Treasure not found- ff Forrest responds to Perry Stone video

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Forrest’s response posted on Dal:

I enjoyed Mr. Stone’s well-presented video. He is a far thinker and has a knack for analyzing. There are half a dozen other videos that were made similarly. The treasure remains where I hid it about 7 years ago. It is interesting that the film makers are so positive while leading their viewers to where the treasure chest never was. I compliment all of them and am reminded that it’s all about the thrill of the chase. f

12 thoughts on “Treasure not found- ff Forrest responds to Perry Stone video

  1. something to keep in mind folks…when FF uses the word treasure he means the great outdoors. the great outdoors is still where he hid it 7 years ago.
    and when he uses the words treasure chest together it can mean many things.
    and even more…the chest of the poem is something else completely. a large wooden box.


    • Bob – I have missed you terribly! And every time I see you post this train of thought, my heart agrees with you. Thank you for reiterating. I envision the wooden box at the Draper Museum every time. I will always love that search story you posted with the levels going down at the Draper Museum. And I will always dream of getting my sleeping bag and sleeping in the basement at the McCracken Research Library, which I am certain is filled with all kinds of Forrest Fenn related treasures to discover and explore. Like that oral history file that is no longer accessible in the archives…


          • Bob – And I believe the McCracken Research Library is the treasury equivalent to Davy Jones Locker below the Draper Museum wooden IN box that we have talked about. Forrest loves libraries and books and archaeology and art, does he not? I really do plan to spend the night there someday… maybe my BBDO advertising friend with the Airbnb account can get me that opportunity?


          • Lisa, you are suggesting what i have thought for a long time…that finding the chest at the museum is only half the battle. and that figuring out what to do with that photo in hand next, will lead to the end.


  2. luckydog – Thank you very much for posting this User Submitted Post and to Mike for having this new feature available on his blog. I think it will be helpful, especially to new searchers, who react when someone says they found the bronze chest, but as per usual, can’t prove it.


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