Poem 5:1

So why is it that I must go

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  1. This is the place to discuss the nine clues…For instance: What are the nine clues… Is the first clue “Begin it where warm waters halt” ?

    If your search is based in Southwestern Montana, consider the small airstrip at
    9 Quarter Circle Dude Ranch.

    Red tires “done it tired” guide in small airplanes to a lovely basin where the Taylor’s Fork of the Gallatin River winds through Cliffs with caves. Historically important to native Americans, mountain men, Cowboys.

    The area fits the poem, fly fishing heaven, and meets elevation requirements. Additionally, Taylors Fork is known to locals for muddy sediment during run off, grizzly bears, moose, elk and beaver habitat. Icing on the cake is the antique ELdridge post office maintained by the Forest Service.

    It’s absolutely gorgeous country flowing from the Lightening Creek drainage basin which connects to the steep mountains of the Red Canyon trip Forrest and Donnie took. Yep, about 50 miles.


  2. This part of the poem I welcome the most. Not much talk about this subject. It had me fooled for the longest time. It changes the tune of the poem…right Sir. People are still stuck trying to see the blaze…guess what you can not see it so don’t look for it.

    Sir Mr. Fenn Sir. You know I am getting really close. I will soon put the I in it’s place. I have been to busy with the world to jump back into the chase.


    • KEYWORD for me- he said there was a word that was key in the poem WHY- WY- wyoming WY- West Yellowstone both are key in the story He said to not go where he did not go! only go where he did go!

      He was in West Yellowstone and Gallitin Nat Forest, New Mexcio and Wyoming that we know of that associates with the poem but one word in the poem was key

      something to think about was the hoarding collections string so big pop caps- and the struggles in school etc seems there was a behavior issue maybe even OCD couldn’t report behavior to flight surgeon or grounded – you see i once was in a class for personality types He is probably an expressive analytical type there are very few of these – which means they are the chameleon. they can manufacture theirselves as any type of personality. All these odd characters on these blogs that everyone blew off and such that was him. leaving out some clues in the process that everyone blew off! because Marion was so twisted! I’m not Marion! but remember Marion talking about his old hat! that was Fenn in character.


  3. I have not been able to find a direct quote from FF telling us where to start solving the puzzle. The natural assumption is to start at line 1 of the poem or to start at the 2nd stanza “Begin it…” The only advice I can find from FF about how to begin solving are things like, “You have to start in the right place” or “You have to know where to start” (paraphrased). I have come to the conclusion that the correct place to start solving the puzzle, not to start hunting for the chest, is the question in line 17. Finding the answer will reveal the common thread (discussed previously) that leads to the solution.

    “So why is it that I must go
    And leave my trove for all to seek?” (2nd definition of trove = “discoveries”).

    The “why” in line 17 coincides with the “why” on p. 76 of the book- 1776. “Later officials will ask the same question and give the same answer: “Why?” and “Never again.” Of course they don’t know why, and there will always be another again.” The hints:

    p. 26 – “That’s when I first started to mistrust governments.”

    Olga Svoboda translates to “Blessed Freedom”.

    “Making plans is antagonistic to freedom”

    p.78 – “The ‘freedom plane’ was to take me home in just four days, on the 24th of December, 1968.

    FF reciting the poem “Invictus” which is a declaration of individual freedom and self-reliance:

    “I am the master of my fate:
    I am the captain of my soul.”

    Students are warned by their authoritarian teachers “DO NOT TOUCH”. FF defiantly invites them to touch the expensive portrait. The portrait is of George Washington who fought for freedom from tyranny. The portrait is the mirror image of the portrait found on our modern dollar bill. The government in “Washington” has reversed the ideals that George Washington embraced.

    If you want a good source for FF’s feelings on this subject, read “Forrest Makes Comment” on Dal’s blog.

    Norman Rockwell’s most famous work is “Four Freedoms” which according to Wikipedia: “These are perhaps Rockwell’s most well-known works of art, and they were the most widely distributed paintings ever produced by some accounts. At one time they were commonly displayed in post offices, schools, clubs, railroad stations, and a variety of public and semi-public buildings.”

    This brings us to the number 4 again. His father is buried in row 4, block 23 (or block 23, row 4). The trail to the treasure is stanzas 2,3,4. In discussing his father’s cancer and suicide, he writes, “He was not going to let it beat him. I admired him for making such a sensible and brave decision.” Invictus!

    The why in line 17 is the same why on page 76. 1776, the year of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, freedom from oppressive government, signed on the 4th day of July. It’s no accident that the city FF covered with his thumb was Philadelphia.

    Finally, there has been much discussion about why, if the clues followed precisely will lead to the treasure, is “Take the chest and go in peace” located in the middle of the poem? Well, if you start your solution with the question at line 17 and follow the clues precisely, where does your solution end?
    Thus his TS Eliot poem recital on Mysterious Writings:

    “We shall not cease from our exploration
    And at the end of all our exploring
    Will be to arrive where we started
    And know the place for the first time”

    You will be back where you started, but the answers you will already know.


    • Very good Jack, thats part of it in my opinion. Now how does that tie to your location? Only you know those answers. Dont tell..shhhh. lol
      You dont happen to be a pretty blond gal from Georgia?


      • Deb, I’m neither pretty, blond, a gal, nor from Georgia. lol!
        My first location was a bust after 2 searches over 3 days, so I am back at the drawing board looking for the common thread that will lead to the correct location


    • Jack, I like how your mind is working, and why is in part of what you just wrote. Not complete but a large step forward. IMO where to start? you said where in this comment.


    • That’s outstanding Jack. It looks like a couple pieces of the puzzle to me. Now if we could find a few more in the next year or two (lol).
      I bought Journal of a Trapper. I figured if Forrest read it a dozen times i could at least read it once or twice. The harsh conditions those men had to endure were staggering.
      I love how F ends that chapter in TTOTC….”The mountains continue to beckon me.They always will”.


      • If you read his original version of My War for Me written in 2006 and appearing in “blue print”, the following line was italicized and left out of the version in the book:

        “Finish telling the story Forrest; get to the punch line that has been hidden under your heart for so long.”

        Compare the statement below to page 15 (he was the 1500th air crew rescued) in the book:

        “So it is with me now, as I sit here past midnight , alone with only myself to know.”

        And the idea of a common thread or string that ties it all together:
        “I certainly can’t identify all of the strings as they spin the web that forms the latent beliefs that brought me here,”



        • I like the way you think Jack. Good work. I found that a couple of years ago also. 🙂

          Well since you arent a pretty blond gal from Georgia, do you own a rooster? How about a pick up truck? (Be sure and hear pickup truck the way Forrest says it.) LOL


      • I found an online version of that. They were amazing men. Its fun to read about the lives of all those who came before us. Im sure you all found Forrest was a member of a group dedicated to the storytelling of the west when he lived in Texas?


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