atocha was mentioned, as an example of a very valuable treasure recovered (by Mel Fisher) after many ears searching. “Today’s the day” was his mantra.

    I have taken a new meaning for ATOCHA –

    “ A Thrill Of the Chase Head Ache”.

    Any one else have one?

    By the way, still stuck Stanza 5. I believe Forrest has been very precise, on the trail, as “for big heads”, “go quickly” (rush?) and “lead US” … I would only come up with one thing. But then something like “itsnot sone” .. can’t make sense of it. Or, “enarbea”.

    Anyway, for illustrative purposes only. Suggest to those who make have a technique to be careful about divulging too much. Many bright peoples here, who can pick up and run with it.

    Good Luck to All, astree


    • I’ve done it tired and now I’m weak… he went in a car that led to something like a ski lift or cable car maybe… tired=car and then you are weak so you have to be carried?


      • or maybe he parked his car in the parking lot and then took the red bus tour or boat tour with his backpack and of course took 2 trips, going there and the return trip of getting back to his car.


        • 42 pounds in a backpack is not too much to carry for someone that carried so much more in the military training. and an 80 year old just climbed Everest, FF is not a frail little old man like some think.


          • Kym,

            Think about what you just said in the context of people might be surprised by where the treasure is. This could prove quite interesting.

            Seems like I read somewhere where Forrest wanted to see people sweating or wanted sweaty bodies. Maybe what he couldn’t say was the average person would have to be sweating up a storm to get to the location of where Fenn put the treasure.
            All the more reason for him to laugh about it, and be proud of himself, don’t cha think?


          • amen Ava lol that’s so true, I’m doing some walking too and climbing cuz I don’t want to be sore all my vacation ,I’m waaaay too fat!! LOL


        • I’ve been working on a figurative\symbolic solution that fits my interpretation of the poem very nicely. Things seem to fall into place and one solution leads to the next quite obviously to me (again, my interpretation).
          But, when I get to stanza 5 it bogs down.
          Until recently I couldn’t understand why. Then I looked more closely at 5. The first two lines could be telling us that now we have to go and seek for the trove.
          Up to this point I was just following the logical (to me) path of each clue’s solution, but now at stanza 5 it is not obvious and I must begin SEEKing. The last line might be indicating that I can drive there and “weak” might be telling me what to follow to get there.
          Just as a fast moving river can symbolize strength and power, a slow moving river can symbolize WEAKness. That’s what stanza 4 eventually leads me to. I can drive and follow this slow moving, winding river (that also fits another part of stanza 5 but I’d prefer not to divulge how) to a place that fits stanza 6 perfectly (in my opinion). It’s a COLD and WOODed area that I must be BRAVE to enter, but too large to search without narrowing it down. So my last step is finding the exact X spot.
          I think the X spot is found somehow in either stanza 1, or with the help of the Tarry Scant solution.
          Why stanza 1? Part of me thinks stanza one tells us “where” the chest is located, then the rest of the poem tells us how to get there.

          BTW, are there 9 clues? Perhaps… and perhaps more, but if I look at stanza 6 as having 3 clues, but they all point to the same place, is that really 3 clues or one? Also I see stanza 3 as one clue, because to me, all lines point to the same place.

          For me, stanza 5 has clues.



    • Or maybe there is no clue in the 5th stanza. If there are only 9 clues in the poem then on average there are 1.5 clues per stanza. It is not unlikely that there are stanzas without clues. I take every line at face value modulo literary references. In my interpretation this stanza has no clues.


  12. vgboss: That is where my thinking is at this time.



    You are so on top of it …

    There are 6 stanza, 4 lines per stanza.

    That’s why, at 6:46 of your video, right page, … “hidden”

    The treasure is not hidden in Idaho or Utah … at the moment



  13. Whoa! Where am I? Somebody help me up… I remember being in the lounge….woody? Is that you? Hey I found a dollar on the floor…huh? Stanza five? VG popped me one, I’m tired and weak.. Good night Gracie…zzzzzz


    • Horatio Must have got in trouble! What the heck VGBOSS musta been mad at you. I see a picture of him sockin ya. Oh well tomorrow is another day You must have done it tired and now your weak. Have a good zzzzzzzzzz


      • Yeah aspen VG Trainee knocked me all the way back to stanza five, Whew! I’ll shake it off and be back at the lounge tonight. But while I’m here I’ll give you the stanza five clue….the first three lines set up the fourth line, it means- drained.


  14. .
    The Stanza # 5 is the hardest of the poem, in my opinion.

    Forrest lays out a very precise route to follow, but by the time it reaches Stanza # 5, the chaser has been led off the main roads and onto a trial that splits several ways. So far, each trail has been a dead-end with different characteristics. On one rovte, there is ample hiding places for the trove. On another, it could be in plain sight. Another yet leads to a place where the treasure could be again laid out in plain sight. One is circuitous.

    The trails do not all end at the same point in the poem – some go all the way through Stanza 6 before hitting a dead-end, while others do not appear to allow one to progress past Stanza 5. One has a fork, sowing more seeds of doubt.

    So, struggling with that doubt. Forrest has led the puzzle through places as like colorful local names of Fallin’ Spring, Gotcha Wash, and even Jokers Pass. So metimes thinking that the whole poem is an elaborate prank. But, pushing on.

    I believe if a person can make it throught this Stanza 5, there is a high probability of completing the puzzle (whether or not it ends well).



    • astree so now you see why I have been saying that the Treasure Chest, really the Poem essentially, is like a FROG!

      I’ve been saying this for months on other blogs prior to finding this TTOTC blog and people were saying that I’m crazy and full of crap.

      Forrest Fenn created a doozy of a Poem! Forrest is not only a War Hero but my hero by creating such an awesome Poem that I’m having so much fun and hope to be meeting him real soon.

      Thanks Forrest!


    • Well maybe you just havent found the right place yet? I agree the whole thing leads to sometimes odd places but think about Forrest. Sorry Forrest if you are reading this but, he is a bit odd and is proud of being different. I think he designed it to make us look into things we never would have done on our own. Yes it can make us question sanity, ours and others when they speak of what they are finding but that is probably in his plan.
      Everytime I disclose what I have found people call me crazy. I just know the stuff I am finding lead me to a map with gps coordinates and names of places that tie to many things in the book. He did say that one will walk in confidence to where the treasure is. Now its all about narrowing down it all to the exact place.


    • VGBOSS – 🙂 Forrest’s poem is a display of sheer genius. It is original thought, and also is a tribute to his labor.

      asuredeb – I am confident that I am in the right general area, but do NOT have the precise location yet. As said a while ago, I expect it to be like a parsel post pickup.

      Thanks for the comments, and Good Luck,


      • .
        I agree with you astree….it will be an easy pick-up for me however what I’m currently thinking at this very moment, while sitting here eating a sandwich and within approx. 500ft of the Treasure Chest, is that when I go make that easy pick-up that there might be some highly sophisticated tracking device within the wooden walls of the Treasure Chest.

        So once I’m off with the Treasure Chest and on the road back home…I’ll probably be followed and that is what is bugging me at this time for I do not want to damage or mess with the Treasure Chest in search for some tracking device. That is where my thinking is at this time.

        Don’t get me wrong that won’t stop me from making the easy pick-up just putting some final thoughts into the conclusion of this quest of mine for the Treasure Chest.

        Very exciting and suspenseful situation I find myself in right now and I thank Forrest Fenn for these and other emotions that I’m currently feeling at this very moment.

        I’m done with my sandwich. I got to go. Time for me to tarry scan the area for hidden cameras.


        • Vg, Forrest tells us to marvel gaze but don’t do it until you are miles away. Opening the box may trigger a device. So leave it shut.


        • VG did you find that chest yet? are you still at 110%? my vacation is in 4 weeks let me know! LOL 🙂 I’m not going to guess look, I want to KNOW where it is. lol
          I did wake up yesterday with a weird dream tho…. I dreamt that I found the chest, looked just like it, I had picked it up out of dirt, with it pouring off the top. Then there was an Indian guy ( a true guy from India not a Native american) or a guy from Pakistan lol, and I tell him, ” I will half it with you.”
          and we look inside and there is no gold or gold coins just pink and white diamonds and sewing supplies, and cards of snaps, like you would sew on shirts. lol
          Then there is this little brown hair girl about 5 or 6 that shows up and I smile at her and hand her a pink diamond and away she skips off. LOL too funny!! and that was it weird, huh? I did pray and ask the Lord if it actually meant something else tho 🙂 BIG SMILE 🙂


        • did you see how many batteries that thing takes!! LOL FF would have to have quite a stock of batteries and make lots of trips to keep that one going 🙂


        • Golf,
          it’s so funny you say that!! LOL I saw a rock that had a perfect round space that is empty. lol I said to myself, “it looks like a clock should go there!” LOL


    • Astree – your comments struck a chord with me…are you open to a few questions offline? andtheayeshaveit at gmail

      The construct of the poem is indeed very interesting in that one is supposed to have found the blaze AND chest by the end of the fourth stanza. Yet, no physical location is obvious until the entire poem is solved.


      • Hi, the two of you,

        Yes, please e-mail question to astreeturover

        I cannot guarantee answers, but glad to look.

        ( Hmmmm . it is the way Forrest did it, that makes it that way. One is not where they think they are, unless following his “lead”. Very genius! )

        Good Luck, and Thank-you,



  15. inthechaseto: Astree -I think the answer to this question would be, does FF want to be remembered as sneeky?If this answer(s) is important – his answer would be sneeky. How sneeky is he?

    Indeed, we counter that the sly wyles of Mr. Fenn are nutsem.


  16. I believe this part has nothing to do with the chest. I believe this has to do with where he is in life.
    The answers I already know…he did it because he wants to be remembered.


    • I agree with you Rick in that this particular stanza is totally not about the Chest.

      This is why I continue to bring up in blogs as to why Forrest Fenn used the words:

      – Treasures
      – Chest
      – Trove

      as well as the word “IT”

      Has anyone does research on audio and video interviews of Forrest Fenn actually saying the words Treasure, Chest, and Trove? Which word does he use more on audio and video interviews? I say he uses the word “IT” more.


    • I’ve always been curious with it being the only question in the poem. Is it really to get ppl off the couch and out in the open air or is he trying to get us to look at the bigger picture ? I’ve always felt there was more to this chase than just finding the gold. My opinion is there’s a much larger statement being made that sits just below the surface.


      • I’ve thought along some religious lines on this….no place for the meek would be earth. Earth is satan’s domain right now but the meek shall INHERIT it. In the book FF mentions Caliph to the dirt….Caliph means successor.


  17. TTOTC book poem line 19, 2nd word is ” answerS”, this must have been taken from ff website as there it also uses different / changed word. Thus 1 must ask are there 9 answers or only 1 answer ? Indeed it is interesting, a changed version from book to website.


    • Very good eye.

      I noticed this a couple weeks ago and informed Mr. Fenn via email. He replied that it was an honest mistake. The website is incorrect, the book is correct.

      Incidentally, this is a pretty important omission that does give a small advantage to people with the book.


      • So, if FF has been informed of the discrepanc and has stated it is an error on the website, why has he not fixed the website?

        It would take the better part of 2 minutes to corrct the mistake in the poem on his own website.


      • Astree –

        I think the answer to this question would be, does FF want to be remembered as sneeky?
        If this answer(s) is important – his answer would be sneeky.

        How sneeky is he?


      • His indifference suggests to me, that it is not important to the clues. I think we can rule that line out as far as one of the 9 clues go.


      • .
        It’s a zinger, that’s for sure. Elsewhere, (with regard to the graveyard clue, Forrest mentioned that he did not intentionally mislead.

        In one instance, he says don’t alter the poem. Then, says it makes no difference.

        Thanks for the responses.



        • Hi, astree. I think the correct word should be “answers” because it’s that way in the book. Also because two answers – tired & weak. Although FF doesn’t seem like either of those to me. Ya think? More like it’s we searchers who are becoming worn down. All except VG. He’s a pip, ain’t he?


        • Astree, go with your gut. Write yourself a note for later on you may find something while researching that explains it.
          You know there are so many unanswered questions with the whole thing, just keep digging for answers. I run across stuff all the time that answers something I noticed earlier. Its a puzzle, each bit has a place.


        • astree,

          Great point about dal leave the poem alone and now that it has been identified as “innocent”.
          One must question if this is simply a detail overlooked?
          With all the focus that the poem contains “9” clues,
          it is a hard concept that the foundation of such an important element of the chase,
          that “extra care ” would be applied to insure the accurateness of such an important element!!
          Maybe by leaving the website as answer will not alter the final solve,
          and maybe it is simply draw attention to a letter- one that is missing.
          But by doing so illustrates that he “wants” the website poem different than the book poem, just as the book poem uses a reddish color and website uses a different color ( not reddish ). Kinda like his chain, link, 66 k links– the book uses color as a link differently than the website.
          Why not have same exact info replicated in these 2 places, unless it is another way to link a letter / word to something else.


        • Page 94,
          Last paragaph
          2nd word “innocent”
          Underneath a “SMILE” that is supposed to be a “WINK”.

          Just a wink and smile to us.
          Forest or Forrest.
          Your earlier graveyard was correct on the “d” as was per your key, fallen face down is Backwords?


    • laright, okay.

      I verifed that one makes no difference, but I wouldn’t take free rien and start changing, too much in the poem.



  18. I fear there could be more here than we think.
    At first glance, it sounds really deep and thoughtful.
    Then we notice that’s probably all it is, just the musings of the introspective, and has nothing to to with the location of the treasure itself.
    Next, we try to get into Forrest’s head and ask why exactly did he leave the trove for us.
    Finally we circle back around and think we need to find the answer to that question to unlock the rest of the clues.
    And just before bed we wonder; did he answer his own question on that last line?


  19. I believe he is tired from a lifetime of adventure. Now he is passing on some of his knowledge and treasures to others.
    The answers I already know is an interesting line for anagramers. Hmm the answer is…


  20. So why is it that I must go (Sounds to me that he wanted to stay)

    Okay so Forrest used the word Treasures, then Chest and then here within this stanza he used the word Trove…why?


    Tired and Weak? Lots of digging? Getting into a stream, pond, lake, etc… and digging in mud getting all wet, etc… Climbed and worked his way into a cave and lifted heavy boulders/rocks and hid his Chest and carved on the wall of the cave? Why so tired and weak? I thought he just PUT IN the home of Brown…If he just PUT IN why so tired and weak?


    • I think tired has more to do with HOW he did it….as the mention of all the tires in his stories. Tired and weak basically mean the same thing but he makes a clear differentiation between the two here.


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