Poem 6:2

Your effort will be worth the cold.

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  1. i dont get out much so i have not been keeping up with other blogs im comfortable here at Mike’s so im throwing out a question….has anybody discussed the fact that either Randy B. or Paris Wallace might have actually found the bronze box and the reason they were swept away by the river is because they were trying to carry 42 lbs. back across the river and in their excitement lost footing, dropped the bronze box, and drown trying to find it again on the river bottom?

    this is entirely possible, because Forrest cannot ever go back to see if the bronze box has been removed.


    • Bob. No – Randy and Paris just got into trouble because they felt comfortable in their ability to cross water and obviously got in trouble and or slipped and fell or something . Most people don’t comprehend the full risk of doing so. Water and streambeds are un forgiving not only are they cold but are just as slippery as ice and rocks during a fall are unforgiving and there is the factor of hypothermia . Hypothermia can set in even in the summer especially when a person is fatigue .


      • I foolishly stepped into rapids on one of my trips, thinking that I had found a shortcut. As I stood there, thigh-deep, it occurred to me, “One false step and I could die.” My daughter was on the other side of the river FREAKING OUT. Another thought that was running through mind: “Fenn didn’t do this!”


        • Well, let me qualify my statement, Fenn did not walk in rapids, but what he did do was to almost KILL me by taunting me to be “brave” and to go where it’s cold. The poem encourages people to take risks. Did he really need to do that? Several have died, and more will die, and Fenn is not innocent (and this is exactly why Fenn-sponsered HoD won’t link to me 🙂 ).


          • hi Deb! good to see you again.
            I dont think Forrest crossed the river to hide the bronze box. most likely, Forrest knew the landowner on the other side of the river away from public roads and simply drove his jeep in and walked maybe 50 yards to the hidey spot. he knew everyone else would have to cross the river.

            I myself dont believe any of this is true, just trying to stimulate common sense reasoning.


      • heres the scenario i envision with Randy B.

        Randy takes the raft across the river with his dog. Randy finds the bronze box. randy tries to put the 42 pound cigar (bronze) box in the raft but finds the raft isnt strong enough to hold the 42 pound box. the raft collapses in the center. so he takes the bronze box back out, puts it under one arm. puts the dog in the raft and carrying the bronze box under one arm, wades into the water guiding the raft and dog back across with his free hand. he slips and falls, dropping the bronze box and letting go of the raft. the raft drifts safely back to the other side. randy dives frantically into the river looking for the bronze box. he succumbs to hypothermia, and drowns. the dog reaches the other side of the river, hops out of the raft. the wind blows the empty raft farther up on the bank. the dog follows the raft, waiting for randy.

        possibly this is why FF helped search for randy and not paris. because Randy found it. and now FF cant retrieve the chest and call off the chase because he (FF) doesnt know where it is.


        • Bob – I will reply – I am not going to say In my opinion or refer to It as what I think or any of that. If you want to hear that go to chase chat or Dal’s . NO- Randy did not locate the chest nor did Paris. Your scenario could have happened and could be logical. Neither of them found it and as tragic as it may be stuff happens to people all the time. Weather your searching for a treasure ,hiking in the mountains , Skiing, swimming , boating, Etc.


    • They are 2 of thousands of searchers, so the odds are that they, like everyone else, found nothing, especially since they were searching in the wrong state.


      • I think Forrest backed off from searching for the next lost person because of the behavior of Randy’s ex wife. He realized that even when he does something for the right reason that people will find fault in it.

        I am glad he told people to stay out of the Rio Grande. It’s a deadly river because people under estimate it. Now just because he said the Rio Grande doesn’t mean he said anything about its tributaries.


  2. so i was at a beef o’bradys on sunday here in florida. its hot outside but at beefs its cool they got the ac crankin. and its even colder in the bathroom! wow like a morgue cold! so im standing there thinking maybe a morgue is involved somehow? nah…

    then im thinking about how its freezing cold in there and maybe frozen is a better way to think of “effort worth the cold” yeah, like frozen in time. of course im talking about the museum*. where everything is essentially “frozen” as in no movement.

    or maybe at the next Fennboree we can have Charlton Heston there as a guest speaker…. holding a replica of the bronze box above his head, “FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS!!!”
    that would be a real crowd pleaser.

    *Draper museum of natural history


  3. bob:
    Deb- uncomfortabe indeed. and splinters too. i’ve been skewered!

    I sure hope you find a good DOCTOR.
    If anyone knows where the treasure its the Dr.


  4. ON TOPIC : your effort will be worth the cold…this means it is cold where the treasure is and the work you put in to find it will be rewarding.wear warm clothing and dont search alone in the winter. this also means you cant find the treasure in any season but late autumn and winter. possibly early spring depending on how far north you are. this line is why Dal carries an ice axe.

    WARNING! the next paragraph contains off topic materials. read at blogger discretion.

    OFF TOPIC: sure was hot today here in Fflorida. next month is june and it rains every day, gets hot and steamy. this is why the old people go north every year in april. we wont have cooler weather until October now.

    it seems on topic discussion leads to off topic. cant have off topic without on topic. lol


    • Where is it always cold in the Rockies? At night. Is that why there are 4 illustrations of dark, star-lit nights in TTOTC? Fenn suggested that we not search in the winter, and told us that the treasure is not under water. It is also not associated with a structure, so forget about cool A/C. So he has hemmed us into the night, the only place (time) that it is guaranteed cold in the Rockies. Watch out for mountain lions- they’re nocturnal, ya know. Boy, almost dying can be fun, huh?


      • I guess you have to be brave to be in the wood huh mike. Nothing like an adrenaline rush in the middle of the night !! I guess you better bring a flashlight. Although I”ve traveled all over the country at night on my horse. Maybe mountain lions don’t like horses. Although I do live where there are Mountain lions and grizzly bears. Guess it’s just not in me to be scared ! Who knows. Live your life to the fullest I suppose !


        • WoodyBogg and Mike – Except that mountain lions sometimes show up on the trail here at 11:00am, per some mountain bikers I met on the Chocolate Gulch trail summit a few weeks ago. That was the in-person verification of the BCRD Summer Trails link warning I had seen the day AFTER I hiked 15 miles round trip alone into that general area where the siting occurred.

          The BCRD trail report for Forbidden Fruit and Eve’s Gulch still has the following warning today:

          AREA COMMENTS – We have a report of an adult cougar in the vicinity of the Forbidden Fruit Trail and the Eve Gulch Trail in Adams Gulch. Use caution.

          Uh,…what would you guys do if you stumbled upon a mountain lion while “alone in there”? I was always taught to make myself HUGE and act like an angry Grizz!


          • Me – I;d probably see how close I could get to it before it Ran Away. I used to watch them up on the rock ledges there in colo. I’ve seen them jump down on a deer kill it instantly and take it in its mouth and run away with them like they were nothing. If a Mountain lion decided to get you it would happen so fast and hard you wouldn’t know what hit you. They have always ran away ! Also they’re so quiet you hardly ever get to see them!!


        • My wife and I stayed overnight along the Animas river in February. Yeah, it was COLD! An experienced hiker happened to be there too that night. He was awakened in the middle of the night by a terrible noise. He bolted up out of his sleeping bag, “Is that a bear?” My wife calmed his fears, “No, it’s my husband snoring.” My zero-degree sleeping bag acted as a megaphone, my snores blasting through the little opening.


          • Mike – I spent many a night on the Rio De Las Animas- The River of lost souls- My father passed away as of April 1, of 2016 . Leave it to Dad! Aprils fools day. The home place that I own a 1/4 of now and is my inheritance is for sale as we speak is just north of the bridge on hwy 550 2 miles from the N.M. border in Colo.@ Bondad. Before going up bondad hill to the mesa.Going towards Durango. I ‘ve riden my horse and hiked all over that country as a young man . That River is so cold even in the summer you could hardly swim in it . You’d be numb when you get out.


  5. Everyone – After reading the book, “Unbroken”,…and seeing the movie on Christmas Day,…I am thinking about Forrest in his F-100D,…and the various bombers he had to fly,…and how cold it must have been up there:

    Here’s the gear a pilot had to wear in WWII,…to endure the cold at 25,000 feet over Germany:


  6. .


    The end is ever drawing nigh

    This caught my attention, late last night, as i was working part of the Puzzle

    The end is EVE

    The END is E.D.N.

    Another example, using first and last letters of the words

    Your Effort Will bE wortH thE colD



    So hear me all and listen good

    If you are brave

    taxus brevi folia


    • Astree – I dunno,…I find myself now,…frequently,…imagining Brad Pitt,…as Beowulf,…so that is why I found this ‘Yew’ reference:


      And this ‘heed’ quote,…from “Beowulf”:

      This eke have I heard say, that he, the fell monster, In his wan-heed recks nothing of weapons of war; Forgo I this therefore (if so be that Hygelac Will still be my man-lord, and he blithe of mood) To bear the sword with me, or bear the broad shield, Yellow-round to the battle; but with naught save the hand-grip With the foe shall I grapple, and grope for the life The loathly with loathly.

      Did you know that Angelina Joile played in this movie,…opposite Beowulf?:


      I am probably just channeling Angelina Jolie, then. 😉


      • Astree – And Beowulf,…may have said,…to Angelina Jolie,… as Grendel’s mother,…later:

        You Evil Woman,…Heed!
        YEW HEED

        In the end,…Beowulf’s effort,…WAS worth the cold,…and he got that really cool Gold Cuff,…to wear,…from Hrothgar. Hey,…did anyone know that Roman Gladiators,…and Charioteers,…wore cuff bracelets, too?:




      • Astree – Technically,…I should have said, “two gold arm bangles”,…and not one Gold Cuff:

        Gold and Glory: In the society depicted in Beowulf, gifts of treasure and displays of generosity are of immense importance. Such gifts are rewards for bravery, but also help to create political ties. After Beowulf kills Grendel, he is rewarded with “a wealth of wrought gold/ graciously bestowed: two arm bangles,/ a mail-shirt and rings, and the most resplendent/ torque of gold”—gifts that Beowulf will in turn present to his own king (85). Hrothgar is well aware of the importance of these gifts; he later tells Beowulf of another ruler, King Heremond, who seemed destined for “a happy life. But a change happened,/ he grew bloodthirsty, gave no more rings/ to honor the Danes. He suffered in the end/ for having plagued his people for so long: his life lost happiness”

        And then,…later,…Hrothgar’s Queen, Wealtheow,…offered Beowulf a drink,…from the Golden Cup,…and presented even more golden treasures,…of appreciation,…to him:

        Then to Beowulf she turned bearing the cup to him with friendly words. At his feet she laid a rich dress with bracelets and a collar of fine gold.
        “Take this collar, dear Beowulf,” she said, “and this mantle. Long mayest thou wear them and enjoy life. A deed hast thou done this night that shall be remembered for all time. Far as the seas circle the land shall it be told of thee. Take thou my thanks, and be thou a friend to my sons.”


        • Beowulf is one of the legends or stories that has become part of my research. So many wonderful stories to explore. I wonder if thats the way that all can seek ?


          • azuredeb – Yes,…I think the Beowulf story,…and the “two gold arm bangles”,…are important. I looked for an example of a “torque of gold”,…and found this link:


            Which reminded me of the native bracelet,…that Susanna kept,…when she opened a letter from Tristan,…in “Legends of the Fall”,…which she later tried to return:

            Susanna: Forever turned out to be too long, Tristan
            Tristan: l know
            Susanna: Here l don’t want it
            Tristan: They told me that this was magic. That whoever wore it would be protected. Keep it.

            I like the ring Tristan gave to Isabell II,…from Ierapetra,…in Crete,…in the stable,…when he reunited,…with her 19-20 year old self,…just after this scene (for all who like Brad Pitt,…to seek):



  7. E*:
    JC1117 – Oh,…I certainly don’t think an apology is in order,…I know you like PHOTOGRAPHY,… “Know what I mean? Know what I mean? Nudge, nudge. Wink wink. Say no more”. Sooooo,… “What’s it like”?

    A nod’s as good as a wink to a blind bat! Grin. Grin.


        • .

          Astree – You said,

          I Refuse to Siren ET
          I Refuse to Sire X

          I guess I will have to ask Scully and Mulder about all that,…do you think they *Ever* got together, btw? And what do you think happened,…when Scully saw that white light in the sky?:


          Remember: “Trust No One”!


          “Scully and Mulder about all that,…do you think they *Ever* got together”?

          On set or offset ?

          Okay, half-hour ago, this is the one item I pursued


          Go to right hand side, hover and zoom on coin/ nose ( as reminded to the “Mt. Rushmore in the Rockies, and nose shadow” post yesterday ). Word “BE”


          Question answered ?

          The white light in the sky ? A whole another subject, archetype comes to mind.

          Now, the pragmatic application is a reminder to (via the microscope metaphor and “BE”) to look more closely at ***** in the puzzle.


          PS – IRefuseToSireX – STRIX, latin “OWL”. “Trust no one” is a hard way to live, life is tricky.


          • Astree – Thank you for all of that STRIX wisdom. Did you know that people who claim they have been abducted by aliens often say they have memories of seeing an owl? And here is an interesting Latin GT translation:

            strix > cubavit lamia > the ogress

            I wonder if that has anything to do with Beowulf killing Grendel? And the bloody, screeching revenge Grendel’s mother wrought on Hrothgar’s hall, later?

            And thanks for that “tight focus”,…on the coin BE/nose,…on the right side of that ad,…but did you see this note on the lower left (under, “Zoom In. Enhance.”)?:

            In 99.9% of uses, this doesn’t: reveal a tiny civilization living in your arm hair and waging war against the tiny civilization living in your leg hair.

            And to BE E,…or not to BE E,…that is the question,…isn’t it? See if you can find the ‘E’ in this photo (the one on the bottle),…which I submitted to Dal on his blog,…as a reply to the story about the searcher named, Kay,…from Canada (but, mysteriously, it never appeared there):


            What is that raised nodule I suddenly feel,…just behind my left ear? That wasn’t there yesterday,…and where was I between 9:30pm and 4:00am,…after my car broke down on the side of the road???? Hmmmm. Did anyone else see that really bright light in the sky?


          • E- a friend of mine noted on the Susan b Anthony coin they put the “in god we trust” right under her nose. She was an atheist! He says that’s why the coin was discontinued.


  8. E*:
    Bob – I read you loud and clear,…over. ? ?

    But did you mean, “Come in E*”,…as in,…”get your butts above the hard deck and return to base immediately”,…as Maverick was told to do,…in this scene?:


    It appears that my mind is always drifting back to The Lounge,…no matter where I am, Bob.

    p.s. Do you know how I can keep the F-22s above in my original V formation? They always move left,…when I want them to go right (I think Maverick’s C.O. had that problem, too!)




    • JC1117 – My sides hurt again,…and my eyes are tearing,…and the people around me think I’ve gone bonkers,…but that doesn’t mean I won’t jump at the chance to be the next one to go up in an F-16 (well,…if I HAVE to start there, anyway). Dave Barry is so incredibly talented! I want to be just like him,…as a writer,…and just like Forrest,… as a fighter pilot. Or,…maybe just like Forrest,…as a writer, too. I can’t decide. 🙂


    • JC1117 – Hey,…did you notice in that “Top Gun” buzzing-the-tower link,…that it says, “eEaz-top-gun”? I kinda like that,…but I would want to use my F-22 Raptor,… to buzz the tower! That Supersonic boom would certainly knock over MY C.O.’s coffee,…or maybe even the tower?!


      • I’ve never had the luxury of being super-close to a sonic boom. I’ve seen (mostly heard) hundreds of fighter jet sorties fly over while I’ve been wandering in the desert…looking for “stuff”. 🙂 By the time I can hear them they’re already long gone.
        It seems to me there’s no better way to tell a C.O. that you appreciate all he does by just making a quick, spontaneous excursion “out of your way” just to say,

        “BOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU, MAN!!!!!!!!!

        KEEP ON KEEPIN’ ON!”



  9. .
    The cold spell that is coming through the area this morning, reminds me of this

    Your effort will be worth the COLD



    COL or ADO, COLADO ( et Esperanto )

    which reminds me

    E* – Are you planing a trove-recovery trip anytime soon ? Or content as is ?



    • Astree – I like this from Latin GT:

      Col or ado > et vix iuxta col > and disturbance column

      trove > inventus est > was found

      I think I found “it” already,…but I look forward to heading out for another non-virtual search. Oh,…and I mentioned a long time ago that “treasures bold” can be defined as “found objects”,…or a “trove”.


      • E*: Astree – I like this from Latin GT:

        Col or ado > et vix iuxta col > and disturbance column

        trove > inventus est > was found

        I think I found “it” already,…but I look forward to heading out for another non-virtual search. Oh,…and I mentioned a long time ago that “treasures bold” can be defined as “found objects”,…or a “trove”.

        And, not forgetting the “tight focus” on the poet


        input: POE M
        key: TAIL

        decode. ( as to your comments )

        ( for a poem has a tail, to tell)


    • Speaking of COLD, I won’t be back out searching until it warms up a bit…but not TOO warm to walk. From a higher perspective – like an eagle soaring – I hope to finally “go in peace” and “take the chest”. I think JJ may …or may not …have an opinion on that. ??? I don’t know. He is entitled to his opinion, but not Forrest’s property. Perhaps what JJ thinks doesn’t even matter. 🙂
      Either way, I won’t know until April or May until I can head much further south in my search area than I have ventured before…”south” meaning New Mexico, of course.
      Frankly, I’m just very TIRED of the COLD. In many ways it has been WORTH it. I have learned so much.


      • JC1117 – Frank-ly,…I am really impressed with what King Louis XIII ^,…and his son, King Louis XIV (who saw that Great Comet in 1680),…did with France (and the Three Musketeers). That VERY long-haired comet was also called,…Newton’s Comet,…and,… “Aside from its brilliance, it is probably most noted for being used by Isaac Newton to test and verify Kepler’s laws.” It was the first comet to be discovered by a telescope, apparently.

        And on their collective father-son “WORTH”,…as rulers:

        worth > virtus > virtue, strength, valor, excellence

        I think that about covers those Frank-ish Kings!

        And on that “go in peace” comment,…remember the quote, “Silence is Golden”,…which is an old adage,…that I plan to utilize,…to the utmost,…on “The Chase” (in reference to your “take the chest” comment).


      • good luck in your new mexico search. personally i think it has to be in new mexico also because i dont think F traveled too far

        he wanted to keep it in his backyard


        • Chris at-last we see eye to eye not unless you read deeply into the dream I had during a catnap that I posted about a month ago within this blog 😉


          • Astree – I’ll read that very long, good book later,… thanks,…to find the Word that is Key. 🙂

            But first,…something for the Cougar:

            (See: Catnip,…but do not really carry this on “The Chase”,…or you might be sorry!)

            And something else,…to ponder,…regarding the flooding,…like that of the Nile River,…when the Sirius “Dog Star” is out and about:

            (Note: that ‘?’ character is a Delta ??,…ie. the triangle-shaped Nile River Delta)

            ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


          • Astree – OK,…so the word that is “Key”,…in that link you provided,…is “athanasia”,…and I liked that Philo stood up against that evil Caligula,…so bravely,…on behalf of the Jews (and then God smote Caligula,…in a timely and convenient manner). I also liked that Philo thought the Greek Oracles took things from the “oracles of Moses”,…and that the Hebrew Bible was filled with even better allegories than the Greeks had. He really sounds like an interesting person, who also did great things with Philo-sophical matters. Thanks! 🙂

            ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? (rho)


          • vgboss – Catalina (Catherine of Aragon) is probably turning in her grave,…as she looks down from her, “thank God I’m safe now,…from Henry VIII”,…perch, in Heaven. I mean her looking at your New Mexico flag-like graphic,… and its colors that represent Aragon’s flag:


            And the Zia indians might have some bad feelings, too,…well,…about a lot of related Spanish things (that red cross is their symbol):


            Yes,…those Spanish conquistadors came to the New World to look for Gold,…didn’t they? They certainly didn’t get the PEACE ON EARTH memo!


          • astree:
            “water” can also be H20


            Catnip, as E* noted.

            Thanks for following up, VGBOSS.


            For whatever it’s worth ever since I found out about this Thrill of the Chase, Cat and Mouse Game if you will, back in March of 2013, a year ago,


            ( Vigenere, input “cat”, key “nip” … it’s PI day tomorrow )


          • vgboss – And I think I should mention that the Zia sacred All = fours:

            The Zia Indians of New Mexico regard the Sun as a sacred symbol. Their symbol, a red circle with groups of rays pointing in four directions, is painted on ceremonial vases, drawn on the ground around campfires, and used to introduce newborns to the Sun. Four is the sacred number of the Zia and can be found repeated in the four points radiating from the circle. The number four is embodied in:
            the four points of the compass (north, south, east, and west);
            the four seasons of the year (spring, summer, autumn and winter);
            the four periods of each day (morning, noon, evening and night);
            the four seasons of life (childhood, youth, middle years and old age); and
            the four sacred obligations one must develop (a strong body, a clear mind, a pure spirit, and a devotion to the welfare of others), according to the Zia’s belief.

            Note to IWGOLF: That sacred number is ‘four’,…NOT ‘fore’!



          • Astree – My interpretation of your “NE Petal Act One, a different kind of high”:

            “The Crimson Petal and the White”
            (NE = London, England,…Petal = in Movie Name,…Act One = of the movie,….”a different kind of high” = She raises her status)

            Chaise lounge: Well,…that fits into the above story, too,…doesn’t it? And didn’t Cleopatra recline on one of those in Egypt? In fact,…I think she also died on one,…in that tomb,…when she was fatally bit by adders,…attended by her servants,…whose names were used in that E.A. Poe short story,…about the comet,…right? And didn’t the Romans “recline at table” to eat their meals? As was shown in the movie, “Son of God”,…when Pontius Pilate and his wife are doing just that,…when they are interrupted with news. Sooo,…on that note,…here is the Latin GT for the ‘recline at table’ Roman word, ‘accubatio” :

            ac cub a tio > ac ut ingrederetur illuc catulus leonis duo præcipue requiruntur > and so as to go thither, the young of the lion, two especially are required

            I don’t know what that means,…but maybe it is a reference to Caesarion,…the child of Julius Caesar and Cleopatra,…who tried to escape,…with two guards?…from murder by Octavian (later Augustus Caesar)??? He was nominally considered to be sole Pharoah for all of 11 days,…before that murder.


          • Astree – Oh,…and thank you for posting that great cat-skating-on-thin-ice video,…from vgboss,…very cute! And I did go over to “The Chase” page,…to see the original with his comments,…and to the Vigenere Cypher,…to make those ‘cat’ and ‘nip’ entries. I got ‘pii’,…or ‘pi i’,…or ‘pi iota’,…or ‘? ?’,….so I am not sure what kind of day that will be tomorrow!


        • Chris – Oh,…Darn-it!….I KNEW “it” was hidden at the base of that bronze statue,…the one just outside his front door,…the one that looks like Forrest playing with marbles! That just makes it Sooooo easy for him to go get it,…anytime he is getting COLD feet! But that statue would be in his FRONT yard, though. Oh. 🙁


          • vgboss – Oh,…OK,…thanks for the graphic illustration,…he wanted to put “it”/keep “it” in HIS backyard,…TC, I mean. Oh.


        • Exactly, Chris! How else could Forrest know that the treasure hasn’t been found unless he can change the batteries in the motion-sensor trail camera(s) when needed. That’s probably how he knows somebody is getting close…by simply exchanging the SD card in the camera and bringing it home to see what’s on it. Now I’m REALLY talking too much.


      • JC1117 – Speaking of “a higher perspective” and “Eagles soaring”,…that reminded me of that scene from “Top Gun”,… when Tom Cruise’s character, Maverick,…flipped the bird,… while flying inverted,…at the Mig:


        I think that’s it, anyway (I’m flying blind on this computer!)

        E* : Where is my F-22 Raptor, btw, Bartender?

        Bartender: It’s refueling,…just outside. Hold your horses, E*!

        E* : OK,…then I’ll stand on the bar,…holding my very dry vodka martini (with two Spanish olives) Ÿ,…and start up a rendition of, “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’ “,…and everyone can join in,…at the chorus (but not if they sing badly,…I want this to be good!).

        My apologies to Forrest,…for drawing any analogies,…between the U.S. Air Force Eagles,… and that U.S. Navy “Top Gun” fighter squadron. I certainly know who the Eagle is,…or who the USAF Eagles are,…or who, The Eagles, are,…but they didn’t record that, Highway to the “Danger Zone” song,…for the Top Gun movie,…Kenny Loggins did:




          • Whoa E* , slow down. Your thoughts drifted into the lounge. This thread is poem 6:2.

            Come in E*…do you read me? …over.


          • Bob – I read you loud and clear,…over. ? ?

            But did you mean, “Come in E*”,…as in,…”get your butts above the hard deck and return to base immediately”,…as Maverick was told to do,…in this scene?:


            It appears that my mind is always drifting back to The Lounge,…no matter where I am, Bob.

            p.s. Do you know how I can keep the F-22s above in my original V formation? They always move left,…when I want them to go right (I think Maverick’s C.O. had that problem, too!)


      • JC1117 – I have to ask,…when you referred to JJ,…you weren’t by any chance referring to Jon (Bon) Jovi, were you?,…because if you were,…he is entitled to any “property”,…of Mine,…that he can get his hands on (and it is so nice to have him singing “Hallelujah” again in The Lounge, btw)! But I digress,…to The Lounge,…yet again! Sorry everyone! :-O


        • Yes E, I was trying to reach you by radio hoping you had not drifted beyond range….you are out there pretty far. I suppose effort worth the cold, brave and in the lounge. Ok, it works for me.
          Carry on.


          • Bob – Is this the “Otto Pilot” you were speaking of? In addition to being a well-decorated Flying Ace,…he appears to have been an excellent C.O. and pilot trainer,…who helped to found the German Luftwaffe:


            Reminder: The color of the German uniform was Brown.

            And for vgboss: “…eighty men died trying to end that spree of the bloody Red Baron of Germany.” Thank you for the video! And Snoopy was an impressive author, too,…having written the famous introduction, “It was a dark and stormy night….”. Maybe I will consider him as a mentor? 🙂


  10. .
    Although I am seeing a discussion related to numbers in the poem at the chasechat site, and this looked interesting:


    is an anagram of

    FOUR THREE TWO … and can contain FLOWER, CHILL and LID

    and FOR ALL to seek, >>>> FLORAL

    and there is mention of a 4 2 3 cemetery plot at the end of the book.

    And it was previously shown that “the cold” is worth 33, 34 and codes ART in the poem.



    • good observation

      cold has an alpha num value of 34 and as u point out this is page 34

      my interpretation of the related clue here has always been related to longitude

      as ive said in previous posts longitude degrees are minus degrees and minus degrees are very cold weather

      right under the Fort Worth (efFort Worth) on the page is 10 JUL

      which rep’d as numbers would be 10 7, and 107 would be a longitude number and it would be minus 107 degrees, no minutes or seconds could be 107 and latitude does not go that high a number


    • .
      Very neat connection, thank-you for that. I find the whole thing over the top amazing.

      If I recall, there was some comment previously, that Forrest did not place the postmarks, but someone else on the team did, making it all the more curious.

      Finally, at this point in the poem, Forrest provides the “X” mark, X = Roman 10, and the date 10-JUL is akin to 10 Jewel.

      Over the top.



    • Halo and IWGolf- on efFort wi(ll) worth…Fort Worth but insert the two l’s from will and you get Fort 11 Worth… Fort eleven worth…fort Leavenworth Kansas. I used to live very close to Leavenworth in Kansas and saw this abbreviation many times. 11 worth.
      Relates to Buffalo Bill and Kansas and Wizard of Oz.


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